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Who will inherit Stephanie's fortune?!

It's not quite over for Bill and Brooke when we will see some more hot steamy kisses between these two. But not to worry Brad is not going down that road because a new man will come into Brooke's life which will lead into a new storyline for Brooke involving a medical twist.

Thomas's ego starts to get blown out of proportion until a new girl comes to town, hot and very sexy and he falls head over heels for her. Unfortunately for Thomas she could care less about him and has her sights set on someone else, and that someone else is all ready taken.

Ridge will be coming to town mid December and there's still no decision yet on whether or not we will see Tridge back together again.

Pam and Donna start going head to head for the chance at being the new Mrs. Eric Forrester, but someone from Eric's past may give them a run for their money.

There is a new character coming to town called Tyler, who is related to Leslie and may be a threat to Lily and Cane's relationship. He is reported to be a very confident guy, and very street smart. I hear he has been compared to Shemar Moore. His first airdate is 12/12.

Then we have Alex Chavez the new cop coming to town played by Ignacio Serricchio (ex-Diego on GH) who will be investigating a situation that involves Noah. Now the question is who else will be coming and who will be leaving?

Nikki and Chelsea have a chance meeting and talk about their similarities. When the talk turns to the fire on the ranch Nikki mentions she can't understand how someone can do that and destroy everything near and dear to her. Will Chelsea tell Nikki in a round about way that it was Sharon? Or will Nikki figure it out on her own? Ether way Nikki confronts Sharon and it's not gonna be pretty!

Nick grows suspicious of Summer's actions and confronts Summer knowing she hasn't been going to school.

Kristen and Brady give in to their attraction and make love and Marlena, thinking that John is in the hotel room with Kristen, walks in on Kristen and Brady in bed.

Will agrees to go along with Nick and Gabi's plan to wed and let everyone think the baby is Nick's. Gabi fears that Sonny will drop Will if he learns the truth. But Sonny has other concerns regarding Gabi when Chad shares Gabi's part in Melanie's kidnapping. Chad goes on to tell Kristen that he is planning his revenge against her.

Nicole finally starts to realize that Daniel is not going to be a part of her life.

Jennifer is concerned about Daniel and goes to see him at the Horton cabin, where she collapses in pain and is rushed to the hospital.

Now why would Days need their stunt coordinator, Terry James, on the set for Nick and Gabi's wedding?

Helena Cassadine is back and not a moment too soon when she reveals she knows the real Duke's whereabouts Will Port Charles ever be the same. Helena returns to Wyndemere thinking Nikolas has invited her, but comes across someone else. Helena has worked with Faison in the past so it should come as no surprise that she finds out about his latest plot, now the question is will she work along side of Faison or against him?

Where has John been these days? Looking for Jason possibly? Anna asks John to join the PCPD and of course he agrees. Robert asks John for help as well as Dante when he informs them what he has found out. Look for Robert's investigation to lead him to an old enemy. Now the question is, will Robert regret his actions?

Molly's manuscript goes missing and the poor child is beside herself. If you remember Connie was reading the book in Todd's office. Connie does the unthinkable, well not for Connie of course but she takes full credit for writing the book.

Those rumors of Jack Wagner coming to GH may have been just that, Wagner was at ABC Studios filming a new "Castle" episode. But interestingly when Robert made a phone call to someone he needed help from Frisco comes to mind.

What if Heather was still legally married to Edward and ELQ was her for the taking?

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