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Oh No They Didn't! - LiveJournal.com

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    1. The Avengers - $207M
    2. Jurassic World - $204M
    3. Avengers: Age of Ultron - $191M

    and that's the low estimate


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  • 06/14/15--10:44: CELEBRITY CAT EMERGENCY!
  • taylor swift's inferior cat has finally met her human version!!

    Olivia Benson meeting Olivia Benson.

    Meredith has been mad all day.


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    Demi Lovato took some time off from filming with her boyfriend and headlining a social media festival in order to go back into the studio and work on the follow-up to her #3-peaking album 'Demi'. Lovato tweeted last night, teasing her fans about the supposed magic that was being created in the studio. According to Demi, she will be showcasing her whistle register.

    Demi Lovato, however, cannot hit such high notes. A fan has compiled Lovato's "whistle tones" exposed her below:


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    -He talks about hanging out with Chris Rock
    -He cracks a few race jokes
    -Michael Jordan judged him for not dancing while Prince was singing


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    Trailer for Are You Afraid of the '90s?
    The Tale of the Quarter-Life Crisis. A clever dark comedic short film about the greatest decade ever - come to life. After moving back into her parents’ home, Jessica discovers the nostalgia she had for her life in the ‘90s has become a living nightmare.

    Sources: Youtube, Website

    ontd, what's yo favorite 90s scary movie?

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    Image and video hosting by TinyPic

    • From there, much of the show became about the inmates, guards, and Caputo reacting to new budget cutbacks and a general overall bureaucratic ignorance about prison life. Moreover, an actual across-the-board contempt for the human element of prison rehabilitation in favor of turning a profit. - IGN

    • A show initially created on the back of a narrative steeped with white privilege -- "what happens when a pretty white woman from an upper-class background has to go to prison with the non-white people and the poors?" -- "Orange" has now stripped that away to the point where Piper, by the end of Season 3, is at times almost an afterthought to the primary story being told. - Indiewire

    Here you go folks, discussion post.
    Use spoiler cuts or don't, go wild!
    Image and video hosting by TinyPic

    imo, I thought this season was much slower than the last ones, but I was very happy about the way they developed some characters, ie. Pennsatucky was great.

    source, source.

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    -She talks about how she imagines Felicity's costume if she ever got one
    -She thinks that Oliver and Felicity will fight crime as a couple now
    -She talks about the sex scene
    -She is hoping Felicity used birth control
    -She doesn't want Felicity to cry all the time anymore


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    Matt talks about Magic Mike 2 + He is "excited" to meet and work w/ Stefani

    Sources: THRYoutube
    Pride Video/Pics: 1234

    How are you celebrating Pride, ONTD?

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  • 06/14/15--15:29: Even Future Kings Wear Crocs

  • Catherine Duchess of Cambridge and Prince George attend the Gigaset Charity Polo Match with Prince George of Cambridge at Beaufort Polo Club on June 14, 2015 in Tetbury, England.


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    In response to this continued bullshit from el diablo (thanks illiade):

    edit: Lmao he just posted this... this fucking abusive asshole

    Source: IG&Updates

    lmao go in on this manchild!

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  • 06/14/15--16:37: Kardashian/ Jenner Post
  • Kimberly Visits Celine


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    The honest truth is that I didn’t want him [Guy Pearce, who played Adam Whiteley/Felicia Jollygoodfellow]. I said: “he is too pretty, he was too handsome”.

    Some quotes from the article:

    “I THINK the heart and soul of the film Priscilla, Queen of the Desert that works
    is that in the midst of all the glitz and glamour and showing off and bitchy lines and
    great songs, there was a really simple story about a man [Hugo Weaving as Anthony
    Belrose/Mitzi Del Bra] trying to come out to his son."

    "Terence Stamp was terrified about playing Bernadette. His reaction was
    ‘there is absolutely no way in the world’ which I expected when I gave him the script.
    I said ‘why wouldn’t you do this’ and he said ‘because I’m terrified’. I said ‘shouldn’t this be
    exactly what you do for a living?’ It was the moment of putting him in front of a live crowd
    in drag — up until then we had been in the studio — that he crossed the line. At the end of
    his first number,everyone burst into applause. From that moment, I think, he realised it was
    OK — that he was going to survive."

    "Most people remember Guy’s one-liners and Terence’s one-liners, but they can’t put their finger on
    why the film resonates with them, and I think it really is because of Hugo’s quieter part. A lot of
    gay people don’t have family. You have to create your own family. And I think a lot of people
    understand that. I think that is something that we weren’t aware of that came out of the film."

    "For me, putting on my brave face, it was a s*** fight. We did that journey in real time on a minuscule budget. As much fun as everyone was having, trust me, I was getting about one and a half hours sleep a night. If I tried to make that film today they wouldn’t let me. It took so many chances at its time. It broke a lot of rules. It (popularity) keeps going on and I think it is because of its boldness.”

    i wish i could C&P all the article but i can't :( read more at the source!

    Source: @newscomauHQ

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    Season 3, Episode 8, “Second Sons”—“Sam and Gilly meet an older gentleman.”

    Season 3, Episode 9,“The Rains of Castamere”—“House Frey joins with House Tully.”

    Season 4, Episode 8, “The Mountain and the Viper”—“Tyrion’s fate is decided.”

    Season5, Episode 8, “Hardhome”—“Jon travels.”

    Season 5, Episode 9, “The Dance of Dragons”—“Stannis confronts a troubling decision.”

    Banned source has more and even gifs to go with the descriptions if you wanna check that out.

    WHO'S EXCITED FOR THE FINALE?? Wooow this season has been a mess but also a good mess sometimes, but that's usually short lived.



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    Listen to Beck's new song, "Dreams" from his upcoming unnamed album, which doesn't have a release date yet. No word on whether or not he will be wearing his sad Beck hat for this era.

    Source: Youtube / @beck / Pitchfork

    As much as I liked Morning Phase, I am so ready for a Beck album I can dance to again. Also: the return of his falsetto.

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    • The eight-episode thriller is set in the 1980’s in the Long Island beach town and follows a two-year-old boy who mysteriously vanishes into thin air. Family, friends and cops try to uncover the truth about his disappearance, which ends up involving top-secret government experiments, supernatural forces and one very strange little girl.

    • Ryder will play Joyce, the working-class mother of the missing boy.

    • The series, written and directed by twin brothers Matt Duffer and Ross Duffer (“Wayward Pines”), is set to debut in 2016.


    Show Me a Hero and now this yay! the Winona comeback needs to happen

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    Basically at the Orange is the New Black fan event a few days ago the real life Piper said she hopes that Piper and Big Boo end up together by the end of the series. Even though in reality she ended up marrying Larry, who thankfully was not at all a part of season three, she's a big fan of Lea DeLario and thinks it would be hot.

    Source 1 and 2
    How do you want to see things end for the characters?

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    Image and video hosting by TinyPic

    -This is his first interview since the release of the record.
    -He rushed the release of Black Messiah, which deals with police brutality, because the protests in Ferguson made him realize it was time.
    -Listened to America Eats Its Young by Funkadelic while making it.
    -Read James Baldwin's work around the time of writing "The Charade", which was prior to the murder of Trayvon Martin.
    -Talks about being 5 and backing the church choir on piano. Gospel and the Saturday Night Fever soundtrack were some of his first musical obsessions until he heard Prince. Says "It was love at first bite."
    -Discusses trouble at his label. They wanted Voodoo part 2 & cut off his funding. Had to go on the road to generate money to record.


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