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Big Time Rush Megapost


"Big Time Rush" star Logan Henderson was in a nasty motorcycle wreck last week ... and might've James Dean-ed himself into the history books ... if not for a lucky jacket he was wearing ... TMZ has learned.

According to sources, the Nickelodeon boy bander was cruising through the Hollywood and Vine intersection on his way to the studio ... when a car turned right in front of him.

Henderson swerved at the last second to avoid an accident ... and was violently chucked off his bike in the process.

Remarkably, he was able to stand afterwards ... scraped and bruised from frisbeeing across the blacktop ... but still alive, we're told, thanks in part to his Marc Jacobs jacket ... which he claims saved his back from becoming a mangled mess.

The accident understandably put the kibosh on his trip to the studio ... but Henderson's gonna be just fine.

His bike, on the other hand? Not so much -- it's in the shop for the foreseeable future.

Alexa Vega (24) has just finalized her divorce with her ex-husband Sean Covel (36). The “Spy Kids” stars’ divorce was announced over the summer, so the divorce took a while to finalize.

Alexa has been dating Big Time Rush member Carlos Pena for a bit now. [...]

Alexa and Carlos are spending the holidays together – aww!


We have some awesome Big Time Rush news for you!

Carlos, Kendall, James and Logan will ALL be guest-starring on Nickelodeon's TV show, Marvin Marvin!

It gets even better...they will also perform a song as well!

The BTR guys will guest-star as themselves and their Marvin Marvin special is set to be an one-hour event. The episode they will be on is called "Big Time Klerg."

They will start shooting their scenes next week! Check back here, as we hope to have some behind-the-scenes footage for you!

There hasn't been a release date for the BTR special, but you can expect it sometime in early 2013!

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