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Oh No They Didn't! - LiveJournal.com

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  • 03/02/14--06:12: Alain Resnais Dies at 91
  • Alain Resnais, a cinema pioneer and a leading light of the French New Wave, has died aged 91.

    One of the most critically-aclaimed French helmers of all times, Resnais directed such cult films as the Marguerite Duras-scripted ”Hiroshima Mon Amour,”a flagship pic of the New Wave, which earned an Oscar nom for original screenplay in 1961, and “Last Year at Marienbad.

    Helmer had a deep relationship with the Cannes Intl. Film Festival: Among the flurry of awards he won throughout his long and prolific career, Resnais nabbed a Special Jury prize in Cannes for Gerard Depardieu starrer ”My American Uncle” in 1980 and competed in 2012 with “You Ain’t Seen Nothing Yet.” He also received a lifetime achievement prize in 2009.

    His last film, “Life of Riley,” which was produced by his longtime producer and friend Jean-Louis Livi and is sold by Le Pacte, won a prize for innovation at Berlin Film Festival.


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  • 03/02/14--06:13: Taylor Swift Post
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    Oscars season is coming up, which means we’re about to shower actors with awards and praise for their work. But the people who help them portray such stirring roles are rarely recognized. Calpernia Addams is one of those people.

    “I recorded all of his lines from the script and he listened to that audio for months during his preparation,” explained Addams. Actor Jared Leto used her audio to prepare for the role of Rayon, a transgender woman living with HIV in the 1980s in the film “Dallas Buyers Club.” Leto’s performance helped he and the film earn six Oscar nods.

    This isn’t the first time Addams has helped A-list actors portray transgender characters.

    After 4 years as a field medic in the Navy, Addams came out as a transgender woman. Since then, she’s been an activist for transgender rights and was even portrayed in the movie “Soldier’s Girl,” a film about her relationship with Navy Private First Class Barry Winchell and his brutal murder. Addams’ first Hollywood experience was training actor Lee Pace to play her in the film. She’s since consulted for Felicity Huffman and, most recently, Leto.

    Addams draws from her own experience as a transgender woman. Her coaching goes beyond portrayal: Addams wants her clients to have a deep emotional and psychological understanding of what it’s like to be a trans person in the U.S.

    “It’s a lot deeper than just having a medical procedure or putting on lipstick,” relayed Addams.

    I talk about, just various aspects of transition, from how people often feel at different stages in their life, from childhood on up, to medical, social and legal steps they have to take,” Addams told Fusion. “And especially the way that trans people are treated by other people, because that usually really informs a role.

    But the marginalization of trans people is exactly why critics argue that transgender roles should go to trans actors.

    “In a perfect world, I hope that trans people will get the majority of trans role, but we’re not there yet,” added Addams.

    Despite strong support within the acting community for transgender actors to play both transgender and non-trans roles, they still struggle to get parts on the big and small screen alike. Less than 5 percent of recurring roles on major networks were LGBT and there were no transgender characters in 101 films produced by major studios, according to a 2013 report from GLAAD, a media advocacy organization dedicated to protecting and promoting the stories of LGBT people.

    “It’s a bit of a vicious circle in that there are no trans people famous enough to open a film right now,” said Addams. “Yet trans people can’t get the work required to become that famous.”

    Maintaining identity, even for those who “pass” as cisgender, is a challenge for many trans women, said Addams. Cisgender describes a person who identifies with the gender of the body they were born with.

    “That sense that you could lose everything should anyone discover your history, that sense informs the way you live your daily life, even if no one knows,” said Addams. “A lifetime of criticism, mockery and violence can shut down a lot of aspects of a person’s soul. It requires a lot of strength.”

    Only 17 states in the U.S. have job protection laws for transgender people. A disproportionate number of transgender people turn to sex work to pay the bills. Sex work plus a lack of access to medical care leads to increased HIV rates: a dire problem within the transgender community.

    During his Golden Globes acceptance speech for Best Supporting Actor, Leto did not thank Addams personally for her role in assisting him. He didn’t address the larger issues affecting transgender people throughout the United States either. In fact, he barely mentioned transgender people. "To the Rayons of the world, thanks for the inspiration," Leto said toward the end of his 1:30 speech at the Golden Globes.

    That night after the Golden Globes, Addams posted a note on Facebook to inform her followers that Leto didn’t need to thank her.

    “The writer who created the character, and Jared's work in interpreting the role are what deserve accolades,” Addams wrote. "Rayon is a character that Jared created from the material the writer created. I tried to give Jared my best insight into the experience of being trans. But I'm sure I was just a small part of the overall process.

    About 40 million viewers tuned in to the 2013 Oscar telecast on ABC, according to Nielsen. If Leto wins the Oscar for Best Supporting Actor on March 6, he'll accept the award in front of hundreds of millions if you consider the international audience.

    Addams looks forward to the platform the Academy Awards stage could provide Leto if he takes home the statue for Best Supporting Actor this month.

    “I hope Jared takes that moment to acknowledge the trans community and their struggle,” said Addams.
    “But those sort of bigger questions aside, I think he did an excellent job with the role.”


    Calpernia you're too good. I wouldn't be so forgiving tbh. All eyes on Leto this Sunday as he accepts his Oscar

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    Simon Cowell may have millions in the bank, multiple music awards to his name and a brand new baby boy but that hasn't stopped the businessman from being disappointed over One Direction's lack of Oscars recognition, according to insiders.

    1D made the move into movies with the release of their mega hit documentary This is Us last summer. The movie went on to pull in millions worldwide but despite breaking box office records it failed to make the shortlist for the Oscar Best Documentary category this year.

    The Mirror report that Simon was hoping the boy's film was in a good position for a nod as it was produced by Morgan Spurlock, former Oscar nominee for Supersize Me.

    Alas the film failed to receive a nomination and also missed out on a Best Original Song nod for Best Song Ever. Despite big names like Pharrell Williams and U2 ending up on the shortlist, sources suggest Simon was bemused by the lack of inclusion for 1D on the 75 song longlist:

    Simon is disappointed. Some of the tracks on the list are virtually unknown", an insider alleges.

    It seems devoted Directioners agree, with one fan tweeting ahead of tonight's 2014 ceremony: "SCREW THE ACADEMY FOR SNUBBING ONE DIRECTION. THEY DESERVED AN OSCAR FOR THIS IS US".

    Last year Simon made his Oscar aspirations clear, telling The Mirror that it was a big ambition to take home one of those famous statuettes:

    "I'm not going to lie, I've always had this dream of accepting an Oscar for a movie that I've produced or helped write, so I hope it happens one day," the 53-year old admitted.


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  • 03/02/14--06:15: Fuck this show.

  • Brothers will battle. Shippers will cry. The Internet will explode.
    Dramatic? Sure. Accurate? Yep!
    We're not joking when we tell you Reign's March 6 episode will change the CW hit series forever, leaving fans wondering how things will ever be the same at French court. Why? It's time for a royal wedding as King Henry reveals that England is now Mary's (Adelaide Kane) and tells her, "You will wed one of my sons tonight." So who will it be: Francis (Toby Regbo) or Bash (Torrance Coombs)?!
    We've got the ridiculously epic exclusive promo for "Consummation," which gives you your first look at Mary's gorgeous wedding dress, Amy Brenneman's debut as Mary's mother, Marie de Guise, and finds Queen Catherine's (Megan Follows) head on the chopping block. Literally.
    In the exclusive promo, we learn Mary and Bash are planning to elope, but Francis gets to Bash first, leading to an all-out brawl between the brooding brothers. However, it looks like Mary will eventually make her way down the aisle, donning a showstopping (and maybe ceremony-stopping?!) white lace gown.

    Of course, the wedding episode also serves as viewers' introduction to Marie de Guise, whose arrival at court will have a major impact on her conflicted daughter.
    "I think her mother's introduction puts a very personal face on the troubles of Scotland and Mary's history. It sets the stage for the fact that there's a country that has been waiting for her to reach adulthood, they've been waiting for her to rise and that they need her now very much," showrunner Laurie McCarthy previews. "She'll become incredibly torn between her responsibilities at French court, her love for Francis and a position that's begging her to return; that's going to create a lot of conflict."


    what is even going on anymore wtf it all feels so rushed 

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    Image and video hosting by TinyPic

    Two parents are protesting a lyric in a One Direction song that they feel is too suggestive for a performance of a high school show choir.

    Chelsea High School's show choir is set to perform "Live While We’re Young" by the British male pop band Saturday in a showcase with three other high school groups.

    The song begins with male singers asking a girl to sneak out for a night of fun. It's a lighthearted song, but the main objection from Chelsea residents Michael and Mary Stone is the chorus:

    "Let's go crazy, crazy, crazy til we see the sun. I know we've only met but let's pretend it's love. And never, never, never stop for anyone. Tonight let's get some. And live while we're young."

    The including of "get some" is an innuendo that Michael Stone says throws the context of the entire song into a sexual light that's inappropriate for high school students to be singing and dancing to—especially in a setting that's intended to be family-friendly.

    There's also a reference in the song to what the Stones say is sexting: "And if we get together, yeah get together. Don't let the pictures leave your phone."

    Students have to audition to be in the show choir at Chelsea, which is called Company C. The Stones said their daughter learned of the song choice after she auditioned to be in Company C—and that she raised concerns to the music director, Stephen Hinz, about the suggestive content of the lyrics.

    Hinz stood by his song choice, Mary Stone said, stating that he didn't interpret the lyrics to promote sexual promiscuity.

    Mary Stone met with Hinz, and later high school Principal Mike Kapolka, to see if she could get them to change "get some" to "let's go" in the lyrics to make the context less sexual.

    "I went to the principal and the principal admitted that he recognized there were references to sex in the song," Mary Stone said.

    Thursday Kapolka notified the Stones that the lyric didn't violate school policy and that the show would go on as scheduled Saturday. The response prompted the Stones to make a public appeal to Superintendent Andrew Ingall and to the media late Thursday night, asking that the lyrics be changed.

    “This is clearly the wrong message,” Michael Stone said. “We hate doing this but our conscience is driving us.”

    There are four students, including the Stones’ daughter, who will not be performing during the One Direction song because they’re opposed to the lyric choice.

    Though other parents have told the Stones they agree with their objection, no other parents are appealing to the superintendent.

    Chelsea School District doesn't have a specific policy that prohibits use of sexual innuendo in song lyrics.

    The Chelsea High School Student-Parent Handbook's section on dress code states: “Any item with vulgarity or profane imprinting, sexual innuendo/harassing imprinting including ‘hooters’ shirts or imprinting…is not permitted."

    Mary Stone said that policy implicitly prohibits sexual innuendo within public discourse or entertainment programs.

    She cited previous times when the district has made exceptions for racy content—including the fall drama production of "Guys and Dolls" when lines and characters were "toned down" to be more high school-friendly.

    Music director Hinz has also made exceptions for lyrics in other songs the show choir will be singing in its "Across the Pond" performance Saturday—naturally, all the songs in the show will be by British artists.

    Though "Live While We’re Young" by One Direction will be sung in its entirety, the show choir will be singing selections from "Don't Stop Me Now" by Queen and from Sting's "Fields of Gold"—which have been selected carefully to avoid innuendo-filled lyrics, Mary Stone said.

    The Stones are very clear that their appeal does not impact their high regard of Hinz.

    “We’ve been delighted with Mr. Hinz. My younger daughter is taking private voice lessons with his wife,” Michael Stone said. “We’re stunned that he’s so uncompromising and that he’s so insensitive to his students and parents. He has a wonderful program at this school and our children very much enjoy being involved in the choir.”

    Superintendent Ingall, Principal Kapolka and music director Hinz did not immediately return a request for comment Friday to the Ann Arbor News.

    The Stones received the following response from Ingall Friday afternoon: "Mr. Kapolka consulted with me prior to making his final decision regarding your assertion of a violation of the Chelsea High School Code of Conduct and/or School Board Policy. I affirm his determination that the Company C show does not violate our policies or guidelines."

    Company C will perform in the 2014 Showcase at the Chelsea High School Auditorium 7 p.m. Saturday, March 1.

    lmao they should listen to alive

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    You know she’s got the eye of the tiger and the bling of Cleopatra, but how’s Capitol’s Katy Perry doing in the marketplace?

    In a word: Strong.

    In the 19 weeks it’s been at retail, Perry’s PRISM has left the Top 10 only once. The album has been certified platinum both as a standalone (it’s currently at 1.2m) and in pure TEA—having furnished singles, including two #1 smashes at Pop radio—accounting for more than 10m tracks sold).

    Speaking of those singles, "Roar" has moved more than 5m tracks in the U.S. since release. Globally, the song has sold 8.6m tracks and earned 425m audio and video streams.

    Follow-up "Dark Horse," currently enjoying its third week as the #1 song at Pop radio, has moved more than 3.5m singles domestically and 4.2m worldwide, and has roosted at or near the top of the iTunes singles chart for months. In the five days since its release, the song’s video has commanded more than 30m video views worldwide. It’s also #3 on our most recent Shazam chart. "Unconditionally," meanwhile, adds another 1m U.S. downloads and 1.5m worldwide to the tally, not to mention 70m views RTD.

    She holds the Top 2 all-time weekly spins at MediabaseTop 40  with "Roar" and "Dark Horse," and is the only artist ever to appear twice in the all-time Top 10 totals.

    "It’s truly been an amazing global effort," says label EVPGreg Thompson. "Katy’s core team came into the process and inherited the power and muscle of her new family, the global UMG family, and you can see the results of that. We've worked well with her management. Katy herself has also connected more deeply—and widely—with fans. She really understands social networking; she’s really active and it’s all authentically from her. If she’s not the hardest-working artist I’ve ever seen, she’s one of them."

    Perry’s busy schedule has had her crisscrossing the globe; U.K. dates precede her U.S. arena jaunt, which runs from June to September). Ticket sales are reportedly a blowout, so maybe she can finally buy that pyramid she’s had her eye on.

    Source: http://www.hitsdailydouble.com/news/newsPage.cgi?news09749m01

    Katy Patra is destroying the game this era!

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    After two decades of stellar performances, Leonardo DiCaprio still doesn't have an Academy Award. What gives?

    After a stellar award season, the 86th Academy Awards are this weekend and — by almost anyone’s measure — Matthew McConaughey has a lock on the Best Actor Award.

    Though this year has seen fierce competition from his co-nominees Chiwetel Ejiofor, Christian Bale, Bruce Dern and Leonardo DiCaprio (more on him in a minute), there’s been an undeniable groundswell of support for McConaughey. His role in Dallas Buyers Club certainly checks all the boxes typical of an award-winning performance: he lost a dramatic amount of weight for the role; he plays a real-life character who not only suffers from a deadly illness, but also heroically fights a weighty cause for others; and he’s already proven at other award ceremonies that he can hit a humble, charming and funny acceptance speech out of the park. Few would be surprised to see him snag the statue come Sunday night.

    However, it’s often the case that Academy doesn’t necessarily reward individual performances, but frequently gives awards to those who probably should have won at some point in the past — but were overlooked — or those who have a body of consistently stellar work. That explains why the McConnaissance — the transformation of McConaughey from the shirtless rom-com star into a powerhouse actor who tackles challenging and varied roles — has been such a big part of the pre-Oscar conversation. McConaughey deserves the award, some say, not only because of Dallas Buyers Club, but also because of his great recent roles in Mud, The Paperboy, HBO’s True Detective and, funnily enough, The Wolf of Wall Street.

    But the buzz over McConaughey’s career transformation and award chances raises a question: When will it be Leo’s turn?

    When you look over his career, it’s astonishing to think that DiCaprio — who has been acting in critically-acclaimed films for 20 years now — has yet to win an Oscar. In fact, his nomination for The Wolf of Wall Street marks only the fourth time he’s received a nod over the course of many diverse performances. When McConaughey fans discuss how the actor has made a calculated choice to take on deep and challenging roles in recent years, they tend to ignore the fact that DiCaprio has always taken on such roles.

    Over the years, DiCaprio has moved from genre to genre, skillfully tackling romance (Titanic), crime capers (Catch Me If You Can), and blockbusters (Inception). He’s even done Shakespeare! From playing an abused stepson (This Boy’s Life) to a young pyromaniac (Marvin’s Room) to a tortured undercover cop (The Departed) to a disenchanted suburbanite in a broken marriage (Revolutionary Road), DiCaprio has made an entire career out inhabiting gripping roles.

    And while the Academy has given DiCaprio a nod here or there over the years — for What’s Eating Gilbert Grape, The Aviator and Blood Diamond — he’s never actually had the chance to deliver an acceptance speech. Though his turn as stockbroker-turned-crook Jordan Belfort in The Wolf of Wall Street is impressive — the scenes where he is high on Quaaludes particularly so — the general consensus says he won’t be taking home the trophy this year, either.

    Of course, similar arguments could be made for Christian Bale and Bruce Dern, who have also had long and varied careers, but, then again, Bale already has one Academy Award under his belt and Dern has only rarely played the lead. (Chiwetel Ejiofor, who could well take the prize on Sunday, is the breakout here, but will surely have plenty of nominations in the future — no matter what happens.) And while award ceremonies are rarely truly fair, it will certainly sting just a little more sharply for Leo — who, along with Paramount, has mounted a full-force award campaign for Wolf over the last few weeks — if he’s to once again get the shaft.

    No matter what, there’s little doubt that DiCaprio will have the opportunity to thank the Academy in the future. The question is: if not now, when?


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     photo nicole-richie-13_zpse35ed102.jpg

    Nicole Richie looked shockingly thin at the QVC's "Red Carpet Style - Live from L.A." event at the Four Seasons Hotel in Los Angeles, Calif., on Friday.

    The reality star wore a black dress that wrapped around her neck and bared her shoulders, which looked very bony.

    An insider recently told Yahoo! that Richie, 32, has been shedding weight by following a juice cleanse diet in which she doesn't eat solid food.

    It's reported that she drinks six green juices over the course of the day, both for health reasons and to lose weight.

     photo nicole-richie-14_zpscb53d5d0.jpg

     photo nicole-richie-15_zps5f1e7a4e.jpg


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    Justin Bieber celebrated his 20th birthday with his family.

    The 'Beauty And A Beat' hitmaker's father, Jeremy Bieber, flew to the star's new home in Atlanta, Georgia with his other children, Jazmyn, five, and Jaxon, four, to help him mark the occasion on Saturday (03.01.14).

    Jeremy, who reportedly split from his younger children's mother Erin Wagner recently after seven years, wrote on Twitter: ''Happy Birthday son. Wow 20!''

    Justin's mother Pattie Mallette, who split from Jeremy when the singer was two, also tweeted: ''Happy Birthday YOU KNOW WHO! I love you. Xoxo''

    Justin will reportedly enjoy a party with his friends before he appears in court in Miami on Monday (03.03.14) to face charges for driving under the influence (DUI), driving with an expired license and resisting arrest last month.

    But the 'Boyfriend' hitmaker is said to have sparked concern among some of his pals since moving from Los Angeles - where he had a schedule set up by people connected to his business affairs - to Atlanta, as he no longer has any real rules or plans, with insiders claiming he spends much of his time smoking marijuana or consuming sizzurp, a cocktail of Sprite, Jolly Tancher sweets and medications codeine and promethazine, which is referred to by the singer and his pals as 'lean'.

    A source previously said: ''He is constantly high. Drinking more lean, smoking more weed than ever.''


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    Ralph Fiennes tells Jimmy Fallon about his time with Lupita as his PA on the Constant Gardener and then meeting her at the Telluride Film Festival.

    He talks about other things after 2:30, so you can stop there.


    Let's all call the corners for Lupita tonight, that she may rise above mediocre mayonnaise.
    Also prayer circle for Chiwetel whose Oscar will definitely be stolen tonight by Matthew McConaughey

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    A Los Angeles County jury has ordered Lisa Kudrow to pay her former manager $1.6 million in residuals from her work on "Friends."

    The verdict was returned Tuesday in a lawsuit filed by Scott Howard. He claimed he had an oral agreement with the actress and was owed a percentage of her earnings on the hit NBC sitcom.

    Howard worked with Kudrow for 16 years, beginning in 1991.

    Kudrow contended during the trial that she paid Howard more than $11 million before they parted ways in 2007.

    Kudrow's attorney, Gerald Sauer, says the verdict will be appealed.

    Kudrow starred on "Friends" from 1994 to 2004.

    City News Service says trial testimony indicated she earned more than $1 million per episode by the end of the show's run.

    Source: http://www.myfoxla.com/story/24832159/lisa-kudrow-ordered-to-pay-ex-manager-16-million#ixzz2upbxJmRr

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    Melissa Joan Hart has lost 40 pounds with the help of Nutrisystem since giving birth to her third child, son Tucker in September of 2012, and only ET is with the Melissa & Joey star as she shows off the results in a sexy blue one-piece!

    ET was on the set of her latest commercial as the spokesperson for Nutrisystem, where Melissa felt "pretty amazing" in her bathing suit.

    "I felt prepared. I was confident," she smiles. "I don't wear bikinis even when I go to the beach, so when I put it on in front of the cameras and all these people, and my husband showed up -- it's nerve-wracking but the feeling is very satisfying."

    Melissa, who gained 60 pounds during her third pregnancy, says she didn't feel as much pressure to lose the baby weight so quickly this time around as opposed to her first pregnancy.

    "For me, it was important to bond with my child, as opposed to 'lose the weight.' So I waited until I was ready, and I knew I had the time, and then I made it a priority that I would eat well," she says. " ... In the beginning, I felt an uncomfortable pressure that I rebelled against, but this third time, I had to go back on camera, I wanted to look great, so I focused on it once I knew I had the time in my schedule."

    And is she happy with her current body?

    "I am actually -- I am really happy where I am," the 37-year-old actress says. "I could live like this. I'm on a good path -- I love where I'm at and I feel amazing."

    Source 1 - 2

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    Image and video hosting by TinyPic
    Grace Kelly wearing Edith Head, 1955

    Image and video hosting by TinyPic
    Charlize Theron wearing Vera Wang, 2000

    Image and video hosting by TinyPic
    Hilary Swank wearing Guy Laroche, 2005

    Image and video hosting by TinyPic
    Keira Knightley wearing Vera Wang, 2006

    Image and video hosting by TinyPic
    Marion Cotillard wearing Jean Paul Gaultier, 2008

    Image and video hosting by TinyPic
    Mila Kunis wearing Elie Saab, 2011

    Full list at the source

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    Selena Gomez and Zooey Deschanel proved they're two of the sexiest stars in the showbiz world, as the Spring Breakers star and her 'girl crush' hit the town and posted a sexy selfie.

    The Instagram snap taken on March 2 shows Selena posing with her tongue stuck out and eyes shut, topping off her sex kitten look with some ruby red lips.

    While New Girl star Zooey sports her trademark doe-eyed look, whilst clutching a drink (alcoholic or soft…the jury is still out).

    Back in 2012, the former Disney starlet named Zooey in an Instgram pic as her "girl crush", but we don't think One Direction's Niall Horan has much to worry about, as the smoldering actresses are just good friends.
    Later on in the night Selena went for a solo sexy selfie, and posted a black and white filtered pic of herself looking demure yet strikingly beautiful.

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    What's going on between screenwriter John Ridley and director Steve McQueen? When Ridley won the Academy Award for Best Adapted Screenplay tonight, he pointedly ignored McQueen, instead choosing to hug former collaborator and total asshole David O. Russell. During his speech, he singled out producer Brad Pitt but did not mention McQueen by name.

    McQueen, in turn, gave an exaggerated, ironic slow clap when Ridley's name was announced. When his film won Best Picture, McQueen hugged most of the people around him, but not Ridley, and did not include Ridley amongst the people he thanked.

    So what happened? According to Matthew Belloni, of the Hollywood Reporter, that's what everyone wants to know:

    So far, this is the most popular theory:

    The Daily Show's Larry Wilmore seems to think this tension has been going on for months:

    Surprising that none of the 50 million entertainment reporters covering these events picked up on this situation before now.

    ETA: The video I've posted doesn't show the sarcastic clapping. Here is a link to a vine that does: https://vine.co/v/MA7p2dXp7qe

    First post! Sorry if the formatting's all messed up.

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    Don't miss the next episode of The Walking Dead, Sun., Mar. 9 at 9/8c.

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