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Oh No They Didn't! - LiveJournal.com

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    -Leaked by an extra on the show
    -Bryan Fuller said when production first started that they had a chance to re-imagine all the alien species established in the Trek-verse (cause that makes complete sense continuity wise....)
    -Chris Obi, Shazad Latif and Mary Chieffo were previously announced as playing the primary Klingons in the show.

    Image and video hosting by TinyPic
    Why reimagine something that is set in the original universe?

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    SNL hosted by Alec Baldwin tonight for a record 17th time. Opening sketch was Melissa McCarthy again as our buddy Spicey. Ed Sheeran is musical guest.

    Source: https://twitter.com/nbcsnl/status/830635872957657091

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    Britney Spears attends the Pre-GRAMMY Gala and Salute to Industry Icons Honoring Debra Lee hosted by Clive Davis,


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    Warped Tour is following in the footsteps of the Backstreet Boys and Paramore by starting their own cruise, "Warped Rewind at Sea!"

    Set to embark from New Orleans to Mexico in October 2017, the 4-day cruise features pop punk staples as well as long-forgotten bands:
    Good Charlotte
    Simple Plan
    Story of the Year
    The Starting Line
    Bowling For Soup
    Mayday Parade
    The Juliana Theory

    Tickets range from $548 to $4200 for the fanciest of suites. There will be multiple concerts and TBA activities onboard.


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    Just before the start of season 4, Toby Schmitz sat down with Fathoms Deep podcast to discuss Jack Rackham, character fighting styles, rockstars, connoisseurs of death and more.

    He also calls Flint/McGraw "Dimples".

    • (3:35) Which Shakespearean character is Jack? (Jack would say Hamlet, but Toby sees him as Benedick.)

    • (8:00) Finding Jack’s voice/accent: tried for erudit; original accent was kind of erased by his time in the Navy to appear more cultured. Also, 1930s RAF pilot.

    • (10:10) Toby has never read Harry Potter, so he guesses Jack is a Slytherin or Ravenclaw, or a mix.

    • (12:30) Jack’s role in pirate community: narratively serves levity, but in-universe he’s a social butterfly, gossiping, talking casually to Singleton, Gates, etc. He’s very involved in the flow of information, esp for money.

    • (15:30) Jack has deep and mature feelings for Anne (he’ll “be a man” for her), but this partnership allows him to be extremely childish in the rest of his life. Toby is very aware of Jack’s “blinkers”.

    • (18:00) Jack can see himself apart from Anne in a way she never had before, which is something Max brings to the surface. But Toby says ultimately Jack can’t really separate from her either. He often makes plans without including her, but Anne often doesn’t want to be included, is more passive.

    • (22:00) “This show is very good at taking away what people want once they get it”→ seeing Jack rich and happy lasts ~5 seconds, before things get shaky, which is much more interesting.

    • (23:00) “I’d love to have more scenes between Dimplesand Thomas” → DIMPLES AND THOMAS, HE CALLS JAMES FLINT, GAY GINGER REVENGE NINJA OF THE CARIBBIEAN, DIMPLES [OP is crying & hyperventilating]

    • (23:20) Silver & Rackham  interactions → would be fun, Toby thinks they’re “thick as thieves” behind the show, but their similarity as “charming survivors” makes it harder to see what they have to offer narratively

    • (25:25) Jack’s backstory as conceived by Toby himself and the writers, how Jack’s background connects with Toby’s personal history as coming from a family with a small business

    • (28:30) Jack’s delivery of his backstory to Rogers; Jack has a different attitude towards his background compared to characters like Flint, Silver, Anne, Max etc → he’s driving to a point, being “I caught up to you, Rogers”

    • (31:50) Does Jack see people? How aware is he of other people and of himself? He might be very perceptive but true to form, likes himself to be underestimated. Having figured out Rogers’ “pirate side” he doesn’t let on to keep that advantage. Toby often calculates abt Jack scenes, “Is this an emotional or a rational one, or does it switch?”

    • (33:50) Relates Jack’s being underestimated to the show itself, how it takes time to reach the layers. Talks a bit about Jack’s more badass side - he may be a lot of show, but he IS a pirate and does know how to slit a throat and wield a sword, and is not afraid to. (Reminder of him trying to stab Silver in the eye in S1.)

    • (36:00) Jack is very emotional; not afraid to shout at his boss in public, crying in front of his girlfriend, etc. Most characters tend to eat their emotions - but with someone as out-loud as Jack, it can be hard to tell when he’s faking and when he isn’t. He’s most emotionally honest with Anne, esp privately. “He doesn’t mind looking like a fool, weak or emotional.” It’s an “incredible gift in this rugged, macho world."

    • (37:40) Mentions Jack’s proficiency with a weapon, then elaborates on fighting styles for diff characters that were developed with the actors and stuntguys. Flint has “various Royal Navy moves that have been slightly corrupted”, Zach McGowan is ambidextrous so that was incorporated, Jack’s style is “kind of feral”, like a rabid dog, once he does get rolling. Toby also has long arms, aka a long reach, which is good for sword fights!

    • (43:30) Wants to see Featherstone time-traveling as a grumpy private-eye in 1920s Berlin, not necessarily with actual German skills.

    • (45:30) The scene where Max talks to Idelle about seduction while Jack listens. Apparently he sees it as a scene of her seducing him???

    • (50:25) “Characters that want to change the world are rarely doing it for the people”→ thinks about the characters who don’t want to change the world, like Billy, Max and Anne

    • (51:15) calls Flint “Dimples” again, talks about his dark side that existed even when he was James McGraw and gets revealed fully when he’s suicidal on Maroon Island; talks about Max & her desire to be inside “that room”, does she really not want anything more than be comfortable? does she desire greater change?

    • (53:15) Anne is a unique character in that she doesn’t want to stand out alone; she’s the most herself when she’s in battle “she’s true and she’s powerful and she’s turned-on and alive and clear-eyed and has no doubts”; Clara Paget: “I don’t see it as psychopathic, I don’t see it as damaged, but I think Anne enjoys watching them die when she kills them. She wants to see them slump, she wants to see the blood leak out of them and she likes seeing their breath stop.” → “She’s a connoisseur of death”

    • (57:40) Clara approaches playing Anne from “a very visual way; how her hat is, how her hair is, how her shoulders are placed, what she’s chewing in her mouth, where the streak of grime is; it’s paramount to her” → based in how silent Anne is, it all plays in the physical; Clara created Anne as an entity beyond the page

    • (1:01:10) Jack is “most himself when he’s out on the edge of anti-authoritarian wheeling and dealing”; with Gates in S1, with Mapleton

    • (1:04:50) SCOTCH BREAK! Clinky-clinky! → while drinking, Toby mentions that as a little nod to Jack Rackham’s historical demise (his ship was overpowered while he was piss-drunk below deck, which led to his arrest & subsequent hanging) he tried to take a swig whenever possible on the show

    • (1:11:25) “great tragedies always have gags in them, Hamlet’s riddled with them”

    • (1:11:50) thinks “history will be kind” to Black Sails, that despite its undeserved obscurity it will age well and be appreciated

    • (1:13:25) “It’s a story about storytelling” - talks again about Hamlet, “this is why there’s a play within the play”, it’s a universally resonating theme for people

    • (1:18:00) at the beginning of the show, everyone was “cast like rockstars” → Ranger crew = The Kinks, Walrus crew → The Rolling Stones, Hornigold → The Beatles; Blackbeard rolls into Nassau "like Mozart" [OP’s note: lbr Mozart would fit right in, he did write the unforgettable “Lick my ass” after all]

    • (1:18:40) Jack starts out the show very needy, and when he later meets Blackbeard he can’t stop himself from wanting his approval, since he’s such an imposing figure in precisely the anti-authoritarian way Jack is attracted to

    • (1:24:15) Jack does “fanboy geek-out a bit with Flint”, kinda teases at something in S4, maybe?

    • (1:25:00) Jack does feel very guilty for Vane’s death, but is excellent at justifying himself; re: leaving Vane behind, he Vane tells them to go twice (“who denies a Vane order twice?”) and is at that time only dealing with one wounded Rogers, so Jack/Anne probably felt comfortable leaving it to human meatgrinder Zach McGowan, thinking he’d be “thirty seconds behind him”

    • (1:27:30) tried to get “Chaz” to be Vane’s in-universe nickname and managed to sneak it through twice in dialogue re-recordings, although showrunners told him not to; “I have no notes” was also ad-libbed

    • (1:29:00) fanboys the cellist in 301/XIX who was a local student at the Capetown conservatory; couldn’t have been less phased by being on a multi-million dollar tv show and just did her thing, then asked when she could go back to study for her exams, “she was one of the coolest people to ever step onto that set”; Schmitz offered to show her around the set etc and she just said she wished she’d tuned her cello beforehand, unimpressed

    • (1:30:25) favourite day on set: all of them; but filming how he has to justify himself to Hamund & the Ranger crew after losing the pearls was great; the set was very immersive; also mentions the carriage sequence, Featherstone (Titcurtains!), getting to pull his guns, etc

    • (1:31:50) during a walk-and-talk scene with Zach McGowan, Zach refused to move out of the way for an ox (Zach: “Charles Vane doesn’t get out of the way for an ox”) and while Toby freaked out silently, the ox did turn at the last second

    In other happy news, Black Sails finally got some critical recognition and was given an award for VFX making the storm sequence in 302/XX possible.

    Click past the cut to watch an older video of how the VFX in that scene were made!

    Sources: Fathoms Deep podcast, Tweet 12, Vid

    Crew! Given that Silver's canon nickname in Treasure Island is "Barbecue", would you tremble before Dimples and Barbecue, dread pirate kings?

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    I feel like she was just posting about Val the other day. These two can't get enough of each other so they should just be together already and quit playing around.

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    It's a big weekend for the newly out of retirement A-List vocalist, Demi Lovato!

    Tomorrow is the 59th Grammy Awards (for Selena Gomez, it's Sunday) and ahead of this big day, Demi's not only set to perform (it's her second year in a row), but she's also nominated for Best Pop Vocal Album!

    Demi attended the Roc Nation Pre-Grammy party today looking radiant.

    ONTD, would you be here for Camp Rock 3?

    Sources: 1, 2, 3

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    - Petkovic said she considered walking off court as the anthem went on
    - "I thought it was the epitome of ignorance, and I've never felt more disrespected in my whole life"
    - USTA quickly responded with an apology

    Source, Source, Source

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    SOURCE: SNL's Youtube

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    On February 8th, 2017, Evan Rachel Wood accepted the Visibility Award at the Human Rights Campaign's Gala in North Carolina. (For those who don't know, HRC is the largest national organization advocating for LGBTQ rights, check out their site linked below for more information). She took the opportunity to discuss her own experience as a bisexual woman and the importance and words and visibility.

    TLDR; Her experiences growing up as a bisexual woman and what that means to her as an artist with such visibility. Believes that suffering connects us and will create empathy (very Westworld of her). Encourages everyone to keep fighting and expressing their truth.

    Some bullet points:

    - Begins by saying we are taught to respect fear and to silence ourselves to save ourselves.

    - Explains briefly who Audre Lorde is and explains how she connected to her words without knowing yet that she was an amazing artist and activist.

    - Discusses growing up in an expressive, diverse, artistic atmosphere and because of that she was never corrected in her traditionally masculine behaviors.

    - Describes how puberty changed her physical reaction to women, prompting an epiphany that she has always thought women and men were beautiful.

    - She then goes on to describe confusion and lonliness, and how it all began to make more sense when she finally heard the word, "bisexual."

    - Compares acting and empathizing. This caused her to see how important visibility is to spread empathy, connection, and healing.

    - Reading statistics on the HRC put out in June 2016, prompting her to connect those directly to her own experience to answer why. Shame, suffering. Emphasizes the need to empathize through these and connect.

    - Says the response to her youtube video where she finally explained her experiences was amazing and in conjuction with the Orlando Shooting two days later, it reinforced to her how important words, our voices are.

    - Quotes Nina Simone, "I choose to reflect the times and situations in which I find myself."

    - This is what inspires her to continue her art and provide representation. "I choose to be seen so that we can connect.".

    - Quotes E. E. Cummings, "To be nobody but yourself in a world that's doing its best to make you somebody else, is to fight the hardest battle you are ever going to fight. Never stop fighting."

    I definitely think it's worth the watch. What do you all think? She segues nicely.

    HRC's Youtube Channel
    HRC's Website

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    here's kendall and bella on the runway:

    sources: 1 2 3 4 5
    Kylie's hair lol

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    • Other guests included Jaden Smith, Jesse Williams, Victoria Ortiz, Remy Ma, Tiwa Savage and Demi Lovato.

    YAAYYYY @ this Russian Roulette reunion! Jesse Williams still ain't shit tho.


    She looks incredibly stunning & her outfit is on point. 😍😍

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    <<Last Weekend<Last Year View Index: By Year | By Weekend
    TW LW Title (click to view) Studio Weekend Gross % Change Theater Count /Change Average Total Gross Budget* Week #
    1 N The LEGO Batman Movie WB $55,635,000 - 4,088 - $13,609 $55,635,000 $80 1
    2 N Fifty Shades Darker Uni. $46,797,825 - 3,710 - $12,614 $46,797,825 $55 1
    3 N John Wick: Chapter Two LG/S $30,015,000 - 3,113 - $9,642 $30,015,000 - 1
    4 1 Split Uni. $9,321,110 -35.4% 2,961 -412 $3,148 $112,293,380 $9 4
    5 4 Hidden Figures Fox $8,000,000 -21.5% 2,667 -734 $3,000 $131,452,250 $25 8
    6 3 A Dog's Purpose Uni. $7,365,335 -29.9% 3,025 -153 $2,435 $42,595,010 $22 3
    7 2 Rings Par. $5,820,000 -55.2% 2,931 - $1,986 $21,492,286 $25 2
    8 5 La La Land LG/S $5,000,000 -32.2% 2,065 -1,171 $2,421 $126,010,345 $30 10
    9 10 Lion Wein. $4,083,000 +8.6% 1,337 -68 $3,054 $30,368,722 - 12
    10 9 The Space Between Us STX $1,760,000 -53.4% 2,758 -54 $638 $6,595,158 $30 2
    11 7 Sing Uni. $1,632,750 -59.7% 1,479 -814 $1,104 $265,337,745 $75 8
    12 11 Rogue One: A Star Wars Story BV $1,516,000 -48.1% 929 -684 $1,632 $527,182,968 $200 9
    13 8 xXx: The Return of Xander Cage Par. $1,465,000 -62.2% 1,178 -1,300 $1,244 $43,077,048 $85 4
    14 6 Resident Evil: The Final Chapter SGem $1,350,000 -71.3% 1,213 -1,891 $1,113 $25,215,430 $40 3
    15 24 I am Not Your Negro Magn. $830,000 +20.9% 115 +72 $7,217 $1,839,040 - 2
    16 N Jolly Llb 2 FIP $780,000 - 173 - $4,509 $780,000 - 1
    17 13 The Founder Wein. $750,000 -47.7% 454 -482 $1,652 $11,231,245 - 4
    18 15 Moana BV $726,000 -45.7% 461 -386 $1,575 $243,180,866 - 12
    19 17 Fences Par. $720,000 -41.7% 454 -494 $1,586 $53,940,727 $24 9
    20 N The Oscar Nominated Short Films 2017 Magn. $660,000 - 184 - $3,587 $660,000 - 1
    21 12 Monster Trucks Par. $620,000 -71.4% 842 -1,059 $736 $32,195,927 - 5
    22 19 Moonlight (2016) A24 $592,839 -40.8% 351 -491 $1,689 $20,426,600 - 17
    23 20 Sleepless ORF $472,630 -46.9% 385 -287 $1,228 $20,101,380 - 5
    24 23 Arrival Par. $455,000 -42.8% 271 -414 $1,679 $99,412,735 $47 14
    25 18 Patriots Day LGF $390,000 -64.6% 346 -657 $1,127 $31,010,365 $45 8
    26 31 The Salesman Cohen $261,889 +10.2% 65 +17 $4,029 $724,876 - 3
    27 22 Passengers (2016) Sony $250,000 -71.0% 215 -889 $1,163 $98,000,565 $110 8
    28 28 20th Century Women A24 $233,426 -41.9% 127 -126 $1,838 $5,116,893 - 7
    29 21 The Comedian SPC $227,078 -74.1% 612 -236 $371 $1,494,625 - 7
    30 29 Jackie FoxS $210,000 -43.8% 149 -178 $1,409 $13,269,363 - 11
    31 32 Doctor Strange BV $187,000 -21.2% 171 -19 $1,094 $232,185,806 $165 15
    32 37 Paterson BST $178,106 +2.8% 70 +12 $2,544 $1,288,177 - 7
    34 27 Un Padre No Tan Padre PNT $160,000 -64.1% 117 -195 $1,368 $1,947,223 - 3
    33 N Duckweed CL $160,000 - 27 - $5,926 $160,000 - 1
    35 14 Gold Wein. $146,000 -89.4% 215 -1,951 $679 $7,019,073 - 3
    36 42 Toni Erdmann SPC $130,936 +37.0% 49 +25 $2,672 $687,552 - 8
    37 36 Why Him? Fox $110,000 -38.5% 147 -97 $748 $59,239,288 $38 8
    38 30 Hacksaw Ridge LGF $107,000 -55.8% 127 -190 $843 $66,577,164 - 15
    39 41 Julieta SPC $104,835 -16.1% 63 +5 $1,664 $1,179,921 - 8
    40 N A United Kingdom FoxS $70,000 - 4 - $17,500 $70,000 - 1
    41 47 The Red Turtle SPC $67,986 -2.4% 29 +8 $2,344 $331,580 - 4
    42 44 Elle SPC $67,673 -17.5% 57 -47 $1,187 $2,038,372 - 14
    43 35 Silence (2016) Par. $67,000 -63.1% 55 -97 $1,218 $6,978,401 - 8
    44 N Kedi Osci. $40,510 - 1 - $40,510 $40,510 - 1
    45 56 Mr. Gaga: A True Story of Love and Dance Abr. $26,714 +5.4% 6 +4 $4,452 $73,814 - 2
    46 51 The Eagle Huntress SPC $25,383 -41.5% 34 -14 $747 $2,980,639 - 15
    47 N Land of Mine SPC $15,758 - 3 - $5,253 $23,510 - 1
    48 54 Chapter & Verse Pala. $15,366 -53.0% 5 +4 $3,073 $52,272 - 2
    49 62 Saving Banksy PDF $3,651 -50.3% 3 -3 $1,217 $41,152 - 5
    TOTAL (49 MOVIES): $189,623,800 +91.3% 39,841 -7,153 $4,760
    <<Last Weekend<Last Year View Index: By Year | By Weekend

    source 12

    What did you watch this weekend, ONTD?

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    Entertainer of the Year: Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson
    Outstanding Motion Picture: Hidden Figures
    Outstanding Actress in a Motion Picture: Taraji P. Henson, Hidden Figures
    Outstanding Drama Series: Queen Sugar
    Outstanding Actor in a Comedy Series: Anthony Anderson, Black-ish
    Outstanding Actor in a Drama Series: Sterling K. Brown, This Is Us
    Outstanding Comedy Series: Black-ish
    Outstanding Actress in a Drama Series: Taraji P. Henson, Empire
    Outstanding Actress in a Comedy Series: Tracee Ellis Ross, Black-ish
    Outstanding Actor in a Motion Picture: Denzel Washington, Fences
    Outstanding New Artist: Chance the Rapper
    Outstanding Male Artist: Maxwell
    Outstanding Female Artist: Beyoncé
    Outstanding Duo, Group or Collaboration: "Freedom," Beyoncé feat. Kendrick Lamar
    Outstanding Jazz Album: Latin American Songbook, Edward Simon
    Outstanding Gospel Album (Traditional or Contemporary): One Way, Tamela Mann
    Outstanding Music Video: "Formation,"  Beyoncé
    Outstanding Song (Traditional): "I See A Victory," Kim Burrell and Pharrell Williams
    Outstanding Album: Lemonade, Beyoncé
    Outstanding Song (Contemporary): "Freedom," Beyoncé feat. Kendrick Lamar


    Mods Yesterday it was the red carpet for the non televised Awards dinner

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    Image and video hosting by TinyPic

    Paul Walker's daughter has signed with Woman Mangement.

    Image and video hosting by TinyPic

    Image and video hosting by TinyPic


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    Promotional pictures at the link, the synopsis was posted already but for those interested: "Miller devises a dangerous plan to eradicate what's left of the protomolecule on Eros."

    More behind a cut.

    Inside The Expanse 2X03:

    Highlights from the video:

    They skip over the will they-won't they with Holden-Naomi and just make them grownups. They're together now but they're both very strong-willed individuals, they have strong opinions and don't agree on everything. Naomi is conflicted with where her loyalties lie and who she should side with- she's romantically involved with Holden, not sure where she really stands with Amos, she feels most connected to Miller as a Belter, her Belter identity being something she turned her back on before.

    Syfy Wire's Cher Martinetti and Adam Swiderski join producers/universe creators Ty Franck and Daniel Abraham and discuss 2X03 (featuring special guest star Wes Chatham)

    Highlights (some spoilers from 'The Churn'):

    * They wrote around finding reasons to have Frankie punch people this season. They pulled Drummer forward from much later in the books, they love her dynamic with Naomi, they also love her Belter accent and how it sounds like English is her second language and that she's not as comfortable in it as in Belter. They were trying to figure out a Belter activity for Naomi-Drummer, figured out Handball would be perfect- they live in small quarters, can anticipate the station's spin and all you really need is a ball.

    * The Churn is the blue print for how they created Amos, the center of him and how he operates now. Amos' reaction to the doctor describing what was done to the scientist and the questions he asks is a really interesting and subtle insight into how he sees himself. Amos doesn't have an ego, doesn't see himself as a tough guy, he sees himself as a survivor who is very tribal to the people closer to him and systematically takes care of anything threatening them.

    * Wes talked to a therapist about Amos and read a lot about detachment disorders and PTSD. One of Amos' guiding principals is he doesn't want to be like the men who abused him as a child and loved ones, he knows he could easily cross that line. He doesn't have the moral compass to understand/see if he crosses that line. When they were casting Amos, a lot of actors played him as a standard angry tough guy, Wes came in and read a threatening dialogue with no emotion, just flat and factual, he understood the character right from the start. In S2 Naomi does things that are out of Amos' expectations and challenge how he sees her and sees the world through her. It's unsettling and disturbing to him, as he tries to grab a hold of something that's stable, there's Holden that he gravitates towards.

    * Chrisjen is trying to survive, she's the only one who recognizes that this is one of the most dangerous moments in human history. She's in the room, watching them argue for war and it'll end in Earth and Mars shooting each other with missiles. She's desperately looking for allies- Souther has stepped down as Admiral of the fleet, Erringwright is playing for the wrong team, maybe Fred is the one guy saying the truth and could be an ally.

    io9 interviews Wes Chatham (and also Steven Strait, who mostly fanboys about Wes and his acting choices) about 2X03. Spoilers for 'The Churn' and Amos' backstory.


    * Wes was reading 'Leviathan Wakes' before he even knew about the auditions for the show; he read 'The Churn' for backstory on Amos and sat down with a psychologist who read the novella to discuss detachment disorder and being a trauma survivor. Amos' emotional circuit board is fried, he sees things more clearly and his ultimate goal is to survive in the most pragmatic way.

    * Amos realizes he has a lot of similarities to Cortázar- what Cortázar did to himself, Amos got as a kid through trauma and he also dealt with people like him when he was growing up, when he was a child prostitute. He knows the way to get the guy to talk is through a sort of seduction- Cortázar has almost a lustful passion for the protomolecule, so Amos dangles the carrot in front of him to get him to open up and lower his defenses.

    * Amos and Naomi have a very special relationship that mimics one of the most important relationships he's had, to a woman named Lydia. With Naomi, he replaced that void when he and Lydia parted ways and Naomi operates as kind of a moral compass for him. In the second season, that relationship becomes challenged and you start to get a sense of who Amos really is without that relationship and why he needs it. He starts to become who he really is without her around.

    SOURCES: #1, #2, #3, #4, #5

    Ratings went down to 0.2 this week. The Expanse airs Wednesdays at 10/9C on The SyFy channel.

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    please tour north america thanks

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    ''Tom Hiddleston wows us while getting dressed, no less.''


    What accents do you like the most??

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