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Oh No They Didn't! - LiveJournal.com

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    Singer/songwriter Lisa Scinta has writing credits on "Feel Me", the song that Selena recently debuted on her Revival tour. Lisa may not be familiar to you, but interestingly Season 5 The Voice runner-up, Jacquie Lee, worked with her roughly 2 months ago (presumably for her debut album) and, upon further research, it turns out that Lisa was actually a contestant on (2012) Season 3 of The Voice as part of Team Christina Aguilera! Most people probably won't remember Lisa though, because her blind audition was cut down to a mere few seconds and then she was eliminated during the Battle Rounds not too long after that.


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    The new Diesel campaign is on Tinder.

    The "male version" of the Diesel ad has an Asian guy with text on his picture that says "this is how serious i am about us." His picture is very over-the-top serious for a Tinder picture. The implication is that people swipe left on this "type of guy" on Tinder.

    The "female version" of the ad just says "it's girlfriend material." There is no negative stereotype placed on the white girl. Her picture is just a random picture you might find on Tinder.

    Racism isn't always blatant. It can be subtle. Diesel is portraying the Asian guy in a totally different way than the white girl. What's the purpose of that?

    Source: Twitter

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    During the last part of the season Peter was on trial for corruption and Alicia, Diane and Lucca were representing him.
    In the penultimate episode the jury came back with a verdict but they left it on a cliffhanger.

    We were supposed to find out if he was guilty or not but the jury didn’t actually render a verdict. They had a question and there was a lot of back and forth during the trial.

    Alicia had a lot of hallucinations with Will (Josh Charles made several appearances, some which looked like flashback, some that were obviously hallucinations. He tells her to be with Jason even though she’ obviously not in love with him the same way she was with Will. She tells hallucination Will that she’ll love him forever.

    Alicia & Jason go back and forth with the will they or won’t they.

    Cary makes a cameo. He is teaching now.

    Peter eventually takes a deal to resign as governor and take one year probation, no jail as part of a plea deal.

    The last scene has Alicia walking hand in hand with Peter and going up to the podium during his press conference to announce his deal. Eventually she sees Jason in a shadow in the hall backstage. She walks away from Peter to go after him and chases him. She calls to him but he doesn’t answer. She leaves a voice mail to tell him she is ending everything with Peter and wants to be with him. She continues to chase him down the hall but he is nowhere to be seen. She turns to go back (to Peter?). Diane walks up and slaps her (because Alicia forced her husband to admit to an affair during the trial). She continues to walk down the hallway (again back to Peter) and after crying about Diane she stiffens up and continues to walk down the hallway. The end.

    Did you watch the finale? What did you think?

    Me and my TV

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    The Pied Piper guys struggle to phone it in; Erlich faces competition; Monica takes a stand; Gavin makes a decision about Nucleus.

    Video source: HBO
    Episode info source: The Futon Critic

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  • 05/08/16--20:12: VEEP 5.04: MOTHER (Promo)
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  • 05/08/16--20:13: Game of Thrones 6x04 promo
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    Casting spoiler(-ish) under the cut.

    We may still see him next season, just not as a series regular.

    Rockwell is 8 months old, is already crawling, and has started swimming, awww...

    Source 1 + 2 + 3

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    Christopher Markus and Stephen McFeely were on The B-Movies Podcast to discuss Captain America: Civil War.
    On Bucky Barnes (5:30 mark):“Well, because for one thing he is, give or take his intellectual capacity, 100% guilty and to have Steve just running around getting fruit salads with him on some island, it’s a little too unpunished in a way.
    This is not a guy who should be running around happily, he may not be a 100% guilty but he’s damn sure not a 100% innocent”
    They followed up asking if Wanda was as guilty, but they said that what she did was purely accidental.
    do you agree? is bucky 100% guilty for what hydra programmed the winter soldier to do?

    sources 12

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    Resident Emo Kid Chris changed out of that nagl hoodie for once. Nick remains to slay in that button up. What did you think of the EP, ONTD?

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  • 05/08/16--22:10: Quantico 1x22 "Yes" Promo

  • It’s graduation day for the NATS of Quantico, while, in the future, Alex and her team find themselves head-to-head with the terrorist, on the season finale of “Quantico.”


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  • 05/08/16--22:10: P!nk - Just Like Fire MV
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    They're set to perform the song Go Ahead and Break My Heart on The Voice tonight.


    cute or embarassing ontd?

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  • 05/09/16--16:03: REVIEWS FOR X-MEN APOCALYPSE



    REVIEW LINKS Not that great:


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    - Fifth Harmony arrive on set and their entourage basically consist of: one grandmother, three mothers, two fathers, two sisters, a tour manager, a day-to-day manager, two publicists, and a Louboutin-sized dog.They also give lots of hugs.

    - The girls act like hosts at a party, graciously thanking stylists, editors (pretty much everyone) crushing the stereotype of entitled millennials to a pulp.

    - Their sophmore album, 7/27, is about to be released on May 27th and the single “Work From Home” has managed to climb over Rihanna’s most recent “Work” on the iTunes charts.

    - 5H’s next big performance will be in Canada as one of the headlining acts slated to appear at the 2016 iHeartRadio Much Music Video Awards on June 19 in Toronto.

    Quotes from the review:

    - "In many ways, 7/27 signifies a true reflection of Fifth Harmony’s coming out in a post-Beyoncé, post-Lady Gaga, post-Katy Perry world. Those 30-something singers have already put everything on the table in their music: equality, sex, love and career. 5H intends to have fun with all of the above"

    - " this new album carries no remnants of their reality-show past. Much like Destiny’s Child with their 1999 sophomore album, The Writing’s On The Wall, 7/27 sounds assertive, focused and a lot more hit-driven than the group’s debut. Missy Elliot guests on a track called “Not That Kind of Girl"; which calls out the woman shamers of the world (especially those who don’t approve of 5H’s sexy ensembles). Another should-be-massive hit “That’s My Girl” advises listeners to “get up and get it” and repeatedly urges them to “know their worth.”"

    Name: Lauren Jauregui
    Age: 19
    Background: Cuban-American
    Star Sign: Cancer
    Style Icons: Lana Del Rey and Kate Moss
    Dream Duet: Flume
    M.O.:“When men like Justin Trudeau talk about how important it is to be a feminist, it inspires more people to be that way. When the non-oppressed speak out on behalf of the oppressed, that’s when change happens.”
    Celebrity Hero: Education activist Malala Yousafzai
    Work Tip:“Stop the name-calling and stop telling people what to wear or how to act. I wish I could just ban using ‘slut’ anywhere. I hate that fucking word.”

    Name: Camila Cabello
    Age: 19
    Background: Cuban-Mexican
    Star Sign: Pisces
    Style Icon: Audrey Hepburn
    Dream Duet: Ed Sheeran
    M.O.:“Confidence comes with experience and growth. I used to be insecure, so I stopped reading hateful comments on Twitter. I cut that out of my life. That’s when I grew into a person I was proud of.”
    Celebrity Hero: Taylor Swift
    Work Tip:“There’s this excerpt from Bossypants by Tina Fey: ‘The most important lesson you’ll learn in your career is that people will teach you to scope out the women in an audition or a job interview. The reality is that it’s not just women, everybody is your competition.’”

    Name: Ally Brooke Hernandez
    Age: 22
    Background: Mexican-American
    Star Sign: Cancer
    Style Icon: Jennifer Lopez
    Dream Duet: Justin Timberlake
    M.O.:“When you start this young [in pop music], people expect you to be at your full potential by 15 or 19 or 22. That’s impossible. You’ve gotta work on it. That’s what we are doing.”
    Celebrity Hero: Jennifer Lopez
    Work Tip:“As women, we’ve got to root for each other more—this means on the internet, in the office or wherever life takes us.”

    Name: Normani Kordei
    Age: 19
    Background: African-American, Native American, French
    Star Sign: Gemini
    Style Icons: Sarah Jessica Parker and Ciara
    Dream Duet: Kendrick Lamar
    M.O.:“Fifth Harmony are all feminists. It’s our duty to reach out to people and let them know a woman can be just as powerful as a man can be.”
    Celebrity Hero: Michelle Obama
    Work Tip:“Nobody is less than anybody else.”

    Name: Dinah Jane Hansen
    Age: 18
    Background: Tongan, Samoan, Fijian and Danish
    Star Sign: Cancer
    Style Icons: Rihanna and Kim Kardashian
    Dream Duet: Mariah Carey
    M.O.:“We’re not perfect. When you look at all of us, some of us have a double chin, somebody’s belly button is out, some of us don’t have perfect skin—but together, we’ve learned to love ourselves as is.”
    Celebrity Hero: Rihanna
    Work Tip:“We need to be truthful with one another in the workplace. It’s also important to be loyal so we can get rid of the stereotype of girls against girls. It’s the only way we can all excel.”

    source and the rest of the article/review: fashionmagazine x youtube

    They look like a girl group ready to take over the world if you ask me

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    + It’s possible to “go dark” and introduce weighty themes without becoming simplistic, and still have some fun too.
    + It’s not that civilians can’t die, it’s that you need to care that they died.
    + Don’t tease a ginormous conflict that can be easily resolved by a single word.
    + Understand that stakes come from emotional investment in the psychologies of the characters, not the size of the threat.
    + If you have to use your movie to set up other franchises, do it organically.


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    Jonás Cuarón will write and directed. He recently directed 'Desierto', also starring Gael. And co-wrote 'Gravity' with his father, Alfonso Cuarón.

    Production on "Z" begins this fall.


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    The Best Bops of 2016 So Far
    2016 delivered the preeminent bops of this decade tbh, lets get into ha, is ya fave under the cut?

    10 Filth Harmony - The Life
    idk wtf happened to the gurs, the last album they were servin charlotte russe shift supervisor realness with a mall of america twist and this album these gors are servin like diesel assistant manager, go off filth, the gors came thru tbh with "the life" i mean, the true underdog of pop tinashe wrote it (very obvious to the trained ear) but they delivered, "work from home" is a bop but tbh im still not over work so there u have it

    09 Ascreecha Keys - In Common
    bitch whew wouldve ever thought harlotlicia keys would serve us the true sade/drake-lite reggae fusion bop of the decade, nn but it lowkey doesnt sound like her so but anyway alicia gave us bey (release the fucking video for put it in a love song) a bit by cosplaying the good yuna sis, anyway she looks really good on the cover of the single, like bish where come thru, i'm kinda look forward to the album, she did that

    08 KeKe Palmer & Jeremih - Enemies
    okay she spells it "enemiez" but thats one thing im not gonna do, anyway, keke bitch, like talk about a come thru, talk about a fucking come thru, like bitch, she serves us shake a spear esque lyrics with "i want you inside of me", "can you fill this empty space" bnnnn bitch, are u horny? anyway she also does the impossible by servin us a chris brown bop without chris brown like, this should be number one on this list but .. her costumes in the video are trash, lowkey, but she really came thru with the dancing and shit like, honestly, take a min out of your day and let this bop cleanse u a bit get into the video where she comes thru, best dance break of this decade, hands down, come thru kee

    07 Meghan Trainor & Yo Gotti - Better
    meghan, the relatable star, n, anyway, meg serves us a reggae infusion bop, im here for it, "no" was a bop and everyone knows it, if katy came thru with "no" with a 00s video, wearing the waist trainor meghan was wearing in the video, everyone would be stannin, anyway, like, u cant deny meghan can write a bop, its like the melody is good, the beats are good, the vocals are serviceable but shes always putting some hallmark card shit in ha lyrics but whatever come thru meghan

    06 Azealia Banks - The Big Big Beat
    n, tbbb is basically 212 pt 2, and tbh im here for it, azealia lowkey is batting 75/100 with ha songs, theyre usually amazing, she has very few flops, the big big beat is u getting ready to go to the club, being gay for the night, lets get into the video for a sec, its gonna be a no from me, i love the outfit in front of the court house but overall like, i've posted videos on snapchat that cost more, but tbbb is a bop and its like ok bit but sinch that image like u could be one of the biggest popstars on earth bit like wtf

    05 Britney Spears - Make Me (Ooh)

    04 Ariana Grande - Into You
    now bitch, how dare you, after locust, dangerous womyn, and like, ok lets talk a bit, when i first heard be alright, i thought it was gonna serve us world peace, eliminating misogyny and so on and then we got the full version and i mean its a bop but, it .. went nowhere, like it was very minimal, i wanted it to be bigger, better, gayer, anyway it doesnt matter because she came all the fucking way thru with "into you" like this is ari, this is, ariana carey, this is 3rd biggest female performer of the mid 10's, lose the bunny ears bit and lets get to business

    03 Rihanna - Kiss It Better
    were gonna pretend the video never happened like bit i know roc nation has a bigger budget for u than that, anyway kib is like gonna be one of rihs classics, idk how its gonna do on the charts because the gp sees her has the queen of bop and kib is not giving u like obvious bop but it truly is a bop a slow burner, the definition of a midtempo bop, anti is truly ahead of its time, we'll be recallin ha if not for anything for same ol mistakes

    02 Calvin Harris & Rihanna - This Is What You Came For
    ok so legend goes, calvin harris let ha hear the song 2 weeks before it came out and its the biggest song of the year 2 weeks after that, let me let yall know something, this, is, the, biggest, song, of, the, year, like ..... how else can i make it clear, this is like shit you wait decades for, i mean, bitch lmao this is why, i dont even know i dont even know what to say beside like no one is servin like rih right now, biggest song of the year tbh

    01 The Knocks & Carly Rae Jepsen - Love Me Like That
    n carly served the biggest song of the year, will be number one, biggest star on the planet, biggest chorus of the year, most melodic verses, servin u aretha rae jepsen vocally, better melismas than beyonce, better tone than rihanna, style icon, this song was best dressed at the met gala

    Honorable Mentions:

    whats your favorite bop of 2016 so far?


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    Yep, she already had the baby, another daughter! Amada Lee Gosling was born on the 29th of April. She joins older sister Esmeralda Amada. Amada is a special name for Eva as it was her grandmother's name, and means "beloved" in Spanish.

    Congrats to the gorgeous couple on their beautiful family! Cue the haters!


    Daily Mail also has pics of Ryan, Eva and their eldest after the birth because no one is catching this fam unless they wanna be seen.

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    Hopefully that's the end of James Frain chewing up the scenery.

    Glad to see Riddler is back with Butch taking names and kicking ass.

    Yay more Firefly

    Riddler meets Catwoman. Hopefully he'll escape and buddy up with Penguin.

    Not looking forward to Fish's return. She was a big part of why S1 was subpar.


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    This is a remake of the 90s sci-fi thriller 'Flatliners', about a group of medical students who conduct near-death experiments to explore the afterlife to disastrous consequences.

    The original movie starred Julia Roberts, Kevin Bacon and Kiefer Sutherland.

    To be directed by Niels Arden Oplev (The Girl with The Dragon Tattoo, the Swedish one)


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