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Oh No They Didn't! - LiveJournal.com

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    Source: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-DjwAI01dBM

    Holy shit we need to talk about that ending!!

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    From her twitter


    what work lmaoooo

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    Pop perfection Rita Ora stopped by Capital FM with Sigma to promote her #1 hit "Coming Home." The radio host put Rita and the other two through a round of covers. First was "Hotline Bling" by Champagne Papi™. Second came Adele's "Hello" to which Rita hesitated to sing at first. But this Kosovo Queen brushed her shoulders off and killed it by singing "Hello" in her native language! Watch at the source for the full thing and the clip behind the cut!

    these two British Queens! ONTD, have you covered "Hello" by Adele yet?

    Sources: 1 | 2

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    "A Christmas Melody" revolves around Kristin (Chabert), a beautiful, stylish divorcee who is a talented clothing designer and her young daughter, Emily (Strazza). Kristin has just had to close her small Manhattan boutique to return to her Ohio home town and live in her parents' former home. It's an adjustment for Kristin and Emily - especially when she runs into her former high school rival Melissa (Carey). Melissa is president of the PTA and tries to make Kristen feel as unwelcome as possible. Kristen and Emily struggle to find their new normal with the help of the hunky local music teacher Danny (Elliott) and COFFEE SHOP owner Sarah (Najimy).

    Source 1Source 2
    Omg @ that 1995 video, KWEEN OF SLOW AGING! what kinda half-black dont crack teas! Also how the hell is that vid so HD?


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    At number one, Harry Styles, Niall Horan, Liam Payne and the other one from One Direction are estimated to have earned a combined 82.08m from TV shows, movies, record sales and product endorsements.
    Fourteen male multi-millionaires, if you include band members, are in the top ten and just two female ones, Adele and Emma Watson.
    1. One Direction (82.08m)
    2. Daniel Radcliffe (£65.8m)
    3. Robert Pattinson (£51.04m)
    4. Adele (£38.1m)
    5. Emma Watson (£35.33m)

    New entries are Ed Sheeran at number 6 with £35.2m,and Zayn Malik at number 8 with £20.52m.
    Rupert Grint is at number 7 wih £27.8m, Alex Turner at number 9 with £13.19m and the band Mumford and Sons are at number 10 with £12.45m

    Further down the list is Rosie Huntingdon-Whiteley at 26, singer Jessie J at 17 actor Nicholas Hoult at 27, Scottish comic Kevin Bridges at 28, singer Ellie Goulding at 29 and comedian and actor Jack Whitehall who is at 30.
    Jessie J makes a re-entry this year at number 17 having made her debut at 28 in 2013.

    Zayn Malik is the only Person of Colour to make the list.
    how much money do you have, ontd? financial advice/complaining about how poor we are post?

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    -Known for playing Native Americans in TV, film and games
    -Was in Stephen Spielberg's TV mini-series Into the West in 2005
    -Seems like Carmelo's character would be tied into the skinwalkers lore of 5B
    -Due to the nature of the skinwalker lore, TW apparently worked with a Navajo consultant
    -In e13, Kira and Noshiko go to New Mexico in order to figure out how to put her fox's attitude in check


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    To promote the release of her Grammy-worthy new album, "Delirium", Ellie stopped by GMA to perform the 1st single "On My Mind".

    Watch her slay:

    What is your favorite "Delirium" song, ONTD?


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    Tila Tequila is jumping on the ASMR bandwagon! ASMR, or autonomous sensory meridian response, is a pleasurable tingling sensation that occurs in the head and creeps down your spine. This tingling feeling can be triggered by head massages, haircuts, or even listening to a soothing voice. In her video, Tila Tequila soothingly tells you to "feel her love" and to "take her hand and hold on to her." There is a giant collection of ASMR videos on YouTube.

    Source: YouTube + Wikipedia

    Are you into ASMR?

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    Lamorne Morris plays Winston. People magazine asked him about queen Megan & he said:
    "If I ever have a question, literally about anything, [I ask Megan]. She's probably one of the smartest people I've ever met in my entire life by a mile – super intelligent. So I just ask her questions all day about everything. We talk about astrology and aliens. We just talk about the most off-the-wall stuff."

    Also says she's super funny & very professional 8)

    People Magazine on twitter

    ONTD, who is the smartest person you know?

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    -In fact, it's the company's most successful to date. Håcan Andersson, a spokesperson for H&M, told Bloomberg that "the interest for this launch has exceeded all previous collaborations, both in-store and online.


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    Is anyone still watching? How was the episode?  Adam Baldwin makes me want to puke, so I may skip it.

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    Busted have announced a reunion tour in 2016! James, Matt and Charlie will tour the UK & Ireland in May with dates including Wembley, The O2 & Cardiff.
    Tickets go on sale Friday 13th November @ 9am

    Will you be getting tickets ONTD? OP is and hopes that this means Mcfly can now release the 3 albums they have on hold..

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    After Fleetwood was diagnosed with spindle cell sarcoma, a rare connective tissue cancer, and in July, his doctors gave him only two months to live, a viral capaign was started online: #ForceForDaniel. Even Daisy Ridley showed support on her instagram:

    Daniel's last wish was granted on November 5th according to his wife, Ashley, on a facebook post.

    And today Ashley shared their last picture together. "“He is now one with God and with the force”
    image host


    If anyone can help, here's the Gofundme page to help his wife with the medical bills: https://www.gofundme.com/e1tqh4
    ty sometimes59 for the link :)

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    Despite Moffat's continued claims of how much the Doctor fancies Little Miss Perfect, the superior Scot continues to throw shade in the most polite way.

    “It’s ridiculous that we get these old guys with young women draped round them. When I started Doctor Who and we were doing photoshoots we’d be asked if Jenna could just lie down there while I, you know” — he leaps up and acts out a young woman sprawled coquettishly about while he gets to stand and look powerful over her. “I had to say, ‘Look, that’s just not what we’re about. The relationship between my Doctor and his companion is one of deep love. But it’s a strange sort of platonic bond. It becomes clearer and more moving as this particular series goes on.”

    On sexism in the industry: “Of course it’s sexist. Most of my peers have partners their age, so if we have a dinner party with a bunch of actors, the wives or partners are largely the same age. Then you see your friends on screen and they are suddenly with some extraordinary young lady who wouldn’t be at the dinner party. It’s ridiculous."

    “It is true that women reach a certain age when people decide that they’re not useful anymore as actors. There are a few significant theatrical roles that they might be viable for (and they all go to Meryl Streep). That’s not fair, it’s not right, it’s not a proper reflection of what goes on in life.”

    On another note, via a banned source that hasn't yet been quoted in a different news article ONTD would prefer me to alternatively source from, he unsurprisingly admits he already craves roles beyond Doctor Who. “Even on your break, everything is Doctor Who-related. Artistically, I hunger for something that is different.” I assume, on top of some other reasons, that's why he's directing Veep later this year.


    ONTD, I fear the day this bae says something problematic, because so far, he's slaying. On screen too. How about that monologue in the last episode?

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    "After going away on an amazing holiday/road trip I come home to see my post on new adventures had only 14 likes.....The lowest amount I've ever had on Instagram.....
    I have to say I'm pretty shocked because this, to me, either means that people A) don't like me having new adventures, as if I'm not allowed fun, or B) it means people don't like new adventures....... Either way, all I have to say to those people who didn't like my post and don't like having fun is ......YOU ALL SUCK!!!!! Adventures are fun and I'll enjoy every one I have.

    To the 14 people who did like my post.....WOOOW!!!! Bring on new adventures!!!!!"

    She then tried to backtrack with this messy post

    sources: 1,2,3,4

    ONTD, do you worry about not getting enough likes on social media?

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    Selena Gomez was spotted dining at Cipriano’s with two of Gigi Hadid’s BFFS Samuel Krost and Cully Smoller on November 7, 2015.

    He's name is Samuel Krost!


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    Spotify with the help of music psychologist and Cambridge PhD candidate, David M. Greenberg listed the best 20 songs to wake up to. According to their study, the songs needs a few elements such as: music that builds, positivity and a strong beat.

    19 - Carly Rae Jepsen - Warm Blood

    14 - Mark Ronson - Feel Right

    7 - Demi Lovato - Confident

    5 - Avicii - Wake Me Up

    1 - Coldplay - Viva La Vida

    Good morning, ontd!

    Link to Spotify Playlist

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    It should be ending in 2016, but will be a "new orca experience" focused on "natural environment". Sadly, other parks are keeping their killer whale shows.

    SeaWorld's profits have plummetted 84% since 2013, thanks to the documentary "Blackfish".


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  • 11/10/15--07:13: "Finding Dory" Trailer
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    ONTD, are you forever Team Jess? (There is only one right answer thx.)


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