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Oh No They Didn't! - LiveJournal.com

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    Watch them below (updated as and when they air) and then let us know your favourite in the comments below!


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    Anne Hathaway is continuing to open up about all her haters.

    The 31-year-old actress, who disappeared from the spotlight for a while after her Oscar win in Feb. 2013, said she knows there are people out there who don't like her.

    Speaking to MTV News at the Sundance Film Festival, Hathaway was asked why she decided to return with her new film Song One.
    "We had been working on the script for two years before we actually started shooting," she dished."All of the elements came together in that moment. I don't want to bring up a sore subject or anything—I think my publicist is probably like, 'No, no no'—but I had just taken a little bit of a beating from the Internet."

    She continued, "And it was the greatest thing in the world to get to work with my friends and get to go to work every day and bring Kate's vision to life, which is a vision that I believe in. I felt like it was really cool. I felt like I had a secret."

    Last week, Hathaway opened up about the same topic of why she stayed out of the public eye after last awards season. "My impression is that people needed a break from me," she said.
    Hathaway also opened up about her Song One role.

    "And it's a very different film than [Les Misèrables], but I don't play a singer or a musician—I play an anthropologist," she clarified to HuffPost. "So, I don't think it would have felt organic at all if all of a sudden [her character] Franny had this secretly honed talent. So, it was fun to get to sing and to find a place in my voice that it sounded like it was untrained and tentative and shy. But, I thought, you know, she comes from a musical family so she probably has a nice voice, but just isn't a singer."


    I know people refer to 2014 as the year when stanning dies and faves' ugly true faces are revealed but I feel oddly safe about my girl. I believe her controversial Oscar Race 'jinxed' the curse. She cannot be hated more than she was, can she?

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    Ryan Gosling

    Aspiring actor Nicholas Ryan, 32, spent over $5,000 in an attempt to look like Ryan Gosling. Effing LOL, am I right? Looking on the bright side, he's only spent 5 Gs, but still, that's a lot of money to spend to look absolutely nothing like Ryan Gosling. Nicholas says he is happy with the results and goes on to add this little nugget of delusion, "Ryan Gosling does well with the ladies, hopefully so can I." Oh Nicholas, I just can't with you. I wish you well. Especially when you wake up to reality. I'm guessing those are going to be some rough days.

    Brad Pitt

    Remember that show on MTV 'I Want a Famous Face" ? MTV has the best worst shows, am I right? One of my absolute favortie episodes was the one with twins Mike and Matt who wanted to look like Brad Pitt in order to make it big. Both underwent multiple painful procedures in order to look absolutely nothing like Brad Pitt. They seem happy with looking like they went to Keith Urban's hairstylist though. "It will change your personality," Mike said, "The way you act and carry yourself forever. I never knew that I could be as happy as I am right now."I guess I'm happy for them. And I will say that their skin does look much better. So there's that...


    Since 1998, 35-year-old Hebert Chavez has had around 17 plastic-surgery procedures to make him look like his childhood idol, Superman. And suddenly all those internet babies lamenting the casting of Jesse Eisenberg as Lex Luthor don't look nearly so fanatical. Chavez is happy with the results and has even become sort of a celebrtiy in his country, "I don't have any regrets at all. People come up to me in the street all the time and want their picture taken with me. They are all really excited to see a real-life Superman in the Philippines." I guess he's no more disturbing than the creepy superheroes I see at the Hollywood Boulevard tourist traps. Well, maybe just a little bit more.

    Rest @ source

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    Anybody worried about how Bruno Mars would do on one of the world's largest stages had obviously never seen the young star perform live. That all changed Sunday night when tens of millions got their first chance to see why he's one of the most exciting live acts of his generation.

    Mars, 28, took his high-powered live show to Super Bowl halftime, creating what felt like an intimate show in the arena in East Rutherford, N.J., and supersizing it in what has become a defining moment for those who preceded him on the list of halftime performers in the big game.

    The Grammy Award-winning singer eliminated any doubters from the second he appeared on screen in a skinny tie and gold jacket almost as dazzling as his smile. He played a deep-groove drum solo while rolling across the field on a raised, motorized platform, then joined his smoking-hot live band for a series of energetically executed hits that were clearly not lip-synced. He then seamlessly integrated the Red Hot Chili Peppers into his set.

    "There were a lot of doubters and my man delivered," Fox commentator Howie Long said after the performance.

    Hard to disagree. There were no flubs, no negative moments that will live on at the water cooler Monday morning. And while you can argue about the entertainment value of watching shirtless Chili Peppers gambol about the stage, the 50-year-old Rock and Roll Hall of Famers managed to match Mars' energy in a brief appearance that was no less memorable.


    Mars trades in shared memories, taking the best of acts that have come before like the infectiousness of Sting and The Police, or the groove of James Brown, and updating them with lyrics and sounds that capture the freshness of the current moment. He opened by displaying the beauty of his high tenor with the sing-a-long-inviting "Locked Out of Heaven" and "Treasure" before transitioning to "Runaway Baby."

    That song, with its Brown-flavoured beat, allowed the Hawaiian-born singer to dance in homage to "Soul Brother Number One," complete with an impressive gymnastics-style split as part of his moves. He broke down the band to silence and killed the lights for a moment, allowing the crowd's screams to be heard at home, before transitioning to the Chili Peppers and the funky "Give It Away."

    The Chili Peppers, which included singer Anthony Kiedis and bassist Flea sans shirts in temperatures that hovered in the 40s, powered through the song, then joined Mars and his Hooligans in a quick few bars from Black Sabbath.

    Mars and his eight-piece band, The Hooligans, were dressed from head-to-toe in custom-made clothes from Saint Laurent by Hedi Slimane.

    Fox cut to video segments of soldiers around the world dedicating the next song to loved ones before going back to Mars. He appeared alone on a small stage in the centre of the field where he sang the ballad "Just the Way You Are" with the stands full of lights and the sky aflame with the biggest fireworks display in NFL Super Bowl history.


    It was a powerful moment and compared favourably to past performances by stars like Prince and Bruce Springsteen.

    There was never a dull moment. That's about all you can ask, especially in a game that was full of them.


    my bb did so well! <3

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    All of the names have all been changed, but by the looks of this trailer, Michael Winterbottom’s “The Face of an Angel” is definitely very closely based on the Amanda Knox murder trial. Daniel Bruhl and Kate Beckinsale take the lead roles here, as a journalist and documentary filmmaker, respectively, each covering the trial and the media circus surrounding it.

    Jessica and Elizabeth are the two girls taking the place of Amanda Knox and her murdered roommate Meredith Kercher here, two girls who look very similar but whose differing personalities (one “very quiet,” the other “sexual,” according to this trailer, as if the two are mutually exclusive) prove fascinating to the stampede of media rushing to cover the salacious murder.

    idk how Cara Delevingne fits into this movie

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    After racking up nearly 80 credits to her name, Kristin Scott Thomas has declared she's tired of making movies.

    "I just suddenly thought, I cannot cope with another film," she told The Guardian. "I realised I've done the things I know how to do so many times in different languages, and I just suddenly thought, I can't do it any more. I'm bored by it. So I'm stopping."

    Unsurprisingly, Scott Thomas is frustrated by the narrow spectrum of roles she is offered as an "aging actress."She doesn't want to play the "sad middle-aged woman" anymore: "[I'm] asked to do the same things over and over, because people know you can do that, so they want you to do that. But I just don't want to pretend to be unhappy anymore -- and it is mostly unhappy."

    She adds, "I'm often asked to do something because I'm going to be a sort of weight to their otherwise flimsy production. They need me for production purposes, basically. So they give me a little role in something where they know I'm going to be able to turn up, know what to do, cry in the right place. I shouldn't bite the hand that feeds, but I keep doing these things for other people, and last year I just decided life's too short. I don't want to do it anymore."

    There might be a small surfeit of roles for elderly actresses like Maggie Smith and Judi Dench (who never seem to stop working, thank goodness), but the film industry has little need for women in their fifties, except to play moms. Scott Thomas notes, "I'm sort of, as the French would say, 'stuck between two chairs', because I'm no longer 40 and sort of a seductress, and I'm not yet a granny."

    A great illustration of her professional plight is The Invisible Woman, the 2013 film directed by and starring Ralph Fiennes about Charles Dickens' much younger mistress. Back in 1996, the 53-year-old Scott Thomas and the 51-year-old Fiennes played lovers in The English Patient. In The Invisible Woman, Scott Thomas played the mother of Fiennes' love interest, played by 30-year-old Felicity Jones.

    Scott Thomas hasn't foresworn all film roles for the rest of her life, but she definitely won't be doing studio movies ever again: "I can't bear all the kind of rubbish that goes on on those big films. I just can't stand sitting around for hours in a great big luxury trailer, waiting, bored out of my head. I used to do a lot of tapestry. Yes, I had a lot of cushions around." Regarding her last Hollywood picture, Confessions of a Shopaholic, she says, "I thought it would be quite good fun. But I spent my entire time waiting. I hated it, hated it, hated it, and I said that I wouldn't do another one."

    Nor will Scott Thomas' fans be able to find her on TV, the medium where many of her peers have found creative fulfillment: "I can't do miniseries. Once you've got the characters, once you know who they are, they're going to repeat themselves, aren't they, for the next five years? It just goes on and on and on. I get terribly bored. Series bore me."

    Don't despair yet. If you really need a fix of Scott Thomas, you'll find her doing theater, her new love. "When you are acting in a film, you're giving the director the raw material to make the film," she says. "But when you're acting on stage, that's it. And that's when you discover that you can really do it. It's this word 'trust' that keeps coming to me. It's not a question of whether one person is conning you into thinking you can do it, saying, 'Oh, it was beautiful.' On stage, if it works, it works."


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    Learn Spanish with Ricky Rubio: 'Our World Cup'

    Emotions are running high in the Rubio household these days, and we couldn’t be happier about it.

    Every positive exclamation Rubio has on Twitter brings us a new chance to learn from his enthusiastic and energetic ways, while also giving us a chance to bone up on our Spanish as well.

    Truly a giver on, and off the court.

    Many of Rubio’s tweets these days revolve around the 2014 FIBA World Championships this coming summer in his home country of Spain, and today is no different.

    TRANSLATION: Tomorrow at 19:00, the draw for the WC2014. Begins “our” World Cup.

    Unlike many of the tweets we feature in this ongoing segment, this comes from the cuddly horse’s mouth.

    It was tweeted Sunday and referenced Monday’s FIBA World Championships draw, which happened at 7 p.m. Spanish time.

    That means it came down the line at 1 p.m. here in our fair state, and in case you’re curious for the results, they are here.

    What’s important to Rubio is that Spain drew the toughest group of them all, a cluster that also features Tony Parker and France and the always tough Brazilian team.

    We’re guessing Ricky isn’t too worried about that though, since his love for Spain is deep and passion for the upcoming FIBAs is one that burns throughout his extremities.

    Oh Ricky, all you lack is a jump shot, but your loyal and undyingly upbeat nature makes up for the bricks you throw up on a nightly basis. Rest assured, our love for you is a swish that couldn’t be stopped by all the bricks in the world.

    Video: Chandler Parsons’ Alley-Oop Rejected By Rim

    The Rockets handed the Cavs another loss on Saturday night with their two all-stars, James Harden and Dwight Howard, out dueling a Luol Deng, Kyrie Irving combination that looked good in spots on their way to 45 combined points. But Harden and Howard had 54 together as they built a first quarter lead and never lost it at the Toyota Center in Houston. Despite the big effort from their two stars, one of their ancillary scoring options, Chandler Parsons only had seven in the win, and failed miserably during a lob throw by Harden.

    A few weeks back, we saw Blake Griffin get snuffed on the slam by a piece of iron. The same thing happens here as Parsons gets rejected by the side of the rim after the lob from Harden.

    Source 1234

    Ur welcome guise <3 <3

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    Can't a woman hit a bums and tums workout class at her local gym without the world going crazy? Not if that woman is Victoria Beckham she can't.

    Victoria Beckham startled a group of unsuspecting gym goers by rocking up to her local London gym for a bums and tums workout.

    The designer turned up, unannounced, with husband David, like she was just a normal woman or something.

    How very dare she.

    A lucky member of the 6am class (wait, they have classes at 6am? Get out of here), told The Mirror:

    "Victoria worked really hard. It's incredibly gruelling – one long class consisting of various body weight exercises like press-ups, squat thrusts and burpees, plus treadmill sprints and hellish abs moves."

    "David was chatting to her intermittently but other than this, the couple just kept their heads down and gritted it out," they added.

    The exact location of this gym is unconfirmed - but it is near the couple's new home in West London.

    If you can't afford a posh gym membership like VB (maybe you can, we're don't judge) - try some of our at home workouts for your bums and tums...


    Fitness post!

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    Dylan Sprayberry, who played young Clark Kent, will recur on the MTV drama.

    The younger-skewing cable network announced Monday that Dylan Sprayberry has boarded the cast of Teen Wolf.

    Sprayberry will play Liam, a new freshman at Beacon Hills High School. He'll have a heavy recurring role in the previously announced fourth season of the series.

    The role marks the latest gig for Sprayberry, who also played a young version of Blaine's brother, Cooper (Matt Bomer) on Fox's Glee. He's repped by UTA and Pallas Management.


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    We all have recurring nightmares.

    For the Fox network series “Kitchen Nightmares,” the familiar spirits are Samy and Amy Bouzaglo, the Scottsdale owners of Amy’s Baking Company. The couple will be the subject of the first episode of Season 6, “Amy’s Baking Company, Part Two,” airing at 8 p.m. Pacific time on Friday, Feb. 28.

    Samy and Amy catapulted into the spotlight last year, after the May 10 airing of an episode that showed them yelling expletives at customers, taking tips left for servers and refusing to take any criticism from the host, British chef Gordon Ramsay. For the first time in the show’s history, Ramsay ditched the restaurant owners before making any changes. If you missed any of the original shenanigans, catch an encore of “Part One” at 8 p.m. Pacific time on Friday, Feb. 21.

    Back in May, the social-media outcry was immediate. Thousands of people from across the country took to Yelp, Facebook, Reddit and other websites to voice their disgust with the owners. A social-media poster claiming to be the Bouzaglos retaliated, spewing obscenities and vowing legal recourse. Buzzfeed called it “the most epic brand meltdown on Facebook ever.”

    The brand never broke, though.

    The restaurant is still open, even selling T-shirts and hats emblazoned with some of the phrases that shot them to notoriety, including “Here’s your pizza, go (expletive) yourself!” and “I speak feline MEOW!”

    The Bouzaglos were rumored to star in their own reality show, but have since said the deal fell through.


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    Swedish Hockey Bae, Henrik Zetterberg

    Zetterberg, captain of the Detroit Red Wings, will compete at Sochi on the Swedish Hockey team. He voiced his stance earlier this year, calling the anti-LGBT laws “awful, just awful.” Tamba [sic] Bay Lighting defenseman Victor Hedman, who did not make the Olympic team, also voiced his stating, “That’s completely wrong, we’re all humans. No one should have a say in what way you’re sexually oriented.”

    Australian Snowboarder, Belle Brockhoff

    The 20-year-old Aussie came out of the closet in August as a display of solidarity with gay and lesbian athletes. After qualifying to compete in snowboard cross, she has made her feelings toward Russian President Vladimir Putin and his country’s anti-gay laws very clear, promising to “rip on his ass” during interviews. “I’m not happy and there’s a bunch of other Olympians who are not happy either,” she said.

    During the games she also plans on making small displays of support.“The most I’ll do is hold up six fingers to represent Principle Six. Possibly I’ll do it on camera here or there, and maybe after the heats of my event.” The Principle Six campaign, named after the clause in the Olympic charter that guarantees non-discrimination, was formed by two nonprofits: Athlete Ally and All Out. Brockhoff and the other athletes that have joined the campaign are pushing Russia to repeal its controversial anti-LGBT legislation.

    The Australian Bobsled Team

    Heath Spence, the captain of the Aussie bobsled team, and his teammates are showing their support right on their sled. The Principle 6 Campaign recently became an official sponsor for the team, with its logo appearing on its bobsled at the World Cup event in Lake Placid, N.Y. “We don’t just believe that on principle — some of our most loyal supporters have been gay,” Spence said. “We’re against discrimination in sport, full stop. That means we also oppose discrimination against gay and lesbian athletes.”

    [Would you let the Australian bobsled team run a train on you?]

    Canadian Speedskater, Anastasia Bucsis

    After making the decision to come out publicly this September, the speedskater isn’t going to hide anything in Sochi — she will compete as an out gay Olympian.
    She remains optimistic about the future of LGBT people living in Russia, “I also have faith in Russia. I think — I hope — that things will get better.” The athlete, who will compete in women’s long track, has joined several other olympians in the Athlete Ally campaign.

    U.S. Figure Skater, Jeremy Abbott

    Four-time U.S. figure skating national champion Jeremy Abbott sounded off on Russia’s anti-LGBT laws after securing a spot on the men’s figure skating team, stating that the laws are “very unfortunate.” He went on to say, “I don’t care what people assume about me, whether or not I am gay or straight. Ultimately I think it has no baring [sic] on the conversation. I’m an ally and I believe everyone should be supportive of human rights.”

    Go to source to read the full list.

    So, I read a suggestion from a Russian LGBT organization that we should turn off our TVs for two minutes during the commercial break, so the sponsors lose out on money. Will you be tuning in for the Olympics?


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    It doesn’t take a lot to upset One Direction’s legions of fans , but Zayn Malik’s appearance (or lack of) in their new video has done just that.
    The heart-throb has a total of 11 SECONDS of solo airtime in the three minute 21 second long video for Midnight Memories – as opposed to Louis Tomlinson, who has more than double that amount.
    As anticipated, the legions of Directioners have had their say.
    Other calmer, more collected fans explained their angst with: “Zayn had about 10 seconds of screen time for mm music video, I’m not happy.”
    And one put: “As usual Zayn got the least amount of screen time and I’m not pleased.”
    Another was more succinct writing: “Zayn got, like, zero screen time, like, wtf?”
    A source close to the band said: “The rest of the boys sing solos in the track, so obviously they feature on their own in the video a bit more.
    “But it’s weird that in a lot of the group shots, like on the police boat, Zayn’s back is turned.
    “Otherwise, he’s almost always lurking out of shot, except when all five of the boys are on screen.
    “It reflects how quiet he always is in interviews with the others, too.”
    Zayn, 21, did get a lot of the action in their last video, for Best Song Ever, where he dressed up as a secretary.
    But fans have been quick to point out that Louis seems to have most screen time in the vid.
    And I calculate that he is on screen solo for about 28 seconds, and is
    otherwise at the forefront of group shots, leading the rest of the boys along a pier and out of a kebab shop.
    Harry Styles clocks up 32 seconds of either solo screen time, or footage of him with just one other bandmate, while Niall Horan enjoys about 22, thanks to him taking a huge bite from a kebab.
    Liam Payne gets his share of the limelight ducking over a wall and clocks up almost 20 seconds.
    Poor Zayn also has the fewest Twitter followers. Sadface.
    Not cool Flop Winston.

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    Kristen Doute has finally learned her lesson. No, not when it comes to Tom Sandoval but her boss Lisa Vanderpump. OK! magazine caught up with Kristen and Tom at the Bravo offices, where she opened up about the drama this season, specifically with Lisa.

    Kristen completely stands by the first episode of the season and the way she acted with Lisa.

    She points out the fact that she doesn’t have a typical boss-employee relationship with the RHOBH star and the “weird line” she’s learned not to cross. With Tom by her side, she explained that it's hard for her to talk to Lisa only as an employee because Lisa gets into their personal business.

    "If you're gonna get in my business and talk about my relationships I'm not gonna talk to you like we're talking about someone's schedule. So it's just a very weird line that I've now learned how to not cross," she said.

    This doesn't mean that she regrets how she spoke to Lisa in the first episode of the season. She said she doesn't regret her behavior and explained there was more than viewers saw - namely Lisa getting in her face about not attending Scheana and Pandora's birthday party at her house.

    It turns out Kristen & Lisa have similar personality traits even though she says Lisa would deny it.

    Preview of tonight's shocking season finale!

    Scheana Marie Defends Stassi’s Attack On Kristen!

    Two stars of Vanderpump Rules agree that resident whiner Kristen deserved the slap heard around SUR, and RumorFix has their reactions. It all went down at Hollywood hotspot Beso, where Stassi was out to ruin former best friend Kristen’s life in front of coworkers after discovering Kristen had cheated with Stassi’s ex, Jax.

    So what do the other ladies of SUR have to save about the infamous catfight? Katie and Scheana took to their Bravo TV blogs defending the slap.

    “I just wanted to be there to support Stassi,” Katie blogged. “I was really hopeful that Kristen would crumble and apologize. I did not anticipate what came. I don’t condone physical violence in any way. With that said, this was a deserved slap. Kristen’s demeanor and attitude was appalling.”

    Scheana agreed, writing, “I must say Stassi’s plan to confront Kristen was genius and I would’ve done the same thing. The only thing was, I felt absolutely terrible for blindsiding Tom with this.” She went on to say that several of their friends wanted to tell Tom what was in store that night, but feared he would warn Kristen and she might not show up.

    That didn’t stop Scheana’s guilt on the matter: “To this day I still apologize to Tom for being a part of that confrontation. It wasn’t fair to him and I will always be sorry for that!”

    Tom & Jax's Awkward Photo Shoot!

    The Bravo clip features Lisa, Guillermo and Jax (swoon status, ladies) having a conversation poolside at the annual SUR photo shoot.

    Jax shows no remorse towards what he’s done to his best friend, Tom. (ICYMI, he admitted to sleeping with Tom’s girlfriend, Kristen — not once, but twice.)

    But things come to an explosive head at Scheana’s engagement party when Kristen and Tom finally face off with Jax and his ex, Stassi.

    Carlton Confronts Kyle About Her Snide Remarks!

    There’s a new feud brewing in the 90210. In a sneak preview for tonight's episode of The Real Housewives Of Beverly Hills, hell breaks loose at Mauricio’s birthday celebration when Carlton calls out castmate Kyle for her backhanded comments.

    “I have this feeling you’ve been talking shit about me,” Carlton said. “It was confirmed at my party with a few friends of mine. You were standing in the bathroom line and you said out loud, 'ew. I’m not going in this bathroom. Gross'. You’ve been making some nasty little snide remarks and I don’t like it.”

    Kyle, who previously called Carlton a “walking, talking contradiction,” tried to defend herself against the accusations.

    “I have been nothing but fucking nice to you. You’ve been looking for something with me since day one. I’ve gone out of my way to know you,” Kyle said.

    The fight intensified when Kyle asked to speak after Carlton interrupted her. Carlton lost it and screamed: “Don’t you dare command me! Don’t you fucking dare!”


    RumorFix, Life&Style, Examiner, RadarOnline

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    Kit Harington and Adewale Akinnuoye-Agbaje on Despierta America

    Pompeii Fan Meet and Greet in South Beach

    A big thank you to the always great theonlysolution for inspiring this post.

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    The folks involved with the "Veronica Mars" movie are organizing a special treat for fans -- a re-watch with Q&As with certain cast and crew members from the TV series.

    Neptune Rising already has a full three-season re-watch in full swing, but now creator Rob Thomas and various stars are joining the fray. Thomas cautions that there could always be last-minute scheduling conflicts, but here is the schedule for the star-studded re-watch:
    Feb 3: PERCY DAGGS (@PDaggsIII), ep 2x12, Rashard & Wallace Go To White Castle.
    Feb 4: AMANDA NORET (@amanda_noret), ep 2x13, Ain't No Magic Mountain High Enough.
    Feb 7: DARAN NORRIS (@golfstoomuch), ep 2x16, The Rapes of Graff.
    Feb 17: RYAN HANSEN (@HiRyanHansen), ep 3x4, Charlie Don't Surf.
    Feb 21: DIANE RUGGIERO (@rugz19), ep 3x8, Lord of the Pis.
    Feb 26: JASON DOHRING (@jason_dohring), ep 3x13, Postgame Mortem.
    Feb 27: BRANDON HILLOCK (@fanboybrandon), ep 3x14, Mars, Bars.
    Mar 2: DAN ETHERIDGE (@danetheridge), ep 3x17 Debasement Tapes.
    Mar 4: FRANCIS CAPRA (@franciscapra), ep 3x19, Weevils Wobble But They Don't Go Down.
    Mar 5: JOSH KRAMON (@JoshKramonMusic), ep 3x20, The B**** Is Back.

    If you want to join in the fun, make sure you're following @VeronicaMars, @NeptuneRising and the special guest on Twitter, then head to this URL on the specified date at 8 p.m. ET/5 p.m. PT. You'll have to procure the episode on your own, either through Amazon Prime or your DVDs.

    Marshmallow Source
    Jason tweeting for the first time...I'm not sure what kind of craziness this will cause. ;)

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    Leonardo DiCaprio is surrounded by some male pals while sitting in a box watching the 2014 Super Bowl held at MetLife Stadium on Sunday (February 2) in East Rutherford, New Jersey.

    “Super Bowl Sunday madness!!! @vinnyel35 @stan_dubar L Dizzle @stevietrukfit @snagzmuzik” the user wrote on an Instagram account, along with the pic.

    We wonder who Leo was rooting for during the Super Bowl, the Broncos or the Seahawks?

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    my heaaaaaaaart. i love this man to death.

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    Lena Dunham is exacting some revenge on Howard Stern.

    One year after Stern slammed the Girls star on his radio show in January 2013 (he called her "a little fat girl who kind of looks like Jonah Hill"), Dunham hit the stage at Stern's recent 60th birthday party to share some humorous jokes.

    "I was so thrilled when I found out he knew who I was," Dunham said to the crowd of partygoers. "When I found out he was talking about me I tuned in just in time to hear him say I looked like Jonah Hill and that I was raping his eyes. He quickly apologized."

    The 27-year-old continued, "Then a minute later he asked me if I was intimidated because my boyfriend could be getting a much hotter piece of ass. At the time, I didn't have the wherewithal to ask if you were intimidated because [your wife] Beth could definitely be with someone who doesn't look like a cartoon of a Jewish female horse."

    Dunham's jokes were all in good fun though. She and Stern have become chums since the bashing and Stern has admitted to being a huge fan of Girls. Dunham later went on the praise the radio jockey and said he is a "champion of women in the arts."


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    Source of inspiration: Jennifer Aniston and Hugh Jackman are the most requested celebrity plastic surgery looks, a leading cosmetic expert has revealed
    Jennifer Aniston and Hugh Jackman are the most requested celebrity plastic surgery looks, a leading cosmetic expert has revealed. Nurse Jamie Sherrill, the co-founder of Beauty Park Medical Spa in Santa Monica, California, told MailOnline that clients spend up to $100,000 in a bid to get the same facial features as the two screen stars.But when it comes to the body, women request Gisele Bündchen's supermodel figure while men opt for actor Channing Tatum's buff pecs and abs, as seen in the 2012 film Magic Mike.

    Actor Hugh Jackman-1527843
    For those who can't afford a full transformation, more focused procedures are an attractive alternative.Nurse Jamie says that female patients usually ask for Angelina Jolie's pillowly lips, Katy Perry's porcelain skin, Keira Knightley's chiseled jawline and Megan Fox's feline eyes Meanwhile Beyonce has sparked interest in the arena of buttock implants, with fans bringing photographs of her sculpted derriere to consultations.Twilight heartthrob Robert Pattinson is the main source of inspiration when it comes to men altering their jawlines.
    And for a fuller look, the majority lust after Leonardo DiCaprio's boyish cheeks.
    Boosting their assests: Many women who visit California-based beautician Nurse Jamoe request butt implants to give them a sculpted derriere like Beyonce while men lust after Channing Tatum's buff physique

    On the eye front, Vampire Diaries actor Ian Somerhalder is the most frequent request with his piercing glassy-blue peepers, and for a flawless visage Orlando Bloom is top choice.
    Whereas 15per cent of her clients used to be men, Nurse Jamie says that number has shot up to 40per cent.She adds that celebrity-inspired makeovers have become increasingly common. In a bid to avoid disappointment, she makes it clear to patients that they will not look the same as their A-list crush after going under the knife.
    Explaining how she goes about mimicking the features of stars she said: 'Obviously I cannot make celebrity doppelgangers - but if someone comes in and has full lips and wants them to look like Angelina Jolie's I can make them appear more in the style of that but not the same.'For example Angelina's lower lip is dramatically fuller than her upper lip - in that case I know what look the patient has in mind and I then use that as a road map.'  The blonde mother-of-three says that she and her business partner Dr Daniel Yamini, also get celebrity clients wanting to look like other celebrities.'This surprising trend goes to show that we all seek inspiration and improvement along the way,' she noted.


    • Overall look - Jennifer Aniston

    • Body - Gisele Bündchen

    • Jawline - Keira Knightley

    • Eyes - Megan Fox

    • Skin - Katy Perry

    • Lips - Angelina Jolie

    • Butt - Beyonce

    • MEN

    • Overall look - Hugh Jackman

    • Body - Channing Tatum

    • Jawline - Robert Pattinson

    • Eyes - Ian Somerhalder

    • Skin - Orlando Bloom

    • Cheeks - Leonardo DiCaprio

    • src

    which celeb face/body would u like to have?

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