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Brett Easton Ellis Accidentally Tried to Score Some Coke on Twitter

Douche Bag, Bret Easton Elis, the American Psycho writer and professional crazy person, is a pretty notorious tweeter. He's yelled at Lindsay Lohan for not showing up to set on time, defended Paris Hilton after she said most gay people "like, die of AIDS," and has told bullied kids to toughen up. ...compared 'Glee' a 'Puddle of HIV,'defended Dharun Ravi, said women can't direct, Matt Bomer is too gay ...

So it came as no surprise that he'd use Twitter to get some blow at four in the morning.

Oof. This looks like a direct message gone wrong. There are so many questions here:
  • Who is this message meant for?
  • Does Easton Ellis follow his drug dealer on Twitter?
  • What is "do" and how do I get there?
  • Is "do" some sort of L.A. drug speak?
  • Is the message read "come over, at do, bring coke now" or "come over at, do bring coke now"
  • If it's meant to be the latter, is "at" Easton Ellis' pet name for Alex Trebeck?
  • What is "doing coke with Bret Easton Ellis and Alex Trebeck?" I'll take American revolutionaries for 300 Alex.

Perhaps the message was meant for the writer's mysterious companion who he only refers to as "the 26-year-old." Please don't let this happen again. The last thing we'd ever want to see is a Bret Easton Ellis sext.

Accidentally sending a direct message as a tweet — stars, they're dumb, just like us!

[Image via AP]

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