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Stalking the Thor 2 set

Yesterday I decided to spend my day on the Thor 2 set, seeing as I live relatively close by and had time to spend freezing myself on set I went.


At first all I was able to see were Chris’s stunt double and Eccleston’s stunt double, though it could well have been the man himself as they look very similar in the get-up and looking from a distance.


After a little while, Chris Hemsworth came out, rather distinctive in his Thor gear, though it was difficult trying to take a picture of him as he got some touch-ups and people were just generally standing in the way


Did seem that Chris was having a lot of fun on set as well

The money-shot

The director: Alan Taylor

As Chris then left the field of vision, decided to walk around to the other side where people were allowed to stay and watch. It turned out to be a lucky guess as not long after being there, Chris was out of the tent and talked to some of the crew and although a small group of us tried to get him to come over, he didn’t but managed to get a shot of him (his back)


After which Chris disappeared into a room and we then watched the stunt doubles rehearsing a scene following what was in the other Thor 2 post. It seems that after that scene, Chris fights and elf, runs toward something (the bluescreen) only to be knocked down by Malekith.

The doubles rehearsing:

Now I must confess that I am rather unfamiliar with DW so I had no way of telling whether it was Eccleston or his double doing the work, I’ll leave you to decide as I managed to take several close ups of the guy

Chris then re-emerged from wherever he was hiding and they soon started to shoot what his double had been rehearsing. It also allowed to finally take a shot of him



I was able to take these shots as we’d found a door close to where they were filming, one of the people with me was able to get Chris’ double attention by waving and so, when Chris Hemsworth showed up and we were in his line of vision, all of us waved and he waved back. Unfortunately we apparently were getting in the shot and had to leave that spot.

Decided to stick around until the end and hope Hemsworth or Eccleston would come over, unfortunately only the doubles exited our way and the actors went in the opposite direction.

According to the crew they should be filming next week, starting Tuesday to Friday, with Natalie Portman reported to be filming. Hopefully I’ll be able to stalk the set some more and be successful in meeting some of the actors.

Forgot to add in the video..oops..not me talking btw

Source: me and my camera

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