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Oh No They Didn't! - LiveJournal.com

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    (Actually, I'd rather watch that than their respective movies)

    Brain is beating brawn at the box office as Scarlett Johansson’s “Lucy” outperformed Dwayne Johnson’s “Hercules” on Friday.

    “Lucy” opened to a higher-than-anticipated $17 million and is headed toward a strong $45 million debut weekend. Meanwhile, “Hercules” grossed $11 million on Friday on track for a $30 million launch.

    Johansson plays the titular femme fatale in Luc Besson’s actioner from Universal. She’s a drug mule who turns superhuman when she mistakenly ingests a drug that gives her access to increasingly more and more brain power at the expense of her humanity.

    The actress is a formidable threat to Johnson, the quintessential action star, as she’s proven capable of seamlessly alternating between indies and action pics, from an alien in “Under the Skin” to Black Widow in the “Avengers” and “Captain America” movies. Johansson has the highest grossing film of the year in the U.S. so far with “Captain America: The Winter Soldier.” It’s hauled $258.7 million Stateside and $713 million worldwide.

    “Lucy,” which Besson’s EuropaCorp produced for $40 million, is evenly matched with “Hercules” as far as critics are concerned. It has a 60% rating on Rotten Tomatoes, while “Hercules,” produced by Paramount and MGM for $100 million, has earned 63%.

    “Hercules,” directed by Brett Ratner, tells the origin story of the son of Zeus, based on Steve Moore’s Radical Comics book.

    The blockbuster’s anticipated $30 million opening is weak considering its hefty budget. But the movie is flexing muscle overseas thanks to the former wrestling star’s global action star power. The epic had earned $11.5 million from 19 international markets by Friday, led by Russia with $5.2 million.

    “Lucy” will debut in foreign territories, including Australia, New Zealand, Bulgaria and Panama, next week.

    The weekend’s third new wide release, Michael Douglas and Diane Keaton’s rom-com “And So It Goes,” came in eight on Friday. It will likely stay in that spot, earning a projected $4 million by Sunday. Rob Reiner’s indie is only playing in 1,762 theaters, compared to “Lucy’s” 3,173 locations and “Hercules’” 3,595 screens.

    Holdovers rounded out the top five. Fox’s back-to-back box office champ “Dawn of the Planet of the Apes” earned $4.7 million on Friday. The movie is en route to a $16 million third place finish, down 55%, in its third weekend. The sequel will have grossed an estimated $172 million by Sunday.

    Universal’s thriller “The Purge: Anarachy” scared up $3.4 million on Friday. It’s eyeing $10 million, which would mark a 65% decline, in its second weekend.

    Lastly, Disney’s second frame of “Planes: Fire and Rescue” should land in fifth ahead of Sony’s “Sex Tape” with $2.8 million on its way to a $9 million-plus weekend.


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    The only thing more prolific than “Game of Thrones” pirating, is “Game of Thrones” theories.  So, Highlight Hollywood will offer you the latest.  After the horrific death of Lord of Winterfell Ned Stark, who was the patriarch of the unfortunate Stark family, fans have been talking about Sean Bean’s performance and losing the character in the first season for four years now.

    Actor Sean Bean, who played Ned, recently spoke with Vulture, and was asked whether Bran’s possible connection with heart trees could mean a Ned flashback cameo in Season 5.  “Oh, yeah, yeah! And I’m his father, so that would be great fun! Just to go back to that for a while, it would be such fun to do”, the actor said. “It would be bizarre, but it would be great! So I guess if they’re going to do flashbacks, then yeah!”
    Bean also went on to reveal a massive spoiler regarding Jon Snow’s parentage, “I’ve definitely got some unfinished business that needs to be resolved there. I’m obviously not Jon Snow’s dad. And you need that to be revealed at some point, don’t you?” added Bean.
    “So Bran would kind of be the one having the flashback, and he would see Ned praying, right? And revealing those things? You never know what those guys are going to do with that. It’s got to be something special. But I’m into that. I certainly would be into that,” he said.

    The Season 5 of Game of Thrones will be extensively shot in Spain, which will be shown as Dorne. The season will also have new characters (of House Martell), including The Sand Snakes – Oberyn Martell’s bastard daughters. With key plot lines and characters so close to The Red Viper, it might not be unwarranted to assume that the beloved character might pop up, even if it’s just a cameo.
    Bran was told in the season four finale last month, titled “The Children” by the Three-Eyed-Raven, “You will never walk again, Brandon Stark. But you will fly.” Bran’s warging powers will enable him to travel the present, anywhere around the world, and most importantly Westeros, and also to the future and luckily for us, the past.  So, we could learn a lot from Ned Stark in flashbacks, as well as the intimate love that Prince Oberyn had for his eight daughter, ready for vengeance after the Red Viper was killed by The Mountain.


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    Once Upon a Time returned to Comic-Con, and the Ballroom 20 crowd was treated to special treats — including an exclusive Frozen first-look scene from the season four premiere.

    The clip opens with Frozen's Anna (Elizabeth Lail) and Elsa (Georgina Haig) putting flowers on their parents' gravestones, with Elsa telling her sister, "Anna, they would be so proud of you." But that's not all, Elsa breaks the news that she has a surprise for Anna, but not just any surprise—it's for her wedding. The Frozen story line on Once will take place after the events of Disney's Oscar-winning film.

    The second clip, which was filmed just a few days ago, featured Regina (Lana Parrilla) going back to becoming Evil Queen, letting out her old friend, the Mirror (Giancarlo Esposito). Regina tells a bloodied Mirror, "There's somebody standing in the way of happiness. I need your help getting rid of them."

    Much has been made about the ABC fairy-tale drama's move to introduce the major Frozen characters into the universe — including Kristoff (Scott Michael Foster) and Prince Hans — and the producers couldn't help but address it in a comedic way with a faux spoof of a writers' mini-camp and a cameo by executive producers Eddy Kitsis and Adam Horowitz's mentor Carlton Cuse.

    New mother Ginnifer Goodwin, who couldn't make the session moderated by Community star Yvette Nicole Brown, filmed a funny video message on the Vancouver set, which included a cameo by Once Upon a Time in Wonderland star Michael Socha. Socha will reprise his role as the Knave in the mothership in the new season.

    Below are some season-four teases.

    Keeping Regina in check: After Emma unknowingly brought back Robin Hood's previously dead wife Marion back to Storybrooke, things are about to get rough for Regina. "It's an impossible situation. I can't apologize for saving a life and I'm horrified for getting in the way of Regina's happiness. It may spiral her back into her old ways," said Jennifer Morrison said of Emma's bind. "Emma's going to be determined to keep her in the good place in her life ... and keep something positive between them. It adds a nice element of conflict and concern." Added Parrilla, "She has something up her sleeve. Is anyone surprised by that? She's enjoyed being good; she's enjoyed discovering the light magic, but old habits die hard."

    Hook in regular clothes: Looks like Captain Hook will finally get out of his period garb in the new season. "It'll be nice to wear something new," said Colin O'Donoghue, who revealed that Hook's jacket weighs 50 pounds.

    Emma's true soulmate: Brown asked Morrison the impossible question of who she believed was Emma's true love, who punted the question to the producers. O'Donoghue played to the crowd, which was made up of a healthy number of Captain Swan fans, to drive some love for his character's burgeoning romance with Emma.

    Josh Dallas on fatherhood:"Fatherhood is the greatest thing that's ever happened to me," he said of his newborn son with wife Goodwin. "Oliver is probably my soulmate for sure."

    Once musical?: It won't happen any time soon. "The problem with doing a musical is we don't know how," Kitsis admitted. With several members of the cast having musical abilities, the possibility is always open. "We're willing to learn," Horowitz said.

    Henry's new journey: Producers hinted that Henry will take up the family business — the pawn shop side of it — in the new season. Horowitz hinted that Henry's relationship with Mr. Gold will be further explored.

    True love versus soulmate: Kitsis and Horowitz also clarified the difference between what a true love is versus what a soulmate is on the show. "True love is when you truly love somebody," Kitsis said. "Soulmate is the idea that there's only one person for you."

    Belle and Rumple forecast: Rumple and Belle's wedding was genuine, Kitsis affirmed, even though Rumple's "weaknesses" may take over — especially following his dagger betrayal. How would Belle react if and when she discovers the truth? "I think she might be devastated," said Emilie De Ravin.


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    Orlando Bloom keeps it cool while posing with Nina Dobrev at the Playboy and A&E “Bates Motel” Event during the 2014 Comic-Con International on Friday (July 25) in San Diego, Calif.


    At the Patron XO Cafe and Triumph Motorcycles sponsored party, the 37-year-old English actor, Norman Reedus, and Vera Farmiga, all won a donation from Triumph to their fave charities for being able to start the bike.


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    Lolo Jones thought she was flossin’ on the haters when she tweeted this picture with the caption, “I’m early but Bey is worth it #chicago #OnTheRunTour.”

    A millisecond later her mentions were littered with people making fun of her nosebleed seats. One tweet said she was sitting in the “mesosphere”, while another one said she was close enough to God to give him dap. The Twitter comedians were in full effect.

    Now, in her defense Lolo was in VIP…so technically, she was still stuntin’. And she made sure to let everyone know that by tweeting, “Chillin in the VIP suite (for those that were trying to clown) with @AntDavis23 and @louievito#RedbullChi”

    But, she didn’t stop there. In true Lolo fashion, she responded to some of her haters.

    Unfortunately, the haters might have won this round.


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    The Cup O’ Joe panel at San Diego Comic-Con on Saturday featured one of the biggest announcements of the weekend as Marvel unveiled the creative teams for its first three all-new Star Wars comics. The new books have been hotly anticipated since plans for Marvel Star Wars books were first announced back in January.

    Kieron Gillen and Salvador Larroca will team for a Darth Vader ongoing series; Mark Waid and Terry Dodson will author a five-issue Princess Leia mini series; and Jason Aaron and John Cassaday have been named as the creative team for a Star Wars ongoing series. The three series will launch through the first quarter of 2015.

    The new series will tell original stories set between the events of Star Wars and The Empire Strikes Back — the obvious place within the original trilogy to expand the universe and explore the characters. The core Star Wars title from Aaron and Cassaday will naturally focus on the adventures of Luke Skywalker, Princess Leia, and Han Solo as they go up against Darth Vader’s imperial forces.

    Star Wars: Darth Vader, from Gillen and Larroca — with covers by Adi Granov — will explore the Star Wars story from the celebrated villain’s point of view, presumably in a way that gets to the core of his humanity. Or maybe it’ll just be about him killing younglings. Sounds good either way.

    Star Wars: Princess Leia, from Waid and Dodson, follows the Disney princess as she comes to terms with the destruction of her homeworld, Alderaan, and goes around kicking butt. The book is a five-issue mini series, and we would speculate that further mini series focusing on other popular Star Wars characters will follow.

    Disney acquired Marvel back in mid-2009, and snapped up Lucasfilm in late 2012. Disney’s focus has obviously been on producing a new Star Wars film trilogy and spin-off movie franchises. While a Disney/Marvel/Star Wars synergy always seemed likely, Disney owns a great many properties that Marvel hasn’t exploited. BOOM Studios did a great line in Muppets comics until Disney bought out The Jim Henson Company, and now Muppets comics have essentially dried up under Marvel.

    Yet Star Wars is obviously a more promising license for Marvel; it serves a similar audience to the publisher’s core audience, its reach and appeal over the next few years should be huge, and most of Marvel’s editors and creators probably count themselves as hardcore Star Wars fans.

    We’ll have a better idea what sort of caretakers Marvel will be in January when Star Wars #1 arrives in stores and online. Star Wars: Darth Vader #1 follows in February, and Star Wars: Princess Leia #1 in March.

    ComicsAlliance will have interviews with Jason Aaron; Kieron Gillen, Salvador Larroca, and Adi Granov; and Mark Waid, Terry Dodson, and line editor Jordan D. White tomorrow.


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    If you’ve always wondered what would happen if Peter Griffin and Homer Simpson hung out at a bar while Bart and Stewie made prank phone calls, Family Guy is about to satisfy your crossover craving. In the Sept. 28 season premiere, the albino Griffins wind up by accident in Springfield, where they are greeted warmly by the hepatits-y Simpsons. But a fast friendship christened with delicious doughnuts may be forever destroyed by an argument over Pawtucket Patriot Ale and Duff Beer, which leads to an epic chicken fight.

    To see the collision of these two animated worlds—plus a cameo by Bob from Bob’s Burgers—check out nearly five minutes of footage from the double-sized episode, which was screened on Saturday during the Family Guy panel at Comic-Con.

    Video @ the Source

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    Amid the drugs and mosh pits Juggalos get married in a Faygo-filled ceremony.

    The FBI may consider the juggalos a gang, but love is in the air this weekend at the 15th annual Gathering of the Juggalos. A lesbian couple holds hands as Dark Lotus raps about how they “they built the Pyramids while bumpin’ this shit.” A crewmember says he saw “a couple jump in a dumpster” presumably to procreate, and near the Gypsy Row Campground, juggalos gather for a juggalo wedding.

    The bride and groom, Tiffany and Dip Set, met two years ago at a Twiztid afterparty when Tiffany’s ex’s sister introduced her to Dip Set. They fucked, and shortly afterwards Dip Set moved in and started taking care of Tiffany’s two sons, whom he now sees as his own children.

    On the way to the wedding, my friends and I pass campers’ beautiful pop art portraits of the allegedly pregnant celebutante Tila Tequila. For a fee, they let other juggalos throw things at Tequila. According to the paintings, all proceeds will go towards a battered women’s shelter.

    The wedding takes place at the Carousel Stage. Doric columns have been set up on the stage for the wedding, and a woman with lime green hair entertains the crowd as we wait for the bride. Rows of black chairs sit in front of the stage for the bride and groom’s close juggalo family members, while other juggalos sit on bleacher stands. We join those guys on the metal stands, taking a seat by a bunch of whippits someone left on the ground earlier during the festival.
    Behind me, a man wears a Survivor buff around his neck, and another dude discusses “designer amphetamines” he recently snorted that made him “see rivers.” You can either snort or drink the drug, and he recommends you drink it because snorting the drug will “burn” you.

    A man hands out Faygo bottles to the crowd. “We ask that you hold your Faygo till we [bless] the bride and groom,” the woman with dyed lime green hair says. She tells the crowd Dip Set and Tiffany have been together for two years and “now they’re gonna make it official in front of the family. Can I get a whoop whoop?”

    “Whoop! Whoop!” the crowd shouts.

    The groom arrives first. Although some of his friends have come to the wedding without shirts, he wears black-tie attire: a tuxedo, white gloves, and a Jack Skelington top hat.

    “I’m gonna try to fuck her in the butt tonight!” he tells his friends in the front row.

    “Fuck her in the ass!” A random guy screams.

    Shortly afterwards, police sirens go off in the background, threatening the wedding. “Fuck the police!” the girl with green hair says. Thankfully, the cops are elsewhere on the campsite, and the only person driving to the wedding is Tiffany, the bride.

    A crewmember drives her golf cart, which naturally says “Just Married” on the front. She sits shotgun in a traditional white wedding gown, while her little person friend sits in the back.
    The flower girl rocks sexy boots like a straight-up gangster bitch.
    She hops off the vehicle and starts walking down the aisle. I notice Tiffany has no father in sight, but on the side of the stage, a man plays guitar as they walk down the aisle.

    As juggalos hold each other, a man serving as a priest-like figure appears on stage wearing a top hat. He describes the three types of families: biological families, co-workers, and “the family you make.”

    “The family you make is the family you show your true self to,” he says, echoing the story of how Dip Set acts as a father figure to Tiffany’s two sons. “This is the family of the dark carnival.”

    “She is swearing her titties to one man for eternity,” the priest guy says.“All love is finding someone who is as fucked up as you are!” Which is true considering some of the juggalo family members wait to spray the bride and groom at the end of the ceremony.
    In honor of “men who want don’t want their balls ripped off,” the priest guy asks Tiffany to say her vows first.
    “Two years ago,” she says, “I wasn’t looking for love.” She was focused on her two sons and was blown away when Dip Set moved in and became a father figure to them. “You’re the best man I’ve ever had, and I love that.”

    Unlike Tiffany, Dip Set’s vows reflect his dark sense of humor: “I promise to consistently fuck you in the ass as you’re fucked-up drunk.” He assures her he will love her even when he’s “bald and has cancer,” and then starts to stutter, overcome with emotion. “I will always have my insecurities,” Dip Set admits. “You’re the shit and always will be. [Your sons] aren’t baggage in my eyes.”

    The fake priest interrupts Dip Set to ask him if he will love Tiffany even when “she’s a bitch?” But he’s not being sexist, as the media portrays juggalos. The priest goes somewhere few straight dudes will go and questions if Dip Set will pleasure his babe, asking him, “Do you promise to stick your tongue wherever she asks?”

    “I do.”

    The last time I saw a straight guy express his emotions this honestly, my dad was crying because his father had died.


    The priest guy then asks Tiffany if she will be down for Dip Set even when he refuses to learn how to drive and if she will “fuck his brains out on a regular basis until death do you part?”

    “I do,” she says.

    As she slips a ring on Dip Set’s finger, she says, “No matter how bad it seems… you’ve always got me.” Once the ring ceremony ends, the priest guy orders them to “make out in front of everyone.”

    Like good juggalo horn dogs, they obey.

    “It’s so beautiful, I want to puke,” one guy says to his pal before the crowd unscrews their Faygo bottles and start spraying the bride, groom, and little person as they walk down the aisle.
    The couple appears to love the sticky Faygo as they strut towards the golf cart.
    “Toss her salad tonight!” one guy screams at the married couple.
    “Whoop! Whoop!” Tiffany screams as their golf cart bounces away through the dust.

    Watching the married couple ride away in a golf cart covered in Faygo reminds me of “What a Wonderful World,” the Louis Armstrong song my Catholic school teachers forced me to sing as a kid. Of course, unlike the Catholic Church, juggalo culture actually supports family values. Since the Gathering of the Juggalos started 15 years ago, mainstream society has portrayed juggalos as the degredation of American society. The FBI has labeled the juggalos as a gang, and intellectual magazines like n+1 have described the group as violent poor people.

    This presentation of people like Tiffany and Dip Set is accurate as Obama saying he will shut down Guantanamo Bay.

    Sure, some juggalos do drugs, but Wall Street bankers are the biggest cokeheads around, and the government doesn't even charge them for a crime for destroying the economy. As Tiffany and Dip Set's wedding shows, the juggalos are what their liberal haters pretend to be—members of a group open-minded enough to discuss anal sex in public and to create non-traditional families that have little to do with biology. Unlike refined East Coast families who donate to the Clintons and spend $100,000 on wedding flowers, the juggalos accept non-traditional families and view the instituition of marriage as a promise between two people to take care of each other forever out of love, not out of an obligation to social climb.

    And the Gathering continues to deliver. Thank you, Juggalo Jesus.


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    Nintendo Lounge

    IGN & Sin City: A Dame To Kill For Party

    Flash Bash with Buzzfeed & The CW

    Playboy Party

    Comic Con sibling style!

    He's into it I swear.

    Cora's back! ... At the @teenwolf booth at least 😏😏😏

    sourc e

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    Jenny McCarthy now regrets suggesting that presumptive Democratic presidential hopeful Hillary Clinton is a lesbian. 'How could I make a joke like that and then five minutes later preach about female empowerment?' McCarthy wrote Friday in an article for The Chicago Sun-Times’ Splash.

    'It makes me sad when I see women ripping on other women, and there I was making a joke about our possible first female president!' It was during a discussion about a new book about the hidden lives of presidents - which includes an allegation that former President Bill Clinton currently has a mistress.

    She said then: 'Well, maybe he has his girlfriends and she has her girlfriends. You never know. Maybe they have an arrangement.'

    After a few days of reflection and backlash, McCarthy writes: 'Shame on me. I am a work in progress. I hope you will be patient with me as I continue to figure myself out and grow to be the example of female empowerment I always intend to be.'

    The book the panel was discussing is called The First Family Detail: Secret Service Agents Reveal the Hidden Lives of Presidents by Ron Kessler.

    source: GayStarNews

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    A study coming out of USC is showing that not only are things not improving as far as women in Hollywood are concerned, but that they’re actually getting worse.

    Researchers studied over 25,000 speaking roles in 600 of the top grossing movies from 2007-2013, as well as the amount of women working behind the scenes, and discovered that women were woefully underrepresented both in front of and behind the camera.

    –Only 1.9% of films were directed by women in 2013, the lowest it’s been in six years.

    –Only 7.4% of top grossing films in 2013 were written by women.

    –Women were most represented in comedies (The Heat, Bridesmaids and Pitch Perfect drove this score up), with an incidence of 36%.

    –Women were least represented in action-adventure films, with only 20-23% of characters in those movies.

    –30% of women appeared at least partially nude, compared to 11% of men.

    –USC professor Stacy L. Smith says, 'The No. 1 barrier is financial'

    "Frozen," Disney's animated musical about a pair of royal sisters, was last year's highest-grossing film worldwide — and also one of its most unusual, according to a study being released Thursday by researchers at USC.

    That's because one of its directors, Jennifer Lee, is female, and so are its lead characters.

    Just 1.9% of the directors of 2013's top-grossing films were women — a six-year low — and just a quarter of all the speaking roles in animated films belonged to girls or women, researchers found.

    The study by USC's Media, Diversity, & Social Change Initiative, which evaluated more than 25,000 speaking characters in 600 top-grossing films between 2007 and 2013, found that women continue to be underrepresented both behind and in front of the camera, especially in the genres of animation and action-adventure.

    "As Hollywood moves to more serialized content, comic books, tent-poles, this is where we see a big problem," said USC Annenberg associate professor Stacy L. Smith. "Action-adventure and animation are pulling very heavily male."

    On screen, women were most represented in comedies, with films such as "The Heat," "Pitch Perfect" and "Bridesmaids" helping drive up the percentage of female characters in that genre to 36%.

    Women were least represented in action-adventure films. Marvel movies such as "The Avengers" and fantasy and science fiction franchises like "Star Trek" and "The Hobbit" drove the percentage down to between 20% and 23.9% for the years studied.

    Women behind the camera, meanwhile, are scarcer than ever, according to the study. In addition to the low percentage of directors, just 7.4% of writers of the top-grossing movies were women, also the lowest percentage in six years.

    "Women just aren't moving into the higher-budgeted, top-grossing fare," Smith said, contrasting the numbers to research USC has conducted into independent film, where women constituted 28.7% of directors at the Sundance Film Festival last year. "The No. 1 barrier is financial.... The people who fund films and greenlight content are mostly male. Women are perceived to lack confidence and to be less trustworthy with resources."

    Smith also pointed to previous research her group has conducted into primarily masculine attributes that entertainment industry professionals ascribe to directors.

    "The way the role is conceived is, a director has to be aggressive, like a general leading troops into battle," Smith said.

    In addition to issues of prevalence, the study also looked at how gender influences the way characters are presented on-screen, finding female characters much likelier to be sexualized than male ones.More than 30% of females were portrayed in tight or revealing clothing versus 9.7% of males, while 29.5% of females were shown with full or partial nudity versus 11.7% of males.

    One factor that influenced those portrayals was who was behind the camera: Films with at least one female producer were 10.6% less likely to depict female characters partially or fully naked than were films with no female producers attached, researchers found.

    Src1, src2

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    Age ain't nothing but a number! Ray Donovan star Steven Bauer, 57, is dating 18-year-old Lyda Loudon, a source confirms to Us Weekly.

    The pair stepped out together at the Magic In The Moonlight premiere hosted by Sabra at the Linwood Dunn Theater in Hollywood on Monday, July 21. According to her Twitter, Loudon is an "art-time nightmare-inspirer, journalist, host of Sarcasm Overdose, ceo, full-time wildchild, [and an] unsalvageable degenerate film/music/cigar/espresso addict."
    "Magic in the Moonlight premiere one of the best I've ever seen," the brunette teen tweeted from the event, "melted my nonexistent heart that's how good it was. release date is july 25th & it's good for the whole family go see it."

    The self-described "wildchild" has also had her hand in charity since the age of 14. According to TeaPartyConference.org, Loudon founded "Tea Party Youth, the only youth-founded, youth-owned and youth-controlled movement exclusively dedicated to the Tea Party's future."

    Bauer, who is best known for his role as Manny Ribera in Scarface, was previously married to Melanie Griffith. The two divorced in 1987; together they have a 28-year-old son named Alexander.

    Lyda with Herman Cain

    Steven in Scarface

    Would you date someone almost 40 years older than you ONTD? How old/young would you go?


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    Source 12

    Maybe you shoulda worked harder on Telephone pt. 2/Ratchet.

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    It took a while for Marvel to kick off their Marvel Studios panel in Hall H at San Diego Comic Con tonight, possibly because indie promotion wrestlers dressed as security guards were busy removing a steel chair wielding Edgar Wright from the premises, but once things kicked off, Marvel dropped some Ant-Man bombshells.

    First, LOST star Evangeline Lily is confirmed for the film and will play Hope Pym, the daughter of Hank Pym and presumably Janet Van Dyne. The state of Hank and Janet's relationship is not yet known, nor is it known whether Janet or Hope, if anyone, will be The Wasp. In addition, Corey Stol is confirmed as Yellowjacket, Pym's business partner who took the company in a different direction. Pym recruits Scott Lang to help him out.

    Finally, they revealed that Ant-Man will be a heist movie. Filming begins August 18.


    So happy for Evangeline but how the fuck are they gonna make it a heist film?...

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    Telltale Games really knows how to twist the knife.

    The countless slings and arrows the developer has hurled at players throughout season two of "The Walking Dead" pale in comparison to what lies in store in episode four, "Amid the Ruins." This season's penultimate entry is a grim and desperate tale that lays bare the stark realities of self-preservation.

    After scattering amid the chaos of the previous chapter's escape from a rival faction, Clementine's group must now battle starvation, freezing temperatures and, of course, the ever-present zombie threat. With her companions rapidly fraying under the agony of loss, rage and hopelessness, Clementine is torn between loyalty and the harsh truth that some friends can't be saved.

    Other survivors pose a threat to Clementine’s group.
    Other survivors pose a threat to Clementine's group. (TELLTALE GAMES)
    With winter's chill just over the horizon and a baby on the way, it's clear from the outset that not everyone will make it through episode four alive.

    One of the brilliant ways Telltale sells Clementine's story is by forcing players to make difficult choices with uncertain outcomes. Rather than simply being rewarded for doing the right thing, players learn time and again that even actions driven by good intentions can have fatal consequences.

    It's one thing for Clementine to urge a friend onward with nothing at stake, but when softheartedness dulls her decision-making in a moment of truth, one false move will put everyone's lives at risk.

    For the most part, Telltale avoids scavenging segments that break up the story by forcing Clementine to search for supplies. Doing so keeps the tension from ever truly breaking, as the focus is kept firmly on the rapidly splintering survivors.

    The impending birth of Rebecca's child puts the entire group in grave danger. But even as the crucial moment is about to arrive, Clementine struggles to keep her friends from spiraling into emotional destruction.

    The scars of loss manifest in many different ways -- through blinding anger and steadfast denial -- but every case could spell disaster. All the while, Clementine is reminded that there may come a moment when her survival hinges on abandoning her friends.

    Episode four represents a crucial turning point in Clementine's development. We've seen her transform over the years from a helpless child to a savvy manipulator, able to talk her way through any situation.

    For the first time, however, she is becoming wholly capable of fending for herself, both through strategy and combat. The question we have yet to answer is: How much has her horrific past eroded her sense of empathy? Will she become a hardened loner, determined to survive no matter what sacrifice is required? Will she remain loyal to the people who helped raise her, even as the tables turn and they become a burden in need of protection?

    Find food, secure shelter, fight zombies. We've been here many times before throughout our journey in "The Walking Dead." But this time it's clear that Clementine is the group's unquestioned leader. Her decisions will dictate who lives or dies.

    Another excellent mechanic of Telltale's storytelling is the ability to sell a false ending. Players see the story play out to what feels like a natural stopping point. But just as they begin to breathe a little easier, there's one final, unexpected moment of truth that irreparably shatters the uneasy peace.

    Clementine spends the entirety of episode four running from one impending calamity to another, juggling too many balls and trying to hold off disaster for as long as she can. When it all finally comes crashing down, there isn't even time to think.

    One split-second decision will change the group forever, leaving players desperate to see how the final chapter plays out.

    Final score: 9 out of 10

    kenny tho


    Telltale is making a season 3 for The Walking Dead
    While we wait for the last episode in season two of The Walking Dead adventure game, Telltale president Kevin Bruner and Walking Dead writer Robert Kirkman have gone ahead and confirmed at Comic-Con (and on Twitter) that there will be a third season.

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    George R.R. Martin has made it clear that he won’t hear any more about his health in relation to completing his book series, or the “Game of Thrones” spinoff for HBO.  Though lots of  buzz is currently going on as fans are getting eager to know the possible premiere date of George R.R. Martin’s “Winds of Winter.”
    Meanwhile, many fans believe that the occasion will also be used to make an announcement about “The World of Ice and Fire.” The book, which will narrate the never-before-seen history of the Westeros and the lands beyond, is expected to be released this October. Pre-order is also available already.
    On other news, George R.R. Martin is not quite ecstatic about people’s concern that he may die before he finishes the book series. According to International Digital Times, Martin is apparently angered by the people’s comment and reaction on his health, age, and writing space.
    “I find that question pretty offensive, people speculating about my death and my health. So f*** you to those people,” Martin expressed.
    However, he said that he is trying not to pay attention to the negativity. He knows, according to the site, that no book pleases everybody and he cannot please everyone with his timetable. On a positive note, he said that the impatient reactions are good because these mean that people are looking forward to reading the book.
    Ironically, he has also acknowledged that he needs to write faster to get the “Winds of Winter” release date out in time for the premiere of Season 5 of the “Game of Thrones.” The television series is based on Martin’s “The Song of Fire and Ice” book series. “Winds of Winter” is the sixth novel.
    As of the moment, the release date for the book remains unclear.


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    Do you take care of your skin and wear sunscreen everyday ontd?

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    With their new jazz duets album Cheek to Cheek due this fall, Lady Gaga and Tony Bennett will appear on the Today show for a little promo on Tuesday, July 29, according to NBC.

    The album was first scheduled to be released back in January, but was then delayed to March. However, the two are just now nearing the completion of the recording process and are expected to premiere the lead single soon.

    On Thursday, Mother Monster shared photos on Instagram from inside of a recording studio with the captions “Studio Rattin’ with the Bennett Boys” and “It’s a Standard night #CheekToCheek.”

    She also wrote “Dance with me, I want my arm about you” in another photo caption, which we guess may be lyrics to a song on the album.

    While her last album ARTPOP did not completely do it for me, I’m looking forward to Cheek to Cheek because Gaga’s a great jazz singer.

    Be sure to tune in to Today this Tuesday between 7:00 and 9:00 a.m. EST.


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