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Oh No They Didn't! - LiveJournal.com

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  • 09/03/16--16:41: Queen Shu Qi gets married!

  • The Assassin star Shu Qi and Hong Kong director Stephen Fung announced they recently tied the knot in Prague. They said in a press statement: "We've known each other for 20 years and been in love for four years. I've married her unreservedly. Yes, we've decided to be entangled with each other for life." and concluded with "PS we're currently not pregnant".

    Shu Qi released her wedding photos with the caption "Um, yes, our wedding is that simple. Um, yes, our attire was very casual. Um, yes, our decision was very sudden. … Oh, yes, we are married.”

    source: 1, 2, 3, 4

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    Have you grown out of your embarrassing phase, ONTD? Did you get your revenge on the people who made fun of by growing up to become a fabulous human being?

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    - Crisis in Six Scenes is a six episode half-hour comedy set in the 60s and it's basically a story about how people with very different backgrounds and ideas can cross paths, and how someone can come in and make you question everything

    - Miley is playing a young hippie and sporting long hair

    - Plenty of physical comedy and a heavy amount of improvised dialogue.

    - Allen has previously declared he will not make a second season

    - Amazon spent nearly two years kissing Allen's ass for this project and reportedly paid him 15 million, while also giving him complete creative freedom to make whatever story he wanted to tell


    Will you watch this, ONTD? BE HONEST.

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    SOURCES: 123

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    On August 31, Donald Drumpf met with Mexican President Enrique Peña Nieto (Peña Nieto invited him). Director Alejandro González Iñárritu criticized the President's decision to meet with Drumpf in an op-ed in the Spanish newspaper El Pais.

    Summary of Iñárritu's Op-Ed:

    • Iñárritu says that Drumpf's meeting with Peña Nieto validates him as a political candidate and gives him a platform to make speeches like he did in Arizona following his visit to Mexico.

    • argues that Drumpf's campaign puts all 16 million Mexicans at risk.

    • says that Drumpf's "fascist" outbursts and hateful rhetoric have damaged the core values of America.

    • claims that the President has compromised the little dignity Mexico had left after Santa Ana lost half of their territory in the Mexican-American War.

    • says that Peña Nieto no longer represents him.


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    Source 1, 2,3, and 4.

    Chris Claremont, argubably the definitive X-Men writer, attended the "Pride and the X-Men" panel at FlameCon, a LGBTQ Comic/Geek Convention.

    Says he didn't always intend for the X-Men to be a stand-in for the LGBT community, but "you know there’s a space between every panel. You can go wherever you want. And who am I to get in the way?”

    On Magneto and Xavier's close friendship, “My thinking was god bless ambiguity. Sexual orientation in that instance is irrelevant, they are best friends."

    “The Comics Code tried to restrict everything. But with a certain measure of visual subtlety and ambiguity you could actually achieve everything you wanted.”  He talks about the issue of New Mutants where a young mutant named Larry kills himself over the fear of being outed, and says “gay people could look at it and find resonance in terms of who they were and what they were standing for.”

    When asked about "the queerest character [he's] ever written," he responded “In X-Men: The End volumes one through three, a certain character is notable for being the 50th President. And for being a historic first, not because she’s a mutant.”

    Though it wasn't brought up at the panel, Claremont was also the creator of Mystique and Destiny, a lesbian couple (he couldn't come out and say it at the time due to the restrictions, but in one issue he had a character refer to Destiny as Mystique's "leman," which is an archaic term for "lover") and Rogue's foster parents.

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    After the news broke because of Gaga fans obsessively checking the hosting page list of LG's website, we've had an official confirmation that Lady Gaga's new single will be dropping this Friday, September 9th! (ETA 5 days, 4 hours)

    Atlanta Power 96.1 confirmed that Lady Gaga's first single for her upcoming fifth album, Perfect Illusino, will be coming THIS FRIDAY, September 9th! They, like all the radio DJs who've heard it, are very excited for the track to come out! Will it live up to the hype? Only the future will tell...

    What's the Lady herself been up to?

    She also appeared on stage with Tame Impala at LA's FYF Festival, and a few new recording images were released. She also hung out with Father John Misty.

    Lady Gaga joined Tame Impala on stage at FYF Fest in LA. pic.twitter.com/UL1RnLSzwt

    — Lady Gaga Now (@LadyGagaNowNet) August 28, 2016

    Hung out at the beach, "working":


    Bonus: LADY GAGA'S OLD FACE!!! A new outtake from the cancelled "Fame Kills" tour with Kanye West recently came out, and it shows LG's OLD FACE! What kind of plastic surgery has been done in the last 7 years? Discuss in the comments!

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    It's on Apple Music


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    - Conrad Ricamora plays Oliver, an asian HIV+ gay hacker in How To Get Away With Murder.
    - He's also out and talks about the importance of visibility of gay actors and gay characters.
    - He talks about finally portraying a gay sex scene in primetime tv.


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    Harry Styles secretly purchased a $7M house last January 2016. The .25-acre, three-story house is located in one of the most private areas of Hollywood's Sunset Strip.






    More pics and stan fight over Harry's sexuality at source.

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    For his next Yeezy fashion show, Kanye took to Twitter to put out a casting call for "multiracial women only," a phrasing which has puzzled his audience.


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    Glamlifeguru, aka Tati took to her 2+ million viewers to do a brand review for the new Kardashian Beauty Kollection. Needless to say, the always honest Tati hated pretty much everything.

    - Foundation is awful & won't blend; feels itchy and like it will make you break out
    - Contour kit slimy & sticky
    - Concealer patchy
    - Blush exaggerates pores & is patchy
    - Everything (except eyeshadows) suck & is too much money


    biggest beauty disappointments this year, ontd? go!

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    -The 26 year old "rapper" took his $2.2 million vehicle in for some repairs a few months back.
    -He skipped some payments, leading to the financing company he leased it from sending out a repoman.
    -Someone tipped the repoman off to the car's whereabouts and Tyga never saw the vehicle again.
    -TMZ also rebuffs Kylie's insinuations that his most recent car repo was "tabloid gossip", and procured a pic of the ferarri after the reposesssion.


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    what's your favorite Selena song ONTD?

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    A source confirmed to E! that Minka Kelly and Wilmer Valderrama are dating again. (They were a couple in 2012.)
    A few days ago, E! reported that Minka and Wilmer travelled to Mexico with friends. Later they were seeing having dinner together in Hollywood and now they have travelled to Mexico again.

    E! also says that Demi Lovato's fans think this tweet by Demi might be about Wilmer's new relationship:

    Sources: 1, 2

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    -Kanye's casting call asking for 'multiracial women' happened in Chelsea today
    -thousands showed up, spawned lines around blocks
    -some protesters showed up in the streets
    -some girl passed around a note
    -some guy danced in his underwear

    would yeezy cast you, ontd?

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    Brit-Brit seems to still be the pop star everyone wants to be, with a turkey named Aleyna Dalveren, alleged pop star, releasing a music video very inspired in the mv for the chart topper and Grammy worthy single "Make Me...".

    The Rip-Off:

    The Academy Award Winning original music video:

    Have you ever been copied by a turkish pop star, ONTD?
    Can anyone from Turkey confirm this thief's identity?
    #BuyMakeMeOniTunes #GloryOutNow?

    Source 1.
    Source 2.
    Source 3.

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    Olympian God, Nathan Adrian, is going to swim in open waters with Swim Across America* to raise money to cure cancer in honor of his late friend Matt Benoit, who lost his battle against cancer.

    Please note that he is scared of swimming in open waters, but will do it anyway.

    "In our lifetime, 1 in 2 men and 1 in 3 women will be diagnosed with cancer. I joined the SAA community so that, together, we can change that. I am challenging myself by swimming in the Seattle Open Water Swim and raising as much money to fight cancer as I can. Please support me by sponsoring my swim and making a gift. The money you give will go towards cancer research, prevention and treatment and will make an impact in the fight to find a cure. Thank you for your generosity and may it lead to a cancer-free world!" he says in his personal page on SAA's website.

    Swim Across America is an organization who is dedicated to raising money and awareness for cancer research, prevention and treatment through swimming- related events. With the help of hundreds of volunteers nationwide and past and current Olympians, SAA is helping find a cure for cancer through athleticism, community outreach and direct service.

    ONTD, when will your fav be fearless?
    PS: Please donate HERE, it's a great cause.

    Source&Source #2.

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    We're hot on the release of a new Lady Gaga song, rumored to come out this upcoming Friday, and Little Monsters are gearing up for the charts. There's simply no denying that her fanbase is a force to reckon with, and this time they're looking to make sure Gaga debuts at the top. In an attempt to put the number 1 spot on lock, fans are gathering up before the release with a solid strategy. Little Monsters set up a gofundme (a public funding site, usually associated with personal charities and kickstarting ideas) to reserve money to buy up multiple copies of Gaga's new single. The goal is set to $10,000 dollars, with just $80 pledged over the past few days.

    Quotes from the gofundme paint Lady Gaga has a revolutionist and this is the only way her following can repay her.
    “Lady Gaga is to gay rights what Martin Luther King Jr. is to black rights. If it wasn’t for Lady Gaga, we wouldn’t have gay marriage or gays wouldn’t be able to participate in the military. We are hear [sic] to repay Mother Monster and give her another number one hit.”

    Little Monsters are also boasting that they know ways to manipulate online music retailers and buy the song thousands of times over. One problem: they need the funds. This is where the gofundme comes into play. Not all Little Monsters have the available funds to support this endeavor so they're using other resources to make sure the gofundme donation box gets every dollar possible.

    “Hey, I live in Evanston not too far. I’ll contact you though Twitter. I can only donate $5 now, but I can donate other things if you know what I mean,” says Louie G.U.Y., who offers oral sex just as long as the receiver isn’t HIV positive.

    Others aren't taking it to such extremes as to sell their bodies, however they are donating every dollar possible. Even if it means skipping a meal.
    “I would donate my hole [sic] paycheck for this if I had time. But for now kindly accept my donation,” says Little Monster Miguel, who donated $5.

    Perhaps the saddest response (or funniest — depending on how you look at it) is from Little Monster Jade, who donated $15.
    “I don’t make much and am practically starving, but Lady Gaga is so important to me”

    Some fans are outraged that this is even an issue, because allegedly other fanbases do the same without the press.
    “This is such a non-issue. Why it was posted on this blog is beyond me,”
    claims Mikey J, who claims many fans of such artists as Madonna and Beyonce have done the same thing, even though there is no proof of that.

    While it might be true other fan bases do these things, Little Monsters are known in the past to do similar things to sell music. After the release of "Applause" gay men found the dating apps like Grindr™ and anonymous posting boards like Craigslist® full of Little Monsters willing to subject themselves to various activities in exchange for the purchase of Applause on iTunes.


    ontd, how hard do you go to make sure your fav goes number 1?

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    -The show follows three estranged siblings in a Louisiana town trying to preserve their family legacy: a sugarcane farm.
    -Each episode of the first season is directed by a woman.
    -Created and produced by Ava DuVernay and Oprah.
    -The series is already garnering good reviews.


    Queen Sugar is having a two night premiere event on Sept 6 and 7 (Tuesday and Wednesday) at 10pm on OWN!

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