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Here Is Lena Dunham’s $3.7 Million Book Proposal



Rich girl Lena Dunham sold a book of "frank and funny advice on everything from sex to eating to traveling to work" to Random House for $3.7 million in October on the strength of an illustrated 66-page proposal. Here it is, weighing in at $56,000 or so per page.

Dunham, a 26-year-old described by Random House as "a rare literary talent," proposed to structure the book as an advice tome in the tradition of Helen Gurley Brown's Having It All. To judge by the proposal—which has been described elsewhere but is published here for the first time—it's more of an invitation to get lost in the mind of a girl who is lost in her own mind. It's basically literary lifecasting: Fully 13% of the proposal's pages are devoted to reproducing a diary Dunham kept of what she ate in 2010. And she intends to devote an as-yet-unwritten chapter to "a collection of emails that screw the pooch, jump the gun, and terrify men." Also, Dunham thinks she has the "beginnings of a FUPA (fat upper pussy area)" and wants to write about that, in her book of advice for women.

Julia Allison eat your heart out.

Here are some sentences you will find in it:

•I went to my first Women's Action Coalition meeting at age three.

• I've been in therapy since I was seven.

•When I was about nine I developed a terrible fear of being anorexic.

•When I was about nine I wrote a vow of celibacy.... I knew my mother had waited until the summer after she graduated [high school].

•At 24 I felt like an old maid....

•When I got to college I suddenly had the sense that my upbringing hadn't been very "real."

•Once I had a vegan dinner party which was chronicled for the style section of the New York Times.

•Once at poetry camp I saw my friend Joana in a bikini.....

•I immediately started seeing my mother's nutritionist, Vinnie.

•Every ice pop I ate, every movie I watched, every poem I wrote was tinged with a fearful loss.

•Cassie was a very fat girl we knew who we had nicknamed fat Cassie because she also wasn't that nice.

•I've never kept a diary, [because] if a girl writes in her diary and no one's there to ready it did she really write at all?

Proposal @ the source

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