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Oh No They Didn't! - LiveJournal.com

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    OMG! Reload Your Twitter Feed! As of today, Drew Barrymore has official joined the Twittersphere — follow her at @DrewBarrymore. And to celebrate Drew’s first week on Twitter, we’re hosting a Twitterview with the star on Thursday, August 22 at 3pm EST. Click here to read an excerpt of her September InStyle cover story to get some inspiration for what to ask, and submit your Qs early by commenting on this post, or by tweeting @InStyle using the hashtag #AskDrewInStyle. Then, follow @DrewBarrymore and @InStyle on Twitter on Thursday, August 22 at 3pm EST to participate in the Twitterview. Make sure to use #AskDrewInStyle to follow along!



    time for me to get twitter tbh!!!

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    By Jason Bailey

    The Grandmaster, the new film from lyrical Hong Kong filmmaker Wong Kar-Wai (In the Mood for Love, Chungking Express) is his greatest financial success to date, grossing $50 million in China, where it was released back in January. But that is not the film appearing in American cinemas this Friday. It has been cut by more than 20 minutes, from its 130-minute Chinese edit to a 108-minute US version.Scenes have been reorganized and deleted; new voice-over narration was recorded. And most egregiously, extensive intertitles and documentary-style character identification captions have been added, often to “clarify” narrative turns and new characters that are already abundantly clear to anyone paying attention to the picture. The result is like trying to read a book while someone is sitting next to you reading aloud from the Cliffs Notes. Who thinks we’re this dumb?

    When word started circulating about the extensive changes to Grandmaster’s American version, fingers were immediately pointed at Harvey Weinstein, co-chairman of The Weinstein Company, the film’s US distributor. Weinstein has a bit of a history here; back in the early 1990s, when he was the head of Miramax, he was given the nickname “Harvey Scissorhands” in honor of his penchant for purchasing foreign films and drastically editing them for American release. Asian movies were particularly likely to make trips to Weinstein’s chopping block: Shaolin Soccer, The Protector, and numerous Jackie Chan films got sliced and diced, while pictures like Princess Mononoke were Americanized via new dubbing and framing narration.

    But a representative of the Weinstein Company tells me that the American re-cut was “definitely a decision by Kar-Wai,” who “reconfigured the movie to make it so that it was more understandable to the US demographic.” And the filmmaker has taken pains to make this distinction clear, telling Variety that he made the decision to re-cut himself, since “The Grandmaster is very specific. Because (non-Chinese viewers) don’t have much information or knowledge about the background and history, you have to give enough information for them to get into the story.”

    In the Wall Street Journal, the actors concur — and here’s where it starts to get a little insulting. “I think it’s wise for him to do a version for Americans,” says star Tony Leung. “It’s much easier for them to follow.” Co-star Zhang Ziyi agrees: “It’s clearer. Easier for foreigners.” Yes, because we Americans can’t handle films with narrative complexity and historical elements. Just give us more kung fu! Zing! Pow!

    And in true WSJ style, writer Don Steinberg opens his article by sneering at those who might like to see the new movie by one of film’s foremost artists in its original iteration: “Cinema snobs have been suggesting that the US version of The Grandmaster… is dumbed down from the original version that made its debut in China earlier this year.” You don’t have to be a goateed, beret-wearing “cinema snob” to suggest such a notion; you merely have to have good common sense. Here are a few of the most obvious examples of the American cut’s “clarifications”:

    Shortly after the outbreak of the Second Sino-Japanese War, Ip Man (Leung) is offered immunity by the Japanese — with a catch. The scene plays out, and is then followed by a title card reading, “The Japanese offer Ip Man immunity…” that proceeds to explain what happened in the scene we just saw.

    Late in the film, Ip Man tracks down Gong Er (Zhang). His voice-over explains that she has, in the years since they last met, become a doctor. He arrives at what is clearly a doctor’s office. A caption comes up on the screen: “Gong’s Clinic.” No, really?
    Gong asks Ip Man, “Do you know what happened ten years ago?” Cut to stock footage. A title comes up on the screen: “Ten years earlier,” for those who can’t take a chronology cue from dialogue and editing.

    And so on, and so on. The film is full of that kind of thing, gratuitous graffiti mucking up Wong’s beautiful images, filling in nonexistent blanks, under the assumption that its audience is either epically stupid or cursed with a killer case of short-term memory loss.

    I’ve seen both the American version and the Hong Kong cut, and make no mistake, both versions are sumptuously photographed, thrillingly choreographed, and touched by the hands-off eroticism and unrequited love that the filmmaker does so well. It is a gorgeous and compelling picture, even in its bowdlerized form. Yet why is that form necessary? I’m no expert in Chinese history, but I didn’t find the original cut particularly difficult to follow. Sure, some of the cultural and historical references are geographically specific, but here’s what keeps getting missed in these discussions: that’s part of why we watch foreign films. In his book Down and Dirty Pictures — which is, it must be said, less than flattering to Mr. Weinstein — writer Peter Biskind wrote about the mogul’s habit of “McMiramazing foreign films,” “boning” them into “easily digested filets, safe from the kinds of cultural idiosyncrasies that might stick in the throats of American audiences.” It’s shortsighted, Biskind argues, because “it is just those unfamiliar customs, linguistic usages, or behavioral tics that contribute to the sense of difference that makes foreign films foreign, windows onto unfamiliar worlds, and not just another mirror held up to ourselves.

    This discussion of The Grandmaster occurs amid circulating rumors about Snowpiercer, a new film from director Bong Joon-ho (The Host, Mother); the Weinstein Company is reportedly asking for 20 minutes of cuts before its American release. (TWC had no comment on that film.) Whether Snowpiercer’s recutting occurs with Joon-ho’s cooperation or under his duress is almost inconsequential at this point. After all, when filmmakers of Wong’s stature automatically assumes that they have to repackage, streamline, and simplify their films for dullard American audiences, it’s no longer necessary for American distributors to keep asking them to. The message has been delivered, and received.

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  • 08/21/13--17:14: Full Lindsay Lohan Interview
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  • 08/21/13--17:25: Chris Evans Q&A Fan Chat

  • Chat highlights:

    His favorite movie to act in?
    - Fantastic Four, although he willingly admits not the best film he's been in, it was his first experience in a "blockbuster-like" film

    Actor he'd like to work with again:
    - Ioan Gruffudd (Fantastic Four)

    Favorite leading lady:
    - Bryce Dallas Howard (The Loss of a Teardrop Diamond)

    Actors/actresses he loves:
    - Sam Rockwell, Gene Hackman, Jeff Bridges, Carey Mulligan, Felicity Jones,...

    Quote/saying that inspires him:
    - He has a tattoo that says: "When you lose touch with inner stillness, you lose touch with yourself. When you lose touch with yourself, you lose yourself in the world" by Eckhart Tolle

    If he can be in any Broadway musical:
    - Into the Woods as Jack, Sweeney Toad & Pippin

    Current read:
    - The Honeymoon Effect by Bruce Lipton

    Causes he's passionate about:
    - Although he's a carnivore and wears leather, he's into animal rights

    Favorite Avenger besides Cap. A:
    - Iron Man

    Remake he'd like to see (star/direct in):
    - West Side Story, and he'd want to play Riff

    Top 3 movies he'd recommend to anyone:
    - Legends of the Fall, I Heart Huckabees&Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind

    - Alice in Chains, Led Zep, Pearl Jam, Van Morrison, Paul Simon..

    Recent films that inspire him:
    - Blue Valentine, Before Sunrise, Like Crazy, Beast of the Southern Wild...

    "Funnest" movies he's been in:
    - Scott Pilgrim&Not Another Teen Movie

    Movies he's excited to see this year:
    - The Way, Way Back&The World's End

    Favorite TV shows:
    - He has seen episodes of Homeland and Breaking Bad, but doesn't watch religiously; also loves National Geographic

    His most embarrassing moment:

    Video won't embed so watch it here!


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    Eric and Jessie are growing tired of the unfortunate consequences of being a reality TV couple — and that resentment is setting in about a month before their show has even kicked off.

    The reports are based off of tweets sent out by James, the country-singing wife of Decker, a Denver Broncos wide receiver. She talked about the couple struggling with fans who are trying to get a little too up close and personal.

    The tweet has since been deleted but said “Way too many people stopping in front of our home and taking pics. I appreciate the excitement but its also disrespectful. We are moving now.”

    Eric Decker did talk to FOX31 Denver Sports Director Nick Griffith Monday nght. He wanted to make sure both his and his wife’s fans knew where they were coming from.

    “We love our fan base and are excited about all of the support,” Decker told Griffith. “But we do feel there are some privacy boundaries that need to be respected so that we can feel safe and comfortable in our own home.”

    Decker also said that both he and Jessie are excited about the debut of their show on E! called Eric & Jessie: Game on. It begins September 29 at 8:00 PM.

    A year ago, Decker was key in the Broncos attempt to win a Super Bowl — one that ultimately fell short. Over 50% of voters in an online poll said they believed the show would rob Decker’s focus from football. The poll didn’t bother John Elway, who gave Decker permission to do the show.

    “I don’t think that’s going to affect him,” Elway said. “I know Eric Decker and how hard he works and what football means to him.”

    Decker also responded to concerned Bronco fans on Twitter, saying “Nothing will deter me from my football career,” Decker wrote. “I have priorities & I have the same common goal as my teammates to win championships.”


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    Law & Order: Special Victims Unit has always featured episodes ripped straight from the world's most controversial headlines and it looks like this hot-button tradition will continue in the drama's 15th season.

    The NBC procedural is currently filming an episode that looks to be inspired by one of the biggest and most controversial legal stories of the year: the shooting of Trayvon Martin and the trial of George Zimmerman. Based on these photos snapped on the set Tuesday, SVU is taking on the case that both polarized and outraged the nation.

    According to the Daily Mail, Cybill Shepard has been tasked to play a vigilante-like character who killed a black teenager named Mehcad. Arrested Development's Jeffrey Tambor is playing her lawyer, and the scene filmed yesterday involved a protest very much like the ones held during Zimmerman's trial in July. Extras can be seen holding signs almost identical to the ones created to mourn Trayvon Martin.

    Castmembers Ice-T, Mariska Hargitay, Richard Belzer and Raul Esparza were also filming at the protest scenes. The episode is allegedly titled "American Tragedy."

    When asked if this episode was in fact based on the Trayvon Martin case, NBC would only say: "SVU is fiction."

    This is not the first time SVU has tackled mainstream cases. Last season, the series aired an episode featuring a hip-hop star named Caleb Bryant accused of physically assaulting his girlfriend Micha, who is also a famous singer. Sound familiar?

    The new season of Law & Order: SVU premieres Sept. 25 on NBC.



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    U.S. prosecutors allege the son of Equatorial Guinea's dictator is a — wait for it — smooth criminal

    America's foreign diplomacy involves an untold number of moving parts that affect the lives of billions of people around the world. Just this week the U.S. government has had to deal with the eruption of violence in Egypt, a proposed boycott of the upcoming Winter Olympics over Russia's draconian anti-gay laws, and the ongoing saga of Edward Snowden— oh, and recovering one of the Swarovski crystal gloves Michael Jackson rocked on his "Bad" tour. According to the Hollywood Reporter, federal prosecutors have been embroiled in a lawsuit with Teodoro Nguema Obiang Mangue, the son of Equatorial Guinea's dictator, in a case filed as United States of America v. One White Crystal-Covered "Bad Tour" Glove and Other Michael Jackson Memorabilia. (Really, that's what it's called.)

    The case has been in court for more than 28 months, but it faces a crucial hearing on Monday regarding whether or not the U.S. government had probable cause to seize Nguema's assets. The case could potentially be dismissed from court, which would be the second time Uncle Sam has had its claims against Nguema rejected. Owing to the amount of time the case has been in court, the lawsuit is a thick jungle of legal wonkery, but it basically boils down to this: The feds really want Michael Jackson's glove back. Oh, and they also want to stop a family that allegedly uses its own government as an ATM.
    According to the lawsuit, as quoted by THR, Nguema has "amassed over $300 million in net worth, all while earning an income of less than $100,000 per year as an unelected public official appointed by his father." U.S. authorities argue this happened amid corruption and money laundering, in a nation of rampant poverty. The question remains: Who's bad?

    Source 1, 2, 3

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    Ethan is looking good DAMN

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    With clients such as Madonna, Beyoncé, and Robert Downey Jr., makeup artist Damone Roberts perfects the art of the brow.

    Name an in-demand movie star or superstar singer and chances are Damone Roberts has powered their faces, glossed their lips, or trimmed their brows -- if not all three.

    His deft hand with makeup and eyebrow grooming has made him somewhat of a Hollywood legend. From Iron Man’s Robert Downey Jr. to music icons such as Madonna and Beyoncé, Roberts has built a multi-million dollar Beverly Hills empire out of his love of art, fashion, and all things beautiful.

    Not bad, as he likes to say, "for a little gay, black boy from Oakland."

     “I was always just this creative kid who loved beauty,’’ Roberts tells The Daily Beast. “What really did it was when I was about seven or eight years old and I saw Diana Ross on the television screen for the first time. I was so mesmerized by her beauty and by the fact that she had my skin color and was running the world in terms of dominating music and winning Oscar. I had to be in that world somehow.’’

    His father’s work as a regional manager at Nabisco caused his family to move around the country quite a bit, but by the time Roberts was a senior in high school, he’d drawn a picture of Ross that won him a full art scholarship to Rutgers University.

    “It was so great to finally be somewhere where everyone was unique and a little different," remembers Roberts. “I wasn’t the only one different. Everyone was incredibly creative in their ideas and their thoughts. I didn’t stand out as I had for most of my life and that felt good.’’

    Even today the Northern California native arrives at work in his Beverly Hills salon each morning with a full face of flawlessly applied makeup, courtesy of years as a MAC makeup artist, along with a mass of shoulder-length curls. His signature hairdo, he says, is a loving homage to his idol, Ms. Ross.

    “How can I make anyone else look fabulous if I don’t?’’ asks Roberts. “I take my craft very seriously and my clients know it. They pay well for it.’’ Indeed they do: a trip in Roberts's chair for just eyebrows in either his New York or Los Angeles salons will run you $125.00.  House calls run $300 and above.

    Roberts was busy perfecting his craft in eyebrows and makeup in the late 1990s when another eyebrow legend, Anastasia Soare, asked him to join her team. The woman behind the brows of Oprah, Sharon Stone, and Penelope Cruz already owned the most famous brow salon in Hollywood when she recruited him. "Anastasia took my skills to another level," remembers Roberts. “Before I met her eyebrows were just a part of the look I did for makeup. But Anastasia showed me that brows are frames for the face, and make such a world of difference in how a woman looks. I knew I’d found my little niche when I began to focus on making eyebrows the central part of my work.’’

    After a few years in the shadow of the Queen of Eyebrows, Roberts decided it was time for him to claim his rightful place as the Eyebrow King. In 2003, he opened the Damone Roberts Salon, just blocks from his former employer in Beverly Hills and immediately began attracting many of her high-profile clients.

    Anastasia wasn’t pleased. The Brow King and Queen’s huge falling out resulted in a story aptly titledEyebrow Wars.’’ “It didn’t end well with Anastasia but I needed to move and grow as an artist,’’ admits Roberts. “We were very close, we’d spend holidays together and now when we see each other at functions, we say hello and that’s about it."

    With names like Beyoncé, Gwyneth Paltrow, and Madonna filling his appointment book regularly, Roberts soon opened a New York location in 2006. "People said I couldn’t do it,’’ he recalls. “They didn’t’ see how a black man could be successful doing eyebrows in Beverly Hills.  With a store right across from Neiman Marcus no less. Thankfully, my chair is never empty.’’

    Roberts says that his technique of carefully studying each client’s facial features before he tweezes or waxes distinguishes him from others.  “Women come in with magazine photos of Madonna, Megan or Beyoncé and tell me they want to look like them,’’ says Roberts. “I tell them they’re beautiful women in their own right and need eyebrows to match their exact facial shape. Not someone else’s.’’

    With regular appearances on Oprah, Good Morning America, and TLC’s 10 Years Younger, it also wasn’t long before Roberts expertise in brow grooming was being sought by those of the male persuasion, including Channing Tatum and Robert Downey Jr. “A lot of men come in after their significant suggest it," he says. “Both Robert and Channing make their money off their faces so grooming their eyebrows just makes sense.’’

    Though he’s tended to the brows of many of the world’s most famous women and men, there are still two people he’d love to get in his chair: First Lady Michelle Obama and Kate Middleton. “I’d love to reshape the First Lady’s brows and make them a bit fuller,’’ says Roberts. “For Kate, I’d like to thin them out a bit more. They are both incredibly beautiful women but I’m always looking for what more can be done to make them even prettier and add more frosting on the cake."

    ( SOURCE )

    Well, now I know where to get my brows done if I get famous! That being said... let's go on an all-out beauty/makeup discussion party post, ONTD!

    This one's for you bb judgmental, cause I know you always deliver with the beauty posts here on ONTD. <3 ;)

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    candids aug 20 lana barrie lunch date beverly hills1

    She always makes an effort to expertly style her outfits, even when it comes to her day wear. But the same couldn't be said for Lana Del Rey's rumoured fiance Barrie-James O'Neil on Tuesday. The Glaswegian rocker looked rather scruffy as the pair went for a romantic lunch date at famed Nate 'n Al's deli in upscale Beverly Hills.

    Why Lana was super stylish in a little black knitted dress and a pair of navy blue lace-up sneakers, the Kassidy star donned a pair of ripped jeans and a flannel shirt which was unbuttoned to show off a considerable amount of his chest. His look was completed by scuffed Converse trainers and the long haired singer sported an unruly beard. Lana, however, could not have cared less about her beau's appearance and held his hand tight as the pair padded around the streets of the famous Los Angeles zip code.

    The Born To Die star accessorised her casual chic ensemble with round-rimmed sunglasses and a colourful handbag. But her most standout accessory was the large diamond ring she continues to wear on her engagement finger, which has lead to rumours that she and Barrie are set to tie the knot. Lana wore her long brunette locks out and flowing around her shoulders and applied some scarlet lipstick to her pout to complete her polished look. The couple have been in Los Angeles for several weeks now.

    At the end of last month they were spotted looking at homes for sale together with a real estate agent. In February last year it was reported that the American beauty had been dating the Kassidy singer for around six months. 'They make a very unlikely couple but they seem to work, and bounce really well off one another,’ a source told the Daily Mirror at the time.

    candids aug 20 lana barrie lunch date beverly hills2
    candids aug 20 lana barrie lunch date beverly hills3
    candids aug 20 lana barrie lunch date beverly hills4

    Earlier this month.
    candid lana barrie august 2013


    obviously aaaaaaahhhhhhhh
    As long as he's good to her <3

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    Today rapper Drake tweeted the album covers to his upcoming antipcated album "Nothing Was the Same." Originally to be released September 17th, Drake pushed back the release date by a week to September 24th.


    Serving some Notorious BIG "Ready to Die" teas tbh and I'm here for it.

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  • 08/22/13--17:12: This Is Rooney Mara

  • Rooney Mara is not known for giving off the warmest of first impressions. Standoffish, aloof, icy, remote, guarded, distant, opaque, steely, impenetrable, unreadable: such tend to be the words used by journalists to describe their encounters with the actress, a less than inviting list of adjectives that I decide to lob at her the moment we meet in Manhattan. I figure my little ignoble stunt will put Mara on the defensive, stir up some deep-seated insecurities, maybe even provoke a flash of anger, all in the name of exposing some new, hidden dimension of the actress to the world.

    “Yeah,” Mara says when I finish. “I kind of have a bad reputation, don’t I?”

    Her tone is so unruffled that she may as well be remarking on the weather in a city she doesn’t care to visit. And from there? Silence. Mara fixes me with the same unblinking, glacier-eyed stare she deploys so penetratingly on screen — most notably in her breakout role, as the cyberpunk Lisbeth Salander, in David Fincher’s 2011 adaptation of “The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo.” Finally, sensing victory in my discomfort, a sly grin springs up on Mara’s elfin, alabaster face.

    “Isn’t mystique and the unknown,” she asks, “part of what keeps you drawn to someone?”

    Well, yes. Then again, in our confessional age the desire to conceal has been largely eclipsed by the urge to reveal.
    Today, the sort of actors who once complained about the tabloids now take to Twitter and Instagram to produce their own self-centric versions, carefully curating their personas, forever setting the record straight, always ensuring that we are fed a steady and quasi-intimate diet of everything from their eating habits to handbag preferences to what they look like (gasp!) without makeup. Mara, in this landscape, represents a disarming and refreshing outlier: she may not win people over in the way of Jennifer Lawrence, who never fails to come across as an irrepressible dervish of Kentucky Fried Fun, but she also doesn’t risk exhausting us with the robotic eagerness to please of an Anne Hathaway. Should I or anyone else choose to reinforce the chilly stereotypes of Mara already laid out for public consumption — well, go right ahead, is her attitude, one she began honing long before she became famous. “In high school, people thought I was stuck-up because I didn’t talk to anyone,” she says of growing up in Bedford, N.Y., a bucolic suburb of the city. “It was just because I was shy and scared, but I think because I’m super-self-possessed that it doesn’t come across as scared so much as stuck-up. I would hear what people thought and be like, ‘No! I’m actually nice!’ ” She laughs, rolls her eyes. “But now people can think whatever they want.”

    Indeed, in person Mara is quite friendly, punctuating many sentences with laughter and exuding an eager curiosity about subjects ranging from Philip Roth’s novels to her newfound addiction of binge watching the Swedish pop star Robyn’s latest music video. “She doesn’t take any interactions for granted, and she won’t hide it if something isn’t worth her time,” Fincher says. “But once you get to know her you realize she’s a playful girl, very funny, with a biting wit.” True, yet Mara seems to prefer that you don’t know this about her, recognizing that so long as people get her wrong it means that, as an actress, she is doing something right: remaining a slate so blank that just about any idea can be convincingly projected onto her. Her much-documented transformation for “Dragon Tattoo” (the motorcycle riding! the pierced nipple!) justly earned her a Best Actress Oscar nomination, and in the wake of that success Mara spent the better part of last year shooting four films back to back, a dizzying run during which she got to showcase her chameleon-like ability to mold herself into a variety of disparate characters while collaborating with a fantasy list of directors. First there was “Side Effects,” Steven Soderbergh’s Hitchcockian thriller about the pharmaceutical industry, in which Mara turned in a nuanced performance as the manipulative, pseudo-depressive wife of a fallen banker. Right after that wrapped she made her way to the Los Angeles set of “Her,” Spike Jonze’s take on sci-fi scheduled to come out in November, in which she portrays the ex-wife of a writer who falls in love with his computer’s operating system. Then she was off to shoot two films in Texas: the just-released “Ain’t Them Bodies Saints,” by the newcomer David Lowery, and Terrence Malick’s still-untitled meditation on love and obsession set against the backdrop of Austin’s music scene.

    Even before she had a career, Mara, who keeps a secret list of characters she’d like to play and people she hopes to work with, had a precociously clear idea of how she wanted to be seen in the industry. She became interested in acting at a young age, when her mother took her and her sister, Kate, to Broadway musicals and introduced the two to classic movies. “My sister started acting when she was young,” Mara says of the elder Kate, who’s currently starring in the Netflix political thriller “House of Cards.” “But I just knew I didn’t want to be a child actor. I knew I wanted to go to school and wanted to start when I was older, so I would be taken seriously.” The topic of her family, however, is one that retriggers Mara’s desire to keep certain facets of her life hidden behind veils. “I hate it when people ask me about my family — my football family,” Mara says of the clan known in sports circles as the founding and current owners of the Pittsburgh Steelers (on her mother’s side) and the New York Giants (on her father’s), an N.F.L. legacy from which she is eager to extricate herself. “It has no relevance to acting.”

    Mara’s latest decision — to stop working for a while when she is in her prime of what can be a maddeningly narrow window for women in film — is further evidence of how the 28-year-old actress values the idea of staying shrouded in a bit of mystery. “I haven’t worked since last Thanksgiving and I have no plans on working anytime soon,” she tells me. “After a movie I always feel a little lost. While you’re doing it you feel like you’re having some sort of revelation, like it’s real, and then its over and you’re like, ‘That was not real.’ ” Mara acknowledges that this hiatus is something of a gamble but to talk to those close to her is to learn that her ambition is tempered by her instincts toward self-preservation. “She doesn’t operate from a place of fear,” Jonze says. “She’s looking at the whole picture, and wants to figure out how to live her life.”

    These days that means leaving Los Angeles to spend time in New York. Talking about the possibilities of a summer spent unemployed, Mara becomes downright giddy, far from the frosty creature she’s typically portrayed as. “What’s something I could learn? What’s a new skill I could acquire?” she wonders aloud, before launching into a to-do list of achievements she hopes to rack up by summer’s end: learning a new language, probably French or Spanish; getting a sewing machine and teaching herself how to quilt; maybe dabbling in embroidery; finishing a novel she’s been struggling to get through. But more than anything, she tells me, she has become fixated on the idea of learning ballroom dance. She explains that, like acting, dancing would force her to shed her naturally reticent husk. “I have hidden rhythm — like, I’m a crazy dancer when I’m alone — but I’m a little too shy to let it come out in public.” Mara pauses, and then adds, “But, let me tell you, it’s going to come out.”

    source (there's a cute little video there that i can't embed)

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    Today we’re going to “dig a little deeper” to show you a stunning new addition to Disney Parks‘ Disney Dream Portrait series. Created by legendary photographer Annie Leibovitz and featuring Academy Award-winning actress Jennifer Hudson as Tiana, our latest portrait is entitled, “Where you always follow your heart.”


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    Mariah Carey is not to be messed with and Nick Cannon found this out the hard way! When the comedian was attempting to flirt with a female co-host on his “Wild’N Out” series, the pop diva appeared quickly putting her spouse in check.

    “I will shut all this shit down!” said Mariah on the MTV2 series.“I know, I’m sorry,” replied Nick who was totally taken by surprise.

    Check out the hilarious encounter above.


    lmao at first i thought this was a planned joke, but she looks pissed for real.

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    Let the ex tunes begin! Writing chart-topping breakup hits is nothing new to Taylor Swift, and now one of her more recent famous exes — One Direction's Harry Styles— reveals in the new issue of Us Weekly that he fully expects the 23-year-old entertainer to use their past relationship as inspiration.

    "It would be hypocritical for me to say she couldn't do it because everybody writes songs based on personal experience," the 19-year-old singer tells Us. "I can't say I'd have dated someone less famous to avoid it." The British heartthrob split from the "I Knew You Were Trouble" singer-songwriter in early January after a few months of dating.

    Denying that he's nervous about getting the John Mayer treatment (Swift slammed the musician in the song "Dear John" off her third studio album Speak Now in 2010) the "What Makes You Beautiful" singer jokes, "at least she's a great songwriter!"

    Swift may be his most high-profiled relationship to date, but Styles doesn't think being in the public eye makes a difference when it comes to dating.

    "I think it's people, you like people for who they are, so I couldn't say I want to date someone less famous because of the hassle. You like who you like," he explains.

    "I think relationships are hard enough, so I think you have to completely ignore everything from outside," he adds. "When you're in the opening stages of a relationship as it is, you're still under the pressure of getting to know everything about a person. If you have a lot of people from outside telling you what it is and they don't even know you, telling you what your relationship is, that's weird. So I think you sort of have to block it out and just have the relationship rather than think - we're having this relationship play out on magazine covers."

    So, what does the singer look for in a girl? "Someone with a cute laugh and a good smile," he reveals. "Someone you can have fun with - I like someone who's up for doing stuff in terms of like, trying new things and going out new places. Not just someone who does nothing and wants to sit around."


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    Looks like Jennifer Lawrence is gearing up for Mockingjay. The actress was spotted yesterday with her X-Men: Days of Future Past co-star Nicholas Hoult in a park in Montreal, where the movie has been filming. After walking through the park, the two sat down to relax… and when Nick pulled out his iPad, Jen was spotted reading (or re-reading) Mockingjay.

    Will you also be re-reading Mockingjay sometime soon in preparation for the movie?

    source, 2

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    Simon Pegg, Rosamund Pike, Nick Frost

    Rosamund Pike


    The guy who was Superman for a while I think???

    Brie Larson

    Tracie Thoms

    Precious Earth Angel



    Esme Bianco a.k.a. ROS and she's looking adorable tbqh!!
    esme bianco


    Johnny Knoxville, lol
    johnny knoxville


    Seth Green
    seth green

    Nick Frost

    Simon "Butthurt" Pegg

    Edgar Wright, Simon Pegg, Nick Frost


    Still really excited for this!

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    Challenge winner/colgate ad:

    First call out:

    Bottom two:



    Eliminated: Madeline


    As always, the Fox8 site does not have the full body shots-- you have to watch the episodes for those.

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  • 08/22/13--17:43: Gaga wears white

  • Heading to her apartment Aug 21

    Unposted photos from today

    Gaga leaving her apartment building / greeting fans on Aug 22.


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    Demi Lovato leaked nudes hit the internet

    There was a story floating around earlier this week that someone was offering Demi Lovato nude pics to the highest bidder (NSFW preview here). Radar turned her down, but Celebslam is still in negotiations with him. Here's what he told us:

    We have nude/sexual photos of Demi Lovato and was wondering if you would like to buy them ... The girl in the middle row, last pic is our friend and is a girl Demi had a fling with for some time on and off.

    So not only does this guy have nude pics of Demi, but he also claims that she's bisexual. Which is entirely plausible for someone who used to have a show on the Disney Channel. Jenna Jameson used to be a choir girl before she got her first Disney show, and look what happened to her. The source continues:

    After Demi got with Wilmer our friend called it off because she didn't like being played, she sent me these pictures that Demi sent her as a joke and I have no use for them ... There are about 20 total, not all have indication they are of her except some have her tattoos in ones you cannot see the face.

    Remember girls, if you ever send someone a nude pic of yourself, that pic will eventually make its way to the internet. It is the most important thing you can learn in life. Screw math and science -- when would you ever need to know that stuff?


    oop forgot the title sry

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