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Oh No They Didn't! - LiveJournal.com

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    Since Kesha filled a lawsuit against Dr. Luke, people became more aware of his actions in the music industry, and Kesha wasn't the only artist who had problems with him. Here is a list of a few artists who had trouble with him and his actions and behaviours in the music industry.

    Kesha's lawsuit against Dr. Luke

    In 2014, Kesha filled a lawsuit against her alleged abuser, Dr. Luke, in Los Angeles. Kesha says Dr. Luke manipulated her career over the years. Dr. Luke induced her of droping out of high school and leave her life behind at age 18. Kesha details how she signed up with Dr. Luke's music production company in 2005 and came under the thumb of a producer whose "despicable conduct" included bragging how he liked to get girls drunk and have sex with them and blackmailing his pregnant wife into getting an abortion by not speaking to her for six months and threatening to leave.
    Kesha also says that Dr. Luke abused her, and forced her to snort illegal drugs and gave her "sober pills," which Kesha says were really a form of gamma-hydroxybutyrate, more commonly known as the date rape drug. On one occasion, the lawsuit reports that "Ms. Sebert took the pills and woke up the following afternoon, naked in Dr. Luke's bed, sore and sick, with no memory of how she got there. Ms. Sebert immediately called her mother and made a 'fresh complaint,' telling her that she was naked in Dr. Luke's hotel room, she did not know where the clothes were, that Dr. Luke had raped her, and that she needed to go to the emergency room."
    On other ocasions, Dr. Luke made fun of Kesha's weight calling her a "fat fucking refrigerator" and made her develop bulimia, making Kesha think about ending her own life.

    Dr. Luke has been sued multiple times for plagiarizing other songs

    Dr. Luke has been sued multiple times on his career, but the one lawsuit that caught the public's eyes was copying one of the most famous and widely-used percussive beats in music history.
    New Old Music Group sued Dr. Luke for the “breakbeat” in the Jessie J hit “Price Tag,” claiming it was directly lifted from the 1975 song “Zimba Ku.”
    Court documents allege the similarities between Dr. Luke’s “Price Tag” and “Zimba Ku” come in the form of (via Scribd) “sixteen consecutive 16th notes on the hi-hat cymbal, a bass drum pattern consisting of two 8th notes on the first beat of the measure, followed by three syncopated notes on beats 2 and 3, snare drum attacks on beats 2 and 4 and a ‘buzz’ on the snare drum at the end of the measure.”
    Dr. Luke’s attorneys have since argued that use of the individual aspects from the drum pattern from “Zimba Ku” is so widespread, there’s no definitive proof of copyright infringement.
    Judge Ronnie Abrams, however, takes issue with this defense. He said, “The court disagrees. While many of the individual elements of Zimba Ku may be commonplace, Defendants have not shown that, as a matter of law, the combination of those elements in the drum part is so common as to preclude any reasonable inference of copying.”
    Listen to both songs below

    Pink's problems with Dr. Luke

    Dr. Luke is known for chopping parts of other songs and giving it to singers as something "new', Butch Walker, Pink's frequent producer, wrote a book where he said that Pink almost jumped at Dr. Luke at a party and how she refuses to work with him again for doing this. The story goes by: "Dr. Luke apparently is known for chopping up old songs on Pro Tools and changing the smallest part necessary to consider it a new song. So he chops up an old song he did with another artist. Gives it to Pink. Basically selling the same song twice. But she didn't know until after the song was out. And she was pissed. She confronted him about it and told him to F off she would never work with him again. He says she never liked him in the first place but was working with Max and this guy was brought it." The song in question was P!nk's 'U & Ur Hand', who sounded extremely familiar to The Veronicas '4ever'.

    Dr. Luke making fun of Becky G.

    Becky G was signed to Dr. Luke's Kemosabe Records in 2011 after seeing her covers on Youtube. In 2015, a twitter user made fun of Becky G by eating donuts, and she responded saying that the user sounded like Dr. Luke.

    Charli XCX was body shamed by Dr. Luke

    Producer Dr. Luke would not give Charli XCX her the time of day because she wasn’t a big name and, but she came out with the smash hits “I Love It” and “Fancy”, he decided she was worth his time. In the song 'Sucker', Charli responds sarcastically with the ‘love it’ and ‘sick’, calling him a ‘Sucker’ because he missed his chance to work with her.
    One of the lines in “Sucker” goes, “You joined my club/Luke loves your stuff.” Charli said that people would always come up to me and say, “Oh, Dr. Luke loves your stuff, well done”—as if that means, “You’ve made it.” That’s fucking weird to me.” The tweet below is allegedly directed to him.

    Dr. Luke taking a away song from Demi Lovato and giving it to another artist

    An inside source once said that Demi Lovato worked with Dr. Luke on a song called 'Break a Sweat' for her album Confident, he said that if Demi didn't make it as her lead single he wouldn't give it to her. They argued so much that Demi left the studio and Dr. Luke gave the song to Becky G. Many other artists reportedly experienced the same issues while working with him. Demi Lovato once talked about this issue, but didn't say the producer's name. Check it out here.

    Dr. Luke tried to blackmail Pebe Sebert

    Kesha's mom, Pebe Sebert, claims that producer Dr. Luke is attempting to blackmail her. In a series of tweets, the singer's mom unloads her frustration. “Dr Luke is trying to BLACKMAIL ME, into taking my name off ‘Timber’ as a songwriter, by blocking all 16 writers from being paid,” Sebert writes. “NOW, 2 years since TIMBER was a hit, my punishment for ‘TELLING THE TRUTH ABOUT HIM’, is to be responsible for everyone not being paid!”. Check the tweets below.

    source: 1 / 2 / 3 / 4 / 5 / 6 / 7 / 8
    if you know about more issues about Dr. Luke please feel free to share

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    Are you ready for Rick and Michonne to finally bang at the end of the episode, ontd?

    image host

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    *Brad, not to be confused with Bobby, who testified against his uncle Steven in 2007.


    - In 1985, Gregory Allen attacked and sexually assaulted Penny Beerntsen near Lake Michigan shoreline
    - Crime was pinned on Steven Avery, who spent 18 years in state prison until DNA testing exonerated him
    - Allen was never charged in relation to the Beerntsen attack, but was sentenced to 60 years in prison for "kidnapping, sexual assault, and burglary" in 1996
    - According to Wisconsin's Offender Database, Allen is eligible for a parole hearing on October 24, 2016



    In a new interview with TheLipTV (below), Zellner was also vocal about her intentions "to prove who actually killed Teresa Halbach," asserting that "it is fairly obvious if you review the record of the criminal case." She elaborated, "They did not look at a lot of other suspects, certainly some very key people they should have been looking at. There was a very poor investigation done of the victim’s background, who she was involved with, the circumstances of her life. It had all of the hallmarks of a wrongful conviction case."


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    - Brant Daugherty, of Pretty Little Liars and Lifetime movies fame, has been cast in the third Fifty Shades of Grey movie "Fifty Shades Freed"

    - He's playing Luke Sawyer, some guy in Christian's security team who's specifically tasked to look after Ana


    I agree with the assessment from people that he's hotter than Christian Grey BUT I'M BIASED. No word yet on my dreams of him as Multiple Man yet, but fingers crossed ontd~ hold me in your prayers as I go through this trying event.

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    -The 100th anniversary of the Copa América
    -USA is the host
    -Played from June 3-26, 2016


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    Interesting discussion on political correctness and comedy, I would recommend it.

    P.S. Feel free to join us at ONTD Political.


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    New England Patriots tight end Rob Gronkowski hosted his annual #GronksPartyShip this weekend. The voyage takes those aboard Gronk's ship from Miami to the exclusive Gronk Island in the Caribbean.

    The 26-year-old football hunk was joined by special guests Flo Rida and Waka Flocka Flame. Gronk worked and twerked onstage, showing off his Magic Mike moves and more!








    Paraphrased from @JustJared. @DJWhooKid. Instagram, 1, 2, 3, 4.

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    A reimagining of Disney’s cherished family film, “Pete’s Dragon” is the adventure of an orphaned boy named Pete and his best friend Elliott, who just so happens to be a dragon.

    starring some unknowns + Robert Redford

    source: 1

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    - Alexander, 33, attacked his gf after they'd been drinking at her San Francisco home. The dog growling at him apparently set him off.
    - As she tried to flee he “grabbed her by the hair and dragged her down the steps … along the sidewalk and threw her into the bushes.”
    - “He grabbed her head and threw it into the kitchen counter.”
    - The victim can be heard screaming in terror on 911 audio, along with begging him not to kick the door down
    - Jason was arrested and later pled guilty to domestic violence and was sentenced to 111 days in jail, 3 years probation, 25 hours of community service along with domestic violence, drug and alcohol counseling.


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    Hot 100
    - KAT-TUN's new single Tragedy managed to take the top spot this week on the Billboard Japan Hot 100, CD Sales Chart, & Anime chart

    -- KAT-TUN (pronounced like "cartoon" without the r) is a Johnny's Entertainment male idol group originally named for the first letters in each member's name. However, their numbers have dwindled from 6 to 4. Also, one of their current members Taguchi Junnosuke announced he would be leaving shortly. The group is expected to have a hiatus after their 10th anniversary tour ends in May. Their current single is the theme song to the anime Kindaichi Case Files R (Returns).

    Hot Albums
    - Battling it out on the Album Charts was BUMP OF CHICKEN with their album "Butterflies." They managed to steal the top position from girl group E-Girls and their album "E.G. SMILE -E-girls BEST-"

    -- Formed in 1994, Japanese rock band Bump of Chicken (sometimes called just "Bump" or "BOC") has a strange name, which is supposed to mean something along the lines of "pushback from the weak." According to Oricon sales (2014) estimates, they've sold over 13 million CDs, making them one of the biggest bands in Japan. "Butterflies" is their first album in nearly 2 years.

    -- E-Girls is a girl group consisting of 20 members from subgroups Dream, Happiness, and Flower. The E part of their name refers to their relationship to Exile as its sister group, using the model of considering both vocalists and non-singing dancers as a part of the official group. "E.G. SMILE -E-girls BEST-" is their first compilation album, and includes all their major singles thus far, plus a few new songs. They also put out a music video for the album-exclusive song "DANCE WITH ME NOW!"

    Album announcements
    - Sandaime J Soul Brothers and Perfume both announced their new albums, THE JSB LEGACY and COSMIC EXPLORER, would be released on March 30th and April 6th, respectively.

    -- Sandaime J Soul Brothers (also known as Sandaime J Soul Brothers from EXILE TRIBE) is a boy band from the LDH label that also hosts Exile and E-Girls and uses a similar formula for its makeup. "Sandaime" means "3rd generation" in that there have been two previous incarnations of J Soul Brothers before this. Their biggest calling to success is their single "R.Y.U.S.E.I" which has been on the Billboard Hot 100 for nearly 90 weeks now and still going. Their latest single from their new album is "Unfair World" but their biggest single to be included in this album will be the Afrojack-produced "Summer Madness."

    -- Perfume is a 3 member girl group produced by Yasutaka Nakata (who also produces Kyary Pamyu Pamyu) that uses vocoders for their vocals. Perfume's new album will be their first in about 2 and half years. Their latest single to be included in their upcoming album is "STAR TRAIN"

    Tragedy by KAT-TUN:

    DANCE WITH ME NOW! from "E.G. SMILE -E-girls BEST-" by E-Girls:

    Butterfly from "Butterflies" by BUMP OF CHICKEN:

    Summer Madness from "THE JSB LEGACY" by Sandaime J Soul Brothers (included along with the below for its impact):

    Unfair World from "THE JSB LEGACY" by Sandaime J Soul Brothers:

    STAR TRAIN from "COSMIC EXPLORER" by Perfume:

    Video sources: 123456
    Bump of Chicken Wikipedia source
    Additional notes: OP's vast knowledge

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    sources 12345

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  • 02/21/16--20:13: TWD 6x11 Promo
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  • 02/21/16--20:14: Sam Pepper Gives Up

  • Popular YouTuber and all around scum of the earth has deleted all the contents on his YouTube channel leaving behind a tweet that reads 'I Give Up'. The Kevin the cucumber faced asshole didn't give a reason as to what led to his decision to "give up" but I'm pretty sure no one really cares.


    ONTD, are you going to miss Pepperidge Sam's iconic videos? Who is your favourite mediocre white male on YouTube/vine. What type of -ist are they? rapist, racist, sexist or all of the above? Discuss.

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    After being pre-empted by the Super Bowl and the Grammys, we are BACK like your kids on Sunday when you co-parent.








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    Kesha's mom tweeted this:

    After allegedly shading Taylor Swift yesterday in tweets about "self-proclaimed feminists" needing to speak out, Demi Damaged Lovato tweeted this:

    Not satisfied with turning Kesha's tragedy into an opportunity to attack other women and act like the best feminist around with her own tweets, she also liked the following tweet:

    source 1source 2

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  • 02/21/16--20:16: Girls 5x02 Promo "Good Man"

  • Girls 5x02 "Good Man" - In New York, an erratic roommate leads Fran to move in with Hannah. Later, Hannah gets an urgent call from her dad, who is trying to navigate a new type of dating. After a run-in at an AA meeting, Adam and Jessa spend the day together. Ray fears that the new cafe across the street is hurting his business. Elijah is hit on by a famous news anchor.


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    Image and video hosting by TinyPic

    Image and video hosting by TinyPic

    If y'all haven't read her books, Lorrie Moore is the amazing writer of Birds of America and Self-Help. Most of the media coverage regarding Making A Murderer has been full of lurid hot takes and gossipy speculation. But in a recent essay, she writes a lengthy, thoughtful essay about Wisconsin, crime, history, and violence.

    --Discusses murders and violence in Wisconsin

    --Recounts the details of the crime

    --Writes really intelligent review of the documentary

    If you are into Making A Murderer, it's worth the read-- it's a really great piece.

    Post to discuss MAM, true crime, and books?


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    Shameless 6x08 "Be a Good Boy, Come for Grandma" preview
    Fiona tries to get Sean's son to like her, but when he starts warming up to her, he takes a gun from the Gallagher house.


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    Your Faves Best Workout Songs

    Lets delve into our faves best workout songs (remixes not included, like how easy would that be?)

    Gwen Stefani - What You Waiting For
    What You Waiting For
    Album: Love.Angel.Music.Baby
    Other WO songs from ha discography: Crash, Yummy, Serious, Hollaback Girl
    What's the song serving in a gym setting: frantic, gwen sings and she's talking to someone else, the stupid ho, but Gwen is actually the stupid ho, youre the stupid ho, preeminent comeback workout song, racism, appropriation, working your core but not eating right
    Inspiration: / Perspiration

    Jennifer Lopez - "On The Floor"
    On The Floor
    Album: idk tbh
    Other WO songs from ha discography: Lets Get Loud, Dance Again, Get Right
    What's the song serving in a gym setting: puerto rican from the bronx, 24 hour fitness, ymca gym, mar(icon), forgetting your gym locker and having to bring your shit with you while you workout, playing your ipod too loud, serving masculine but ur ipod is blaring gaga, did i say puerto rican? puerto rican twink, yonkers, your parents sending u to boston to live with your sister because ur gay, having ur phone while working out and a grindr message notification going off, willing to let pitbull fuck, bb cream & foundation but nothing else, a slight contour for the club, masc boyfriend with a metro pcs phone, puerto rican gorls, drunk off coquito, mixed matched socks
    Inspiration: / Perspiration

    Britney Spears - "Do Somethin'"
    Do Somethin
    Album: Greatest Hits
    Other WO songs from ha discography: Work Bitch, I Wanna Go, Womanizer, Anticipating
    What's the song serving in a gym setting: working out for a club body, high top sneakers, tank tops with the sides cut out, denim shorts, fitted hat, white, gay, beard, masc4masc but ur not masc, he isnt either, gin & tonic, treadmill so slow ur almost walking, having your phone with you while you work out, wearing accesories to the gym, david barton gym, seltzer water
    Inspiration: / Perspiration

    Lady Gaga - "Applause"
    Album: ChartBop
    Other WO songs from ha discography: Telephone, Scheisse
    What's the song serving in a gym setting: redemption, everybody made fun of you in HS, jenny jones/ricki lake geek to chic guest, suddenly the koons is baked chicken and broccoli 5 days a week, gay, lgbt, lgbtq, someone asking you to turn ur ipod down while youre working out, a comeback, inspirational,
    Inspiration: / Perspiration

    Janet Jackson - "All For You"
    All For You
    Album: All For You
    Other WO songs from ha discography: bitch check ha discography
    What's the song serving in a gym setting: over 30 yrs old and killin it, comeback, cardio AND weight training, clean eating but treating yourself, not having your phone at while you're working out, going out on the weekend with friends for cute drama free fun, tight tee at the club but nipples not protruding as to say i'm here for fun not for ur entertainment, great job, brings your own water to the gym rather than paying for a new one every time, this song is serving ULTIMATE gym workout bitch get into it
    Inspiration: / Perspiration

    Madonna - "Jump"
    Album: Confessions On A Dancefloor
    Other WO songs from ha discography: Her entire discography
    What's the song serving in a gym setting: preeminent inspirational workout music, good workout song, madonna is jillian michaels on this song, two more minutes on the stairmaster, shouldnt have scarfed down that dry ass boston market turkey, you're lifting weights, lunges and running to this
    / Perspiration

    Ariana Grande - "Break Free"
    Break Free
    Album: Emancipation of RiRi
    Other WO songs from ha discography: All My Love (ft Major Lazer)
    What's the song serving in a gym setting: preeminent gay anthem, lgbtq champion in song form, grand marshall at nyc pride, like her and zedd really did that, gay, electro workout, breakup, redemption, sweatin like a drag queen in flats, crying on the stairmaster, straight cardio, youre not lifting weights to this, this is for the twink sisses
    Inspiration: / Perspiration

    Fergie - "Fergalicious"
    Album: The Duchess
    Other WO songs from ha discography: doesnt matter
    What's the song serving in a gym setting: fergie is giving u ULTIMATE workout song, U L T I M A TE, she is serving u optimal work out song, shes serving white girl with black friends, white girl that says the n word shes serving, dark lip liner in 2016, k-swiss, will fight a black girl, AND LOSE, nose ring, she's serving u this haircut in 20 yrs, she's servving u "can i speak to the manager" in 20 yrs, she's serving u HONDA minivan in 20 yrs, she's serving u french tips in 20 yrs bitch she is serving ur ass apple bottom jeans boots with the fuckin fur gorl, get into ha at the gym sittin on the bike playing candy crush sis, this bitch is drinkin arizona iced tea bitch get into ha, fergie tho is servin us ultimate workout song, legendary

    Inspiration: / Perspiration

    Carly Rae Jepsen - "Turn Me Up"
    Turn Me Up
    Album:Grammy Award Winning "Kiss"
    What's the song serving in a gym setting: carly is serving pop queen
    Inspiration: ★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★
    ★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★/ Perspiration ★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★

    Source is Me & 12345678910

    Favorite workout songs?

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    -Demi went on a 2:30 AM rant saying self-proclaimed feminists needed to speak up and liked a tweet asking why Taylor wasn't
    -Kesha's mom announced Taylor donated $250,000
    -Demi tweeted that she'll only be impressed if she takes something to Capitol Hill or actually speaks out

    Demi also liked this saying that "money isn't everything"

    Source: Twitter

    Is impressing Demi Lovato more important than how Kesha and her mother feel? It's very clear that Kesha's mother is happy about the donation and that's more important than Demi or anyone not approving of calculated intentions . This should be about Kesha and the support she deserves. Justice for Kesha and to hell for Dr. Luke. Also @Perez, since you may be reading, I KNOW you've been tweeting stuff about how it's POSSIBLE that Kesha is lying and that there needs more evidence and shit. You were also "defending" Taylor from someone who asked if she is gonna show support before this with a tweet saying Kesha's lawyer lied about Gaga. I hope your fav, Taylor, showing support means that you'll stop spewing nonsense. :)

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