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ONTD ORIGINAL: The most underrated songs and music videos of 2015 (so far)


*In no particular order* #PardonMyEnglish #JustWatchTheVideos

안다 Anda - Touch

Anda (formely known as Andamiro) is a South Korean singer who's constantly releasing good or at least semi-good stuff but no one seems to notice :( So far her video 'Touch' which slightly reminds us of an hotter version of the 'criminal' mv by fiona apple, made 246 859 views. Help this sister out by watching, streaming and enjoying this vid. #ONTDdoesCharity
P.S. There are a lot of hot ladies ;)

Ivy Levan - Biscuit

Ivy Levan who's an american pop artist doesn't only serve good music, but also model looks and voice (receipts). She also did the theme song for the new Melissa Carthy movie 'Spy' and just released a new song produced by Diplo. However at the beginning of the year she released 'Biscuit' which is musically a Swamp pop (wtf is swamp?) song with punk rock influences and speaks about kissing the singer's biscuit, which is actually a metaphor for vagina. So it makes sense that the video contains a dancing biscuit x) #ONTDLovesPussy #EatMeOut

Halsey - Ghost

Halsey is an upcoming mega star (i can feel it in my left toe). I'm aware that 'Ghost' was released in 2014 but since then she has released 3 different version of it (musically and visually): The Room 93 version (October 2014), 1 Mic 1 Take version (March 2015), the recent and personally favorite version (June 2015). This one is colorful, gay and set in Japan. Halsey was quoted"I was pretty much like, 'ok, enough videos of me and some male lead making out,'" she told The FADER. "I wanted to approach this one from a different perspective."

Rihanna - American Oxygen

The Barbadian model Robyn Rihanna Fenty, also formerly known as little miss sunshine, released the video for 'american oxygen' as an tidal-exclusive in April 2015. The song was written over the course of a year and according to wikipedia it was inspired by the 1984 single "Born in the U.S.A." performed by Bruce Springsteen. Sadly the song made zero impact and peaked at number 78 on the billboard hot 100. Even though it underperformed, it's Rihanna's most political, one the lyrically strongest songs and most underrated video in her whole career.

Nao - Inhale Exhale

I discovered Nao through Spotify lol Anyways 'Inhale Exhale' is the opening track of the South London based artist's brand new 'February 15' EP and chanels 90's R'N'B. The singer hasn't released any video for it.
(stream the whole EP on Spotifiy or Youtube)

ONTD, what's your favorite but yet totally underrated song or/and music video of 2015 or/and of all time? share in the comments.
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