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People with talent respond to the Grammy nomination list


Grizzly Bear's Ed Droste Upset About Grammys, Justin Vernon Reminds Him Grammys Are Bullshit

Last night, the nominations for the 2013 Grammy Awards were named. Frank Ocean, Fiona Apple, Jack White, M83, the Black Keys, and many more are up for awards. But not Grizzly Bear, which appears to have upset the band's Ed Droste, who expressed his feelings in a string of Tweets last night. His thoughts provoked Justin Vernon of Bon Iver, who took home several awards last year, to reply with words of encouragement for Droste and disdain for the Grammys. It seems winning those Grammys has not changed Vernon's feelings towards them.

Here's how the conversation went down. First, Droste described his sad (":(") feelings:
- 2k12 has been a mixed vibe.
- We won't win the Grahmees! :(
- So the Grammies are literally based off sales and nothing else?#bummerzone
- Super relieved Taylor Swift is up for another award. Was worried she didn't have enough! #phew

He then @-replied Vernon:
- @blobtower bb, want to know the Grammy secret! <3
- Don't know how you managed to infiltrate @blobtower, what's the secret?
- or maybe we gotta make better music :/ point is a year ago I was so excited you were nominated, and nobody from "our world" :(

Vernon then explained why he hates the Grammys:
- this is why i hate the grammies. because it allows you to question what you've done. don't question what you’ve done Ed.
- y'alls music is pure as fuck and there is nobody making music like you and i think it's truly unique. the grammies aren’t a measure of much that is calculable or quantifiable by our own contexts for music. why you create is most important.
- All this being said, FUCK those morons for not knowing enough about GB [Grizzly Bear] #jordongotcutfromhighschoolbasketball
Finally, Droste said, "thanks boo! Not really questioning what we've done, definitely questioning other things tho."


RIP BonnyBear's Grammy legacy

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