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Stephanie Dies!

Get those tissues out because in the next 2 weeks we are in for a ride of our lives when Stephanie passes away. Brad made sure this was the story of the century and a farewell like we have never seen. Some very touching scenes with SF and KKL that will really be heart wrenching especially when we find out about the special gift Stephanie leaves Brooke. With Ridge coming back soon we'll see some serious tension between Ridge and Brook at Forrester Creations. Let's just say there are going to be some very VERY unhappy fans when the truth is revealed and Brooke has a bit of an ace in her pocket at Forresters.

We thought it was over but Brad keeps insisting that the Hope/Liam/Steffy makes for good story especially with the new guy coming on for Kimberly Matula. So once again we're going to be subject to a nasty little twist in the terrible triangle.

As we've said for weeks, there IS a new Ridge picked out, YES, there have been some screen tests both with Hunter Tylo and Katherine Lang and YES, we'll see him soon. The thing is, Bridge is dead. Bridge will remain dead. But will Tridge?

Bill and Katie have a happy reunion when she returns home but that doesn't last long after she finds out what went down with Bill and Brooke. But that shouldn't last too long hopefully because Brad is bringing in a new guy for Brooke, no surprise there!

Looks like it's Christine and Paul all over again when Christine shows Paul a video of his son. Paul is filled with guilt but not to worry Christine shows her sympathy to Paul and they hug which ends in a kiss, and who accidentally sees this? Nina of course. It's the end of Paul and Nina when she packs her bags and tells Paul they are over. Michael informs Paul that charges have been dropped. Paul tells Christine that he wants to try and give their relationship another chance.

Chelsea has reached her limit with Adam helping Sharon and we will soon see what Chelsea is really made of. I am hearing the dark side of this girl will be coming out. Adam better be a bit more careful when it comes to getting Chelsea angry.

With the holidays coming airing schedules are Wednesday Phyllis and Jack share a close moment on Thanksgiving. Thursday is all about parades and football, Friday, will air an encore of the classic episode that features Victor and Nikki’s wedding, no surprise there...LOL

Patrika Darbo (ex-Nancy) is on her way back to Salem.

After confessing to everything she has done, Eric insists that Nicole apologize to Jennifer and she does.

Because of the ongoing NHL strike, NBC will air a classic Days episode on Friday, November 23. Who's ready to relive John and Susan's wedding, when Susan's teeth go flying and land in Vivian's drink?

Marlena erases Kristen's messages for John and because of that, neither John or Marlena don't learn until later on that Brady has been hospitalized. He was injured while rescuing Kristen from a mugging. Marlena is still not so quick to trust Kristen and as it turns out, she has every reason not to trust her.

Rafe is not happy when he learns that EJ is now Sami's boss.

Nick learns that Will is the father of Gabi's baby.

Bo and Caroline return to Salem but Eric wonders if Caroline is as well as she wants everyone to believe.

I have it on good authority that Maurice Benard's negotiations are going well. Expect an announcement that he has re-signed shortly.

When Robin "died" it sent shock waves through Port Charles. But not to fear Kimberly will back be for a limited return. Frank is a wizard with pre-taping and working around outside commitments and convinced Kimberly to return.

Faison showed no interested in ruining the Spencers that was Helena's agenda and she enlisted Faison's aid. Helena's hatred for Laura has not diminished one bit. You will soon learn different villains have different agendas even though it may look like they are working together. These are unrelated arcs that will eventually collide into a bigger umbrella story. Ron is not done complicating this story and boggling our minds. The focus will be on old enemies as we have all ready begun to see with Faison. We will see Faison through the first week of December at least and that's when Anna finds out he is not Duke and that Duke is alive and Faison has been playing her this whole time.

Lynn Herring returns as Lucy Coe. With her return Sabrina who has organized the Nurse's Ball will be in for some changes thanks to Lucy. I am hearing Lucy also wants to get her business back but she is in for a fight from a surprising source.

I am hearing 3 children of Port Charles are returning but only two have been seen on GH before.

What if Helena owned Shadybrooke and perhaps other mental institutions?

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