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The 10 best-dressed people of 2012

From the elegant young Obamas to the jazzy Mary Berry – and some dazzling trendsetters in between. The G2 fashion team present their style winners of the year.

Ben Whishaw as Q

It was a total stroke of genius casting Ben Whishaw as Q in Skyfall, and thus bringing a modern spin to the tech-geek role. The specs, cord jacket and anorak worn b Whishaw in a scene with Daniel Craig's Bond, shot at the National Gallery in London, were the perfect mix of east-London-cool-meets-Burberry. Meanwhile, for scenes where Whishaw is manning various hi-tech devices, he sport a brilliant piece of knitwear: a camel-fronted zip cardigan with contrast burgundy and navy trim. At first, said cardigan was thought to be of Marni or Balenciaga origin but is, in fact, the always marvellous Dries van Noten. And his hair? Monumental. -SC

Malia and Sasha Obama

If Michelle Obama's style was th fashion story of Obama's first term, the evolving fashion sense of their daughters looks set to be the style story that defines his second. "The Obama girls might be the fashion news tonight – full skirts, bright colour, cute" tweeted Cathy Horyn, fashion editor of the New York Times, as the family took to the stage in Chicag in November. What makes 14-year-old Malia and 11-year-old Sasha compelling is the narrative arc we get to watch as they begin to express themselves in clothes. There is a simple all-American elegance that is recognisably their mothers' influence, but Malia favours electric blue (especially on the campaign trail – smart girl) while Sasha loves an abstract pattern. -JCM

Gwyneth Paltrow

Jonathan Franzen recently wrote in the New Yorker that Edith Wharton persuades us to invest in what happens to her female characters not by making them likable or deserving, but by convincing us of the strength of their desire. We are won over more by desire than moral goodness. This is how Paltrow has risen from anodyne actor to pop cultural Marmite. She fascinates not by being lovable but because we can see how badly she wants success and how hard she works for it: the Tracy Anderson workouts, the backstage Instagrams, the fiercely minimalist wardrobe. What thematic link unites thewhite Tom Ford Oscar cape, th sculptural Stella Grammys gown, and the silver Prada Met Ball dress? Ambition. -JCM

KStew and RPattz

Forget Stewart's relationship infidelity, here are a pair of New Generation A-listers who, whether seen together or apart, bring a bit of modern bite to the Hollywood fashion conveyor belt. She's unpredictable, veering from tricky short dresses to long cocktail frocks and biker jackets (plus snarl), while he's all non-boring suits or artfully scruffed up, perhaps with a dash of Kenzo. One of thei joint triumphs this year, though, was a Twilight prom gig with K Stew flashing knickerline, and vamping it up with lace peepholes in a beigey strapless Zuhair Murad gown, while R Patz had slipped himself into a emerald green Gucci two-button suit. Utterly scorching. -SC

Marc Jacobs

Not content with being one of fashion's most influential designers, Jacobs is also a dresser with proper snap. One of the most analysed looks of the year is surely his Met Ball party piece. Having established that the skirt or polo shirt dress is becoming to Jacobs what high-collared shirts are to Karl Lagerfeld the designer chose a see-through lace polo-shirt-dress by Comme des Garçon to make his red-carpet statement. Showing off white boxers and sculpted pecs, Marc further threw out the rule book by accessorising with a clutch and sparkly panto shoes. In short, it's Jacobs having a Cher moment, which is amazing, obviously. -SC

Also listed:
Azealia Banks
Jessica Ennis
Mary Berry
Cara Delevingne
Claire Danes


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