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The Top 6 Juiciest Moments From The Real Housewives In 2012!!!


The claws were out this year as Bravo’s “Real Housewives” franchise continued to grow in both popularity and catfights.

From exotic getaways in St. Barts to Miami lingerie parties, there wasn’t a place free from drama. Even a near million-dollar wedding brought out some disagreements.

As 2012 comes to an end, we take a look at six memorable storylines that had us tuning in week after week. Heres to 2013 for even more drama. (Orange County and New Jersey are already filming.)

#6. Pandora's Beverly Hills Wedding

We knew Lisa would create a memorable wedding for daughter Pandora. We just didn't realize how grand and fabulous it would really be. From beautiful decor, tasty food, sparkling diamonds and more, Pandora's big day gave us a much needed break from the drama.

Well, we can't forget Lisa's husband, Ken, reacting to the high wedding price tag. Ching-Ching.

#5. Adriana Slaps Joanna At Lingerie Party!

Bravo's Andy Cohen promised season two of the "Real Housewives of Miami" would be like a real-life Telenovela. He wasn't kidding when a cast member hosted a lingerie pool party that turned violent. When Adriana confronted Karent about some bad press in a Miami tabloid, Karent's ally Joanna stepped in to defend her friend. As Adriana stormed off, Joanna followed her and received a giant slap to the face. Ouch!

#4. Sonja And Ramona's Vacation Antics!

We knew Sonja and Ramona were BFFs. But what happens when they have a little too much to drink and get away from the men in their life? The answer is naked pool parties, random gossip fests and questioning what white trash really means. Aviva didn't appreciate their behavior but loyal fans loved every minute.

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