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Oh No They Didn't! - LiveJournal.com

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    yass travis/daphne.

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    Sundance 2013: Sony Pictures Worldwide Acquisitions Nabs 'Austenland' (Exclusive)

    UPDATED: Sony Pictures Classics will release Jerusha Hess' directorial debut, which sold for north of $4 million, sources say.

    PARK CITY -- Sony Pictures Worldwide Acquisitions has nabbed worldwide rights to Jerusha Hess' Austenland after several days of competitive bidding. Sources peg the deal at north of $4 million.

    Sony Pictures Classics will release the film domestically.

    The comedic spin on Jane Austen from director Hess originally sparked five bids; among the bidders was Exclusive Releasing/FilmDistrict, which initially had made separate bids but teamed up as counter offers escalated. But deal-making came to a halt as producer Stephenie Meyer was unavailable.

    Hess, with husband Jared Hess who co-wrote Napoleon Dynamite and the Jack Black starrer Nacho Libre, penned Austenland with Shannon Hale.

    The film follows a woman obsessed with a BBC production of Pride and Prejudice who travels to a Jane Austen-styled English resort to find her perfect gentleman.

    Austenland premiered Jan. 18 at Eccles Theatre as part of Sundance's U.S. Dramatic Competition section. It stars Keri Russell, JJ Feild, Jennifer Coolidge, Georgia King and James Callis.


    Anyone read this one? I read the one about the Mormon housewife who becomes bff with a thinly veiled Colin Firth and it's not a romance even though it is. It was loltastically bad.

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    Rosalind Arusha Arkadina Altalune Florence Thurman-Busson may be a mouthful, but it's certainly memorable. Uma Thurman explained why she and boyfriend Arpad Busson gave their 6-month-old baby girl such a long name during a Jan. 14 appearance on Late Night With Jimmy Fallon.

    The Smash star credited Maya, her 14-year-old daughter with ex-husband Ethan Hawke, for giving her the idea."My daughter came up with the best excuse, which was that I probably wouldn't get to have any more children, so I just put every name that I liked into [Luna's]," the 42-year-old Kill Bill actress said. "We couldn't quite agree on the name, so we call her Luna. She's lucky that way."

    Referencing her newborn's surname, Thurman joked that "the last part makes sense."

    "And then the rest, she can name all her own children all these interesting names," the actress laughed. "Proud, Catholic, observant!"

    Us Weekly exclusively broke the news of Luna's birth in July 2012. Thurman also has an 11-year-old son, Levon, with Hawke, 42. The former spouses met on the set of Gattaca in 1997.


    Flawfree woman can name her children whatever she wants to name them. She could name her kid "Tic-Tac"or "Gillette (Razor Blade)" or even "Sunkist Oranges" and it would still be awesome.

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    Image and video hosting by TinyPic

    Remember earlier this year when we shared with you an amazing collaboration between Adam Lambert and Cyndi Lauper of “Mad World” during a performance in New York City? Well, we just have even more amazing news to share with you. Lambert and Lauper were so great on stage and their chemistry was perfect. Their voices join incredibly well together. In fact, they were so good that they will most likely record the song together.

    A source exclusively reveals:

    “Adam and Cyndi talked after their performance. They want to record their duet of Mad World at the studio and release it. It’s just a project they want to do for fun.”

    This is pretty cool news. We are most definitely excited to be able to buy a collaboration like this. Are y’all excited or what?


    this could be cool. if you missed the original duet, it's here

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    Former "One Life to Live" star Scott Evans has pled GUILTY to attempted cocaine possession following his arrest last month -- but TMZ has learned, he won't spend a day in the slammer.

    We broke the story ... Scott -- brother of "Captain America" Chris Evans -- was busted last month and charged with one count of attempted possession of a controlled substance after trying to buy coke from an undercover cop.

    He originally pled not guilty to the charge ... but changed his plea in exchange for no jail time.

    Scott agreed to attend 60 Narcotics Anonymous meetings -- and if he goes to all the meetings in the next six months (and stays out of trouble) the judge will throw out the case .. almost like it never happened.

    Scott's lawyer Shepard Kopp tells us the actor isn't wasting any time -- he's already knocked out a few classes.

    Source: TMZ

    Scott, if you need a sponsor, just think of me like that old Chingy song...I'm only one call away.

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    Lady Gaga outside a tattoo parlour in LA


    Shopping in LA 21/01/13


    With fans in San Jose


    With Willow Smith Backstage 20/01/13


    Neil Patrick Harris at the BTWB

    "@ActuallyNPH: Currently watching and loving the @LadyGaga concert at the Staples Center. Maybe the best concert ever. So inclusive and amazing!"


    With the staff of LM.com


    Spoke to fans backstage about ARTPOP


    More photos (apprently shopping for a gift for Elton John's son [her godson])


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    ‘If Nori were English, he’d be a cockney...'

    Like his brother-in-arms Mark Hadlow, Jed Brophy has worked with Peter Jackson since his gore-filled early days. He’s appeared in Heavenly Creatures and popped up in a range of villainous guises across The Lord Of The Rings trilogy including Sharku, a warg rider and a Nazgûl (if a death-dealing servant of Sauron can be said to “pop up” anywhere – and they probably can’t). If flying around on a fell beast doesn’t give a man his Middle-earth bearings, joining Thorin’s company on a quest for distant treasure should do the trick. The long time WETA-ite chatted to Empire’s Ian Nathan about playing Nori.

    Tell us about Nori...
    He’s a poacher, he’s been out in the wild on his own. He’s the brother of Dori and Ori, who comes back into the fold to go on this journey. He’s not unused to adventure, being a bit of a thief. He has a lot of daggers secreted about his body. If he were English, he’d be a cockney.

    So he’s up for a scrap?
    Dwarves get offended and fight each other a lot, but they don’t hold grudges with each other. They do hold grudges with elves...

    Surely with plenty of comedy as well.
    When dwarves are alone as a group, the comedy between them is great, but they don’t tend to do that in front of other people. They are more reserved around other races, but with each other they are like a bunch of four-year-olds in the playground. The food fight with Baggins is hilarious. Bombur is very great, so he tends to be as deadly towards us as he is towards the enemy.

    You look fairly padded out.
    The oufits are one of the more arduous gigs, just in terms of the heat and the weight. We have just done a lot of fitness training to get our bodies ready to be fat! Funnily enough, the padding helps the walk. The hardest thing is to keep yourself cooled down between takes.

    How much fun have you had?
    We Kiwis have to remind ourselves we’re actually on it. I was alone at home when I found out and it still took me about three hours to calm down. I remember seeing Mark Hadlow (Dori) across the airport, heading for the costume check, and he just had this big grin.

    Did you ever think The Hobbit wouldn’t happen?
    I have to admit, I had faith all the way along. I’ve always had faith that this particular bunch of filmmakers would keep it up and running.

    The dwarves make a tight unit.
    We were lucky that during the delays we were still able to be together and work on our little family groups too. It’s been great.

    What’s it been like acting in a group?
    Everyone gets their close-ups. As you know, his films are as much about reaction shots as dialogue. We’ve all had a lot more to do than was originally in the script because he’s seen moments that he really likes and tool the time to film them.

    Do you think small?
    Dwarves think as warriors! It’s a genetic blueprint – they just form a battle formation like the Romans.


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    I figured that because this man's anti-Gaga articles have been posted here on ONTD as well as other pop culture blogs, it'd be okay to post this here as well.

    As some of you may or may not know, Jemeul DaSilva is a notorious Gaga hater who has posted negative article after negative article on Examiner.com, some of which ended up on ATRL and even PerezHilton.com. Well, earlier last week, Gaga's dear friend, BREEDLOVE, decided to invite Mr. DaSilva to attend the Born Brave Bus in California after he posted several articles claiming that the bus itself was nothing more than a publicity stunt.

    A lot of people on ONTD ignorantly criticized Gaga for doing this bus thing, so it's great to have an unbiased opinion on the experience.

    DaSilva and BREEDLOVE

    This afternoon, I was given a tour of Lady Gaga's tailgate party by her good friend and frequent collaborator Breedlove. It was a fun experience and completely different than what I expected.

    I wasn't very excited about going today; however, I thought it would only by fair since some of my articles criticized it. I always thought that if I criticize something, I should experience it. If I am proven right, I'll say so. If I am proven wrong, I'll admit it.

    I envisioned a huge bus in a parking lot with people doing all types of drugs. My mind saw pictures of Lady Gaga all over the bus and surrounding areas with the letters "Queen of Pop." I pictured fans burning posters of Madonna, Adele, Britney Spears, Barbara Walters, Sharon Osbourne, Kelly Osbourne, and a lot of other stars who (some) of Mother Monster's fans are threatened by.

    I pictured all types of misfits worshipping at some Lady Gaga alter with Terry Richardson manipulating them into saying how much Lady Gaga saved their lives, saved the world, is the ambassador for gay rights, etc. My mind can really be creative.

    However, what I saw was much different than I expected. It wasn't so much about Lady Gaga as it was the fans. It also wasn't a "Therapy" party where rent-a-psychiatrists try to cure problems within five minutes. It was more of a tailgate party that celebrated uniqueness. It wasn't just a bus; it was a whole area with tents and other things. The bus was only part of it.

    If someone desperately needed therapy, there were resources and referrals. It was anything but a mental hospital atmosphere. There were representatives from colleges and other organizations that were there to guide people and make them feel comfortable.

    My favorite area of the event was the back of the bus which was colorful, smelled like incense, and showed videos of different people who have overcome difficulties. It wasn't just about gays and lesbians, although I bet only 10 percent of the people at the event were straight.

    My biggest complaint about Lady Gaga has always been that she plays the victim way too much. Instead of saying "So what!" to her critics, she writes crazy letters, releases press statements, etc. However, I did like how she responded to the recent bra gun controversy; she didn't respond at all. But the Born Brave party is all about empowerment and uniqueness. There are interactive games, maps, and other things that are designed to help empower feelings.

    Many of the older generation of Gay men resent Lady Gaga. Some of their complaints are legit, but being on her bus made me realize one reason why many older gay men harbor ill feelings towards Lady Gaga; we weren't allowed to come together the way her fans are today. We didn't have our Born Brave Bus. We didn't have anybody telling us that it is okay to be who we are. This was a theme of much of my discussion with Breedlove and Lady Starlight.

    In the 1980s and early 1990s, we had Madonna at the peak of her career and the peak of the influence of the religious right. She was an amazing force, through her music and videos, in changing attitudes towards the LGBT community. She fought the Catholic Church, George Bush, Ronald Reagan, and everyone else who wished Gay people would just die.

    DaSilva and Lady Starlight

    However, many of us attended the Blonde Ambition Tour as closeted teenagers who feared what would happen if our parents and friends found out about our sexuality. Many of us thought of committing suicide. Madonna, who was the only big star to accept us at the time, was our escape. But we didn't have a Born Brave Bus. It's not Madonna's fault; this wasn't possible at a time when gay people were hated more than the Taliban.

    Today, LGBT teenagers and young adults have many resources. They can live happy lives. They can get married. They can raise children. They can watch gay-friendly television shows. They can look up to a gay-friendly pop star who performs at major political events. It would have been amazing to have all that support as a teenager. For a second, I was envious of Lady Gaga's fans on the bus. But then, I felt good for them. Instead of feeling envious, Breedlove and Lady Starlight are taking the positive route by giving back to the community and Lady Gaga's fans.

    Speaking of Lady Gaga's fans, I have normally though of them as the most vile creatures on the planet. Of course, this opinion comes from arguing with them over the Internet. But the real world is different from the Internet. The fans I met in person were nice, educated, and radiated too much positivity in order to go back home and threaten the lives of Lady Gaga's supposed enemies. Lady Gaga, just like any artist, has her vile fans. However, the lesson learned through this experience is that you can't judge a complete group of people by a minority that uses the Internet.

    I really wanted to go to the Born This Way Ball concert tonight. I might have disliked it, but today's experience felt incomplete without seeing the concert. Unfortunately, I had to drop something off in Manhattan Beach, where I am writing this article.

    On a (sort of) funny note, I found out that the complaint about unwanted tickets being given away on the bus was based on something that actually happened. Little Monsters even accused me of making up the story and creating a fake Twitter account to spread the complaint.

    However, the situation has been blown completely out of proportion as the bus was not being used as a ticket giveaway center, there was no abuse, and that the intentions in that incident were nothing but good. Remember -- you can't believe everything you read on the Internet.

    Wow, I wish all of Gaga's haters were this rational.


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  • 01/21/13--23:21: Merlin Season 5 Bloopers

  • I'm going to miss this adorable cast so much... :(


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  • 01/21/13--23:21: Castle 5x13 Promo

  • source

    Like she'd really kill him.

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    While J.J. Abrams' upcoming sci-fi sequel Star Trek Into Darkness has been shrouded in a cloak of almost complete secrecy from the moment it was first announced, the one question that's been on everyone's lips is the identity of Benedict Cumberbatch's villain. Originally it was rumoured that Abrams' was to follow the map laid out by Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan by introduction the genetically-enhanced 20th century warlord Khan Noonien Singh, before images started to surface showing Benedict Cumberbatch in a Starfleet uniform.

    This immediately lent support to the theory that his character would be that of helmsman Gary Mitchell, the Starfleet officer who gains god-like powers in the Star Trek: TOS pilot 'Where No Man Has Gone Before', but Paramount Pictures then threw a spanner in the works when an official image referred to him as 'John Harrison'. Given that a character called Harrison appeared in the episode 'Space Seed', Khan seemed like a possibility once more (especially as the Japanese trailer included a shot reminiscent of Spock's "I have been and always shall be... your friend" death scene), but now it looks as though John Harrison's true identity may have been revealed via IDW Publishing's official movie prequel comic book series Star Trek Countdown to Darkness. If you don't want to run the risk of spoilers, you should probably stop reading now...

    Having already given us a look at the Klingons thanks to the cover for Star Trek: Countdown to Darkness #4, the first issue of the limited series is released tomorrow, and the final panel introduces the character of Robert April, former captain of the U.S.S. Enterprise. Now, unless you're a hardcore Trekker, you might not have heard of Captain Robert April, but his name was included on Gene Roddenberry's initial Star Trek proposal back in 1964 before being replaced by that of Christopher Pike for the first pilot episode 'The Cage'. However, April did surface as Commodore Robert April in the Star Trek: The Animated Series episode 'The Counter-Clock Incident', where the crew of the Enterprise began to age backwards, with Roddenberry subsequently stating that the character was officially part of Trek canon.

    Considering that IDW's previous Star Trek movie prequel Star Trek Countdown delivered plenty of backstory to Eric Bana's Nero, it's probably safe to assume that Countdown to Darkness will provide some indication as to who Kirk and company will be up against when Into Darkness arrives in May (especially with Cumberbatch being on one of the covers and all, even if it is the movie's poster). The introduction of Robert April is certainly interesting considering the recent theory proposed by Drew McWeeny over at HitFix, who put together a very convincing argument as to why he thought 'John Harrison' could be a smokescreen for April. I suggest you give it at a read.

    Now, as drawn in the comic, Robert April bears little resemblance to Benedict Cumberbatch, but in fairness Kirk looks nothing like Chris Pine either, and while April appears much older, there's still three issues for that whole age-reversal process to kick in. Of course, there is the possibility that April's appearance is Countdown to Darkness is just another clever ruse to throw us off the scent, or simply a little nod to the Trek faithful, but personally I think we might just have had the answer to the question of who 'John Harrison' really is.


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    sources: pictures | emma's twitter

    I'd laugh so hard if they started dating, Taylor Swift's song would be GLORIOUS. <3

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    An American actress, model, musician, and former porn star Sasha Grey (born Marina Ann Hantzis) has hinted that he wants to obtain Russian citizenship. "Лапя ццво вы хотите мое граждантсво?" - she wrote in cyrillic in her Twitter. It means "Lapya tstsvo you want my citizenship?" (what means "lapya tstsvo" remains unclear).

    Саша Грей

    This entry has caused a storm of delight in Russia: almost seven thousand retweets per day, more than a thousand bloggers added it to favorites. "ДАДАДАДАДАДАДАДАДАДАДАДАДАДАДАДАДААДАДАДАДАДАД ДА ДА ДА" ("YESYESYESYESYESYESYESYESYESYESYESYESYESYESYESYESYESYESYESYESYESYES YES YES YES") - wrote one of her followers, awarded by a retweet from Sasha Grey.

    Earlier this month, the Russian citizenship was obtained by a French actor and film-maker Gerard Depardieu.





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    Benedict Cumberbatch discussed his little Cumber-batch's starring role in Star trek Into Darkness, thanks to the skintight suit his villainous character John Harrison wears. Courtesy of The Sun:

    "The costumes look great. Some of them were very cumbersome and heavy, but some were very snug. You can almost see what religion I am."

    That sound you just heard was 100,000 erotic Benedict Cumberbatch fan fic writers fainting in pure joy. But his statement does beg the question: What exactly are we going to be seeing in the movie? Will we get the uncut edition? Will there be a director's cut later on? If the latter, are Cumberbatch and J.J. Abrams still on speaking terms, or did things get too awkward?

    Source: io9

    Mods I checked both the tags & this was not posted anywhere.:/

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    Every Inauguration, NBC News sends Al Roker out into the parade crowd to see if he can attract the attention of the President and Vice President as they walk the parade route.  In the video, Al successfully manages to get President Obama's attention, wherein Obama points at the sky to thank Al for the nice weather in DC.  A few moments later, when Vice President Biden appears, Al begs Biden to come to him and give a quick interview.  Biden says "they won't let me," referring to the secret service,  but then quickly changes he mind, does a quick jog over to Al and shakes his hand.  Clearly overjoyed, Al screams and cheers "I'm done," drops his mike and walks out of view.   

    This is why Al Roker has a tag and Matt Laur doesn't.


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     photo factsoflife9_zpscdaf0470.jpg

    Definitely sounds like a bitter "fact of life" to swallow. Now 86 years old, Charlotte Rae is known and beloved by TV fans as Mrs. Edna Garrett, the widowed, maternal woman looking after Jo, Blair, Tootie and Natalie on classic 80s sitcom The Facts of the Life. But before she became a TV star, the actress dealt with some very serious real-life heartache.

    As she writes in her memoir The Facts of My Life -- currently being shopped around to book publishers -- Rae's 25-year marriage to composer John Strauss ended in 1975 with a shocking confession: Shortly after the couple had moved to Los Angeles, Strauss told his wife that he was gay and had cheated on her.

    "First came the shock of what he had done behind my back, then the sting of being deceived for years," Rae, who wed the Amadeus soundtrack composer in 1950 and bore him two sons, writes. "All I could feel was the betrayal and, worse than that, my shame."

    The admission shattered Rae's self image, she admits. "John's secret confirmed my feelings of inferiority . . . That I was less than a woman . . . That I didn't deserve to be loved and valued." Strauss passed away in 2011 after a long battle with Parkinson's disease.


     photo factsoflife4_zpsd51d2528.jpg

    THEN: Rae first played Edna Garrett first on "Diff'rent Strokes" before taking the character to "Facts of Life." Mrs. G was tough and fair as the girls' surrogate mother figure.

    NOW: After her run on 'Facts of Life,' Rae continued to pop up in guest spots on TV and in the movies. In 2009, she played the role of a woman who has an affair with Zohan in the Adam Sandler comedy "You Don't Mess with the Zohan." She was also diagnosed with pancreatic cancer that year when she had a voluntary screening due to the prevalence of the cancer in her family. Because of the early screening, she was successfully treated, and remains in remission.

     photo factsoflife1_zps0734c6de.jpg

    Then: Lisa Whelchel, 16, played blonde rich girl, Blair Warner, dubbed Princess by her over-indulgent father. She was the pretty one on the show, often arguing with tomboy Jo. In the series finale, she saved Eastland from financial ruin and made it co-ed. Yay Blair!

    Now:Lisa is a born-again Christian who recorded a Christian pop album in 1984. She has not appeared in many acting roles since her fame on the show (except the reunion movie). She spent years focusing on her three children, whom she home schooled. She competed in "Survivor: Philippines" making it to the final and won 100,000 for being voted "The Spirit Person of The Season".

     photo factsoflife5_zpsa89c32ba.jpg

    Then: Joining the cast after the first season in 1980, Nancy McKeon, aged 14, played new girl and rough-around-the-edges tomboy, Jo Polniaczek. Jo was known for getting into mischief, as well as sparring with rich good girl, Blair Warner.

    Now: No longer playing the tomboy with an attitude, McKeon has since appeared in several made-for-TV movies and the Lifetime police drama, "The Division." She is married with two children.

     photo facesoflife3_zps0eef8fe5.jpg

    Then:Who wants to be a skinny pencil? I would rather be a happy Magic Marker! Mindy Cohn, at age 13, starred as overweight but confident writer, Natalie Green. Natalie had a sharp wit, and was often the centerpiece of episodes dealing with serious issues like sexual assault and premarital sex.

    Now: Mindy Cohn has since provided the cartoon voice of Velma on a new "Scooby-Doo," and starred on "The Help," a short-lived series for the WB and "Secret Life of the American Teenager." She is also godmother to Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitts twin's Knox and Vivienne and lives in Beverly Hills, CA.

     photo factsoflife2_zps044e0958.jpg

    Then:We are in trou-ble! Oh that Tootie with her catch phrase! Kim Fields starred as Tootie Ramsey, all-around gossip girl. On the show, she was known for her braces and roller-skates, which producers originally used to make the shrimpy Fields taller on screen.

    Now: After her "Facts of Life" fame, Kim lost the braces and starred in another hit sitcom on FOX, "Living Single." Now in her 40s, Fields has recorded numerous rap and R&B songs, as well as directing several episodes of "Kenan & Kel" for Nickelodeon.


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    We thought Southington, Connecticut’s plan to burn “violent” games in a pit of toxic fumes was the dumbest proposal lately, but since they came to their senses and cancelled it someone else had to step up to claim the Dumbass Of The Month award. Oh, hello there, Missouri Representative Diane Franklin. You’re just in time.

    To fight the nonexistent scourge of video game induced violence, Representative Diane Franklin (R, MO) introduced a bill to tax violent video games. But wait, it gets even sillier. Guess how the bill defines violent.
    If you said “in a way that could be struck down by the Missouri Supreme Court on a void for vagueness ruling”, you are correct.

    From the proposed bill: “the term ‘violent video game’ means a video or computer game that has received a rating from the Entertainment Software Rating Board of Teen, Mature, or Adult Only” That means that , if successfully passed, Teen-rated games like The Sims 3, Starcraft 2, EVE Online and Tropico 4 would all be taxed in Missouri on account of how unrepentantly violent they are. [PC Gamer]

    The bill, if passed, would impose an additional 1% sales tax on all games rated Teen, Mature, or Adult, which is damn near all of them. The bill designates the money be used “for the treatment of mental health conditions associated with exposure to violent video games”. And those mental health conditions are what exactly?

    Here are a couple of photos from her Facebook page, by the way.

    Yep. Selfies and guns. That’s who’s leading the charge.

    Fortunately, similar bills proposed in Oklahoma and New Mexico recently were struck down.
    The sad thing about all this is that, besides being foolish and ineffective, Representative Franklin will probably get reelected on the claim of being “tough on crime”.

    Won’t somebody think of the children? By that I mean my kids in The Sims. I deleted the pool ladder again. Next thing you know, I’ll be deleting pool ladders in real life.

    Because sweeping generalizations, overreacting and still managing to ignore the actual problems in the process makes everything better always. I doubt this will pass but honestly I thought this was stupid, especially because of The Sims, and figured I would share it. Although admit it... you've killed off your Sims before just because you could, haven't you? I'm not asking this so I can send your usernames and IPs to the government

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    Robert Rodriguez has been a busy man of late, recruiting long and hard for forthcoming sequel, Sin City: A Dame To Kill For, and the latest name he's convinced to return is none other than Bruce Willis.

    Rodriguez confirmed that Willis will be reprising his role as grizzled cop Hartigan in an interview with MTV, in which he also provided an update on how the production has been progressing.

    "The only story we've shot is the intro story, that's completely done," said Rodriguez. "The other ones we've just sort of been piecemealing, shooting as the actors become available. All three stories have a little bit of footage to be shot.

    "[Joseph Gordon-Levitt] plays a gambler," he continues. "A very cocky gambler that comes in and tries to beat the biggest villain in Sin City at his own game.

    "The story is called The Long Bad Night," he continues. "He beats the wrong guy at a game... bad stuff happens to him."

    Co-starring Mickey Rourke, Josh Brolin, Jessica Alba and Rosario Dawson, Sin City: A Dame To Kill For opens in the US on 4 October 2013.

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