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“Pretty Little Liars” spoilers leaked last night; I. Marlene King lies to our faces again.


In a major turn of events, not really because this is the third time it happens, someone who apparently was fired from the show for failing a drug test, started leaking spoilers about the rest of the season last night on the PLL subreddit, inluding who Charles/-A is, more details about upcoming storylines.

This is like Christmas in July.

I'm about to post MAJOR SPOILERS about the show, and even though Marlene says this guy is lying, I don't really believe her because she always says the same thing whenever something like this happens, so if you don't want to know who Charles/-A is this is your last chance to stop reading.

  • Wren Kingston is Charles DiLaurentis.

  • He's a year older than Jason.

  • He isn't really British.

  • He isn't really a doctor and obviously didn't go to Oxford.

  • Like we already know, he spent a big part of his life in Radley.

  • Mrs. D faked his suicide so he could leave Radley, and she joined the board to cover it up.

  • He hates the girls because he thinks they stole Alison from him.

  • Maddie Ziegler, the dancing girl from last week, is supposed to be Spencer as a kid because she was in Radley when she was young but she doesn't remember it.

  • She also met Wren/Charles when she was there as a kid but obviously she doesn't remember it either.

  • Melissa is the Black Widow. She was kind of working with Wren/Charles because she felt guilty for killing Bethany Young when she buried her alive.

  • Wren/Charles hit Alison “that night” because he thought she was CeCe. He thought CeCe had killed Bethany.

  • Wren/Charles reveals himself to Alison on Prom night after he sends her a text telling her that he's at her house.

  • Ali thinks she killed him after they fight and he falls down the stairs, but the body disappears at the end.

  • The last scene of 6x10/6A finale is the first scene of the time jump. The girls get back together after a few years, Aria wrote a book about their lives, and suddenly they all get a text at the same time. They look at each other and season 6A ends.

  • Next episode Emily and Sara are gonna kiss and they will start hooking up. Gross.

  • Sara is gonna run away AGAIN at some point and the girls will find her at the doll house. Apparently she can only sleep there because she spent years in that place. That's when Emily will FINALLY realize that she's a weirdo and tells her to go home/dumps her.

  • Clark, Aria's new friend, is gay. They will submit their photos to a contest and Aria will get that internship he told her about. She's gonna win with the creepy doll photo.

  • Spencer gets into Oxford and her mom wants her to leave as soon as she graduates.

  • Emily and Alison dance and kiss at Prom, but apparently it's just a sweet kiss so who knows if they're endgame or not.

  • Lorenzo, Ali's new boyfriend and Toby's partner, is gonna die.

  • Mona and Mike go to Prom together but they aren't dating because she thinks he's in danger when he's with her, so they're just friends.

That's all I can remember right now, but if you want to read more you can go to the original post on reddit.

sources: 1& 2

ONTD, let's discuss this! Are you surprised/disappointed/angry/happy/confused about these spoilers?

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