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Oh No They Didn't! - LiveJournal.com

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    Are we out of the woods yet?
    #OOTWMusicVideo debuts tomorrow night on New Years Rockin Eve with @ryansecreast !!"

    Are you ready for some sort of Dick’n Rock’n Dickie Eve?

    source: her insta

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  • 12/30/15--17:02: Hendall (Reloaded)

  • In the video, you can see Kendall rubbing his back and them looking close!

     rise!! this fashion power couple tbh! move over kimye
    source ( insert harry styles tag here) 

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    - Krap says that he feels sorry for Brendan and that it was all Steven's fault.
    - Deangel finds Brendan's trial issues more "deeply distressing" than Steven's: he was disturbed by Len's bullshitness, and angered at Krap for holding a press conference asap after arresting him.
    - Krap states that he now regrets that press conference, but that he feels the shit Len the sociopath pulled was simply to get Brendan a plea deal, and that he'd "be out" by now if Len had remained his lawyer.

    I watched episode 9 yesterday and honestly, I have zero motivation to finish it. HOW is it possible Brendan was accused? HOW? What can I do to help him? Im from Brazil, will my voice even matter? And DO NOT talk about Dolores, ok? I cannot discuss her ever.


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    - leslie was 46 years old and a 25+ year standup veteran before she got her big break at SNL
    - chris rock got her the SNL audition. they met in the 80's but in 2012 she told him her career wasn't going anywhere unless he put her on and he agreed. he mentioned her to several people in hollywood and they all passed except lorne michaels
    - the article talks a lot about her physicality as a comedian and that the way she performs a joke matters more than the joke itself
    - when she got to SNL she called kenan thompson a 'motherfucker' for his comments on why black women weren't hired for SNL. they're bff now
    - she encountered satan at a comedy club: "At one point, the reactionary pundit Ann Coulter stopped by their table. [Larry] Wilmore was courteous, but Jones leaned across the table and stage-whispered, “What the fuck is this frightening bitch doing here?” Coulter’s face froze in a rictus, and she soon backed away from the table."
    - she’s not gonna be ernie hudson’d in the new ghostbusters and her part is equal to the other three women

    there's more about her upbringing and her experiences on SNL in the article y'all should read the whole thing


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    **Professional shoots like Calvin Harris' alleged prosthetic were not included**

    The Game's game

    Dan Osborne's --- idk what he does

    Cristiano Ronaldo’s world cup

    Prince Harry's little prince

    Louis Tomlinson’s 1D.

    See the 31 bulges @ the Source

    Would you paper bag it? How big is your bulge ONTD?

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    Source: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7LCLp1o_Nl4&feature=youtu.be
    Who else is gonna snuggle up with a box of chocolates and glass of wine to watch the bloody mayhem this Valentine's Day?

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    iKON just released 2 new songs from their full debut album which was released last week, just in time for your NYE parties!!! The new Bigbang is slaying all your faves hard!

    Source: iKON @ youtube: 1, 2, 3

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    - As told to Graham Norton and fellow NYE Show guest Eddie Redmayne:

    “I really hate it. I’ve never had a good one — everyone’s chasing a good time and it’s always a disappointment. I plan on doing nothing and then if something lands in my lap ... but I always end up drunk and disappointed. Drunk and Disappointed should be the title of my memoir!”

    - They also discussed their modelling start (JLaw for Abercrombie & Fitch, fantastic beast for Burberry) and puking at Madonna's party.

    - Other guests included Will Ferrell, Marky Mark and Years & Years.


    ONTD, what are you doing New Year's Eve?

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    “Dr. Cosby is a class act,” Eddie Griffin stated in an interview with Vlad TV.

    He went on to talk about how Bill Cosby called him when he started filming Malcolm & Eddie and how they found a connection right away because they’re both Cancers. Cosby then would bring Griffin on to his set where Cosby essentially mentored him.

    When asked about Cosby’s accusers Griffin also shared his opinion and stood by Cosby’s side.

    “First off you have to remember this was in the ‘70s,” Griffin said. “I’m old enough to remember the ‘70s. The ‘70s is a different time… mother fuckers all had coke spoons around their necklace… you want to level out after a hit of cocaine you get a Quaalude. So did he rape these bitches? All of them said the same thing. We went to the room. Why would you go to the room of a known married man, number one.

    Griffin also appeared to be both annoyed and suspicious that claims were made thirty years later.

    “That’s like a mother fucker robbing me and I wait thirty years to call the police,” he continued. “I got robbed in 1984. And it’s him! [laughter].”

    The interviewer mentioned that it is past the statute of limitations for the charges to which Griffin responded, “There is a systematic effort to destroy every black male entertainers image. They want us all to have an asterisk next to our name… nobody leaves this business clean.”

    He continued to sing Cosby’s praises, mentioning how he was responsible for sending several black men and women to college before chiming in with “and then some pussy is supposed to tear that down”.

    Griffin then brought Roman Polanski into the conversation and said “I don’t see them fucking with that mother fucker… Michael Jackson might have wanted to flee the country. He didn’t get to flee. There’s a difference.”

    He then mentioned that Michael Jackson’s accusers have since recanted their stories and that he also knew Jackson very well.


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    -Tinashe posted a set of photos on her instagram and one of them had the comments above accusing her of "stealing FKA Twigs's swag" for looking like her.

    The 2 other pics she posted:

    source 1, 2, 3

    ONTD, do you look like someone famous?

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  • 12/30/15--20:40: Rihanna roasts J. Cole
  • Rihanna appears in J. Cole's third episode of his four-part “Road To Homecoming” video series, and she offered some compliments on the show and a laugh about his hair!

    1, 2, 3

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    Bowling con mi familia 😍

    While Nicki Minaj has yet to comment publicly on her older brother, Jelani Maraj's, December 6th arrest for multiple counts of raping minors a selfie she posted earlier today seems to show that she has her brother's back. Previously people had speculated if Nicki was the person who had posted bail for Jelani or if their parents used money from the house that Nicki had previously purchased for them.

    While family dynamics are complicated and people rarely want to believe a loved one is capable of such a horrific crime I'm sure somewhere Nicki's publicist is face palming over her posting this picture.


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    Dascha Polanco, the charismatic star of Orange is the New Black, recently sat down with Rolling Out as she continues her press tour promoting Joy. In the short video interview she covered a number of topics including how she thought people were to used to reality TV when Orange is the New Black first started airing and didn't seem to realize that she was an actress playing a character and that Daya's life isn't her own.

    When asked about her constant use of #ismellgood on instagram she mentioned that she would eventually like to come out with a fragrance of her own. She continued to talk about how smelling good shows she's confident in herself and that scents are "culturally important" to her before sidetracking and telling the interviewer that there are people who think she is fat and people that think she is voluptuous but she always smells good.

    Polanco also expressed having a passion for fashion. She believes she developed this from her family owning stores in New York and Miami that contained "European clothing" and that sometimes family members would even make dresses for her. When asked if she ever looked at the clothes and thought she wouldn't be able to fit into them because it was a size 0 Polanco responded, "No, I'm definitely breaking the mold... I'm not a size 0. I'm still looking good in a size 8."

    Things haven't always been easy though. "From a professional standpoint," she said. "There are a lot of brands who don't want to dress me because I'm not sample size... I have a decision as well, I don't have to dress with your clothing."

    She continued saying that when she started receiving clothing it was almost entirely black and made of stretchy material.

    "I need some color," she said. "White is my color. White's supposed to make you look bigger but on me it's fantastic... my skin in white looks amazing. I'm okay with wearing color and patterns."

    She expressed that she loves a bit of masculinity in her fashion and that she feels sexier in a suit than with her boobs hanging out but that sometimes she likes to "really show things and not wear anything underneath and go commando all the way".

    You can catch this pacifist cat lover in David O. Russell's Joy now playing at a theatre near you.

    Source 1, 2 and 3
    The video is this weird mix of her seeming like she can't be interested enough to stay awake while simultaneously talking like she's going to start an empire with her career.

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    Season 27 Episode 5 and 6

    MTV aired 2 episodes tonight.


    Continued from last week

    Red team nomination

    Blue team nomination

    PIT: My Way or the Highway
    Tug of war with a chain.

    Raphy and Dario


    Challenge:  Family Connection
    The players will have 10 minutes to transfer balls across the playing field with a panel attached to their helmets. Team with the most balls will win.

    Winners: Red Team
    Losers: Blue Team

    Girl elimination day.

    Nominationsfor the PIT

    Red team nomination

    Blue team nomination
    KellyAnne volunteered

    PIT: Ring My Bell
    Players must run across lane and push the mat in order to ring the bell....50 times.

    Nany and Nicole

    PicSource, MyTV

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    Some choice quotes from the "article":
    "No one would know the name Carrie Fisher if it weren’t for her ability to leverage her looks. George Lucas only cast her in the first place because she was young, slim and cute at the time."

    His asinine article's concluding statement:
    "As for Disney’s “pressure” to lose weight, she should be even more grateful for being nudged to get healthy."

    I refuse to link to the article because lol @ giving him traffic, but you can click on The Wrap's post for more.

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    - The "Dark Horse" singer sent a special handwritten card and care package of goodies to 8-year-old burn victim Safyre Terry, who asked for a card from the pop star.

    - Terry has received more than 500,000 cards and 10,000 packages from other people around the U.S., including Beyonce and President Obama.


    Did you send her a Xmas card, ONTD?

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    -She treats her family and boyfriend as well as she treated the cast of Celebrity Big Brother
    -Calls her boyfriend a bitch
    -Boyfriend seemed reasonable, paid actor?
    -Calls her mom a bitch
    -Sophia slaps her mom for having a bad attitude, this part is sad :(

    SOURCE 1
    SOURCE 2
    SOURCE 3

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    The Graham Norton Show

    pff lol that last still

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    I know it's crazy that I became a clean and sober, hybrid-driving, animal-rescuing vegan who's super into meditating, but I'm glad I did. I'm even happier that I get to spend so much time with a shockingly gorgeous and amazingly talented woman who is all of those things, kinda wild like me, and doesn't give a fuck how many teeth I really have. @thekatvond

    To die by your side, well the pleasure, the privilege is mine. ❤️ @officiallysteveo

    Last night at the @magiccastle was epic... @thekatvond

    How can I be so lucky? @thekatvond

    Thank you, @officiallysteveo, for breaking the spell. ❤️

    Edit: Thanks to a_geni for pointing out that they previously dated and had a messy Myspace breakup where Steve called her an anti-semite and a serial cheater.

    Source 1 and 2
    Do you give a fuck how many teeth your partner has?

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