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Leo being a creeper: budding romance with 'Wolf of Wall Street' co-star


Leonardo DiCaprio has got to be one of Hollywood’s hottest players. Seriously, can you believe he is quickly approaching 40 and has yet to put a ring on anyone’s finger? The actor is known to date a string of much younger models. His relationships last about a year and then he moves on to a younger, hotter variation on the same theme, a’la George Clooney. At least until now that has been Leo’s MO. Now it looks like he has been caught getting cozy with his The Wolf of Wall Street costar, Margot Robbie.

The 38-year-old actor has grown a wee bit closer to Margot and he reportedly stayed overnight at her apartment in Union Square, New York last week. He was spotted sneaking out of the 22-year old’s digs the next morning. The two reportedly share a smokin’ hot chemistry that was on full display last month at Leo’s Vegas birthday bash. He was single again after a nearly year long fling with Victoria’s Secret model, Erin Heatherton. She, like all the ladies before her, wanted more and Leo made tracks for the door instead. That left him open to the possibility of something with Margot at his party and they spent a good deal of time together. That might just be when things turned from professional to up close and very personal.


DiCaprio and Robbie have been spending an increasing amount of time together lately - they were also spotted at a party together in Las Vegas in the weeks before his own birthday celebration.

Leo's party came shortly after his split with previous girlfriend, Victoria's Secret model Erin Heatherton, 23. The couple parted ways in October after a ten-month relationship amid rumours that Leo wasn't ready to settle down.

The Blood Diamond, Inception and Great Gatsby star has also dated blonde actress Blake Lively and Israeli model Bar Rafaeli in the past.

Leo celebrated his 38th birthday at New York's The Darby with a number of other stars including Beyoncé, Jay-Z, Robert De Niro and Cameron Diaz - but it was Margot Robbie who kept his attention at the Saturday night party in November.

One onlooker said of the couple: 'There looks to be some strong chemistry between Leo and his leading lady. They spent a lot of time at the party together.'

The 22-year-old is not well known as yet, with a background as a star of long-running Australian soap opera, Neighbours, and the axed series Pan Am; but Leo made sure she had the highest billing at bash, according to PageSix.


Another month, a new romance for Leo. Will he ever find the right woman and if he does, is he ever going to step up and take the plunge? Do you think Leo is commitment phobic and that is why he pulls the plug on all of his romances the second his main squeeze wants to make it a little more permanent?

His rep denied the rumor:

"That didn’t happen. Leo worked late and stayed home.”

lbr it was probably a hit it & quit it

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