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Oh No They Didn't! - LiveJournal.com

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    -Bel Biv Devoe just released their first album in 15 years, Three Stripes

    -talk about The New Edition Story, the 3 part miniseries that premiered on BET last week

    -say the movie has been in talks for over a decade and was supposed to be on FOX but fell through; also Bobby Brown didn't want to sign on at first

    article and interview at the source:


    honestly i just wanted an excuse to discuss The New Edition Story, HOW GREAT WAS THAT??

    Have you ever dropped your bag of cocaine while you were performing live and then picked it up whilst never missing a beat, ONTD?

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    Siera Bearchell who's representing Canada in the Miss Universe has been called fat by people who clearly need to get their eyes checked followers and critics of the Miss Universe pageant, and she took it to her instagram to discuss the issue.

    "How does it feel to be so much.. larger than the other delegates?"• I was just asked this question in a press junket by a member of the media. I was left almost speechless. I thought, "How does it feel to be myself? How does it feel to be confident in who I am? How does it feel to fulfill my dream of representing Canada on the Miss Universe stage? How does it feel to be a role model for so many young women who struggle to find someone to look up to? How does it feel to redefine beauty?"- My answer- It feels great. #confidentlybeautiful #beautybeyondsize #bodydiversity #missuniverse #misscanada @missuniverse

    I have a vision to redefine beauty. I have a vision in which women around the world will recognize that true beauty, validation and self-worth start from within. I have a vision that regardless of our age, gender, race, background and personal views, we will support and encourage one another to be comfortable in our own skin. #confidentlybeautiful •
    If you are awake, LIVESTREAM the @missuniverse Preliminary Competition starting at 6am ET (5am SK 🌾) 🇨🇦🇵🇭 #missuniverse

    I am secure and that's what makes me beautiful. 🙋🏻 When you call me lazy, fat, and mediocre, what are you saying to the women of the world? Miss Universe is an organization built on the foundation of inclusion and diversity. It is no longer the "beauty pageant" it used to be. The mission of Miss Universe is to provide the tools for women to reach their personal best and use those skills to serve others. That's exactly what I am doing and I will not be brought down by shallow negativity. In fact, the negativity only fuels my fire to keep working on a platform that so evidently needs to be progressed. This journey has just begun. ❤ #confidentlybeautiful #missuniverse @missuniverse #bodydiversity #beautybeyondsize

    source: her instagram.

    Please refrain from those annoying ~if she's fat, what am I, a whale? comments.
    It is ridiculous that people are calling her fat though.

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    Because Moffat won't go without fucking with you one last time... 2017's Christmas Special will be the last episode of Capaldi.


    lbr, ageism is a real thing in the fandom and people hated having an old doctor after Matt Smith and David Tennant. ONTD. why do you think Capaldi is leaving?

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    Future Oscar winner Viola Davis is attached to star along Oscar winner Julia Roberts
    Davis will play Ruth Jefferson and Roberts will play the public defender who takes her case in a film that will tackle race, privilege, prejudice, justice, and compassion.

    Adaptation of the popular book "Small Great Thongs" by Jodi Picoult

    A screenwriter is currently being sought to adapt the novel, with the project set up at DreamWorks Pictures with Marc Platt’s production shingle producing.

    No director is attached at this time.

    Small Great Things is about race relations and follows Ruth, a labor/delivery nurse who takes care of newborns at a Connecticut hospital but is told not to touch the baby of a couple who are white supremacists. Ruth, who has 20 years experience with newborns, is a widow whose husband was killed in Afghanistan and whose son is an honor student. When the couple’s baby dies and Ruth is the only one present, she is taken to court by the couple.


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    ImgLand.net image

    Chiaki Ito has announced that she will be leaving AAA at the end of March, to focus on her pregnancy and marriage. She is 3 months pregnant (due around summer) and in December married a 40 year old businessman - who she started dating in June 2016, so yeah. A live tour was planned to start in March for the sub-unit MisaChia with fellow AAA member Misako Uno, but has been canceled. The group Attack All Around debuted in 2005 with 8 members, and this is the first roster change to happen in a decade, following Yukari Goto's departure in 2007. The group will continue on with the remaining 6 members, with their 53rd single 'Magic' and 10th studio album 'Way of Glory' being released in February. Ito's talent agency has stated she will continue with her entertainment career as an individual artist.


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    Image and video hosting by TinyPic

    • "Netflix has premiered a new season of Terrace House, the Japanese reality show that takes 6 young people, puts them into a house, and … that’s all. They don’t vote each other our, they don’t have modeling competitions (...) They’re just in the house. going about their lives".

    • S2 is on Netflix and is called "Terrace House : Boys & Girls in the city". The third one (Terrace House : Aloha State) was released recently and is located in Hawaii.

    • "There’s an austerity to Terrace House that is both charming and kind of beautiful. It’s jarring to see a show like this not scored by wall-to-wall pop songs; without them, the breathtaking sight of their house, the pool, and the view feel more prominent."

    • "This isn’t any kind of high-octane reality drama, but its slower, quieter rhythms are oddly soothing."

    More ->>> by Joey Reid on Decider

    Is anyone watching? Am I the only one addicted to this show? It's really refreshing to see healthy relationships on a reality tv show lol. I love the directing too.

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    Vanity Fair has an exclusive clip from Luca Guadagnino’s adaptation of André Aciman’s novel Call Me by Your Name, starring Armie Hammer and Timothée Chalamet.

    Set in the summer of 1983 in northern Italy, the story follows Elio Perlman (Chalamet), a seventeen-year-old American-Italian boy who spends his days in his family’s seventeenth century villa lazily transcribing music and flirting with his friend Marzia.

    One day Oliver (Hammer), a charming, twenty-four year-old American scholar working on his doctorate, arrives as the annual summer intern tasked with helping Elio’s father (played by Michael Stuhlbarg), an eminent professor specializing in Greco-Roman culture. Amid the sun-drenched splendor of this sensual setting, Elio and Oliver discover the heady beauty of awakening desire over the course of a summer that will change their lives forever.

    Image and video hosting by TinyPic
    Image and video hosting by TinyPic
    Image and video hosting by TinyPic



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    Nic Cage crashed a Nic Cage film festival (called Caged [4yr running]) in Austin, watched 4 of his own films (Bangkok Dangerous, Joe, Bringing Out the Dead, Army of One and Lord of War), did a 47-minute Q&A and read Poe's 'The Tell-Tale Heart'.

    Source 12

    favourite nic cage story/movie?

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    mariahcarey ‪#IDONT‬

    • Mariah released a preview of her new song "I Don't" at the end of the final episode of Mariah's World

    • The song is set to be released on Friday, February 3rd

    • Mariah will feature rapper YG on the track

    • They sampled Donell Jones song "Where I Wanna Be"

    SOURCES: Mariah's Instagram / Fuse TV

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    Affleck has stepped down from directing the next Batman film. He will still star and produce. Affleck and Warners decided it was best for the film to find another director that can collab with Affleck rather than him taking it all on himself.


    ontd poll: who should direct!?

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    -The housemates must face the viewers tweets
    -Judge Vanessa makes her final verdict and it's a harsh one
    -Kim and Nicola have a heart to heart
    -Calum goes off on Jedward for singing while he tries to sleep
    -BB reveals a surprise eviction that leaves the house in shock

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    -Kim revealed that she is returning to RHOA for the season finale
    -Boots on the ground gossip is that she and Kenya get into a major fight at the finale
    -She is expected to return full time or as a friend of for the 10th season

    Kim put the following line up on her snapchat for her "perfect" cast


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  • 01/30/17--18:10: The Bachelor - Showdown

  • It's gonna be Corrine v Taylor, I think think one of them is way over her head...

    Bachelor Fantasy League Standings

    1) Katibutlerr13 300
    2) Amanda 290
    3) StephLynne 280
    4) Perdley 270

    ONTD Group pw: ontd


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    The first few images of Martin Freeman in the upcoming horror film 'Cargo' have been released.

    A father who is stranded in rural Australia in the aftermath of a violent pandemic, and infected himself, desperately seeks a new home for his infant child and a means to protect her from his own changing nature. Salvation may lie with an isolated Aboriginal tribe, but to gain access, he must first earn the allegiance of a young indigenous girl on a tragic quest of her own.

    The movie is based off the short film of the same name below (it will probably spoil the film's ending so heads up).


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    WHITE MARTIANS ATTACK THE DEO — Armek (guest star Terrell Tilford), a White Martian, descends on National City intent on taking M’gann (guest star Sharon Leal) back to Mars to face her punishment as a traitor. Hank (David Harewood) and Supergirl (Melissa Benoist) determine the best way to keep M’gann safe is to bring her to the DEO. However, when it is revealed that Armek shape-shifted into M’gann and is now loose in the building, the team realize he could be disguised as any one of them. David McWhirter directed the episode written by Gabriel Llanas & Anna Musky-Goldwyn.

    source / source

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    Sally Yates was the acting Attorney General, she released a statement earlier today that Trump's recent Executive Order was not defendable in court and therefore was not going to defend it. Trump fired her and said she betrayed the DoJ and put national security at risk, which is not true, she defended the Constitution.

    ajanaomi_kingTo ALWAYS Seek Justice and Stand for what is RIGHT!!!
    #sallyyates #nobannowall
    #Repost @allthewomen
    Sally Yates, former acting chief of the Justice Department, was fired after writing a memo instructing lawyers at the DOJ not to defend Trump's executive order.
    AG Yates wrote, "My responsibility is to ensure that the position of the Department of Justice is not only legally defensible, but is informed by our best view of what the law is after consideration of all the facts. In addition, I am responsible for ensuring that the positions we take in court remain consistent with this institution's solemn obligation to always seek justice and stand for what is right...At present, I am not convinced that the defense of the Executive Order is consistent with these responsibilities nor am I convinced that the Executive Order is lawful."

    You guys we're only 10 days in...

    SOURCE: Tweet 1, Instagram, Tweet 2, Tweet 3, Tweet 4, Tweet 5, Tweet 6, Tweet 7, Tweet 8

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    I wasn't able watch the episode yet, but I've got time since the show's not back UNTIL MAY. Jeez.

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  • 01/30/17--21:50: Jane the Virgin 3x10 Promo

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