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Man of Steel Trailer #2

'Man Of Steel' Trailer: Everything We Learned About Superman's Return

After thoroughly schooling the world in how a well-made trailer can synthesize all the hype a movie needs, the latest preview for Zack Snyder's Superman reboot "Man of Steel" left us thinking about everything we learned over the course of two and a half minutes.

With our first look at the villain, an ethics lesson with Pa Kent, and one powerful superbeard, the newest "Man of Steel" trailer left us plenty of nerdiness to chew on until it hits theaters in June of next year. This is what has us thinking today.

The Man Behind the Super

As this is a Christopher Nolan-produced Superman movie based on a story he co-wrote with "Dark Knight Trilogy" collaborator David S. Goyer, we expected some gravitas, and, boy, did we get gravitas! Snyder dedicates the first half of the trailer to exploring Clark Kent's humanity before he accepts his mantle as the savior of the world.

"The world's too big, mom," he says.

"Then make it small. Focus on my voice. Pretend it's an island out in the ocean," replies his mother, as played by Diane Lane.

A common complaint about Superman is that he is the most difficult to relate to, considering the whole "god" thing. Starting off the trailer with such a vulnerable moment proves that Snyder and company are heading in a different direction with the character.

Supposed to Let Them Die?

And just as we're introduced to a young, innocent Clark Kent, here comes Pa Kent to take it all away. While living a lie is "normal" among the people of Smallville, Kansas, Clark faces the dilemma of saving a bus full of children and revealing himself or letting them all die. When explaining himself to his adoptive father, the boy who would be Supes puts the question to him. "What was I supposed to do? Just let them die?"

"Maybe," says his dad, hinting at the more morally complex take on the myth of Superman.


What's so great about Superman? The answer is "He can fly." Filming the hero's most iconic superpower has always been a make-or-break issue for Superman movies, so it should please the dedicated fans to see "Man of Steel" tackling flying in a new, creative, and aesthetically beautiful way. After a quick trip to the arctic, Supes prepares to take off, lingering on the ground for a moment as the snow and stones around his fist shift and float. It's a smart interpretation that we have never seen before and the type of thing a reboot calls for.


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