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Carol Shaw, Owner of Lorac Cosmetics, Does an AMA. It Doesn't Go Well.


Earlier this week, the owner of Lorac Cosmetics did an AMA on the r/makeupaddiction subreddit. The subreddit had been excited about the chance, as Lorac is a much loved company on the site, but the actual AMA was pretty lackluster. Users noted that the responses seemed canned and often didn't even answer the question at all. Furthermore, Carol answered (though some users doubted that Carol even was a part of the AMA and there weren't many actual answers) very few of the questions posed.

zenzizenzizenzike 163 points 2 days ago
Why is the brand pronounced "La-rock" when the spelling suggests "Lo-rack"?

[–]glamodoOfficial Glamodo 24 points 2 days ago
LORAC is Carol spelled backwards and LUH-ROCK is just the way I personally pronounced it. This is how we say it and now you can spread the word!

[–]mmcrowle 29 points 2 days ago
Any advice for people thinking about getting into (or switching!) the beauty industry?

[–]glamodoOfficial Glamodo -224 points 2 days ago
Yes! It's an incredible industry and I would highly recommend it. It's been good to me.

[–]diana_dmHopelessly Addicted 90 points 2 days ago
Thank you for being here! As you know, there was a bit of outrage last year regarding distribution of Mega Pro palette. Did you expect this palette to be so successful? Is Lorac coming up with a similar palette for this year?

[–]glamodoOfficial Glamodo -235 points 2 days ago
Thanks for your question about MEGA PRO. At the time, MEGA PRO was a limited edition product that sold out. I was very disappointed that not everyone was able to get their hands on it. Stay tuned. We have some very exciting launches coming up.

[–]HermioneGee 146 points 2 days ago
Hi Carol! Lorac is my favorite brand of eyeshadows and I collect all of your palettes. I was wondering if you panned on extending your face products (foundations, powders, contour palettes etc) to include women of color? And if not, Why? While I'm not the darkest AA, your darkest shades are still about 5 times too light and I know that with the amazing quality of your products, you would have no problems gaining WOC as loyal customers. Thank you in advance :)

[–]glamodoOfficial Glamodo -436 points 2 days ago
So glad to hear you love our palettes! We're constantly trying to reach a wider customer base and offer our products to as many women as possible.

[–]granolabearBrow perfectionist 20 points 2 days ago
what fueled your love and creation of makeup?

[–]glamodoOfficial Glamodo -58 points 2 days ago
My aunt gave me a gift to go to a salon in Beverly Hills when I was 17 years old to have my makeup professionally done. I wasn't in to it all all, to be honest, but I didn't want to hurt her feelings, so I decided to go. I am SO glad I went. It was a life changing experience. I'll never forget how incredible that makeup artist made me look and feel. While she was doing my makeup, is when I had the first thought of "maybe this is something I could do." When I was leaving the salon and went outside, some guy honked at me and that sealed the deal.

[–]jacks_a_million 33 points 2 days ago
What's your favorite eye look to do using the Lorac Pro? And who has been your favorite celebrity client to work on? Thanks for stopping by!

[–]glamodoOfficial Glamodo 37 points 2 days ago
My signature look is a smokey eye paired with a nude lip. It's a classic look that never goes out of style. I've been working with Nicole Kidman for over 20 years and she just keeps getting more and more beautiful. Love her!

[–]HMLDurbinAspiring Makeup Artist 42 points 2 days ago
Thanks for doing this AMA! First I wanted to thank you for your beautiful collection and your sensible tutorials online. I so enjoy your brand! I really appreciate that in your larger palettes you always include light and dark shades that lend to shading and tinting other colors. One of my favorite combinations of your first pro shadow palette is mauve and pewter- do you design your palettes around the idea that the shadows should be mixed and if so what are some of your favorite combos you've played with?

Also if you could only have one brush to get a successful smokey eye what would it be?

[–]glamodoOfficial Glamodo -126 points 2 days ago
I'm a professional makeup artist and I work really hard when I am creating my palettes to make them as user friendly and as color coordinated as possible. In each of my palettes, I always like to make sure there are options for highlighters, crease shades, liners, etc., everything you need in one palette. My go-to combos that I use the most are Nude, Taupe, Lt. Brown, Sable, Espresso, and Black, but don't get me wrong, I do love my shimmers. They are actually all of my favorite because I hand pick all of the shades in every palette!

[–]hobbitqueenIG: jennleemakeupartistry 23 points 2 days ago
I love the pro eyeshadow, I have the pro palettes 1 and 2 as well as the mega and am looking forward to the metal and matte palettes! My question is, which is your favorite shade from the pro line?

[–]glamodoOfficial Glamodo 17 points 2 days ago
WOW, that's a hard question. I love them all, but if I HAD to choose one where I've hit pan many many many times, it would be Nude from the original PRO palette.

[–]threefer 15 points 2 days ago
Hi there. First, I just want to say that I really appreciate you taking the time to do this. My favorite product of yours is the Front the Line liquid eyeliner. Are you considering an expansion in colors? I'd love to see a white or some other bright color in your formula. It's easily the best I've encountered!

[–]glamodoOfficial Glamodo -134 points 2 days ago
Hi! I LOVE doing this! My favorite thing in the world is to talk to you guys.

Check out my new Front of the Line PRO Eye Pencil. They come in 14 colors, including white and nude.

[–]LongArmedFloozy 17 points 2 days ago
Hi Carol! Thanks so much for doing this. I am a prestige manager at Ulta and am currently hiding in the back room as I type this haha. So I know that your company started as a means of makeup for super sensitive skin, does this still remain true? I know that it's not as marketed for sensitivity as Bare or Tarte. But it's a really great selling point!

Also, can we see any new shadow palettes in the future? People love the formula but are starting to lean towards wanting the "mattes".

Thanks so much for doing this AMA!!!

Also, how was doing Fran Drescher's makeup?

[–]glamodoOfficial Glamodo -32 points 2 days ago
HELLO ULTA! Yes, I did start LORAC with a line of foundations formulated for all skin types, including sensitive skin. I continue to develop products with sensitive skin in mind. However, as an artistry brand, I want to make sure that people know that the products make your skin look flawless on top of being good for you. As far as mattes are concerned, we launched the PRO Matte Palette yesterday, which contains 8 brand new matte eye shadows. I love Fran! She's beautiful and so much fun to work with.

[–]DalishElf 11 points 2 days ago
Thank you for this AMA, Carol!

If you could recommend 5 of Lorac's products to somebody who hasn't used them (aside from a little trio of eyeshadow), what would you suggest? I'm expanding my makeup collection, and would love to hear from the creator herself!

[–]glamodoOfficial Glamodo 27 points 2 days ago
I'd recommend the following for you to try:
•POREfection® Complexion franchise
•PRO Palette
•PRO Mascara
•TANtalizer® Baked Bronzer
•Alter Ego Lipstick and Lip Gloss

[–]elombardi 9 points 2 days ago
What is your current favourite makeup product?

[–]glamodoOfficial Glamodo -108 points 2 days ago
My all time favorite is the PRO Palette. My current favorite and new obsession is the PRO Contour Palette that comes with a PRO Contour brush!


This definitely made me look at Lorac in a different light tbh. These are all of the questions she "answered" and only 3 of them are actually relevant to the question/not just shilling Lorac products. Some of them are really, really blatantly PR answers (Asking for advice gets a "Yes!"?). Favorite AMAs? Channing Tatum is my new fave though apparently the AMA days aren't as good anymore...

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