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10 More Interesting Time Periods for Assassin’s Creed


The Assassin’s Creed series is a rare breed. Not only does it allow players to fulfill their subconscious need to end virtual lives but it also fulfills the needs of their inner history geek. Its picture-perfect recreations of long, lost civilizations are about as close as it gets to using a time machine. It's done Italy and the Northeastern United States, but there are plenty of other places that could ultimately work even better within its framework.

10. The Industrial Revolution

The rise of the machines (the one that didn’t involve Arnold Schwarzenegger) in the late 18th and early 19th centuries could present some interesting plot points and stealth missions for the Assassin Order.

This was a time when adult and child workers who slaved away in the factories of the textile and agricultural industries had little to no labor rights. They were forced to work long hours in dangerous conditions for ridiculously low amounts of money. Just imagine the good that a blade-wielding assassin could do for his fellow man against some greedy factory owner who puts profits ahead of lives. The steam punk setting is just sitting there on the tee, Ubisoft. Pull out your driver and whack it.

9. China’s Ming Dynasty

The Great Wall of China might be one of the "Great Wonders of the World" but it’s also one of the least utilized landmarks in video games. In fact, only a handful of games come to mind and one of them is a "Simpsons" game for the NES.

If the gaming industry truly wants to pay its respects to this man-made marvel, the team behind the Assassin’s Creed games are definitely the ones who should do it. Of course, it took years and three Chinese dynasties to build the wall so nailing down a specific time period might be tricky. If it were up to us, the Ming Dynasty would be on the top of the list. Not only did this dynasty spend the most time and effort building and renovating the wall, it would also provide the most interesting opportunities for plots and missions such as the rise of Japanese pirates, Europe’s trade expansion across the region and the beginnings of its famed Forbidden City. Admit it, we had you at “pirates vs. assassins” and obviously the naval combat is already there.

8. The Fall of the Roman Empire

It seems such a shame that the Assassin’s Creed series had to start so far away from the start of A.D. They really missed a chance to explore some very interesting chunks of history. We don’t mean they had to go back to the latter part of the Cretaceous period, even though the thought of assassins fighting velociraptors is about as cool as it gets.

If the developers went a little farther back in their “Wayback Machines,” they should have given Rome’s decline and collapse some serious consideration. Granted, the series has done Italy quite well already, but the story of a mighty superpower spiraling out of control would provide some interesting conflicts. Any Sim City player will tell you that building a civilization is just half the fun but the other half is unleashing a catastrophe on it and watching it burn.

6. The Napoleonic Era

Believe it or not, there was a time when France was much more than just a synonym for “surrender” or a punchline in Larry the Cable Guy’s act.

France's military history contains stories of great power and strength. In fact, America wouldn’t exist today without France's help at the Battle of Yorktown during the Revolutionary War. The rise of its most infamous, self-appointed “Emperor” would make a good target for the assassins. His imposing stature and military strength could provide some interesting obstacles for the game as players try to navigate their way through massive battles and revolutionist uprisings leading to his inevitable defeat and exile…or so the “history books” tell us. The game's unique historical fiction angle could also offer a more valid explanation for how Napoleon’s, um, little dictator “abdicated” following his death.

5. The French Revolution

Of course, if you’re going to make Napoleon into a video game villain, it would be impossible to create an effective one without first exploring the revolution that paved the path to his rise to power.

The feudal oppression that plagued 18th century France and led to the famous storming of the Bastille would certainly make for an interesting Assassin’s Creed experience. Much like in Assassin's Creed III, the presence of the imposing French prison could create all sorts of fun stealth and rescue missions as players attempt to weaken its defenses to help the revolutionaries raid its weapons cache or free the wrongly imprisoned. Assassins could also fight alongside the struggling proletariat as they attempt to bring their landlords and leaders to task leading up to King Louis XVI’s famous removal as head of state (insert rim-shot here).

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