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Oh No They Didn't! - LiveJournal.com

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  • 12/16/12--19:13: WEEKEND BOX OFFICE!

  • Weekend chart from Box Office Mojo

    Tomatometer from Rotten Tomatoes

    How was your weekend, ONTD?

    spoiler code:

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    With their tea-party theme for their “Anything Could Happen” performance on Wednesday night, it almost seems written in the stars that Fifth Harmony is now the Cinderella story of “The X Factor” USA. They are going into the final round as the huge underdogs, but they are also going into it with arguably the most momentum out of anyone left. Can this carry them through? We’ll have a little bit more information on that in our contestant rankings a little bit later in the day.

    For now, though, we just thought we would share that the girl group has even managed to impress the original performer of the song with the performance. Speaking out in a new post on her official Twitter, here is what Ellie Goulding (who is really only well-known in America for the song “Lights”) had to say about the girls taking on one of her other notable hits:

    “Really impressed with @fifthharmony rendition of Anything Could Happen on Xfactor USA!!”

    Of course, the challenge for Fifth Harmony now is simple: finding a way to bring over many of the young voters who were cheering on Emblem3 to win the competition. If they can do that, then they actually have a very good shot at winning given that these are the votes moving forward that will probably decide who wins the competition in the end.

    call me when Paul McCartney is praising any performances done by The New Beatles imo

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    An original ONTD article. by me, nt4m☺♡♫

    2012 has been somewhat of a quiet year for Paris Hilton, at least compared to past years where she has launched numerous products lines, promoted television series, released music all within 12 months. But 2012 has still been a solid year for the pulchritudinous icon of modern celebrity and entrepreneurial success. Here are my favourite Paris Hilton moments of 2012~

    Paris' Philanthropy.

    Paris has spent a lot of her time participating in chairtable activities throughout her life. Whether she's donating money, or time, she has always been a keen philanthropist. In 2011, she won a Starlight Foundation award for her efforts. In 2012, Paris' efforts continued. One of the sweetest stories was the story of Paris' friendship with Mike Oliveri. What started off as a good time, turned into a genuinely sweet moment that gave a glimpse of the kind and caring Paris most are too cynical to believe exists. Mike suffers from muscular dystrophy, and was struggling to live with a miniscule $484 he recieved each month. Unsure whether he would make it through the next week, a chance encounter with Paris made his next few months secure, saving his life.

    “One night a couple of weeks ago I was at Club AV and next thing I know there was Paris - right next to me,” Mike tells Hollyscoop, “She started talking to me and we exchanged numbers and then she went on to my website and tweeted me out. She gave me the $5000 donation, she did it in such a nonchalant way. She transferred it to me on Paypal and when I asked her if it was her that did it, she simply said, ‘Yeah.’”

    While that story alone is more than enough, Paris' 2012 has been full of moments like this. Paris made a little boy’s wish come true to experience the celebrity lifestyle, she donated gifts to orphanages in India, and to ill children in hospitals. Paris has shown her genuine interest in brightening the lives of those less fortunate. Say what you will about Paris, but her charity is undeniable.

    Paris Hilton Protects Herself.

    Imagine it's 3:30am, you're walking through an empty parking garage to your car, exhausted, and ready to go home. It's quiet. It's still. You walk towards your car, when suddenly a large man appears out of nowhere, filming you, and telling you how sexy you are in an intimidating voice. What would you do? Well, this happened to Paris Hilton. What did Paris do? She reprimanded the motherfucker. Every ninety seconds, a woman is sexually harassed in America [*], and Paris wasn't going to let that happen to her. She protected herself, and that lurking paparazzo was taught a major lesson. I strongly believe this showcases Paris' mental and physical strength. She was not willing to be threatened by a man who had no place to film or talk to her. She was vulnerable, and this oversized man intruded into her person space, but she forced him out.

    DJ Paris Hilton.

    One of her most controversial moments of 2012, Paris debuted as a DJ. While some were skeptical, and others were incredibly melodramatic, there were still some who understood why and fully supported Paris' decision to DJ. As Lil John said, "It's a logical step." Paris Hilton is eponymous with partying and clubs, she has spent years experiencing different music from across the world, and the different DJs each country has to offer. Paris knows good music to party to, and her set showcased that. It may not have been a technical masterpiece, but really, Paris was about putting on a show, and she delivered a show.

    Her debut set was met with intense hate from the EDM community, the very community that Paris herself was part of. It was sad to see, people were actually blaming Paris for the death of EDM - melodramatic ignoramuses, to say the least. Even Paris' once close ally turned his back on her. Paris was guilty of only one thing, pursuing a goal. She wanted to DJ, and she had the opportunity to do that. It's quite inspiring when you think about it, and people should follow her lead. Follow your dreams, do what you want to do. Don't let the insecurities, and pessimism of others drag you down. Paris didn't. Even after the intense wave of unnecessary hate, Paris stood tall and once again delivered an amazing show in Goa, India at the start of the month. She was happy on stage.


    Last Night, and the Album That Never Was.

    I guess an unreleased album isn't exactly what you'd expect to see on a "best of" list, but I think it's more than fitting and it perfectly shows Paris' gusto.

    This story starts in September 2011. Paris Hilton finally went into the recording studio with DJ Afrojack, a then very promising DJ and producer who seemed to be heading to huge heights in 2012. Some major singles, and a huge album with Paris Hilton seemed like the perfect release for 2012. It was going to be. But things happened, friendships were damaged, and as a result the complete album - Which vocal producer, Taura Stinson, described as "dancey, edgey and cool" - was never to be released. Paris was the perfect person to release a big EDM-pop album in the summer where there were to be no other major pop releases. The summer was begging to be Paris', and it was the plan for Paris to own it. But alas, not all people are as business oriented as Paris, and let themselves be overwhelmed by personal issues.

    While fans kept their fingers tightly crossed in hope that the two would professionally reconcile, a truly vulgar move was made by Afrojack. The tracklist of Pitbull's newest album, Globalwarming (which peaked at #14 on the billboard 200) was released. The only song of interest was Last Night (feat. Havana Brown). Produced by Afrojack, and written by Antony Preston. Antony Preston was one of the main song writers involved in Paris' album, who even as late as August was still unaware that Afrojack had turned his back on Paris. During her set in June, Paris premiered her "new single", Last Night. It was too obvious that they were infact the same song, and Afrojack had handed the single over to prevent Paris from releasing the single herself. Quite the immature move, but not so surprising when you learn of the treatment his ex-girlfriend received. Fans were disappointed, and upset. It seemed as if we were never going to hear any of the songs we were all so excited for... until a mysterious video was uploaded to youtube.

    This video was uploaded to youtube by "Ira Mira" on the 20th of November. What seems like any fan video, it was actually quite special. Not only did it feature the unreleased full version of Paris' Last Night, featuring Lil Wayne. The video itself also contained then-unreleased footage from Paris' DJ performance backdrop. While I could never truly confirm it was Paris, and it's unfair to speculate, I personally wouldn't be surprised. Paris has always been incredibly generous with her fans, she's constantly reaching out to them on various social media sites, and has always looked out for them during promotional events and even during her days off, spending lots of time taking photographs and signing things for them. So it's really not that outrageous to think that Paris potentially leaked it for her fans who had so desperately been waiting for new music.

    Of course, Paris' years has been full of many other events and honorable mention to her ever growing billion dollar brand, her new perfume Dazzle (purchase here), and her many new stores that opened in 2012. 2013 is set to be an even bigger year for Paris, she's continuing to record music, she's spoken about television series and movies she's producing, and of course there's no doubt her brand will continue to grow.


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  • 12/16/12--19:21: Twelve Days of ONTD: Day 10

  • Every day until Christmas, we'll be randomly giving away $25 Amazon gift cards to a lucky commenter! 

    How do you enter? All you have to do is comment!  We'll be randomly selecting winners from the comments section.   To keep it fair, you can only win once, but you can comment as much as you'd like, which increases your chances of winning.  


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    Survivor Philippines: Episode 14

    DENISE! She won 6-1-1 over Lisa and "Skoopin"

    Reunion show is on live!

    Source: TV/CBS

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    The elder statesman of the group, Louis Tomlinson, 20, is also known in inside circles as the defacto leader and resident perfectionist in One Direction. In our conversation about being named Billboard's Top New Artist of 2012, Tomlinson doesn't exactly dispute the labels. "I'm a bit of a perfectionist so I have to be kind of be on board with every minor detail and [I'm] quite opinionated," he said. "It's quite important for me personally to be involved with the whole project."

    Congrats on being named Billboard's Top New Artist of 2012. How does that feel?

    It's absolutely amazing to have that kind of recognition in America. Obviously for boy bands it's huge - it's just so nice. To have this opportunity to come here and perform is amazing, never mind who has been recognized so far. At the end of the day we're having a good time. It's almost a cliché but it's so true -- if anyone hadn't bought a record we wouldn't be here.

    This week in New York is certainly quite the culmination of the incredible year you've had - headlining and selling out Madison Square Garden, hosting a global fan convention and playing the Z100 Jingle Ball.

    This week's been crazy, crazy busy but so much fun. We were all nervous that we were gonna be rehearsed in time [to play Madison Square Garden], then when we were finally onstage we got to relax.

    Was it representative of what we might see from your 2013 World Tour, or was this more of a one-off?

    That's kind of the thing with our shows, loosening the reins. We don't dance because we can't dance. Our shows, production-wise, are always quite minimal. We always try and keep it more about us having fun and stay away from gimmicks.

    Going into 2012, what expectations did you have about breaking America? Did it seem impossible, knowing the challenges other British boy bands had before you?

    I remember the flight over here when we first came to America when we were supporting Big Time Rush, we were delighted we even had that opportunity. We said, "Let's give it a go." I remember we said as a band we would be really, really happy with a top 20 album - that would be incredible. When we came off that first show our management was saying, 'This isn't your show. You might not see the reception you were expecting so just prepare yourself.' We went onstage terrified that people would be like, 'Who are these blokes?' We finally go onstage and we got an incredible reaction. And even at that stage we thought it was amazing that we're getting recognized here. We had no idea how the album was going to go. We were lucky enough to get to No. 1.

    And didn't the fans at the Big Time Rush shows already know your songs?

    Yeah the fans were chanting our names. They knew the words to the songs off the album that wasn't even out in America. The album's doing this and this on YouTube. They're singing all the words on the album charts as well. It was amazing.

    That kind of fan frenzy made recording "Take Me Home" difficult as well, because you had fans waiting for you outside the studio singing the words to the hits from the first album while you're inside trying to create new ones. What was that experience like?

    We were very blessed to have that when we recorded. We go to a show and a recording studio with 1,200 people -- that makes you a little bit nervous. You want to leave everything a surprise, because the last thing you want is the fans outside to hear the new material. But it was cool.

    You largely worked with a lot of the same writers and producers as you had on "Up All Night." Why was it important to keep the same team this time out?

    It was great but it was not as easy as you might think. It was great to have people like Carl [Falk] and Rami [Yacoub] and Savan [Kotecha] -- we feel comfortable around them and obviously get better vocal performances. But at the same time we had the opportunity to work with Dr. Luke, which was amazing, and we had Julian Bunetta, who wrote some of my favorite songs. We're in a very lucky position to be working with the people that we are. It's not just a band who've had a successful album, it's the producers as well.

    Obviously One Direction's music is very pop. But what about your personal tastes -- what do you listen to?

    My favorite music isn't necessarily the songs that One Direction come out with. That doesn't mean to say I don't secretly really love some of our songs, which I do. My personal tastes... I actually like quite a bit acoustic and more mellow kinds of things. I quite like American music, like The Fray, I'm a massive fan of them, and The Killers. I also like more acoustic stuff like Ed Sheeran, I like this English songwriter James Morrison and another singer called Ben Howard.

    Do you have a favorite One Direction song?

    Off the album my favorite is "Little Things," or "Back For You" which we all wrote and feels quite band-y.

    You guys are about to film a concert movie with Morgan Spurlock. What can we expect?

    We've been documenting stuff for a long time actually, just because it's important. We've had a crazy week and a crazy year -- it's important to document everything on the way really. I'm really excited about the prospect of the film, it's a great chance to all get across our personalities. The fans do know them to a degree, but they'll get a real chance to have a real insight on what our day to day is and exactly what we do.

    Several people in your management and inner circle have described you to me as the unofficial businessman or leader of the group. Is that a fair assessment?

    I've sometimes felt like that, but to be honest most of the time I'm the immature one who needs to be told to get focused. I'm a bit of a perfectionist so I have to be kind of be on board with every minor detail and [I'm] quite opinionated. It's quite important for me personally to be involved with the whole project.

    It also probably helps that you're technically the oldest one in the group.

    And in one month I'll be legal to drink in the U.S. So, summer 2013 -- watch out!

    I didn't bold any of it because you should read all of it- it's flawless, just like Prince Louis.


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    London: Britney Spears could be losing her 10-million- pound per-season mega-deal with the ‘X Factor’, as her lackluster stint on the show failed to attract viewers.

    The 31-year-old pop diva is due to bow out after this week’s two-night grand finale, along with music mogul judge LA Reid.

    Simon had hoped Britney would be a ratings boost but that simply hasn’t ­happened,” the Daily Star quoted a senior executive at Fox as saying.

    “It’s no coincidence she is not in talks about a new deal,” the senior executive said.

    Fellow judge Demi Lovato is already in contract negotiations with Simon Cowell’s production company Syco and Fox TV for next year’s show.

    Fewer than eight million viewers watched this season’s episodes compared to an average of more than 12 million last year.

    “She just doesn’t seem to be cut out for a TV talent show,” the senior executive said.


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    kind of a lq vid, ill replace it as soon as a better one is available! she looks SO good! i love that dress!!! and omg dedicating her performance to lila <3! she was fantastic!


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  • 12/16/12--21:59: Misfits Series Finale Review

  • Cast your mind back a year to the end of Series 3 of Misfits and

    - amid the ghosts and Simony-timey-wimeyness – you'll remember that
    there was a feeling that an era was coming to an end: that with plots
    sutured and so many of the main cast gone, the show could have feasibly
    finished after three solid series of community service superpowers. But
    while Series 3 seemed prepared for oblivion, Series 4's last episode
    gives a middle-finger to closure.

    In places it feels like Episode 8 is too preoccupied with gestating
    tantalising new plot threads for (the just commissioned) Series 5, than
    actually providing a satisfying conclusion to a bumpy run. The mystery
    of Abbey's personality, Finn and Jess's relationship, the heartbreak
    behind the Probation Worker's unexploded bomb of a face...All three are
    difficult to engage with this late on when we're annoyed at the thought
    of having to wait a year to find out how they'll develop.

    Most egregious of all is the idea that Geordie boreman Alex might
    return with a power that's more interesting than talking about his cock,
    thanks to a handy transplantable lung lying around like an abandoned
    bagpipe. We hope it's merely a joke, but from the prominence he was
    given on the operating table we suspect not. Maybe he'll come back like
    Dr. Manhattan in Watchmen: big and blue and with his prized dick gently swaying in the chilly estate breeze like a broken wind-chime.

    When not worrying about its own future this is actually a solid, but
    not spectacular, finale filled with more blasphemy than a Frankie Boyle
    gig at The Vatican. That's because it's smart enough to focus on its
    best asset, Joe Gilgun, and gives him opportunity to rise magnificently
    to the challenge of creating some depth to Rudy. It's a performance that
    infuses his carefree cheek with real pathos and heartbreak and Nadine's
    death would feel cheap were it not for the emotional side that the
    writers and Gilgun have carved from Rudy's seemingly unalterable

    It's a shame Nadine has to die. If there's one thing the show could
    have teased more it's the idea of a deviant dating a former nun who can
    summon terror incarnate. Nadine's Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse are
    typically reflective of the show's urban aesthetic, re-imagined as a
    gang of bike-riding, samurai sword swinging hoodies, but their brevity
    on screen and their one-dimensional purpose are disappointing. These are
    meant to be demons of vengeance, but they come across more like four
    youths holding up an off-licence, and vanish just as quickly.

    So ends a series that has, on reflection, been a mixed bag. A
    collection of good story ideas undermined by a change in cast that the
    show always seemed uneasy about. Yet we have hope for the fifth series,
    because the finale does manage to capture the peppy group dynamics of
    the show's early days. You wouldn't call Series 4 a triumph for the
    show, but based on the gang we're left with it might be that Misfits' fifth year will be something more special. We're already praying hard for it.

    I liked it :)


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    The BioShock series has never been shy of offering political critique, and BioShock Infinite is biting closer to home than previous installments. The game themes itself around nationalism, racism, and what can happen when the love of America can go too far. Ironically, the folks at Stormfront missed the point, and set about proving it instead.

    Stormfront is well known online for being a hub of racist tomfoolery, and a crazy old thread (discovered by PC Gamer) claims the objective of Infinite is to "Kill Whitey." As you might expect, the self-martyrdom of the modern bigot is out in full force, as users show offence that a "Jew" like Ken Levine would pressgang white developers into making his anti-American game.

    Yeah ... it's pretty wacky stuff. It also goes to how just how normal racists think they are, that a game about extremism, to them, is about killing regular white people. No. Regular white people don't think the way you do, Mr. Racist. The game's not about us.

    You can read the whole thread for yourself if you want to be astonished at the victim complex of mostly white men (literally the most downtrodden people in the world), but we've also selected some juicy highlights for you to take a gander at. Be warned, of course, that some of it gets rather vile.

    "The game is going to thoroughly mock and denigrate pro-white and patriotic themes. Columbia is an expression of Aryan genius, progressiveness, and creativity turned into a racially and ideologically pure utopia, but of course it all goes wrong and is fundamentally flawed, thus the plot of the game unfolds. The fundamental flaw of course is any and all pro-white ideology." - Germanix.

    "I wish somebody would make a game about an ethnically pure jewish utopia whose inherent aggresion and hatred of all non-jews causes the inevitable extinction of all human beings, jews included. That would be more in line with reality." - Guts

    "That really sucks that they made they theme of the game to destroy what is left of America. Instead it should have been killing an all-powerful federal government and racial non-white groups that bring nothing but violence and want ot end America and turn it into Africa or Mexico. And they worked so hard on that game, such a disappointment with the story line being 100% anti American and anti White."- mrwigg1es

    "The anti nationalist sentiment is more than slightly obvious really. It looks like a jew trying to piddle on old small america." - Astragoth

    "Not surprised, the owner of Irrational Games (the company who made this) is Ken Levine, a Jew. He and his like minded clique come up with these ideas, then get their white programmers and 3D designers to make it beautiful and marketable. It is thanks to the white piss-ons that the game looks as beautiful, and has the fun playability that it does, it is thanks to Levine and the higherups that it has the propaganda that it does crowbarred into it.

    "99% of the people who actually make the games are white, all the designers, programmers, artist etc. But 99% of the company owners with the actual power are Jewish, such as Levine, Robert Kotick of Activision (the guys who make Grand Theft Auto) etc. Sadly the game industry is getting more and more taken over by the chosen. Anytime any small developer has any success, one of the big Jewish owned mega companies buys them out.

    "Since games are distributed and advertised through much of the same pipelines as Hollywood movies, Jews have a temendous advantage in the industry, since as everyone knows they already control Hollywood. This means competition can be choked out, and their own games bolstered to success. Really makes me sick to watch it happen."
    - Nexus 6

    "To all the ‘gamers’ so addicted to their games and going along with every new trend and hype with each new title that's released, incapable of objectively looking into them without even wanting to give up a bit of their ‘needs,’ I say: Enjew your beloved games, continue paying those vile Jews who're out to destroy our race."
    - End White Genocide Now

    "Wow --That game could hardly become more anti white. I am not surprised that the media brainwashed masses can not admit to seeing it. It is very much like trying to debate a liberal over gay rights. They will support the transvestites no matter one says simply because tv told them to."
    - Rictoven2

    "I can't believe it... yet at the same time... I can. I have a hard time believing those of you who say you cannot see what the big deal is. This is payback, pure and simple, it is a (barely) subliminal portrayal which depicts the patriots behind the tea party movement as the crazy, racist, and obsolete morons that the media has been trying to convince people they are. It is a multi-million dollar attempt to further convince a youth that the patriotism these individuals are longing to revert to is simply a buttered-up way for them to mask their true and evil xenophobic allegiances and intent.

    "It is to remind them that the principals and foundation of our nation are not to instill pride but to instead attribute shame to anyone whom would. It is to vilify our founding fathers and those who would honor them, and to leave upon the youth the impression that they will only evolve when they are free of the Constitution. Why bother to fight and expose yourselves, when you can subtly convince those who oppose you to destroy themselves without any conflict at all? I'm left completely in awe upon viewing this video. I am in awe yet again of just how intelligent and insidious the enemies of our people and our country can be when threatened and forced to retaliate. It's sickening. "On a lighter note, I know of at least one brilliant young game designer who is a regular here on SF and has a very different perspective to reveal to the youth than the one that has been forced upon them since birth. I can only hope and I do suspect that there are others like him as well, who both hold sacred the best interests of our people and keep a keen eye on the left."
    - vius

    "It's good that your informing us on this advertisement because I feel that it's a reminder that we must take action against these advertisements of hatred. I am going to complain to the company saying that I'm not going to buy their game because it is racist, I am also going to show this to other news networks saying that this advertisement is racist towards Whites, I am going to fight this commercial as much as I can and in every way that I can and make sure that this poodle doo prejudiced company gets the message and they know that this kind of advertising won't be tolerated. I suggest that you guys do the same."- YouSinYouWin

    "Duke Nukem is filth, John Carmack is married to an Asian, Red Faction is neither an FPS or pro-nationalist, and the first BioShocks were terrible."
    - Loland


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    Performances won't embed, but click for:

    Let's Dance

    Donna Summer Medley (with Kelly Rowland & Keri Hilson)

    Ray of Light

    lmao i love his crazy ass

    photo Source, video source

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    This obviously isn't everything out there yet and is just a taste of what's to come. Thoughts anyone? Is there anything here you're surprised to see? Any, "What the fuck?!" moments? Is there anyone you hope gets campaigned for?

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    Troubled actor Edward Furlong exposed his 6-year-old son to cocaine and should NOT be allowed to be near the child without strict supervision ... this according to court docs filed by his ex-wife ... but Eddie claims it's all BS.

    Furlong -- who starred in "Terminator 2" and "American History X" -- appeared in court Friday to fight a court order which forbids him from being alone with his child.

    FYI -- Furlong's custody rights had been severely reduced back in November after his ex-wife filed docs claiming the kid tested positive for cocaine after spending time with Edward.
    Furlong has a storied history of substance abuse.

    But Friday in court, Furlong argued that his wife is a liar ... who will do or say whatever it takes to "alienate me further from my son and destroy my ability to work."

    In the end, the judge didn't buy what Edward was selling -- and refused to change the custody restrictions already in place. During the hearing, the judge also expressed concern about his poor physical appearance.

    Furlong has been on a downward spiral for years ... and was most recently seen wandering the streets of Skid Row in Downtown L.A.

    We reached out to Furlong for comment -- so far, no word back.


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    When it comes to casting his films Peter Jackson has a fail-safe way of ensuring he gets the right actor for the right role; he steals them from his favourite British TV shows. “I was really pleased to be able to cast my all-time favourite Doctor Who, Sylvester McCoy, in the role of the wizard,” the director has admitted, adding, “I’m a huge Doctor Who fan.”

    And it seems that isn’t where his love of British broadcasting ends. Aidan Turner, best known for playing vampire Mitchell in Being Human, got a call from Jackson because he “dug” the show. Looking at the rest of the cast, it seems Jackson might also be a fan of Sherlock, Spooks and Cold Feet…

    So, Aidan, how did you land the part of Kili the dwarf?

    Peter requested a meeting. A couple of months later I got a call out of the blue asking if I wanted to spend a year and a half in Middle-earth? There was a fair bit of screaming on my balcony at half-eight in the morning in Cardiff: “Yes! Yes! Oh yes!”

    Aidan TurnerHow did it compare to working on the set of Being Human?

    I’ve never been on any set like it before and yet it was exactly what I expected: absolutely gigantic. You could have skydived from the top of the sound studios. And I would happily have lived in my Winnebago. When you walk onto a Peter Jackson set, you can see straightaway that money isn’t an issue.

    The slightest thing could be wrong with the look of something – Peter might not take to a particular prosthetic or a weapon and filming stops for a fortnight while it’s revamped and re-approved. It’s got to be perfect for Peter or else it just doesn’t go ahead. There’s no compromise. That’s something I’ve never really experienced before. On every other job I’ve done, from fringe plays to TV shows, budget was always an issue: what can we afford and what can we afford not to have? That question was never asked with Peter, which was kind of cool.

    You haven't been uglified like your fellow dwarves. Why not?

    Because I’m just too damn pretty! No, seriously, I did wear prosthetics in the early days but it made me look too old. So I got away with a sliver of fake nose and a mere 90 minutes in hair and make-up, whereas the other dwarves were coming in at three hours.

    What happened in dwarf boot camp?

    There were movement classes to teach us how to walk like a dwarf, and a lot of weight-training to bulk up. Historically, dwarves are miners and live underground, so they have a low centre of gravity and are very heavy in the legs. Peter used a lot of different tricks to shrink us – some really hi-tech CGI stuff, or in other scenes we were simply walking in ditches beside Gandalf, or closer to the foreground of the camera.

    Aidan TurnerDoes Kili get involved in any romance?

    Not in the first movie. There’s a possibility that Kili might get his end away in the second, but I can’t say anything or I’ll get in trouble – Peter’s people will kick my ass from the other side of the world.

    Were there any thrills off set?

    On a beautiful clear Sunday morning, myself and James Nesbitt jumped out of a plane together at 18,000 feet. That probably wasn’t in our contracts but we weren’t going to tell anybody!

    What was your personal highlight?

    Wrapping the last scene: we were at the top of this hill and everyone just looked at each other and said, “That’s it?”

     Sometimes you wonder whether you’ll ever see the end because there’s so much to cover, and things went wrong all the time, as they do on any film set. Then you get to the end and you wish it could all just start again. The movie is about a quest for so many things and it felt like we had gone through that journey as well – like we’d really conquered something. 

    Cranberry sauce.

    Still haven't seen it. Oops.

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    Samaire Armstrong is a mommy!

    The Mentalist actress, 32, gave birth to her first child, son Calin, a source confirms to Us Weekly.

    The new mom shared the exciting news on Facebook Sunday, Dec. 16, writing, "Thank you so much for all the love! Will post pictures after a little rest. We're all doing wonderfully. It was an amazing experience and we couldn't be more thrilled with our new arrival. xoxo!"

    Armstrong, who confirmed her pregnancy on Twitter in October, had been counting down the days until her baby boy arrived on Facebook.

    "Ok baby. We're ready when you are," she wrote Friday. "Eight day count down . . . 8 days?!"

    She shared a photo of her bare baby bump on Twitter in November with headphones around her belly. She captioned the shot, "Maybe he'll be a lawyer."


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    Y'all remember this?

    In Empire's recent video interviews with the cast of The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey, Peter Jackson revealed a couple of interesting titbits about his intentionally mysterious cameo in the film.

    If you haven't seen it already, it's probably best if you don't know – but if you have seen the first Hobbit movie already, here's where he was hiding: in Erebor, dressed up as a dwarf, high-tailing it away from Smaug as the wicked wyrm blasted his particular brand of firey halitosis all upside The Lonely Mountain.

    But as most dwarves in the film are bearded, helmeted and armoured, it's very difficult to make him out without knowing where he'll be in advance.

    The question is then why he chose that role – why did Peter "Carrot Chomper" Jackson hide himself away from the limelight this time around?

    "I didn't have a great deal of choice," he explains. "There weren't any human characters in this film, and there weren't any hobbit roles I could play... and I'm not an elf."



    Fixed the image links, mods!

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  • 12/17/12--05:38: TM2: Kailyn Gets Inked
  • Photobucket

    Teen Mom 2 star Kailyn Lowry tweeted photos last night of the latest addition to her skin art collection — an intricate design incorporating roses, an anchor, a skull and a stopwatch that nearly covers all of the underside of her left arm.

    An anchor - For all those who have kept me grounded through my journey with MTV
    Pocket watch - Stopped at 10:05, the day I met Javi.
    The skull - For my past, skeletons in my closet.

    She also tweeted that she was “halfway” done and that “the second session will be the other side of my arm.”

    The pictures have spawned the inevitable flurry of negative comments, to which Kailyn responds by tweeting,“I love when people think I want/need their approval to do something.”


    Back Piece


    Matching Infinity Symbol


    Quote on Foot


    Pride Over Pity [Tweeted on Nov 24th - "Tattoo removal for my collarbone! Love the quote - hate the placement. @dr_tattaway #gettingclose."]




    Matching Heart with Janelle


    Dream Catcher on Thigh



    ONTD - Are you guys inked?

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    Not every pioneer is a swashbuckler. Dido Armstrong, the hit-making British singer-songwriter, has a gentle voice that recalls backyard birdsong and a Jane Austen-like grasp of everyday heartache and perseverance. She helped change pop, however, when she agreed to let the rapper Eminem sample her 1999 song "Thank You" in what became his monster hit "Stan." Since then, calm feminine voices paired with florid male rappers' declamations have become a permanent fixture on the Top 40.

    She has been working in the studio with a lot of great producers like: Rollo Armstrong and Sister Bliss (Faithless members), Lester Mendez (Shakira, Nelly Furtado), A. R. Rahman, Rick Nowels (Lana Del Rey, Colbie Caillat), Greg Kurstin (Marina & the Diamonds, Ke$ha, Rita Ora) and Jeff Bhasker (Beyoncé, Bruno Mars, Taylor Swift).

    The album is called “Girl Who Got Away“, the singer confirmed the title on her Twitter page. The album hit stores on March 5, 2013 via Sony Music and the first single entitled “No Freedom” is scheduled for release on iTunes on January 2013.

    On December 15, the singer unveiled the official tracklist:

    “No Freedom”
    “Grl Who Got Away”
    “Let Us Move On” (feat. Kendrick Lamar)
    “End of Night”
    “Sitting on the Roof of the World”
    “Love to Blame”
    “Go Dreaming”
    “Happy New Year”
    “Loveless Heart”
    “Day Before We Went to War”

    Deluxe Version
    “Let Us Move On” (feat. Kendrick Lamar) [Jeff Bhasker Version]
    “All I See” (feat. Pete Miser)
    “Just Say Yes”
    “Let’s Run Away”
    “Everything to Lose” (Armin van Buuren Remix)
    “No Freedom” (Benny Benassi Remix) [Bonus Track]

    Leading off with this vigorous track featuring current rap favorite, Kendrick Lamar, who like Eminem is a member of Dr. Dre's Aftermath label. Produced by Dido and her brother Rollo Armstrong with Jeff Bhasker, "Let Us Move On" has the fractured gloss of a Kanye West track and a message of realistic hope that fits with Dido's previous music. Lamar revs the song's engine with a rhyme that starts out quietly and rises like a temperature. "Got these burdens under my wings, but I'm still free," he admits, before taking his final flight. Then Dido comes back to help us ride out the journey.

    Don’t wrap it up and go,
    Or hide it behind the sun
    Just give it to me as it is,
    And let it stand
    Don’t fly it like a kite, between the clouds
    It needs no excuse, just bring it down

    Let us that are in pain look upon it
    In all its glory
    Let us move on
    Let us move on
    This is short and it will pass
    Let us move on
    Let us move on
    For this is short, and it will pass

    Every voice that is lifted, river and some pain
    Show us now, and let love not be chained
    We should feel what we can stop let us be alive
    Show enough, and we’ve done, now we can

    Let us that are frozen get to see
    In all its glory
    Let us move on
    Let us move on
    For this is short and it will pass
    Let us move on
    Let us move on
    For this is short, and it will pass

    And let all that is lost be forgotten, and it will pass
    So let all that is lost be forgotten
    Let us move on

    Kendrick Lamar:
    Like the waters and the open sea
    With tribulation come over you say yes hopefully
    And yesterday you could probably say there’s no hope for me
    But today I’m overly dedicated
    I’m posting via testimony for broken hearts in the city
    You’re either crash-landing or planning on flying with me
    Misery love standing behind his company,
    Well, vividly I could see that your feelings would like to dwell
    On our past encounters, reaching over the counter
    Told me that it’s appealing to ṗop a pill less or down now
    I heard emotions burn deep,
    I heard when you fall out of love, the drop is deep
    I heard when you see a thug that’s what you try to be
    Git these burdens under my wings but I’m still free
    Cause I can make the decision to let it all go away
    Before I ever run astray, I looked you in the eye and say

    Let us move on
    Let us move on
    For this is short and it will pass
    Let us move on
    Let us move on
    For this is short, and it will pass

    Let us move on
    Let us move on
    For this is short and it will pass
    Let us move on
    Let us move on
    For this is short, and in the past
    And in the past

    I love the song, my queen is back!!!

    Sources: 1,2

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    Just overwhelmed with happiness for them still

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    The BBC has released another prequel minisode prior the Christmas Special of Doctor Who: The Snowmen. Madame Vastra, accompanied by her loyal companions Jenny and Strax, is called upon to investigate a Victorian murder mystery. But where is the Doctor?

    Vastra and Jenny are perfect. I really hope this Special is good.


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