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Oh No They Didn't! - LiveJournal.com

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    - says it on her SiriusXM radio show, Dirty, Sexy, Funny that she wants her child, Evan to lose his virginity to ousted Bachelor contestant Ashley Iaconetti (who was hoping to lose her virginity to The Bachelor hottie Chris Soules)
    - apparently, Iaconetti used to babysit McCarthy's son
    - McCarthy joked that her son is “just waiting for [Ashley] to come back so he can stare at her boobs.” The Bachelor fan doesn’t have any issue with Evan’s attraction to the older woman, and she even encouraged it in a very icky way.
    - “Maybe they’ll break their virginity together! It’d be awesome: ‘Evan scored with ‘The Bachelor’ virgin!’ He’s 13, just two years away. She just needs to hold out.”


    Jesus take the fucking wheel and this child from her..

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    Is this the begining of the end?

    It seems that the cracks in the bandom of 1D are spider-webbing out, and some within the five-some might be working themselves up to departing sooner rather than later. Here is Zen "throwing shade" or an attempt at it one would assume:

    The proof is in the pudding...

    Yesterday John Stamos (Full House if anyone's been living under a rock) posted this:

    In response Zen posted this and then followed John Stamos:

    Then John Stamos posted this:

    And that prompted Zen to delete his tweet and unfollow John Stamos and post this:

    And re-tweet this:

    Further proof of issues within OT5:

    Also this article by Inquisitr about him travelling alone and being (apparently) rude to someone on the flight.

    Sources: YT    1/2/3/4/5/6/7/8/google/tumblr

    So thoughts, feelings, actions ONTD? Are 1D almost done?
    What about this new album they're working on being their last?
    Who will go solo first?
    Should I include a poll?

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    It's been a long time since we've had an Antonia Thomas mega-post and she now has a tag, so here we go! Some pics are big:

    Sources: 1, 2, 3, 4

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  • 02/13/15--16:00: FFAF: February 13

  • Happy Valentine's Day Weekend!

    Be cool guys, no porn spam nudes fighting advertising dickishness.

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    The mansion is in a gated community with seven bedrooms, nine-and-a-half bathrooms, a cinema room, outside guest suite with private entrance, bar, five-car garage, spa, basketball court, gym and a library.

    Source One, Source Two&Source Three

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    Korean American performance artist Maria Yoon, 39, spent 9 years and traveled to all 50 states and (nonlegal) married 54 men, women, and inanimate objects after her parents pressured her to find a Korean man to marry. She wanted to challenge the "conventions of marriage"

    Tell us about your upbringing.
    Maria Yoon: Coming from immigrant parents, they raised their kids in America with an American mentality. Still, they had their cultural heritage and background and didn’t want to let that go. I actually think that people who immigrate here are more strict than people who stayed in South Korea. They wanted me to marry a well-established Korean guy. I was the oldest of the three kids, and when I wasn’t getting engaged or married, I think my father started to worry. He started lecturing me about it, and those lectures got so unbearable that I stopped seeing my folks. Even on holidays I wouldn’t go because I didn’t want to be lectured. My brother and sister did the right thing by getting married and having children. But I think my father still feels like he didn’t do his duty because I’m not married. My mother is a lot more understanding and doesn’t see it that way.

    How did you meet your first husband?
    I decided that photos wouldn’t be enough and that I would have to hire someone to capture video and make this a performance piece. I wore my Korean outfit, I went to a restaurant, and I asked the waiter to marry me. He said yes. He ended up getting sick or something and couldn’t come, so he sent a friend who agreed to marry me without ever meeting me! We got married at The Little White Wedding Chapel.
    Then I went to a drag show, and I fell in love with a Diana Ross impersonator. So I married her, too.

    How did your parents react to the documentary?
    My mom really loves it. She says that the documentary is like a rainbow with different people from different walks of life coming together to make this beautiful message. She’s actually in my documentary a lot, and without her voice, my project wouldn’t be as strong.
    My dad still denies that I did this project. He has yet to see it.

    Did you have any negative interactions or reactions during your travels?
    Some states were not very nice, and I learned that racism definitely still exists today. I was told to “go back” to my country, which was startling because I’m American. I carried my passport just in case. I was in Milwaukee, and the people there weren’t ever receptive to what I was doing. I didn’t want to leave empty-handed, so I married a Miller Brewery T-shirt just to represent the state. I also wanted to explore the idea of what it means to marry a corporate entity.

    source: yahoo

    what do you think about this? I've also seen some comments calling her a race traitor from other asians... 

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    Jinx Leopard

    Jinx Clear

    Tilly Gold

    Tilly White

    Vesper Black

    Vesper White

    Vivienne Black

    Vivienne Gold


    +++ bonus pics

    wearing the tilly gold frames, i see!

    sources: 1 + 2

    which one is your fave, ontd?

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    Pitchfork: The world has a difficult time with the female auteur.

    B: I have nothing against Kanye West. Help me with this—I’m not dissing him—this is about how people talk about him. With the last album he did, he got all the best beatmakers on the planet at the time to make beats for him. A lot of the time, he wasn’t even there. Yet no one would question his authorship for a second.

    If whatever I’m saying to you now helps women, I’m up for saying it. For example, I did 80% of the beats on Vespertine and it took me three years to work on that album, because it was all microbeats—it was like doing a huge embroidery piece. Matmos came in the last two weeks and added percussion on top of the songs, but they didn’t do any of the main parts, and they are credited everywhere as having done the whole album. [Matmos’] Drew [Daniel] is a close friend of mine, and in every single interview he did, he corrected it. And they don’t even listen to him. It really is strange.

    Pitchfork: How does it make you feel when this happens now?

    B: I have to say—I got a feeling I am going to win in the long run, but I want to be part of the zeitgeist, too. I want to support young girls who are in their 20s now and tell them: You’re not just imagining things. It’s tough. Everything that a guy says once, you have to say five times. Girls now are also faced with different problems. I’ve been guilty of one thing: After being the only girl in bands for 10 years, I learned—the hard way—that if I was going to get my ideas through, I was going to have to pretend that they—men—had the ideas. I became really good at this and I don’t even notice it myself. I don’t really have an ego. I’m not that bothered. I just want the whole thing to be good. And I’m not saying one bad thing about the guys who were with me in the bands, because they’re all amazing and creative, and they’re doing incredible things now. But I come from a generation where that was the only way to get things done. So I have to play stupid and just do everything with five times the amount of energy, and then it will come through.

    Pitchfork: When it was originally misreported that Vulnicura was produced by Arca, instead of co-produced by you and Arca, it reminded me of the Joni Mitchell quote from the height of her fame about how whichever man was in the room with her got credit for her genius.

    B: Yeah, I didn’t want to talk about that kind of thing for 10 years, but then I thought, “You’re a coward if you don’t stand up. Not for you, but for women. Say something.” So around 2006, I put something on my website where I cleared something up, because it’d been online so many times that it was becoming a fact. It wasn’t just one journalist getting it wrong, everybody was getting it wrong. I’ve done music for, what, 30 years? I’ve been in the studio since I was 11; Alejandro had never done an album when I worked with him. He wanted to put something on his own Twitter, just to say it’s co-produced. I said, “No, we’re never going to win this battle. Let’s just leave it.” But he insisted. I’ve sometimes thought about releasing a map of all my albums and just making it clear who did what. But it always comes across as so defensive that, like, it’s pathetic. I could obviously talk about this for a long time.

    Read more at the source

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    Well my Valentine weekend plans fell apart tonight in an epic way. Is your love life a disaster, ONTD? Will you be foreveralone.png tomorrow? I think I might do like Gaga and get my hair cut. New length, new luck!

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    She designed the bag in the photo. The bid for Rihanna's bag is higher than all the other 4 personalized bags combined

    Here are the other bags(designed by SJP, Jourdan Dunn, Leandra Medine, Pietro Beccari, and of course Rihanna)

    Anna, Karl, Rihanna

    Rihanna and Karl Lagerfeld

    It's crazy how we're seeing her age gracefully and also mature(lbr she was messy a few years ago). She'll be 27 in a few days.

    Source: 123456

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    • Miller will bring comedic relief to the movie in an undisclosed role.

    • Carano will portray Angel Dust.

    • Colossus is slated to appear in the movie.

    • Filming starts in March in Vancouver.


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    Colin Firth Plays 'Catchphrase' on 'The Tonight Show'; Embarrassment All Around

    Jimmy's partner: Triumph the Insult Comic Dog
    Colin's partner: Jack McBrayer

    This was a damn mess and Colin looks like he wanted to gtfo. Triumph being around without Conan is all kinds of strange to me.
    Everyone should go watch 'Kingsman' this weekend. it's bloody yes but it's a great film. King Colin was flawless as  was Sam Jackson and Taron Egerton was flawless


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    Basically she is being cast for the proposed but not yet official spinoff Chicago Med which will air as part of an episode of Chicago Fire. Yaya DaCosta will also be part of the cast who hooks up with Mason Lockwood Kelly Severide aka Lady Gaga's not so significant other.

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    • Case of the week is another one pulled from the comics. A teenager was kidnapped by three girls to be a sicko's virgin bride. John was conflicted that the Monster of the Week was not a literal one.
    • The Brujeria put out a bounty on Constantine's head. Papa Midnight tried to collect it in exchange for his sister's soul.
    • Zed told Jim Corrigan of his fate.
    • Manny appears to Zed and Papa Midnight.
    • Turns out the Brujeria works for Manny. (damn)

    Source: Comicbook.com

    That reveal, tho.

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    Dakota Johnson believes that Anastasia Steele is not a weak character [OP note: in the books? yes; in the movies? hope not.] “[Ana] is a woman of incredible self-worth who goes through something really profound. She goes on this insane journey and I don’t see her as a weak character or a victim at all. I wanted people to leave the cinema feeling more empowered,” she said during the London premiere of 'Fifty Shades'. “I would love [critics] to see the film and maybe to do a bit more research into the psychology and the lifestyle of the BDSM sub-culture. It’s not really about abuse, it’s about people’s taste in pleasure. Everything that Ana does in the movie is consensual, everything is her choice. [...] I hope [Fifty Shades] is a vessel for women, and men, to not be ashamed of their sexualities or their bodies. Women are beautiful and people should be prouder of themselves.”

    Director Sam Taylor-Johnson have been very careful on depicting and changing Ana's character for the screen, hopeful that she doesn't make her weak and the movie won't promote abuse. [There's a video interview @ source.]

    In another interview, she was asked about her future movies and which comic book character she wants to play on-screen. “I can totally be Catwoman, okay? Everyone needs to know that!” she answered. She also got three movies this year: the Johnny Depp vehicle 'Black Mass', the mystery drama 'Bigger Splash' [with Tilda Swinton], and 'How to Be Single' with Dan Stevens, Lily Collins, and Alison Brie.

    When asked about 'How to Be Single', she says it's a great movie with funny actresses including Rebel Wilson, and Leslie Mann. And the movie reflects women friendships that aren't normally seen on the big screen. “Women know what happens privately in a woman’s mind. In the past ten, twenty years, that’s started to become more relevant in art and in movies, you get a glimpse into what a girl is like with her friends, and by herself. Men, I think, don’t really understand that.”

    Yahoo! Beauty asked Dakota's hairstylist Mark Townsend on how to get the amazing hairstyle Dakota sports on the red carpet!

    on getting the fringe haircut:“Think about the cut this way: If the ideal face shape is an oval, you use fringe to create the illusion of that shape and bring out your face. It works with long hair—I’m a child of the 90’s, I love long hair—but it also looks really nice with the long bob so many women are doing now.”

    on how he styles Dakota's amazing hair:“Dakota does have a cowlick, so I always start with the bangs while they’re wet and blowdry them into the direction I want them to go. I don’t use hair product on bangs since women touch them all day and that adds natural oils, but I always finish with dry shampoo, sort of like an alternative to hairspray. It keeps the volume and freshness, and the bangs can still move. I’m obsessed with R + Co’s Death Valley Dry Shampoo. It gives hair a sort of beachy, slightly chunky texture.”

    on finishing touches to maintain the fringe:“Dakota has really straight hair naturally. I use a volumizing spray at her roots like Dove Root Lift Spray and a volumizing mousse or styling lotion through her hair and then rough dry it about 90 percent. Then I use a round brush or Mason Pearson brush to finish blowdrying. At the end, I apply a little a salt spray onto my hands and scrunch it through the hair. Since salt sprays are usually wet, I don’t want to re-wet the finished style, so when I spray it onto my hands first then I am only adding the texturizing salt. I like Toni&Guy Casual Sea Salt Texturising Spray, TreSemme Expert Selection perfectly (un)Done Sea Salt Spray, and R + Co Rockaway Salt Spray.”

    source | source | source

    that first statement kinda disappointed me but i hope Ana's much better in the movies than in the books. also, lol idk which direction this will go so go on.

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    Keke Palmer performed the National Anthem (can't find video but have a photo from her instagram)

    Mo'ne Davis Outshines Kevin Hart at Celebrity All-Star Game

    -she destroyed Kevin Hart with a killer spin move
    -Mo'ne said it was a lot of fun for her, WNBA star Skylar Diggins said she was impressive and held her own
    -she got four points and helped the West beat the East (Kevin Hart's team)
    -even though Kevin Hart was owned, he still won the fan voted MVP award and holds the title for the fourth time in a row
    -highlights of their matchup can be seen in the youtube video below

    ONTD Fav Jesse Williams goes down with a nasty looking knee injury during the game

    I can't get the vine to embed so watch it happening here

    hope he's doing okay

    he confirmed on Twitter that he's okay

    Also MAGIC! performed during halftime, but I can't find a video of them anywhere. If someone has a link of Keke or MAGIC!, I'll add it to the post.


    source, source, source, source

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