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Oh No They Didn't! - LiveJournal.com

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    With only one episode left in its second season, Showtime’s Homeland has already dispatched two very prominent characters: Vice President Walden (Jamey Sheridan) went last week, and in tonight’s shocking hour, elusive terrorist Abu Nazir (Navid Negahban) was finally caught and killed. Had producers known from the beginning of season 2 that Homeland‘s big bad would perish? “I think the short answer to that is yes,” says executive producer Alex Gansa. “The long answer is we weren’t actually sure how that would happen. But the reason we wanted Walden and Nazir both dead is we wanted to open the possibility that Brody and Carrie could have a happy ending, that their doomed romance was not doomed after all. The only way to make that happen was to off these two antagonists.”

    Negahban discovered his character’s fate at the season 2 premiere party. Remembers the actor, “I walked up to Alex Gansa and I said, ‘So Alex do I need to look for a job?’ You should have seen his face! He’s so gentle!” Negahban says he was okay with the decision but just wanted to be sure Nazir had a proper send off, seen in last week’s speech with a captive Carrie (Claire Danes). “Let’s just make it good so that he says something before he goes, he makes his point,” says Negahban of his only request. “That was fantastic.”

    Last week’s episode drew a lot of online attention for some twists that fans felt were implausible. “Do I wish everybody loved the episode and thought it was our best episode of all time? Of course I do,” says Gansa. “Am I a little disappointed that some people felt it strained credulity? Yeah, I’m a little disappointed about that. However, I am prepared to have a conversation with anybody about every single one of those plot points and why I believe they are emotionally true.” He adds, “One thing I would encourage people to do is remember the Issa episode last year? There was a similar like, ‘Oh my God.’ Then you realized after the finale how important that episode was. You realize that without Brody’s connection to Issa, none of it would be comprehensible. I think after the finale this year, people are going to understand how important episode 10 was and where we were pushing the story and why what happened in that episode had to happen.”

    So what can Gansa tease about next week’s season finale? “The final episode is called ‘The Choice,’ and what I can say about it is Walden is dead. Nazir is dead. So we’ve sort of left the thriller aspects of the show behind and now we come to a very personal story about Carrie and Brody and all the obstacles that lie in the way of them being together. That is what the finale is about. It’s a real character study of these two people, where they’ve come from, how they regard each other, and whether or not there’s a future for them.”


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    Full show: 123

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    President Obama and his family saw “Gangnam Style” rapper Psy perform at a charity concert Sunday night, days after the South Korean pop star and Internet sensation apologized for a song in 2004 that called for killing “Yankees” in Iraq.

    Park Jae-sang, who performs as Psy, issued a statement Friday saying he was “deeply sorry” after reports surfaced that he had performed a song eight years ago during protests against the war in Iraq that called for killing “Yankees who have been torturing Iraqi captives.”

    Psy’s “Gangnam Style” music video, with its distinctive horse-trot dance move, exploded in popularity after it was posted online last July, vaulting the obscure rapper to international stardom in five months. In November, Psy's video surpassed Justin Bieber's “Baby” to become the most watched video in YouTube history, with more than 900 million hits.

    Before becoming a global celebrity, Psy was active in his country’s antiwar movement, which chiefly protested the large U.S. military presence in South Korea.

    At a concert in 2004, he performed a song called “Dear American,” written by the South Korean rock band N.E.X.T., which calls for killing “Yankees” involved in torture. The rapper added, “Kill their daughters, mothers, daughters-in-law and fathers, kill them all slowly and painfully.”

    Psy, 34, said he deeply regrets the “inflammatory and inappropriate language” that he used, and said it was part of a “deeply emotional” reaction to the U.S.-led invasion of Iraq. He has recently performed in front of U.S. service members, and praised their sacrifice.

    “I will forever be sorry for any pain I have caused by those words,” he wrote. “While I'm grateful for the freedom to express one's self, I've learned there are limits to what language is appropriate and I'm deeply sorry for how these lyrics could be interpreted.”

    Psy said he hoped Americans would accept his apology.

    “In my music, I try to give people a release, a reason to smile,” he wrote. “I have learned that through music, our universal language, we can all come together as a culture of humanity and I hope that you will accept my apology.”

    White House spokesman Brandon Lepow said earlier Sunday that President Obama still intended to attend the annual charity event, called “Christmas in Washington.”

    The concert, which was filmed Sunday night to be broadcast Dec. 21 on TNT, raises money for the Children's National Medical Center in Washington. It was the fourth time the Obama family has attended.

    At the end of the performance, Obama made a brief speech to the crowd about the holiday season and the charity. He did not mention Psy.

    Obama called the concert "the chance to share with some very brave people ... and it gives them hope, not just through the holiday but all year round."

    haters can stay mad imo

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    Angelina Jolie has jetted back to Jordan.

    The actress, a special envoy for the U.N. High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR), returned to the country today to, once again, visit with Syrian refugees who have fled the civil war in their country and are currently residing in the Zaatari Refugee Camp in Mafraq.

    Jolie made a similar trip to the area in September. She hopes her visits will draw attention to the ongoing crisis.

    "I'm sickened by how long and how bloody this conflict has become, devastating a nation and the lives of millions of innocent civilians, and threatening to destabilize the entire region," said Jolie, according to a UNHCR press release. "I call on the international community to do everything possible to find a solution to this tragedy and support the struggling humanitarian operations both inside Syria and in Jordan and the other surrounding countries."

    Since Jolie's last visit, the number of registered refugees in the region has increased by more than 200,000 and in Jordan alone by nearly 50,000.

    Over the last 10 years, she has traveled to various refugee camps around the globe on behalf of the UNHCR, including those in Iraq, Haiti, Syria and Pakistan.


    Angelina Jolie and her partner Brad Pitt made a donation of $50,000 for the purchase of tents for refugees.

    Source, Source 2

    This flawless human....

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    Mario Lopez and Courtney Lopez are sharing with the world their wedding this weekend on TLC. Mario & Courtney's Wedding Fiesta! is promising to be an event with the couple sharing just how they celebrated their special moment with family and friends.

    Well, the latest picture of Mario Lopez decorating the Christmas tree in his undies is definite indication the two are madly in love (and quite playful.) Courtney Lopez shared the picture with fans on Thursday night and fans got a good laugh.

    “My husband looks hot rockin his @RatedMOfficial with his little elf....#lovethem,” tweeted Courtney Lopez from her official Twitter account.

    Mario Is Spontaneous, Romantic, Says New Bride Courtney

    "The most romantic thing about Mario is his spontaneity," Courtney told PEOPLE on Friday, just under a week after the two tied the knot in Mexico. "He's so spontaneous and it's just fun to be with somebody [like that]."

    Mario, 39, explains that he keeps the romance fresh by "taking off for a quick trip or having little quickies here and there," adding, "Kids and jobs and everything else gets in the way, but you can't forget about each other."

    As for Courtney, she turns the heat up in the kitchen.

    "The most romantic thing about my wife is the meals she cooks when I come home," Mario said, before Courtney added with a laugh, "My grandma did tell me to cook for him in nothing but an apron and stilettos."

    When it came to celebrating the couple's Dec. 1 nuptials – which were captured on camera for TLC's Mario and Courtney's Wedding Fiesta, airing on Saturday – being together was the best present they could have received.

    "To be honest, we didn't have a wedding registry and didn't ask for any gifts," Mario recently said. "We asked for people to donate to a charity. That was important to us."

    Adds the X Factor host, "We had so many people say that was the best wedding ever. Oh my god, it was so much fun."


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    He also talks a bit about Sherlock starting filming in March and reshoots for The Hobbit. Idk idk. Martin needs to actually be funny if he's going to make jokes. Calling Lucy Liu a dog is not funny, as jokingly as he might have intended it to be. He just comes off as passive aggressively bitter when he does stuff like this or the joking walking off stage at the mention of Elementary thing he did a while back.

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  • 12/10/12--16:28: miley cyrus is all grown up

  • We bet that Miley Cyrus is as amused as we are this morning that photos of her looking fantastic in a bondage-inspired getup as she performed at Israeli DJ Borgore’s Christmas Creampies concert on Saturday night is being touted as “shocking.” Really? She’s showing off some sexy cleavage there, but for a pop star — one who’s performing at this week’s VH1 Divas concert, btw — this hardly counts as a controversial outfit.

    People are still somehow surprised that the 20-year-old is all grown up and no longer a Disney star, while to us it feels like the very story of being surprised about Miley’s maturity is itself old enough to vote by now. OK, sure, when she posed seemingly naked for Vanity Fair at age 15, that was a little bit shocking. She was, after all, underage and still a Disney princess. But that was four and a half years ago, people. Those young, impressionable fans are in college now. In 2009, again, people were up in arms over Miley playfully dancing around a stripper pole during her “Party in the U.S.A.” performance at the Teen Choice Awards. Please, she was fully clothed and singing about poser Hollywood girls. The next year, everyone was mock shocked over her video for “Can’t Be Tamed,” which featured Miley in a cage and doing some sexy moves with her male and female dancers. Asked whether she made the video in order to break out of the Hannah Montana mold people placed her in, she told MTV News, “I think it definitely shows a change of what people remember me as, but it’s not trying to not be me. … The lighting is different, the outfit may be different, but what you see in me is the same since I was 11-years-old on Hannah Montana.”

    Now, two years later, as Miley is engaged to be married, rocking an edgy look, recording a new album and adopting an adorable dog every other week (exactly what we would do with her money!), she’s getting flak for being hot and stylish onstage. Stop thinking of her as a little girl, America!

    And get ready to see her being sexy all over again on VH1 Divas this Sunday at 9 p.m. ET.


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    Rumors of Matthew Crawley’s demise have not been greatly exaggerated.

    Multiple sources confirm to TVLine that Dan Stevens is not expected to return for Downton Abbey‘s fourth season — at least not on a full-time basis.

    As TVLine first reported back in March, Stevens — who is currently appearing on Broadway in a revival of The Heiress — was one of a handful of Downton regulars who opted not to re-up through Seasons 4 and 5. At the time, series creator Julian Fellowes downplayed the buzz, telling me, “A lot of stuff started up because he’s going to be on Broadway, but it’s a limited run. But everyone pounced on that.”

    And that fact remains, Stevens could very well change his mind between now and February, which is when Abbey‘s fourth season is expected to begin shooting. (Season 3 finally bows stateside on Jan. 6). But as of now, it appears Lady Mary will soon be following sister Edith to Spinsters Anonymous — unless, of course, Fellowes opts to recast.

    And while one insider insists that option is not off the table, Fellowes recently confessed to EW, “I can’t see us doing that.”


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    Les Miserables New York City premiere at Ziegfeld Theatre - Dec. 10, 2012

    Amanda Seyfried

    Sacha Baron Cohen

    Russell Crowe

    Anne Hathaway

    Eddie Redmayne & Samantha Barks

    Samantha Barks

    Eddie Redmayne

    Amanda Seyfried & Eddie Redmayne

    Amanda Seyfried, Eddie Redmayne & Samantha Barks

    Samantha Barks, Russell Crowe & Amanda Seyfried

    Amanda Seyfried & Samantha Barks

    Amanda Seyfried & Sacha Baron Cohen

    Daniel Huttlestone & Isabelle Allen

    Director Tom Hooper

    Hugh Jackman & Deborra-Lee Furness

    The Ladies

    Norm Lewis

    Aaron Tveit

    George Blagden

    Cheyenne Jackson & Ari Graynor

    Bridget Moynahan

    Zoe Kazan & Paul Dano

    Donna Karen

    Anne Hathaway arriving at the Late Show with David Letterman

    The Hollywood Reporter: Actress Roundtable & Les Misérables Cover Shoot

    Random Photo shoot with Anne & Hugh

    1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6 | 7 | 8

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    Zero Dark Thirty is garnering two very loud responses: (1) It is a great film. (2) It glorifies torture. In many cases, those two opinions are held simultaneously. While calling ZDT the best of film of the year, David Edelstein also wrote: "This is a phenomenal piece of action filmmaking — and an even better piece of nonaction filmmaking. It also borders on the politically and morally reprehensible." Expect the controversy to only intensify in the coming weeks, since the film hasn't even come out yet (it'll debut in New York and Los Angeles on December 19 before a national release on January 11).

    Zero Dark Thirty wastes no time with its most shocking material: In the film's very first scene, a terrorist with a connection to Osama bin Laden is graphically tortured, and we see him chained by his wrists, degraded, and waterboarded. Later, lead CIA analyst Maya (Jessica Chastain) is able to trick the captive into providing the valuable name of a courier for bin Laden ... but was that easier to come by, given the man's weakened state after torture?

    Some critics believe that this means director Kathryn Bigelow and screenwriter Mark Boal are portraying the use of torture as a necessary tool in the fight against terrorism. Edelstein, who coined the term "torture porn" in a 2006 essay, wrote: "By showing these excellent results — and by silencing the cries of the innocents held at Abu Ghraib, Bagram, and other 'black sites'— it makes a case for the efficacy of torture." Or, as Frank Bruni wrote for the New York Times, the film implies, "No waterboarding, no Bin Laden."


    The problem is, that's not what the government says. Most notably, Senate Intelligence Committee chairman Dianne Feinsteinwent on record saying that the information used to find bin Laden in Pakistan did not come from a CIA detainee. Mark Harris has a long profile in New York this week detailing the extensive reporting Boal undertook while writing the script. But in TheNew Yorker, Boal says Zero is "a movie, not a documentary" and notes, "We're trying to make the point that waterboarding and other harsh tactics were part of the CIA program."

    To critics, Zero Dark Thirty not only shows torture to be effective, but also universally supported within the intelligence community. Bruni says it wasn't and isn't, quotes Jane Mayer, author of The Dark Side: "Some of the F.B.I. agents and C.I.A. officers involved in this program at the really gritty, firsthand level were the ones who blew the whistle on it, because they were really horrified." Adds Bruni, "Zero Dark Thirty doesn’t convey that, nor does it reflect many experts’ belief that torture is unnecessary, yielding as much bad information as good."

    The film's biggest detractor is The Guardian's Glenn Greenwald. Though he admits to not seeing the movie, he says Zero Dark Thirty is propaganda that's comparable to the work of Nazi-sympathizing German filmmaker Leni Riefenstahl, and argues that Bigelow and Boal are trying to have it both ways by saying the film is rooted in journalism but is also just a movie.

    Full article here, going further into Greenwald’s beliefs and some arguments against it.

    A couple more articles of interest from Vulture -

    Mark Harris does a great write up on the making of ZDT: Inside Mark Boal’s and Kathryn Bigelow’s Mad Dash to Make Zero Dark Thirty

    And Edelstein says Zero Dark Thirty Is Borderline Fascistic ... and a Masterpiece

    So, has anyone seen the movie in early screenings? Thoughts?


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    Lindsay Lohan is staying the course.

    Not the behavioral one advised by the law, according to some, but most definitely the geographical one mapped out by The Wanted's tour manager.

    Lohan will not be showing up for a court date Wednesday in Los Angeles pertaining to her summer car accident, instead opting to jet overseas with the five new men in her life, sources confirm to E! News.

    To be clear, Lohan is not going to get in trouble for not attending the 8:30 a.m. hearing. She is not required to appear because the charges pending against her are misdemeanors and attorney Shawn Holley will be there to represent her.

    Lohan is facing counts of willingly resisting, obstructing, or delaying an officer in the course of their duties; providing false information to an officer; and reckless driving stemming from the aftermath of her June 8 smashup on Malibu's Pacific Coast Highway.

    But, for now, it's off to London and then Dubai with rumored love interest Max George and his boy-band mates within the next 24 hours, a source says.


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  • 12/10/12--18:41: Oprah Ships Olitz
  • A behind the scenes look at ABC's Scandal + Oprah, Kerry and Shonda



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     Frank Ocean Performs At The 2012 Spotify Press Event at Cedar Lake Studios in New York, New York on December 6, 2012:

    Frank Covers Radiohead's Fake Plastic Trees:

    This man does some excellent covers, my reaction after seeing them:


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    The year started off on a high for the actress, but see how it all went terribly wrong along the way

    The year started off with a bang – the feel-good kind – for Lindsay Lohan when she's named a frontrunner to play screen legend Elizabeth Taylor in the Lifetime biopic Liz & Dick. "It's a very serious selection," the film's executive producer Larry Thompson tells E! News. "It's like casting for Hollywood royalty."

    At a Feb 22 progress hearing stemming from a previous DUI and necklace theft, the 25-year-old is praised for keeping up with her community service and therapy sessions: "You seem to be getting your life back on track," Los Angeles Superior Court Judge Stephanie Sautner tells the actress.

    Billed as her comeback, the Mean Girls star's March 4 hosting stint on Saturday Night Live proved she still had comedic chops – and that she could take a joke. "Wait, so the alarm goes off if I leave the stage?" she said, referring to 2011 her house arrest.

    Less than two weeks after her SNL triumph, Lohan hits another car in the parking lot of a Hollywood club in the early morning of March 14, and then reportedly drives away. Calling the incident "a complete lie," Lohan says, "I attempted to wish a friend happy birthday, which I didn't even get to do because I was freaked out by all of the paparazzi. These false accusations are absurd."

    In another casting coup, Lohan is hired in March to star in a late-season episode of the Fox musical-dramedy, making a cameo appearance as a judge (the irony!) in a glee club competition. During shooting, rumors swirled that the actress was late to the set, but her Glee costars denied any difficulties.

    On her way to the L.A. set of Liz & Dick on June 8, Lohan slams her Porsche into the back of a dump truck. Complaining of pain, she's rushed to a Santa Monica hospital. Later, the truck driver claims a Lohan associate allegedly tried to bribe him into not reporting the accident to police.

    After a 911 caller claims the actress is unconscious in her L.A. hotel room, an ambulance rushes to the scene on June 15. Citing dehydration and exhaustion, Lohan's rep blames the latest drama on her "grueling schedule" filming the Elizabeth Taylor biopic.

    After a trouble-free three months, Lohan is arrested in New York Sept. 19. The charge: leaving the scene of a crime after allegedly hitting a man with her Porsche near the Dream Hotel. After Lohan's picked up by the police, her rep issues a statement on her behalf, saying: "While some of the facts are still being gathered, it appears that this is much ado about nothing."

    After a night of clubbing Oct. 10, Lohan and her mom, Dina, clash in the back of a limo, prompting Lohan to call her father, who in turn calls 911. While police arrive on the scene at the actress' childhood Mineola, N.Y., home, no arrests are made. The next day, mother and daughter patch things up with a hug – in full view of the paparazzi.

    Lohan gears up for the Burton-Taylor film's much-anticipated Nov. 26 premiere, tweeting, "Hey guys! #LIzandDick is on@LifetimeTV! Got any questions for me? Please send them my way." But the question foremost on critics and viewers' minds was: How Lohan was completely miscast as Taylor.


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  • 12/10/12--18:42: Holy. Shit.

  • An advertisement for Virgin Mobile that hints at sexual assault was recently pulled after Twitter users (including Richard Branson) raged.

    The print ad features a middle-aged man standing behind a woman. He's covering her eyes with one hand and holds a wrapped gift in the other. The caption reads: "The gift of Christmas surprise. Necklace? Or chloroform?"

    Chloroform is sometimes used in assaults to make the victim pass out. The sketchy attempt at humor angered just about everyone who saw it. The Guardian UK reported that Twitter comments included "This advert is a disgrace. The suggesttion (sic) of violence is not funny and perpetuates misogyny" and "@virginmobileus u think normalisation of rape or violence is funny?"

    Branson, who sold Virgin Mobile USA to Sprint Nextel several years ago, responded to the outrage on the Virgin Group site. "Having just seen, for the first time, the Virgin Mobile US advert which has upset many today, I agree it is ill-judged.

    Although I don't own the company, it carries our brand. I will speak to the team there, make my thoughts clear and see what can be done about it. Virgin Mobile US usually get these things right, although on this occasion it is clear they have gone too far."

    Branson later posted an update explaining that the post was made by an "external agency that was not approved by Virgin Mobile US. They acknowledge a dreadful mistake was made. The advert, along with the whole calendar, has been removed, never to be seen again."

    Except on the Internet, where nothing is ever really gone.


    I honestly expected that it was some 4chan/Reddit hack, it's utterly disgusting that something of this level was earnestly posted as "funny".

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  • 12/10/12--18:58: Blind Items

  • We know the tabloids and the fans are loving this hot young couple!

    1. We also know that the relationship is completely fake and won’t last much longer.

    The paparazzi are notified whenever they are on the move so they can be photographed holding hands and looking like a couple.

    All the hand-holding and party kissing is totally staged. They don’t really care about each other… but they both sure know how to play the publicity game! They also know that they can never, ever admit that the whole relationship is a publicity stunt.

    And here’s a fact that will either trouble fans or leave them greatly relieved: They aren’t really spending the night together! They walk into the front door of her hotel holding hands, but he only spends a few minutes with her. He spends the night at his own place, and then meets up with her the next morning when they are ready to leave. The couple then leaves the hotel through the front door a couple a minutes apart to make it look like they spent the night together.

    The relationship is scheduled to be a very short one. They may ring in the New Year as a couple… but they won’t make it to Valentine’s Day.

    2. This popular young celebrity is pretty and personable and every marketer’s dream. Most marketers would flinch, though, if one of her darkest secrets was to come to light.

    There was a time when she actually dated guys in whom she was genuinely interested. One of these guys was a celebrity. Like other Good Girls before her, she fell hard for him, and had a physical relationship with him. But he was just using her. She was crushed when she figured that out. Even worse, she was pregnant.

    There was never a question about her having the baby. Both she and her team were absolutely panic-stricken at thought of America’s Good Girl bearing a child out of wedlock by America’s Biggest Jerk.

    The baby was terminated, the couple broke up, and she went back to being America’s Good Girl. It’s one of the reasons her team has been so eager since then to have her beard for gay male celebrities since then. It’s much, much safer that way.

    3. This reality show judge now has made it 13 contestants and potential contestants he has had sex with. He doesn't promise them anything, but he implies they will move further along if they sleep with him.

    4.This hated former B list reality star who is now a D list celebrity needs money and knows the way to get it is either a new reality show which unfortunately is not as far fetched as I hoped it would be or porn. She approached Playboy and they turned her down, but she has approached an adult video company about doing a Nadya Suleman type video. They are into the idea, but so far her asking fee is about ten times what Octomom got and they are only willing to pay her double and only because she is better looking. Hope they are not expecting better acting skills.

    1. haylor (painfully obvious)
    2. t.swift/john mayer
    3. adam levine
    4. heidi montag


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  • 12/10/12--19:52: THIS WEEK'S SOAP PROMOS!!!

  • Taylor spills Brooke & Bill's secret to Katie!

    Looks like Brad is going back to the days when fashion houses were the big deal, not that it isn't. A showdown is coming thanks to Eric who tells Rick and Thomas it's time to step up to the plate and it will be decided who takes control over Forrester Creations. This doesn't sit well with Brooke and Taylor who are behind their boys 100%.

    And what about Stephanie's promise? Thomas must be beside himself now that she has gone back on her word and pulled back on his trust. Is this even legal? Well yea it is as far as Brad is concerned it's his show and he can do whatever he pleases. You can bet Taylor and Brooke's tempers will go into overdrive and this is what Brad is counting on. He has played the Brooke/Taylor card for what 20 years now? Guess he will milk it as long as fans can deal with it. And speaking of tempers we are not done with the snooze of a storyline of Liam/Steffy/Hope. It's still with us now that Hope has decided she wants Liam back, she will have to deal with Steffy's pregnancy. This is gonna be a rough ride for Hope.

    Some new faces are coming, one is a hot tamale for Thomas and a new male character but I am hearing he is not for Hope. Too bad I am so tired of this triangle. It's time Liam makes a stand and act like a man! But sadly Bell wants this to go on for as long as it can. Are we talking weeks, months or years? Maybe he needs to listen to his audience and not the people who work for him.

    NuRidge is coming people. Brad said he'd recast. Well the dye is cast and the actor is hired and he's adorable.

    With the reuniting of Christine and Paul what does that do for Nina? We spoke with Cast's people and they haven't a clue. They did say they were not very happy about the latest outcome, and admitted they have no idea what is going on.

    Doug Davidson was asked recently what was the most shocking thing that happened on Y&R last year and he responded that Paul got a story line!

    Could Chance be returning? A casting call went out for a character named Dylan, but if you know how this works different names are put on scripts when casting calls go out. It sounds alot like Chance so we will just have to wait and see. This role begins in Jan 2013.

    Lauren and Michael are coming to your screens soon when they celebrate their anniversary.

    Did you notice the scenes between Michelle Stafford and Blake Hood?

    Is there a new man in Phyllis's life?

    Another slow week in Salem, if this show doesn't get moving people are gonna stop watching and we may just be down to 3 shows.

    After Daniel saves Jennifer from her attack of appendicitis, she decides that she loves him and tells him so. Daniel is thrilled until he realizes later on that she has no memory of telling him she loves him and he chooses to keep quiet. She eventually remembers but Daniel is feeling down when Kate shows off photos of Parker to Maxine.

    Eric's time spent in the Congo begins to come back to haunt him.

    Kristen offers some not-so-sage advice to Chad.

    Gabi's caught in a lie.

    Sami is surprised by EJ's reaction to her helping with Gabi's wedding.

    Alison Sweeney (Sami) has been named the co-host of this year's Tournament of Roses Parade.

    The mystery of Robin Scorpio is drawing near. Will Robin escape or will she be saved? What will Anna do when she realizes Faison is still alive? Ron is a big big fan of GH of old and you may see a similarity to a past story where Laura was held captive.

    Next big story coming Black Ops. Pay attention as we will hear more and more about this. McBain goes off to Switzerland and I am hearing this will tie into the Black Ops storyline which proves critical and will eventually tie in to other story lines and also other characters, some we know in Port Charles and some from OLTL. Now ask yourself what old case did the CIA feel Tomas/Alcazar was uniquely qualified to investigate?

    Is Jason alive or dead? Is Steve Burton coming back or not? Sources have said it is only a matter of time before we hear more on Jason and if Burton will return to put the final chapter to this story. RC is waiting to find out if FV can secure Burton's agreement to play along with the mystery he wants to pen even if it's only for a short stint.

    You have not seen the last of Heather. Certain situations complicated her story due to Edward's passing and Burton's departure, but not to worry it will happen and only Ron and Frank know (for now). Heather will be back sometime next year and has at least one more arc and let me just say she is not done creating trouble.

    TPTB's biggest problem is the young adults. They are working to overhaul the teens. I have heard RC had Dillon on his wish list.

    I am waiting on one exit announcement and two returns.

    GH's numbers are being watched very carefully by a higher power. Ron and Frank know they have to keep the momentum going. They know they have to bring it on. From what I am hearing every week will be like sweeps month. We will be seeing a steady stream of surprises and more returns to keep the numbers up. The show's ratings have taken a 19% jump from last years and that's a good thing!

    YouTube, SoapTownUSA

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    With his fifth album, Jesus Piece, in stores tomorrow, The Game paid a visit to The Howard Stern Show and in the clip discusses his relationship with Chris Brown, who he considers a "little brother."

    "I did the best that I could...counsel him through that," said the Game of speaking to Brown after the infamous incident."I feel like he made it back okay, and they're back together. What I though of it, I just figured they were young and that was just one of those Hollywood mishaps. I don't think it'll happen again."

    The Game also said he believes that Breezy has changed but he couldn't really speak for him. The "Hate Or Love It" singer did sort of change his tune when Stern's co-host Robin Quivers asked what he would do if it was his daughter that Brown smacked around.

    "Uhh, let's not paint that picture," said the Game. He then added, "That's Howard talking. You're trying to get me to kill Chris Brown, it's not going to happen Howard. That was pretty clever, though."

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    When Blink-182's Tom DeLonge spoke with Billboard about the band's upcoming "dogs eating dogs" EP at the end of November, there was still plenty of recording and mixing to be done. Now, as the album's Dec. 18 release date grows nearer, the band has released their first new song since 2011's "Neighborhoods," the holiday-appropriate "Boxing Day." Get a first listen to the track below.
    Following a hiatus that lasted four years (from 2005 to 2009), the band returned with the follow up to 2003's "Blink-182," 2011's "Neighborhoods." The set debuted at No. 2 on the Billboard 200 and has sold 322,000 copies according to Nielsen SoundScan.

    Now that band members DeLonge (guitar/vocals), Mark Hoppus (bass/vocals), and Travis Barker (drums) have had a year to reflect, they've parted ways with longtime label Interscope and are going in a new direction. "dogs eating dogs," which has been available for pre-order on the band's website since Nov. 19, will be released independently. It's currently available only on Blink-182.com, in three $20-$100 packages that pair the digital EP with items like T-shirts and autographed holiday prints.

    "dogs eating dogs" will be nothing like "Neighborhoods," but it's also not just a return to the band's early releases, DeLonge told Billboard. The band is back together, working together in a way that they hadn't been, even for years before the hiatus. "We're connected and laughing and making jokes and making fun of each other, and really having strong debates whether or not we should have a whole chorus about penises," DeLonge said.

    He continued, "I mean that's what Blink was always good at: Taking a great song and making it into a dick joke… But we never did that on 'Neighborhoods.' There was no laughing on 'Neighborhoods.' There were no dick jokes."

    The sound on "dogs eating dogs" is also a "more organic mixture" of the three members' very different preferences, DeLonge explains. There's even a track with hip-hop elements that he says is "very Travis," something the band has never done before.

    "It sounds like a very progressive punk-rock band," DeLonge said of the new EP. "It's prog-rock and punk all coming together and it's very modern and relevant."

    Stay tuned to Billboard this week for more on Blink-182's "dogs eating dogs" EP.

    EDIT: story has disappeared off of the website, here is the song


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