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Rick wants Hope to be with Thomas!

Haven't these writers figured out yet we're so bored with the same old same old? This triangle of Liam/Hope/Steffy is going nowhere, never was and never will. Look for Thomas and Hope to get closer as does Steffy and Liam, look for Rick to add his two cents in the mix and Caroline gets her feelings hurt.

Lots of crazy behind the scenes with the departure of Ronn Moss and Susan Flannery, poor Brad his newest phrase is rewrite, rewrite, rewrite, many are hoping that Moss changes his mind at the last minute, but that is not stopping Brad from looking for a recast. I hear Brad is not going to go with any previously known soap actor or even someone semi-famous on any other show, he's wanting a fresh, new face in his late forties because he wants to portray Ridge at his 50 year mark, something he should have done ages ago.

Susan Flannery was quoted as saying she will stick around a little longer to help with the transition of her leaving if necessary. Hopefully we will get to see more of Hunter and Winsor as well as Lesli Kay.

From what insiders say no one seems to be all that upset with 2 of the core four leaving, only that there will be more airtime for those who have been left out in the cold.

Lots going on in Genoa also, looks like Khalil is the first actor to be let go under the new regime of Jill Farren Phelps and Josh Griffith, and you ask why? It's simple, contract contract contract, her's was the first one to expire and she was the first to be let go, no surprise there. Leave it to Jill to clean house. It is nothing new for Ms Phelps.

How long before we see Genie Francis exit many are asking. Her contract ends in November, wonder how she and Jill are getting along?.

The big 10,000th episode is coming and narrating it is Jeanne Cooper. We will see a montage of Victor (a funeral perhaps?) narrated by Kay who talks about how Victor was a wonderful father and how he is basically the king of the world. Then we see Victor walk in during the scene described as "standing there, as handsome as ever" and then Kay says, "May I remind you, Victor always has the last laugh." I guess we will have to wait and see about that now that JFP is in charge.

Michael Damien is apparently coming back to Y&R for the 10,000 episode and maybe beyond as per his twitter.

Is Phyllis and Kevin about to caught in the death of Tim?

Lisa Rinna (Billie) is reportedly out the door while Nadia Bjorlin (ex-Chloe) will be returning but did you know it is only a guest role, not a contract nor recurring. They call it a guest shot, what a dig to a character and actress who has created a great role and now is being subjected to being called a guest.

Sami offers to help Gabi and Brady, offers Kate a promotion.

Nick's family tries to convince him to seek parole and Melanie is so freaked out about the prospect of Nick getting out of prison that she begins to have nightmares.

Sami refuses to give in to EJ and instead decides to focus on her kids. Meanwhile, Will resigns from his position with EJ.

Jennifer agrees to let Nicole stay with her after overhearing Victor and Maggie arguing about Brady's request that Nicole live at the mansion.

This week Jerry and his infectious toxin will rock Port Charles, but there is more to come, there's a second part to Jerry's plan that goes beyond getting people sick. And if that isn't enough we will soon learn who the mastermind is of this diabolical event - a returning vet whose return has been kept secret.

The buzz across the boards is whether Steve Burton will stay or leave, as it stands his contract is due to expire 9/26. Word is it has nothing to do with money and more about scheduling. I am hearing the talks have come to a stalemate and we just may be saying goodbye to Jason. But there can always be an 11th hour reprieve, you just never know. At this point stories are being drafted and changed with several scenarios when and "if" Burton leaves.

We may be seeing an Ethan return but probably with a different face, as Nathan Parsons has no desire to return to daytime. Any actor who never once appeared at a fan event and has no respect for his fans stinks in my book.

Todd and Jax go head to head, Todd thinks he's meaner than Jax, and much richer. Which he may be, so expect a real good showdown.

Lucy Coe's name has been mentioned quite often as of late and given the acting range of Herring, she’s no doubt a favorite of Ron and Frank's.

It's the end of the road for Dr. Keenan but not before he admits Robin is alive, but before he can say who has her he dies, ironically Jason, who for a change is NOT guilty, is blamed.

Florencia Lozano returns to our screens as Tea the first week of September and we will see baby Victor also, now the question is when will see Daddy Victor?

Will Sonny and Kate make it down the aisle this time or will the wedding be interrupted by someone surprising?

Tracy's secret is coming out and its a whopper unfortunately for Tracy its not as secret as she wants it to be.

Has John McBain found the key to saving everyone in PC?

What if Robin became a willing participant in her own disappearance?

What if Duke Lavery was alive and living under an assumed name?...What if Olivia Jerome was alive and well also?

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