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Me. I am Messiah Carey...a smart lyricist

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Source states-

  • Seatsmart's study is based on average reading levels required to understand the lyrics of songs

  • Reading level for a sample of 225 songs collected were at 3rd grade or lower

  • Mariah's level is at 3.95(idk what this means tho, higher numbers are better)

  • Songs from artists such as Kesha have a reading level of 1.5 (oop)

  • Country music overall ranks highest of all genres, the study suggest that it may be due to the vocab (hillbilly, hallelujah, etc) and also because country singers are less likely to use chants and sounds (yeahs, ohs, etc)

  • Lyrics are becoming dumber - see 1234

  • During 2005, which was the year Mimi emancipated, the average lyrics were around 3.25 and it has now dropped to 2.75

  • In the rock genre, Nickelback came out on top beaiting bands such as the Foo fighters and linkin park

Not convinced?
Mariah florishes her songs with her wide vocabulary to create diverse range of festive moments see-

Source: musictimes
youtube sources 12345

If youre looking to get educated, book some tickets to Mimi's educational seminar which will be held in Caesar's Palace!


What is your fav Messiah Carey lyric, ontd?

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