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Oh No They Didn't! - LiveJournal.com

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    Two longtime, famous-name pals are back together.

    After a two-year professional break to spend more time with his family, Tobey Maguire returns to the big screen by teaming up with his longtime pal Leonardo DiCaprio for director Baz Luhrmann's new 3D adaptation of novelist F. Scott Fitzgerald's 1925 classic, The Great Gatsby, opening May 10.

    "We are like any other buddies. There's a lot of laughing and chatting between us," Maguire told PEOPLE at the film's New York City premiere on Wednesday. "We enjoy doing a lot of things we have in common, like basketball. We like to play and talk about basketball."

    Best friends for nearly 25 years, Maguire, 37, and DiCaprio, 38, first met in 1990 during the casting for Parenthood, a one-season TV spin-off series based on director Ron Howard's movie starring Steve Martin (before it was revived for TV – successfully – in 2010). At the time, DiCaprio landed the lead teen role, while Maguire was handed only a couple of lines.

    Still, they bonded instantly and became friends. Three years later, both worked together in This Boy's Life, with Robert De Niro.

    Despite being up for the same roles, their friendship survived, and today they are as close as ever.

    "Leo and I have a lot of trust and respect for each other," said the former Spider-Man star, who, with his jewelry designer wife Jennifer Meyer, has two children: Ruby, 6, and Otis, nearly 4.

    "We have a close friendship and I definitely have an affection for Leo," says Maguire.

    As for playing the key role of narrator Nick Carraway in The Great Gatsby, opening May 10, "I had a blast," Maguire said.

    "We were in Sydney, Australia, for just about six months and I had my family with me and I got to work on one of the great American novels with my best friend. It was great!"

    As in Gatsby.

    Must be nice... Only 5 more days!


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    The Amazing Race Season 22, Episode 11 - "Beacon of Hope"
    Edinburgh, Scotland -> Belfast, Ireland -> Washington DC

    Bates & Anthony are the winners of season 22 of The Amazing Race

    This week's final rankings

    1. Bates & Anthony (Hockey Bros)
    2. Max & Katie (Newlyweds)
    3. Mona & Beth (Roller Derby Moms)
    4. Caroline & Jennifer (Country singers) - Eliminated in Ireland

    Great finale. Loved all the challenges. While I wasn't a fan of Max/Katie, they deserved to be in the final. Very happy with the winners!

    Source: TV/CBS

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    Last week, Beyonce debuted a new song, "Standing on the Sun," in an online advertisement for the clothing company H&M. In the 90-second ad, she models bikinis while staring into the camera, dancing, splashing in the water and lip-synching the song. Apart from two bits of text on screen identifying the clothing maker, it looks like a Beyonce video. So does another commercial, released a couple of weeks earlier, that introduced the song "Grown Woman": In between sips of Pepsi, Beyonce dances with multiple mirror images of herself, dressed in outfits from her previous videos.

    This isn't the first time a pop star has introduced a new song in an advertisement, but as with nearly everything Beyonce has done recently — gestate and bear a child, perform at President Obama's inauguration and at the Super Bowl, present an awkwardly assembled home video — it has felt like news, and fodder for endless discussion online.

    "There's as much Beyonce as you can take," NPR Music's pop critic Ann Powers tells Morning Edition's David Greene. It's not unusual, that idea of using celebrity to sell a product. "In the early days," Powers says, "fan magazines were invented so that products could be pushed through the images of very early movie stars. Like Mary Pickford, for example: Her marriage to Douglas Fairbanks was the early 20th century version of Beyonce and Jay-Z."

    You may think she's great; you may think she's overexposed, but there's no denying: Today, Beyonce stands alone in the pop landscape.

    "One of the things about Beyonce's saturation of every moment of our lives is that she is largely in control of it," Powers says, "which makes her very different than many tabloid stars. The nature of tabloid media is that it's not in the star's control. We think of Britney Spears, that moment years ago when she shaved her head. Beyonce has almost completely taken command of her representation in these media, which is extremely unusual."

    That control, and her drive for perfection, which led, indirectly, to both the inauguration controversy and the Super Bowl spectacular, means that we scrutinize her differently. "I do feel that what we're watching, we might call it The Beyonce Experiment," Powers says. "She wants to be A-class, No. 1 in critics' eyes. She wants to sell the most, and she wants to influence the culture. I'm interested to see how far she can take it. Plus, her new song is bangin'."


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  • 05/05/13--19:06: Game of Thrones 3X07 promo
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    The economy is on the upswing, but there remains some disconcerting signs:

    Tim Tebow is still unemployed.

    No worries. His whacko fan-base is on the case, appealing to President Obama to resolve this crisis immediately.

    Yes, they have filed a petition on the White House's 'We the People' website, asking President Obama to call Jacksonville Jaguars general manager David Caldwell, demanding that he sign Tebow.

    I am not making this up.

    Here’s the official petition: “Jacksonville Jaguars fans want the team to sign recently released QB Tim Tebow. However, rookie general manager for the Jacksonville Jaguars David Caldwell is blocking this from happening. If the Jaguars sign & START Tebow, home games will be sold out, sales will spike, the team will win and the fans will be happy. Mr. Caldwell is ignoring lots of facts about the misunderstood Tim Tebow while in Denver: Passer rating of 125.6 is highest ever in Broncos postseason history. Most yards per completion (31.6) in NFL playoff history.100.5 QB rating is best ever for a Broncos QB in his first start. Third most passing yards in a game by a Bronco rookie QB. (308, in his 2nd start), First 15+ point comeback in the final 3 minutes of an NFL game since the merger,7 game winning drives in just 16 games!”

    Yes, get on this right away Mr. President! Ignore all that other nonsense like petitions for reducing gun violence, Wall Street reform and addressing the ills of the U.S. Postal Service.

    The world as we know it will end if the Jaguars don’t sign Tebow!

    Granted, the Jaguars are as irrelevant as you can get in the NFL. But the fact that they WON’T sign Tebow reflects the scouting report on the former UF Heisman Trophy winner. They know something all the other 31 teams know:

    Tebow can’t play quarterback in the NFL.

    And that’s the reason he’s not playing. Not because there’s a conspiracy among the NFL, Lamestream Media and all atheists in the world.

    PS: The petition conveniently ignores the fact that Tebow’s NFL career completion percentage is 47.9, which is about as low as you can go in the league.


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    So to recap...
    Takeda was in town to stop the Initiative from their terrorism, but Aidan killed Takeda for outing him to Daniel...
    Charlotte is more dramatic than usual because she's pregnant...
    Aidan and Nolan drained the Graysons' entire bank account ($3+ billion!)...
    and the Initiative apparently put their plan into attack and used Carrion to turn off all the lights in New York and Long Island...

    oh and Victoria was tossing zingers around like a flawless queen, as usual.


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    Riz Ahmed and Mira Nair for The Reluctant Fundamentalist


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    Something wicked this way comes!

    You thought you were excited to hear that Gabourey Sidibe was joining American Horror Story's third season, which is subtitled Coven? Well, we're pretty sure she's even more excited! The Oscar nominee visited E! Newsto chat with Giuliana Rancic and Terrence Jenkins about her witchy new role—and talk about The Big C's final episodes!

    "I'm so excited and I could not wait to tell the world because it's one of my favorite shows," Sidibe gushes of joining the FX series. Alas, Sidibe wasn't able to provide us much scoop on what Ryan Murphy has in store for season three, saying, "I know nothing. The news just sort of came in two weeks ago...I have not seen a script at all. I know it shoots in New Orleans!"

    Sidibe has just one request when it comes to her time on AHS: "I hope I don't die first!"
    We wish her luck with that!

    video @ the source

    Anyone up for a creepy post? Ok, it is a creepy post but there are also some gross/NSFW pics going on in the comments, so ~proceed with caution~

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    Jake, Ryder, Sam, Joe & Artie - "Hall of Fame"

    Kitty, Brittany, Tina & Unique - "I Love It"

    Frida Romero (Jessica Sanchez) & The Hoosierdaddies - "Clarity"

    Frida & The Hoosierdaddies - "Wings"

    Rachel - "To Love You More"

    Marley & Blaine - "All or Nothing"

    source 123456

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    When it comes to Real Housewives it pays to be BAD! OKMagazine.com has investigated the salaries of all your favorite ladies and basically—the more drama, the more moolah! Taking that into consideration, it's not surprising that the highest paid Housewife is Atlanta's Queen B — NeNe.

    The 45-year-old, who stars in The New Normal and Glee when not wreaking havoc on the Real Housewives, signed a sweet $1 million plus bonuses deal for season six of the hit show, putting all the other ladies way in the shade.

    Case in point, next highest earning Atlanta Housewife is Kandi Burrus, at $450,000, followed by Cynthia Bailey and Phaedra Parks at $300,000.

    Season five of the show has completed airing and producers are now gearing up for season six!

    Real Housewives of New Jersey

    Second on the high earners list is the New Jersey baddie that everyone just loves to hate—Teresa Giudice!

    RHONJ pulls in the highest viewing numbers of all the franchises, with an average of 3 million viewers regularly tuning in for all the table flipping, family feuding fun, and as the fiery Italian is responsible for the vast majority of the on-screen—and off-screen—drama it's appropriate she should be compensated accordingly.

    And, she is!

    The 40-year-old rakes in a cool $650,000 plus bonuses a season.

    Teresa's cast mates are way down the pay day totem pole from the Drama Goddess, with Caroline Manzo making $400,000, Melissa Gorga $350,000 and Jacqueline Laurita $275,000.

    Real Housewives of New York

    Next up, the New York City ladies.

    Top of the pile are Ramona Singer and Countess LuAnn DeLesseps, who have both been on the show since season one and each earn a healthy $500,000 per season plus bonuses.

    Sonja Morgan pulls in $220,000, Aviva Drescher $200,000 and Heather Thompson rounds out the bottom at $175,000.

    The show is currently gearing up to start filming on season six.

    Real Housewives of Orange County

    Traveling west, another show original, Vicki Gunvalson, tops the Orange County earners, matching her Big Apple counterparts with a payday of $500,000 per season.

    Snapping at the Housewives veteran's heels are Gretchen Rossi and Tamra Barney who command $375,000 and $325,000 respectively, followed by Alexis Bellino at a comparatively paltry $175,000.

    Orange County was the first show in the hugely popular Bravo Housewives stable and still pulls in the viewers in their droves.

    Season seven scored a healthy 2.8 million average pershow, the highest ratings in the show's history.

    Real Housewives of Beverly Hills

    The Beverly Hills ladies are thankfully, for the most part, independently wealthy, as their salaries are definitely lower on the scale.

    Restauranteur Lisa Vanderpump, tops the list— earning $275,000 for season 3, upping the ante to $350,000 for season 4 which is currently in production.

    Kyle Richards will be raking in $225,000 for the upcoming season and Brandi Glanville, who started off as a part time cast member on just $18,000, enjoys a nice bump up to $175,000.

    Both Adrienne Maloof and Camille Grammer have quit the show and will not be returning next season.

    Real Housewives of Miami

    Finally, Miami is lowest in the ratings, and the salaries!

    Adriana De Moura, Marysol Patton and Joanna Krupa are the top earners, each commanding a payday in the $55-75,000 range per season.

    The Real Housewives of Miami first aired February 2011, it is currently filming season three.


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  • 05/05/13--21:37: Veep Season 2x05 Promo
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    This year, EW celebrated May the Fourth with a full day of Return of the Jedi, screening the end of the first (and definitely not last) Star Wars trilogy four times at the Egyptian Theatre. It was the biggest day yet of our first-ever CapeTown Film Fest. Boba Fett and Darth Vader were walking around the foyer. A full-sized Jabba the Hutt held court, accepting photograph requests from admirers.

    There were special events throughout the day. After one screening, EW’s Anthony Breznican hosted a Luke Skywalker lookalike competition. From the wings, a new contestant emerged…Mark Hamill, undoubtedly the world’s most talented Luke Skywalker lookalike. The star of the original trilogy stuck around to talk with Breznican about the series’ past…and its future. Below, six important items of conversation from The Once and Future Skywalker.

    He thought Luke would go dark in Return of the Jedi. Or anyhow, that’s what he thought when he started reading the final film’s script. “I know where this thing’s going. I’ve got one mechanical hand now. I’m all in black. I’m well on my way to the dark side.” Hamill expected the film would have a big fake-out, where Luke would only be pretending to be a bad guy. He also gently joked about the central plot point of Jedi: “Really, come on, a second Death Star? Really?” But he also reminded the audience that, if George Lucas had known all along they would make three films, he probably would have saved the Death Star for the third film.

    You think the Vader-Father thing was crazy? Well, try this on for size. Hamill earned laughs when he mock-complained about the key twist in Return of the Jedi: The revelation that Princess Leia is Luke’s sister. “Why not have Boba Fett remove his helmet, shake out some beautiful hair, and…Oh my god, it’s mom! She’s been a double agent all these years!”

    A Game of Trilogies. Hamill recalled how, on the set of the original Star Wars, George Lucas told the actor about his game plan for the Star Wars saga. “He was talking about how, originally, it was four trilogies of twelve [movies],” said Hamill. “But he cobbled it down to three trilogies of nine. I said, ‘Why are we starting in the middle?’ He said, ‘Well, um, this trilogy is the most commercial.”

    Don’t complain to Mark Hamill about the Special Editions or the prequels. Hamill noted that his son Nathan helped keep him abreast of new developments in Star Wars fandom. “He’ll say, ‘Oh my god, Dad, Greedo shoots first now!’ I’ll say, ‘Wait, wait, wait. Let’s put this in perspective: Who cares?’” That led Hamill into a full-throated defense of the Star Wars prequels: “Jar Jar was supposed to be irritating! He’s irritating to the other characters in the movie!” He concluded by arguing that Lucas had earned the right to make Star Wars films in the manner he wanted. “Those aren’t sorta the movies he wanted them to be, they’re exactly the movies they wanted to make,” said Hamill. “And I’m not gonna criticize them at all.”

    And yes, he’s excited about the new trilogy, too. George Lucas invited Hamill, his wife, and Carrie Fisher to lunch last year. Hamill figured he was going to talk about the 3D re-releases of the original Star Wars trilogy; as we all know now, the conversation was about something very different indeed. With regards to the new series, Hamill explained, “I’ve only had one creative meeting about the new films, but I do remember saying: ‘We’ve got to find a proper balance between CGI and old-school models.’ I want to have a more organic look so that we don’t get into Roger Rabbit territory.” This statement earned loud cheers from the audience, leading Hamill to laugh, “That’s just me! Don’t get too excited! I don’t imagine their top priority is what I want.”

    Hamill knew that Star Wars would be a success. Although he didn’t know how big of a success. He told the crowd what he saw as the worst-case scenario: “Even if this doesn’t do well at the box office, this has cult hit written all over it. I see endless midnight screenings.” However, he was always bullish on its chances. “I predicted: This thing is gonna be bigger than Planet of the Apes. This thing will make at least $25 million.”

    May the Source be with you.

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    I miss Sean :(


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    Beyonce brought out her baby girl at the May 4 stop of her Mrs. Carter Show world tour. The hot mama took her baby girl Blue Ivy's hand during "Irreplaceable." Blue Ivy was sporting some protective headphones and a sweet dress.

    If Beyonce and Jay-Z's first born is already getting the feel for the stage at age one, expect to hear her first single to drop by next year. (We kid!)

    Check out footage from the concert below. Blue and Bey get some time together at the 5:45 mark.


    Just over 1 years old and been gracing the stage since the womb, bleß <3  Also some sources think she's pregnant again because she's showing paunch in that jumpsuit.  (Or for the Beyonce truthers, pregnant for the first time.)

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    Bradley Cooper and his girlfriend Suki Waterhouse are all smiles while taking a stroll around the city on Monday afternoon (May 6) in the Tribeca neighborhood of New York City.



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    Actress Keira Knightley won't be resting on her laurels following her recent wedding as she's already in negotiations to star in Lynn Shelton's dark comedy Laggies, replacing the departing Anne Hathaway who had to fulfill her commitment to Christopher Nolan's next project, the sci-fi epic Interstellar.

    Once everything is signed, Knightley would be joining Sam Rockwell and Chloe Moretz in the new movie from the increasingly-busier Lynn Shelton who made waves at the 2009 Sundance Film Festival a few years back with her sophomore feature Humpday, followed that with the equally-acclaimed Your Sister's Sister and already had her fourth feature Touchy Feely at this year's Sundance. She's also directed episodes of "New Girl" and "Ben and Kate" in between.

    Shelton gets great performances out of her actors, often by collaborating with them directly before writing any sort of script or treatment, and her latest project is about a young woman who reacts to her boyfriend's marriage proposal by pretending to go on a business retreat but actually hanging out with a 16-year-old, played by Moretz.

    The 28-year-old actress has a number of projects coming up including Kenneth Branagh's Jack Ryan reboot starring Chris Pine, Can A Song Save Your Life? the new movie from Once director John Carney, plus she got married to musician James Righton in France on Saturday breaking this writer's heart to splinters.


    this would be great b/c rockwell & keira in the same movie is something i want very badly. her movies coming out this year are shaping up to be really interesting & different so i hope this is true

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    Get a taste of the Neil Gaiman-penned Cybermen episode of Doctor Who – “Nightmare In Silver” – that’s coming up next Saturday, on BBC One at 7pm.


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    Source + STREAM THREAD


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