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Stan Lee On His Favorite DC Character, MARVEL Movies And More

The man...the legend...answering a bevy of fan questions ranging from comic books to film and more. Says his proudest moment was creating the Fantastic Four and that he wants to see a Black Panther feature film.

On whether he prefers Tobey Maguire or Andrew Garfield underneath the Spider-Man suit.
STAN LEE: I love them all & if I had a favorite I wouldn't tell you. I love working on them & working with the people who make them. And I wouldn't wanna offend anybody by placing one over the other. I am such a wonderful person, the world should learn something from my example.

On the superhero he'd choose to be.
LEE: Tony Stark!
He's rich, he has women, boats, planes & a sense of humor.

On the supervillain he'd choose to be.
LEE: Dr. Doom, then I'd be a king! Ya know I was in London, a couple of months ago & I was hoping that when I got off the plane, the queen would be there to greet me & put a ribbon around my neck that I could be Sir Stan Lee...but I guess she was busy or something.

On how he deals with writer's block.
LEE: When I'm really at an impasse, I'll stop & say to myself: "Come on you Jerk, it's just words on paper."

On his favorite DC hero.
LEE: My favorite DC character is Lobo, although you couldn't call him a hero...

Which of his creations does he feel is most underrated and deserves to be more popular.
LEE: I don't know, they're all rated pretty well. I would like to see more of the Inhumans at Marvel but I'm sure I will sooner or later but I don't think any of them are underrated. They're all pretty good.

What's the moment he was most proud of.
Lee: Everyday is a defining moment, you never know what's going to happen. But I guess the most defining moment was when I wanted to quit years ago because I didn't like the kinds of stories I was told to write. My wife told me why don't I write one story the way I wanted to do it and maybe he'll fire me but so what, I want to quit anyway. And that's when I wrote the Fantastic Four. So I guess that's my most defining moment at work.

On people asking him to sign stuff he didn't create or write.
Lee: People will often ask me to sign pictures or comics of characters I didn't create... Wolverine being a chief example of this... I always make it a point to tell people that I didn't create the character, but they ask me to sign it anyway. I'll always oblige a fan, but I won't do it under false pretenses.

On how he got his start in the comic book business.
Lee: I kind of fell into it, actually. I answered an ad in the paper for a position at a magazine company, and it turned out to be at Timely Comics. Timely was was run by Martin Goodman, Joe Simon and Jack Kirby. Little did I know I'd end up where I am now!

On the Marvel character he'd like to see get his own film.
Lee: Black Panther. He's not too obscure, I hope.

I love him for saying he wants a Black Panther movie. And I wonder how he feels about the Fantastic Four movies...


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