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Oh No They Didn't! -

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  • 09/29/15--16:54: Minority Report 1x03 Promo

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    Is anyone still watching? I'm getting Almost Human vibes from it, so I know it will be cancelled soon </3

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    Eye-roll gifs welcome!
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    gigi and bella hadid's younger brother anwar hadid (who was born in 1999) is now a model
    he's a v cute young man


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    Do you #StandWithPlannedParenthood, ONTD?

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    ...a Rob Schneider comedy series no one asked for!

    After losing a shitload of good movies thanks to the end of their Epix deal (the films will now move to Hulu), Netflix decided the best way to help its users deal with the loss was to put to order a Rob Schneider comedy series absolutely no sane person asked for. "Real Rob" will be based on the dude's life, using this fine comedian's special, surely hilarious brand of comedy and mixed with his stand up.

    The series will premiere in December, just in time to ruin your holidays.


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  • 09/29/15--18:39: New 'Crimson Peak' Spot

    why they're promoting this like it's an horror movie?
    btw Guillermo del Totoro's twitter is a gift

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    shaym: Fall in LA is 👌... Bikinis and grapefruit trees soon to be sweaters and apple picking

    shaym: Sunday essentials

    shaym: Another day, another shoot... 💋

    shaym: The Betty to my Veronica 💋 #buttahbenzo

    shaym: My mixtape about to be liiiiiit 👌🔥 #infallweswiminlongsleeves #casualwindmachineslashhairflip

    shaym: I've just stopped putting my arms through jacket sleeves at this point..

    shaym: Fall on the top, summer on the bottom ... Fun times shooting with @marcklasfeld and team again!

    shaym: Such a great way to end a Monday #ladylibertyinmyhand 🗽✋ (yes, that's a sea sickness bracelet I am wearing)

    shaym: Never not working... even when I'm floating in a flamingo. #TGIF

    shaym: #ootd went from raining back to sun but that's LA ...Ditched my rain boots for the "Blakes" @schutzshoes #655Madison ☔️👠

    idk whose dog this is, but lol look at it!

    shaym: Found this little cutie in my closet... #foxy 🐾

    source: shay

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    kyliejenner: today

    kyliejenner: Come live with me Hrush!!!!! @styledbyhrush

    kyliejenner: Come through hrush!!!! @styledbyhrush

    sources: 1 + 2

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    - Peaches passed away 17 months ago
    - Thomas and Peaches had two sons
    - Thomas and Peaches' half sister Tiger Lily, 19, went for a swim together in the south of France
    - Her new boyfriend, who is also friends with Thomas, was there



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  • 09/29/15--19:49: Scream Queens 1x04 Promo
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    Demi drove some British girls back home from school. They asked her questions.

    Demi: So kids, what did we learned in school today?
    Kids: Heritage, genes and stuff.
    Demi: That's good... Like hand-me-down clothing?

    K: Is Iggy Azalea's bum real?
    D: Yeah it's real! REAL SEXY! But yeah, she's real. Her butt's real. It's all good.

    K: How many times did you take your driving test?
    D: One time. It's a little messed up. BUT when I got my license, I only had to take the writing test. They didn't make me get in the car. I just signed an autograph.


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    ONTD are you ready to try kpop?

    If you've already tried kpop, do you have a massive crush on JB?

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    00000000000002091915 900x900 300dpi RGB

    1995, Mariah, 25 years old, 5 octaves pop vocalist decides to feature a black musician in her remix of her #1 lead single 'Fantasy', which changed pop music forever.

    Prior to the 'Fantasy' remix featuring co-founding member of the Wu-Tang Clan, Ol' Dirty Bastard, no one had thought/dared to mix hiphop and pop. The two came together and remixed her lead single of her off of her 5th album Daydream. The result was a mix of hiphop/pop perfection. The track gave birth to a new musical genre titled 'hip-pop' as Lisa 'Left-Eye' Lopes once put it.

    It wasn't an easy move for Mariah to make, as her husband/label CEO at the time wanted to keep her image as "plain jane/girl next door" allowing her to enter the hiphop/rnb field would tarish that. Mariah pushed for more creative control and succedded ultimately having to divorce him later on to gain full control.

            “The record companies didn’t understand my collabs with hip-hop artists and producers, such as ‘Fantasy’ with ODB or ‘Heartbreaker’ with Jay Z,” Carey told Variety in August.“Now anyone would kill to have a record with Jay Z. I got a lot of flak for that.”

    Mariah continued her collabrations with hiphop/rnb artists further into her career, having tracks featuring the likes of Jay-Z, Missy Elliot, Da Brat and DJ Clue after the Daydream era.

    Many saw the success of this formula and emulated it into their works-The format grew so popular the Grammys created a new award - Best Rap/Sung Collaboration.

    Fun Facts

    • Mariah would rerecord all her voices for her remixes and even going as far to change lyrics and arrangements so theyre pretty much new songs. see 1 vs 2

    • Mariah was the first pop girl to do the changing up their image thing with the use of hiphop/RnB

    • Mariah stated that the Fantasy Remix was made up half the sales of the Fantasy single and is what pushed it to be #1

    Read more at the source youtube 1

    ONTD, what is your fav remixes?
    This post brought to you by Rock-riah

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    boy james and girl james spoke about feminism, groupies, privilege and ponders on cutting off his own dick, and it was everything ontd could possibly hope for.

    bj: hi. you're the girl james.

    gj: yes.

    bj: you only exist on paper.

    gj: true. but that is one of the great things about creative objects. you get to make anything you want, be anything you want. boy, girl, alien, killer, lover, mother, brother, dog, rabbit, lion, piece of shit.

    then they got onto the subject of feminism

    bj: well, what can i do? i am a man! how can i help other than take on women's issues, collaborate with women on my films, teach women, be directed by women?

    gj: you could cut your dick off.

    bj: cut my dick off, hmmmm...yes, i guess i could. but wouldn't that just look like a publicity stunt?

    gj: cut it off, and don't tell anyone.

    bj: then everyone would still consider me a man.

    gj: well, who decides? you or what everyone else thinks?

    bj: i guess i do.

    gj: okay, then cut your dick off and call yourself a woman.

    you can read the whole interview, which also includes a poem only smart people understand, over on I-D.VICE.COM

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    - it happened a few weeks ago and "he is really heartbroken"
    - “They had different schedules and different lives,They just grew apart."


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    It’s barely been any time since he left the world’s biggest boyband, but we could be hearing Zayn Malik’s solo music even sooner than we thought.

    Not only has he secretly been working on his own stuff, he’s already playing it to industry bigwigs. Which means he could “Beyoncé us” and drop his music at any time. According to influential DJ Zane Lowe, it’s “really good”, and given that he’s the tastemaker on all new music, seals of approval don’t get better than that.

    DJ Zane

    “I heard something by Zayn and it was really good,” Zane revealed to heat ahead of his Beats 1 live London broadcast at the Apple Music Festival last week. “I don’t know what people expect, but he sounds great.”

    Let’s just really hope it doesn’t clash with One Direction’s final album, Made In The A.M, out 13 November…


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    Tila Tequila has started an online autobiography on Youtube!

    Chapter One:
    -talks about coming to earth as a soul
    -entered her mother's womb when she was traveling to America on a boat
    -had special powers as a child that enabled her to remember past lives
    -when she was 2 or 3, waves of energy filled her room
    -is not from this planet

    Chapter Two:
    -there's a war going on in the spirit world right now
    -when she was younger, she met some of the "light beings"
    -really wanted to return to her home planet as a child
    -almost killed herself at age 3 with a kitchen knife but decided she had to stay here and complete her mission
    -when she was 11 she began astro-projecting
    -when she left her body, there was electricity everywhere and a monster appeared
    -this is why she doesn't astro-project anymore
    -became friends with The Moon whose name is actually Pat
    -Pat threw down a magical ladder which Tila climbed up to Heaven where she played
    -met Marilyn Monroe in heaven
    -there has been a battle for her soul between the dark and light forces since she was a child
    -travelled to Heaven every night and played with Pat the Moon

    Chapter 3 will be coming out soon and will talk about her high school experiences.


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    A fan posted a LQ video of Demi performing her new Motown-inspired song, "Stone Cold," live at the Highline Ballroom in NYC tonight.

    Source, 2

    Demi out and about, leaving her hotel in NYC:

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