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Oh No They Didn't! - LiveJournal.com

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    Only 3 days until I see my bb Laurel Lance again and get to seethe at how they treat her

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    • Were holding hands and kissing.

    • Levi is an actor on The 100.

    • Spent most of the holiday weekend together.

    • Duo enjoyed a trip to Cabo San Lucas, Mexico, with a group of friends.


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    or not lol

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    Selena shared recently some of her beauty tips and techniques.

    - She works out while on tour but she also has a sweat bed. "I have a sweat bed, which looks like a burrito that I wrap myself up in, and I sweat for about 45 minutes. Just little things to kind of keep me healthy and keep me focused".
    - Sleeping with makeup on her face is not her "vibe"
    - Washes her hair every 3 days
    - Envies Rachel McAdams and Blake Lively's hair
    - Would never go blonde herself


    What are your beauty and hair secrets, ONTD?

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    - franco’s band daddy have released their album ‘let me get what i want’, inspired by the smiths and features the band’s own andy rourke
    - every song on the album has an accompanying music video, with the 10 clips combining to form an hour-long art film.
    - film and album are inspired by the smiths’ 1984 song 'please, please, please, let me get what i want'

    source / buy the album now

    gentle but you weren't, gentle but you weren't, gentle but you weren't....

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    Fiona, facing mounting issues, contemplates Margo's offer to buy the laundromat. Meanwhile, Ian tries to deal with the fact that Mickey might be out of prison and Kev and V take matters into their own hands after Svetlana's betrayal.

    source, 2, 3

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  • 11/27/16--19:15: westworld finale preview

  • post episode discussion post tbh

    I always feel so slick figuring out the ~twist, until the show reveals it like a minute later making me feel dumb all over again


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    Lucian Piane goes at it again on Twitter. Highlights after the cut.

    A lot more at the SOURCE1234

    ONTD, does he have a mental disorder or just drug problems?

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  • 11/27/16--19:37: The Walking Dead 7x07 Promo

  • source

    On to more important things, again!

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    -Vanity Fair wrote some stuff about how it's 2004 all over again because there's an asshole president elect and Green Day is protesting.

    -The chant at the AMAs was inspired by punk legends MDC and their 1982 anti-fa song "Born to Die." The chant went "no war, no KKK, no fascist USA." MDC approves of Green Day borrowing from them. Rolling Stone has an article about it.

    -Billie Joe semi-joked that an album about Trump would be called The Day After. “But I think the A.M.A.s, with us, it was a good start to challenge [Trump] on all of his ignorant policies and his racism.”

    Source is a small Vanity Fair piece.

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    Lady Gaga sat down for a candid interview on CBS's Sunday Morning show. She touches on her breakup, her musical transformation, her strong family bond. Through tears, she goes on to discuss how fame made her lose a connection with everyday people.


    - Her grandmother told her, "I hope that you won't be too maudlin while you're putting this music into the world." She didn't want gaga to form a self-pitying obsession with the death of her aunt (too late)

    - On her breakup with Taylor: "I think women love very hard... sometimes I don't know that the love is met with the type of dignity we wish it would be met with..."

    - On her music evolution: "I think it is hard for [fans] at times to change from album to album because I go through quite a transformation and that's just the way I am as an artist. They have to let go of the last era of music."

    - Had trouble washing off the persona she created: "I used to come home and I think my mom used to watch me have a real hard time washing it off. I'd keep the wigs on. I'd keep the makeup on. I'd keep the outfits on. I never wanted to let my fans down, I always wanted them to see me in my art form."

    - On her privacy: "I'm very accutely aware that once I cross my property line, I'm not free anymore. As soon as I go out into the world, I belong, in a way, to everyone else. It’s legal to follow me. It’s legal to stalk me at the beach. And I can’t call the police or ask them to leave."

    - On missing everday people: "I miss going anywhere and meeting a random person and saying 'hi' and having a normal conversation about life. I love people."


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    Buying tickets in advance for Rogue One: A Star Wars Story is already proving to be too much for Fandango’s servers to handle.

    Fandango has become the go-to option for buying movie tickets online. Not only is it an extremely valuable resource that tells you which formats the movie will be playing, it shows you all the theaters you can buy tickets from based on location. Once they announced when they were making pre-sale tickets available to the public, people jumped at the first opportunity. And within a few hours, the site folded.

    The main page for Fandango works just fine. But if you follow their link to the Rogue One tickets page, you’re going to get placed in a queue immediately. Once you’re through with that, you think you’re going to the tickets page, right?

    Wrong. Instead, you’re likely going to receive the page above


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    ONTD, do you bop to woman-hating songs by other women?


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    Keep in mind that because there are no commercials during HBO shows this will actually be 90 minutes of content rather than 60 minutes of content and 30 minutes of commercials.

    The episode is titled The Bicameral Mind and is directed by Jonathan Nolan, written by Jonathan Nolan & Lisa Joy.

    The second season will most likely air in 2018.

    what surprises are left?

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  • 11/28/16--16:12: Top 10 Worst Songs of 2016

  • Some songs included are:

    Mom - Meghan Trainor
    No - Meghan Trainor
    Private Show - Bitney Spears
    Can't Stop the Feeling - (from Troll Just*n Timberl*ke)

    What's the worst song of 2016, ONTD?


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    After Britney was spotted eating sushi with the model from her Slumber Party clip, TMZ is speculating that they are dating. His name is Sam Asghari.

    However, Britney has a lot on her mind, like the amount of photos she has taken while posing upside down.

    "My friends sent me this picture today... and it’s weird because I just realized it’s one of the only pictures I’ve ever taken upside down!" - Britney Spears, 2016

    Source 1
    Source 2

    How many photos have you taken upside down, ONTD?

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    - AT&T has announced a brand-new channel, called Taylor Swift NOW!, that will run 24/7 as part of its new streaming service DirecT Now

    - The channel will broadcast never-before-seen concerts, to special events, to behind-the-scenes footage and "glimpses into Taylor's life spanning her entire career."

    source + source

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    Rihanna's fans accuse Shakira of ripping off Rhi's video "what's my name?" and highlight similarities of both videos.

    We love Shakira! And we love #Chantaje, but it is impossible for us not to find similarities between this video and #whatsMyName.
    What do you think, navy?

    Here are the videos so you draw your own conclusions:




    What do you think,  ONTD?

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