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Alex Thinks Sonja and Ramona's RHONY Story Lines are Bullshit + Offers Travel Tips!!!


Former Real Housewives star Alex McCord tells RumorFix exclusively that producers of the show are “messing with the audience” in her weekly blog.

In last week's episode, the timeline for the plastic surgery versus Soul Cycle event timeline was noticeably off and is “calling B.S.” on it. If you notice the watch on the spin teachers it said 11 a.m. while Ramona’s watch reads 1:30 p.m. and 3:30 p.m, in the scenes where Ramona and Sonja are allegedly blowing off Aviva’s morning fundraiser. So they couldn’t have been skipping out on a morning event when the doctor’s appointment scenes were in the afternoon!

Alex also called out Sonja’s timeline. She notes that during that storyline, Sonja wasn’t “freaking out” about her dogs and that knowing her love of dogs, McCord says she never would have left the house to go to a plastic surgery appointment shoot if her dogs were at risk.

The star also has some advice for Aviva: take the bull by the horns! Aviva was not putting enough pressure on the other housewives to attend her event. Luann showed up, but she had no idea it was a fundraiser. She thinks producers just told her where to go and Luann simply did as she was told.

Ramona on What Exactly She Had Done to Her Butt, and Why She Doesn’t Need Surgery!

As Real Housewives fans know, there’s almost nothing Ramona won’t show on air. She proved it again on the lastest episode, when she underwent a butt-sculpting procedure — performed on camera — by Dr. Sharon Giese.

Taking a break from her busy wine-signing tour Ramona chatted with Wetpaint in an exclusive interview about why she loves the procedure, and whether or not she’ll ever go under the knife!

Wetpaint Entertainment: What made you want to do it?
Ramona: Well the thing is, I work out and I eat healthy but like any other woman, I do less in the winter. I’ll work out maybe only once or twice a week. I eat more — especially during the holidays — and I gain weight.

In this instance, I had to get into a bikini [for the upcoming St. Bart’s trip] and I wanted to look as good as possible, and I know there are a lot of different things you can try before you opt for surgery.

Has Vela Shape become something you do regularly?
Yes. It really firms you up. And when I start to feel like I’m looking better, it affects everything. I eat better and I workout more. It really motivates me to get healthier.

What are your trouble spots?
For me, the hardest parts to maintain are my stomach and my butt.

Is there a point at which you could see yourself getting surgery?
You know what? I think if you feel good about something you should do it. Down the road, I’m open to anything, but I don’t think that I’ll need it. I don’t mean to brag but I’m getting up there in age and I think I look like I’m in my 40s. So based on how I’m aging, I don’t think I’ll need surgery. But you never know.

Who’s Afraid Of Aviva? Sonja is!

Aviva apparently is so scary that one of her co-stars refuses to be in the same room with her and RadarOnline has exclusive details about her latest feud with Sonja.

Aviva attended the 13th annual BNP Paribas Taste of Tennis at the W New York Hotel Thursday night and even though her Real Housewives co-star Sonja was on the guest list and had confirmed she would be there she didn’t show up because of Aviva.

“Sonja Morgan was invited and she was supposed to be here but when she found out I was going she refused to show up,” Aviva told Fox News correspondent Tom Murro.

“I guess she was afraid of me and was too scared to show her face,” the housewife said.

After trying to set her “sex addict” dad with Sonja, it looks Aviva isn’t Sonja’s favorite housewife.

RumorFix, WetPaint, RadarOnline

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