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Oh No They Didn't! - LiveJournal.com

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    We've long been wary of the mysterious dark powers of The Fresh Prince Of Bel-Air theme song—anything that can make a bus full of tourists sing in unison seems like the kind of magic one shouldn't be playing around with willy-nilly. And one teenager in Pennsylvania learned that the hard way this week after a receptionist mistook the student's Fresh Prince voice mail greeting as a threat about "shooting people outside of the school."

    The actual line in the song, of course, is "shooting some b-ball outside of the school.” The receptionist, whose name has not been released, had called 19-year-old Ambridge Area High School student Travis Clawson to remind him about an upcoming eye appointment. She misheard the voice mail greeting, and called local Sewickley police, who then contacted Ambridge school officials. Then a countywide schools lockdown happened because no one knew exactly where Clawson was, and the 911 response system is designed to notify all schools of a situation.

    Clawson was finally found in the guidance office of Ambridge’s high school, which was subsequently swarmed by officers who took him into custody. Clawson later told investigators his message was just him imitating Will Smith’s rap intro to the show; after listening again, police determined he was in fact saying "b-ball" and not "people."

    No charges have been filed, but Clawson's family has met with an attorney. “An innocent young man was embarrassed,” his father, Wendell, told Times Online. “How is he supposed to go back to school and face his classmates?” Very...proudly? With his head held high? Getting all the high fives from classmates? Maybe if he had imitated the Neil Young version, none of this would have happened.


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  • 03/03/13--07:28: What has PLAY been up to
  • Remember the girl group PLAY?

    After the reunion/break up in 2011, some of them have gone solo!

    Queen Fanny has changed her name back to Faye and has released 3 singles so far, the most prominent being Water Against the Rocks.

    Rosanna has joined K.I.D.S. and uploaded 3 songs.

    Janet Leon performed a new song at Melodifestivalen 2013 called Heartstrings

    1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5

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    By Evan Minsker on March 3, 2013 at 08:32 a.m.

    M.I.A.: MATANGI Mix for Kenzo (via SoundCloud)

    This morning, the Kenzo fashion show in Paris featured an original piece of music by M.I.A.. It's called the MATANGI mix-- the same name as her upcoming album-- and it's streaming above via MatangiMixtape.com.

    Matangi is tentatively scheduled for April 15, but nothing has been cemented yet.
    It might feature work from Hit-Boy.


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    Here are the Melodifestivalen finalists/performances in the running order of next week's show:

    Ulrik Munther:

    ‘Tell The World I’m Here’

    David Lindgren:


    State of Drama:


    Anton Ewald :


    Louise Hoffsten:

    ‘Only The Dead Fish Follow The Stream’

    Ralf Gyllenhammar:

    ‘Bed On Fire’


    ‘En Riktig Jävla Schlager’

    Sean Banan:


    Robin Stjernberg:



    ‘Heartbreak Hotel’


    who will you be rooting for, ONTD?

    Anton thanks you for your patience

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    To get Goldilocks used to having girls flock to his crotch like bees to a vat of honey, Louis seems to have decided it was important to give Niall a chance to practise running away and screaming before they headed out on tour.
    By which we mean he pulled down Nialler's trousers in the middle of a carpark.

    Recalling the experience to Top of the Pops, Goldilocks said: "About a month before we started our tour, I was queuing up for a burger at a service station and Louis pulled down my trousers!"

    "That was quite embarrassing."

    Sources: 1,2

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    She is known for taking on some controversial – and revealing – acting roles.

    But Anna Friel has admitted she has managed to shock her parents only once – by emailing her father some pornographic images.

    The 36-year-old, who plays Jean Raymond, the wife of porn baron Paul Raymond, in a new film called The Look Of Love, made the embarrassing slip-up while she was researching her role.

    ‘I sent an email to my dad with some pictures of Jean Raymond,’ she said. ‘He called me afterwards and said, “I think you’re going a bit far on this one.”

    ‘I wondered what he meant and then I realised I’d sent him an email attachment of an actual porn shoot that Jean did – I mean, everything. I was mortified.’

    Friel, who first hit the headlines aged 16 for filming a lesbian kiss scene in Brookside, admitted her parents were not usually surprised by anything she did. ‘I was brought up in a very open household – I’m very close to my papa and he’s not easily shocked.’

    And the actress, who also appeared naked in BBC drama The Tribe in 1998 and on stage in Breakfast At Tiffany’s four years ago, revealed that she has no problems baring all.

    ‘I didn’t mind being naked,’ she said in an interview in April’s edition of Easy Living magazine, which is accompanied by photographs of her taken by rock star Bryan Adams.

    Anna Friel on the front cover of the latest edition of Easy Living

    ‘I’ve always been OK with my body. We’ve all got t**s. I’ve also got b***s – I just don’t show them very often.’

    Friel, who has a daughter from a previous relationship with actor David Thewlis, said juggling the demands of motherhood and acting was a challenge: ‘I’m 36. My friends are freezing their eggs. It’s much harder to be a woman these days.

    'We’ve got to do everything – work, cope with the travelling and still be a mother.'


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    No one!!

    Teams fly from Bora Bora to New Zealand.
    Dave and Connor go to a hospital where they find out that Dave's Achilles is torn.
    Jessica and John give Dave and Connor the express pass because of their injury.
    Dave has to run the entire leg in crutches.
    Dave and Connor win the leg but we find out that the race isn't over!
    Dave has to decide between continuing with the race and letting his injury recover.

    Source: my tv

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    Thanks to the complex system of whispers, nods and embargoes through which the entertainment press functions, we’re often forced to collude in shared delusions. No, that actor hasn’t left a show under a cloud (we’re saying nothing), no, those classic monsters won’t be turning up in Doctor Who (at least, until the press release announces it), and yes, that programme may well make it to another series (even though it was cancelled before episode one aired).

    One such folie à plusieurs is the non-existence of Game Of Thrones’ fourth season, which, we’re compelled to remind you, has not yet been confirmed by HBO.

    Got that? Officially, as the situation stands, Game Of Thrones still might not continue to a fourth season. HBO hasn’t announced that it will, which means it definitely isn’t the case that of course it absolutely bloody well will and everyone knows it. Just to be completely clear, the most successful, expensive, hyped, and critically acclaimed fantasy drama there is, which has the source material to endure indefinitely and enough die-hard fans to outnumber all the slaves in Astapor, might not be commissioned for a fourth season. We just don’t know. It hasn’t been confirmed.

    Except that now, thanks to the wonderful Charles Dance, it sort of has.

    On the press circuit for the season two DVD release, Dance, who plays Game Of Thrones’ villainous patriarch Tywin Lannister, revealed that he’s off to film the fourth season later this year, with six of the scripts he’ll be working from seemingly already written.

    Sandwiched between heart-felt praise for the talents of writer/director duo DB Weiss and David Benioff were these words from Mr Dance:

    “We’re about to start season four aren’t we? This year. We get scripts pretty early on, much earlier on than in similar series, usually you get perhaps one episode and you just have to trust that what’s going to come in subsequent episodes is going to be as good as the one you’ve got, but in this I think there are six scripts already written, and we will probably be able to see them with more than adequate time to prepare before we start shooting.”

    Entertainingly, as soon as the words "season four" left Charles Dance's mouth, the panel moderator signalled his panic with a few swift knocks to the table top, a message Dance happily talked though. At the end of the junket, a representative from HBO came in to remind us all of the fact that season four has not been officially green-lit.

    Those six scripts? They don’t exist. We hope that's clear.


    yessssss (not that it was ever in doubt lbr)

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    Fantasia debuts music video for "Lose to Win",the first single from her fourth album "Side Effects Of You" (release date: April 23, 2013)

    Source: http://youtu.be/_cp-AK8ETdg

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    If Ubisoft's leak-ridden reveal of Assassin's Creed 4: Black Flag was a ship, it would have already sunk to the bottom of the ocean. While hundreds of journalists queued last week for their first official peek, details of the game's what, where and who were already available online: product art showing a new assassin buccaneer, a map of the Caribbean and a name - Edward Kenway, grandfather of Assassin's Creed 3's Connor.

    So it was with expectation and an air of predictability that the lights dimmed and the show began. It was started, bizarrely, by an extended monologue remembering the series to date, delivered by the actor who played Finchy in The Office. Remember the original game's Masyaf, we were told. Remember the tall spires of Renaissance Italy, the crowded streets of Boston. Well, we do - for gamers, these events happened fairly recently. AC3's launch still seems particularly fresh in the memory - Ubisoft is only a third of the way through releasing that game's episodic King Washington DLC.

    After the theatrics and a sales pitch, after the Assassin's Creed 4: Black Flag name was announced and banners unfurled bearing its skull-adorned logo, then - finally - a more detailed and encouraging picture of the game emerged.

    Black Flag appears to be a hybrid of the series' more charismatic early-Ezio era set within a truly open world of land and sea, on a scale reminiscent of The Legend of Zelda: Wind Waker. Gone are the boundaries marking ground and ship-based missions. The transition from one to the other is "seamless", Ubisoft promised, with the "reckless and charismatic" Edward Kenway able to jump onto his ship, sail off with his crew, board another vessel, plunder their booty and pull back into harbour for a spot of grog at the local tavern - all in the same huge map.

    The developer was coy about promising no loading screens at all - some may still exist when starting missions, for example, or in other certain circumstances - but the dividing line between naval and ground based exploration no longer exists. It's a good thing too, as players will be spending plenty of time on the open ocean, travelling between the game's three main hubs and exploring the world's many extra islands and hidden secrets.

    City-based exploration is still key to the series, Ubisoft stressed. Despite all the advancements in nautical navigation, Black Flag would not be an Assassin's Creed game without chases over rooftops. For that there is Havana, capital of Cuba but described as the most European-style city in the game, like AC2's Florence but under the Caribbean sun. There's also Kingston, a British town similar to AC3's Boston, surrounded by plantations and tobacco fields. Finally, players will explore Nassau, a base for Bahamian buccaneers, and the most traditionally piratey area of the game.

    Not that AC4 will indulge in the parrots and peg-legs of Disney or Robert Louis Stevenson. Ubisoft was keen to stress the game's historical setting in the Golden Age of Piracy, when scores of privateers were laid off after the Treaty of Utrecht and formed close-knit alliances, some even with early democratic leanings. The game's supporting cast includes the infamous Blackbeard, vicious Calico Jack, Anne Bonny and Charles Vane, the tales of which Ubisoft has plundered. The developer promised that these were already as colourful as any Hollywood blockbuster.

    It's unclear how the series' Assassins vs Templars theme fits in. A trailer narrated by Blackbeard (which has also since leaked online) shows Kenway's background being feared, and we are given precious few more details. The new protagonist is an assassin raised into the pirate world. He's brash, cocky, ingenious and charismatic - words which could easily describe another former Assassin figure. But he is also selfish, rebellious and reckless, someone who is as likely to be swinging a bottle as drinking from one. The trailer shows Kenway swooping on an unsuspecting noble who is strolling down the street with a wench in tow. The assassin strikes, plunging his blade into the target's back, before calmly placing an arm around the girl and walking on.

    Don't expect Kenway to be able to tree-run like Connor. Ubisoft has other mechanics planned for the jungle.

    It's a welcome change from the somewhat po-faced Connor, whose circumstances and demeanour rarely lightened up past the occasional game of boules. Still, Kenway will mature a little over the course of the game and discover there's more to life than stealing and piracy, which ties in with the little we already know of his later exploits from the AC3 tie-in novel Forsaken.

    But before all of that, Kenway and players will get the largest stomping grounds of any Assassin's Creed to date, far more than just the above three main settlements. Ubisoft is building 50 locations for the game, dotted around the Caribbean map for players to uncover. These include hidden coves full of smugglers, smaller fishing villages where you can undertake side-missions and find upgrades, remote tobacco-rich plantations for some land-based piracy, the series' traditional forts, more Mayan ruins, coconut tree desert islands where you can pick up marooned men for your crew and thick, dense areas of jungle to explore.

    Exploration beneath the waves is now possible too. Lowered down using an authentic period diving bell, Kenway can explore submerged wrecks that lie on the ocean bed bursting with treasure. You'll also have to contend with the local wildlife and, in one rather Far Cry-esque instance we were shown, be able to stab a shark in the face with your cutlass.

    Above the waves, Ubisoft has put thought into how to keep boat-based travel interesting. At any time when sailing you'll be able to take out a spyglass and spot side-missions and random events open to you - a new island to explore, a convoy to attack, the Navy in hot pursuit, or wildlife to hunt down (you can even harpoon whales, PETA will be pleased to find out).

    The game's "second main character" is the Jackdaw, Kenway's ship, which will grow as players progress thrughout the game. 60 metres long with 26 sails, she vastly outguns AC3's Aquila. Players will start with six cannons but can add another fifty, and employ additional upgrades such as swivel guns and explosive mines. Using the spyglass, you'll be able to quickly analyse other ships nearby, note their bounty on board (measured in rum, gold, clothes and special items) and judge a plan of attack. Ship characteristics and classes now vary beyond simple sizes. Some vessels will charge you down and attempt to ram you, while others will hold back and blast you from afar.

    Presumably this means enemies won't insta-die when they hit the water now.

    Keeping the Jackdaw operational will require you to recruit a crew, another new element to the series. But instead of the named Assassins who've fought alongside you in other instalments, these deckhands will be mercy to the perils of piracy, and will be lost in Pikmin-like numbers to battle injuries or environmental dangers such as typhoons. They will also join you when you board ships, with players now able to manually command when this occurs during battle. Your crew then launches grappling hooks at your enemy and locks the two ships together, before swinging across to continue the fight man-on-man. Kenway will leap across with them or choose other, sneakier approaches - by climbing the ship's rigging to perform precision aerial assassinations, or by swimming around the ship and stealthily snatching foes over the side.

    Away from the main campaign, you'll be able to revisit many of the game's locations in another huge multiplayer offering (expect new characters, maps and modes) and be able to probe Kenway's activities from the present via a seemingly-reduced modern day section. You now play as a researcher working within Abstergo Entertainment (a fictional front company of the evil Templars). It seems any direct continuation with Desmond's crew is unlikely, although the fallout of AC3's finale is certain to be addressed in some way.

    Each year a new Assassin's Creed is announced, and each time there's a debate on whether the latest entry will mark a revolution to the annual franchise or a mere evolution. AC4 is certainly no rush job - work began in summer 2011, meaning Ubisoft will have been working on the game for a good two-and-a-bit years by the time of its release, using no less than eight studios. And with more than six months still to go, there's likely much that Ubisoft is still keeping under wraps.

    But already there's a great deal to be excited about. True, the game's ship systems and a few of the more exotic locations could be found in simpler forms in AC3. But Black Flag's enormous scope and engrossing sense of character seem certain to outdo AC3's political parable and sometimes spartan settings. Most importantly, regardless of whether it's all-new, part-new, an annual money-spinner or already leaked everywhere on the internet, Assassin's Creed 4: Black Flag looks fun. It appears to recapture the playfulness lost in recent entries, and already makes me want to be behind the Jackdaw's wheel, with an open map to explore and a weather eye on the horizon.

    Animus Database



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    She has been glamming up of late as she did the rounds on the Awards show circuit.

    But fresh-faced and cosmetic-free Amy Poehler made a casual family trip to the Beverly Hills Farmers market with her two sons Archie and Abel on Sunday (March 3).

    But even on such an au naturel outing, the "Parks and Recreation" star still managed to make a fashion statement with a pair of high-heeled leather boots.


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    Mood Indigo is an upcoming French film directed by Michel Gondry, starring Romain Duris and Audrey Tautou. It is an adaptation of Boris Vian's 1947 novel Froth on the Daydream.


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    Lookie Mixers! My new Blue Black hair! I used XXL Color in Cosmic Blue! :) #LittleMixMixingItUp xx Leigh xx

    Just dyed me hair 'electric blue' with Live Color XXL Ultra Brights and I absolutely LOOOVVVEEE it!!! :) Xxjadexx

    Fancied a bit of a change... Nice Ultra brights, shocking pink dip dye!#candyflosshair Perrie <3

    Just dip dyed my barnet with live color xxl red passion :D what we thinking mixers? Jesy xxx

    Little Mix have seemingly confirmed the title of their next single.

    The girl group have put out a casting call for the music video to their DNA track 'How Ya Doin'?', implying that it will receive an official release.

    The visual is expected to be filmed on March 8 and Little Mix have called for male and female models and dancers between 18-25 years old for a party scene.

    The description implies that the theme of the music video with be "funky/stylish".

    'How Ya Doin'?' would serve as the follow-up to Little Mix's previous singles 'Cannonball', 'Wings', 'DNA' and 'Change Your Life'.

    Little Mix recently concluded their first ever headline tour of the UK, which included a show at London's Hammersmith Apollo last month

    Sources: 12

    Love it. Leigh remains looking flawless and nothing could have been worse than the purple Perrie had before.

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  • 03/04/13--09:16: "The Following" cast' POST!
  • Nico Tortorella for NYLON Guys March 2013

    from Nico's Instargram

    Adan Canto for Paper Spring 2013

    Tweets from the cast

    1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5
    can't wait for tonight's episode <3

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    Lauren Conrad wears some bright colors on her way to Cotton’s 24-Hour Runway Show on Saturday afternoon (March 2) in Miami, Fla.

    The 27-year-old designer hit the runway with fashionista Louise Roe to dish about fashion trends.

    “1440 cotton looks in 24 hours means nonstop fashion – I can’t wait!” Lauren excitedly tweeted the night before, just before walking the carpet at the opening party.

    FYI: Lauren wore a Black Halo red dress and Skaist Taylor yellow dress for the main event.

    Lauren Conrad's latest hair makeover was a spur of the moment decision. Under the guidance of The Beauty Department's Kristin Ess, the 27-year-old fashion designer debuted lighter locks via Instagram on Wednesday, Feb. 27.

    "I just felt like going blonder. I don't really have like a cool reason," Conrad admitted to Us Weekly during Cotton's 24 Hour Runway Show in Miami, Fla., March 1. "I hadn't been very blonde in a while. We were in my hairstylist's studio and we just decided to do blonde."

    The Laguna Beach and Hills alum -- who went brunette in January 2011 -- also shared her timeless fashion tips with Us. "My style is definitely California, but I tend to go a little girlier," Conrad said. "I tend to gravitate towards a classic button-down, a clean denim."

    Conrad added that she wears denim "almost every single day," explaining that "it's such a big part of my wardrobe."

    When the time comes to get dressed up -- like for date nights with University of Southern California law student William Tell, her boyfriend of 13 months -- the New York Times bestselling author sticks with the basics. "I like a little black dress," Conrad told Us. "I like an A-line dress -- you know, the fit and flare, the shape that kind of looks great on everybody."

    Sources: 1 - 2 - 3

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    The panel kicked off with Ginnifer Goodwin dropping some scoop about Snow’s journey from white to something much murkier following the events of tonight’s big episode and next week’s even more powerful outing.

    “What she is going through is going to shake her self-identity, her self-definition,” previewed Ginnifer Goodwin. “If she’s not the Snow White she can read about it in story books, then she doesn’t know who she is. That opens a lot up for her. She can get touch in touch with a more evolved way of protecting herself and her family.”

    As Snow attempts to guard her loves ones, her rivalry with Regina will “get pretty intense,” teased Lana Parrilla. “We’re definitely going to see a different side to Mary Margaret, and I think we’ve earned it.”

    2x16 - Somebody is going to die

    2x21- "Second Star To The Right
    2x22- "And Straight On Til Morning" [ new char. for S3 + Hook's past]

    Also Sebastian Stan still will be play Mad Hatter in OUAT ; Edward Kitsis and Adam Horowitz said NO for Mad Hatter spin-off.
    In 2x22 important ep. for relationship Rumplestiltskin and Bealfire.
    Reach also important clash with Regina Mary Margaret.


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    Tom is such a cute puppy.

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    Russell Brand may have been linked to a fair few celebrity ladies already, but it seems like the comedian may be back to his womanising ways with new reports suggesting that he fancied his chances with Oscar winner Jennifer Lawrence. However, it looks like Jen was quick to knock back Katy Perry's ex. Ouch!

    According to the Daily Star, Russell tried to get his hands on Jennifer at the recent Vanity Fair party. However, after reportedly getting knocked back by the stunning 'Silver Linings Playbook' actress, he apparently joked that he'd have more luck with Disney star Selena Gomez, before walking off.

    And although he got knocked back by Jennifer, it seems like this definitely hasn't ruined Russell's confidence in terms of the ladies, with the long haired star saying that no woman is safe from view!

    Speaking in a recent webchat with Heat magazine talking about a possible group wedding, he said, "If it's like a Mormon wedding with me marrying 15 women and a couple of men, just for balance."

    When questioned what qualities he'd like to see in the future Mrs Brand, he joked, "The future Mrs. Brand? Well, if she's from the future I want her to have a jet bike, X-ray vision and fire lasers out of her finger tips and a spaceship."

    "I don't know, I'm only looking for the same thing as everybody else, people are that kind and sweet and ready to be swept of their feet into a world of insanity," Brand continued.

    The 37-year-old star admitted he's a huge fan of One Direction, especially the young Harry Styles, who is known for having a way with the older ladies, having recently split from Taylor Swift.

    "He's got lovely curly hair and nice lips. I don't think we're competing for the same audience, female wise," Russell teased.

    "What? (He likes older women?!) Well, that's not on! No, there's got to be carefully defined parameters otherwise it's going to be an intergenerational sex war."

    Who doesn't love Harry's curly locks? The 1D band member better watch his back!


    J-Law is too good for him. Speaking of which, who should she date? Except Harry Styles, that is.

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