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Holiday Gift Guide 2012: 30+ Pop Presents


The 2012 holiday shopping season is officially here, and we know you've got plenty of music fans on your list. Don't race off to the store in a panic; Billboard.com's annual holiday gift guide is here to help with rockin' ideas for everyone. Among our 30+ suggestions, check out this year's hot toys -- from One Direction dolls to Chris Brown's collectible figurines -- to a slew of new pop star perfumes (Justin Bieber's Girlfriend, anyone?), fashions, books, concert films and much more. There are also plenty of more eclectic choices like Beck's sheet music album and Nicki Minaj wigs. So get out that list, check it twice, and get ready to give your loved ones something very merry to unwrap. And no, we won't tell if you end up buying a little something for yourself.

Famous Fragrances
A few pop princesses (and one pop prince) released perfumes sure to entice shoppers this holiday season. Nicki Minaj's Pink Friday perfume, the rapper's first fragrance, is designed to make any of Minaj's Barbz feel like a superstar. If you're looking for a sexier perfume for that special someone, there's Rihanna's Nude, something the "Diamonds" singer knows a thing or two about. For something edgier, there is Lady Gaga's Fame eau de perfume -- and the perfume liquid is literally black like the box. Friends will be 'red' with envy when they take a whiff of Taylor Swift's new Wonderstruck Enchanted. Our recent poll showed that lots and lots of folks are interested in who'll be Justin Bieber's next girlfriend. Turns out it's his Girlfriend scent, a perfume any Belieber will like right down to its pink and purple spiral bottle.

Hip-Hop Shirts
Though we're still all eagerly awaiting the release of his debut album, rising star A$AP Rocky has spent his year designing a line of T-shirts and tank tops for street outfitter KarmaLoop. With slogans like "ASAP Life" and "I Be That Pretty Motherf---er," the collection is sure to turn heads among the hip-hop fans in your life. Want something that pushes the boundaries even more? Check out A$AP's T-shirt with a nude model whose chest is covered only by the "Goldie" singer's embrace. If your allegiance lies with Maybach Music, check out "Amen" rapper Meek Mill's new Dream Chasers line with Marc Ecko Enterprises, which features old-school sweatshirts and classically inspired tanks.

There's no denying that 2 Chainz has made a mark on rap music this year, with spots on "Cruel Summer" and his very own album, "Based on a T.R.U. Story." In recent months, 2 Chainz has served as the face of the Respect My Vote campaign and launched a meme turned bestselling T-shirt. Featuring a cartoon Barack Obama throwing up peace signs and smiling from ear to ear, the 2 Termz shirt is all the more popular and relevant following President Obama's recent reelection. 2012 turned out to be the year of 2 Chainz *and* 2 Termz.

Rockin' Books
There's no better time for reading than the holidays when free time meets cold weather, and there's a bountiful crop of musically inspired books newly available for this season. After giving the band's new greatest hits collection "Grrr!" a spin, pick up The Rolling Stones's "50," a retrospective hardcover that details the group's storied career. Though he's busy touring for "Quadrophenia," The Who's Pete Townshend found time to reminisce about his life and and life in music in his memoir, "Who I Am." Collected by Beatles biographer Hunter Davies, "The John Lennon Letters" chronicles the candid poetry of one of the world's greatest songwriters. Or settle in for a thorough read of "Bruce," writer Peter Carlin's authorized biography of Mr. Springsteen. Looking for something lighthearted? Try Justin Bieber's second book, "Just Getting Started," full of pictures and anecdotes about the "Believe" star's life on the road.

Pop Toys For All Ages
ONE DIRECTION DOLLS: Hot on the heels of their No. 1 album "Take Me Home," One Direction members Harry, Liam, Niall, Zayn and Louis are immortalized in plastic as lifelike dolls that will surely work as stocking stuffers for the boy band lovers in your life. Part of the "What Makes You Beautiful" collection, these poseable pop stars come with signature outfits that ultimate One Direction fans can instantly recognize.

TWISTER DANCE: The classic childhood board game comes back with a very "Toxic" twist, this time with a poppy soundtrack helmed by the likes of Britney Spears, Willow Smith and Ke$ha. Rather than other dance-inspired video games, Twister Dance also contains original remixes of songs like "Till The World Ends," for which the "X Factor" judge filmed a brand new video clip. You can even plug in your own MP3 player to soundtrack your own toe-twisting dance party. With Twister Dance, bust out your best Britney and break a sweat at the same time. Who knows? You might be on your way to dance stardom.

CHRIS BROWN'S DUM ENGLISH COLLECTIBLES: Toys aren't just for kids anymore. Take Chris Brown's artistic line of collectible figurines, a collaboration with contemporary artist Ron English and Made by Monsters. The series features creative, hard-to-find mini pieces that quickly achieved collector's item status for the lucky thousands who got their hands on the expensive trinkets. If you're looking to splurge, Dum English toys featured a $20,000 fiberglass sculpture among its inaugural offerings, limited to 20 pieces. Now that's opulent.

Beck & Bjork: Eclectic & Collected
Beck delivers a unique format twist with for his first album in almost five years that's so beyond retro it's possibly futuristic. "Song Reader" features twenty brand new songs -- but you are in charge of actually performing the tunes. The album arrives in the form of sheet music, never recorded by any studio musicians. It's the perfect gift for the musician on your holiday list who's looking to up his or her indie cred -- what's cooler than saying you played a song by Beck that he's never recorded?

At the other end of the format spectrum this season is Bjork. Following a series of sold-out shows around the globe in support of her recent album "Biophilia," the Icelandic singer and multimedia maven has now released the next of a series of must-have related mercy. "Biophilia Live" is a hardcover book that features gorgeously rendered, glossy photos of the live experience. To accompany the book, Bjork has enlisted a roster of big-name producers to remix "Biophilia's" wide-ranging tracks, including rappers Death Grips and indie superstar Omar Souleyman. Looking for something more unique? Bjork is there to help with a handful of exclusively designed vinyl records that offer the same remixes with original artwork.

Concert Movies
There's no better way of feeling like you know a musician then seeing them them live, but when you can't, concert movies are probably the next best thing. Though LCD Soundsystem called it quits in 2011, fans can now relive the band's epic last show in "Shut Up And Play The Hits." Michael Jackson was known for his live performances, and one of his best has just been released with "Michael Jackson Live at Wembley 7.16.1988," an iconic show from the king of pop.

Since tickets to the upcoming "Take Me Home" tour have almost entirely sold out, check out the lads from One Direction in "Up All Night," chronicling the British guya as they tour the United States. Katy Perry, meanwhile, knows a thing or two about live pop too, as evidenced by the candy confection that is her "Katy Perry: Part of Me 3D" documentary. "Sade: Bring Me Home - Live 2011," meanwhile, brings heart and heartache to the ears, raw and beautiful.

Smokin' Stocking Stuffers
Diplo is certainly best known for his beats, but who knew the Florida-based DJ/producer had his own herb grinders for sale through his website? The tiny wooden boxes are stamped with the image of his cartoony Major Lazer character alongside the ML logo, "Lazers Never Die."

One of the most famous smokers in music recently now has his own smokable product line, but it's not what you think. Snoop Lion (aka Snoop Dogg) launched a tobacco cigar line called Executive Branch made with premium product imported from the Dominican Republic.

Mau5 & Minaj Fashions
NICKI MINAJ WIGS: Plenty of fans have been clamoring to dress up as the brightly colored, sparkly queen of rap, Nicki Minaj. Her Minajesty heard her people's cries and responded by selling seven of her most iconic wigs through her own website, which include the shocking neon pink hair from her first ever MTV Video Music Awards performance and her bright blonde hairpiece from 2011's "Rocking New Year's Eve" midnight show. The wigs are the perfect poppy gift for adventurous Barbz and Ken Barbz alike.

DEADMAU5-WEAR: This year, Deadmau5 has mixed fashion into his EDM empire. Working with California clothing company Neff Headwear, the DJ/producer launched Neffmau5, his first official clothing line. The collection offers hoodies, T-shirts and hats with the popular Deadmau5 insignia. Hey Deadmau5, how about next year you make your gigantic mousehead masks for fans to buy? Many folks like to pretend to be the man inside the Mau5.


Shopping/gift ideas post imo!! How was your black friday, ONTD?

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