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Oh No They Didn't! - LiveJournal.com

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    She recently talked to a French Film Magazine in this video I can't embed:

    -Elizabeth Olsen says that she filmed for only 5 weeks on the set
    -Praises Daniel Brühl who she confirms is going to be the main villain of the film
    -Does a light shade towards Age of Ultron"It's a movie about people, as opposed to robots this time, So it's darker and it's allowed to be darker because it gets more in the mindset of humans rather than machines."


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  • 09/11/15--08:22: Elle Fanning covers The Edit

  • Actress Elle Fanning is photographed by Billy Kidd for NET-A-PORTER's The Edit magazine. She talks about her upcoming transgender role, growing up acting, and her relationship with her older sister, Dakota.

    • Became an actress because of her sister: "It was like, if Dakota can do it, I can do it."

    • Chooses her own projects since Super 8.

    • About her upcoming movie, About Ray: "I was really nervous not to screw up, because this is for transgender kids out there. We had trans kids at my school. They come back after the summer and you have to use different pronouns."

    • She and Dakota never talk about their work: "I never look at her scripts. She’s doing a movie right now in Berlin; I don’t even know what it’s about."

    • "I used to steal Dakota’s clothes, but one time the paparazzi got me. She called me from New York: 'What are you doing in my clothes?'" Says Dakota never stole her clother back because they were "too weird" for her.

    • Why she won't be on social media: "This generation is so into [social media], they’re always on the phone, some celebrities have all of these photos and witty captions. But what if I didn’t have that and [my account] was a complete fail that no one followed?"

    • Jeff Bridges taught her how to draw: “When you’re little, you just draw a triangle dress and stick legs, but Jeff said, ‘No, legs should look fatter.’ Thank you, Jeff!”

    • “There are times when I work all day, come back to the hotel, and do schoolwork until 4am.”

    • Patricia Clarkson, her co-star on Phoebe in Wonderland, had a lasting effect on her:“When Patty was in makeup she said, ‘My character wouldn’t have it that way.’ And I was like, ‘Oh, I have a say in how my character is!’ That was the first movie where I realized what acting was.”

    (this one makes me feel like the FBI is coming smh)

    She seems adorable. Dakota is a better actress imo tho. TYFYA!

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    01 Black and White (ft. Shaggy)
    02 If I Can't Have You (ft. Sam Sparro)
    03 Your Body (ft. Giorgio Moroder)

    Black and White on YT


    I've remembered about the photo this time
    Buy it on iTunes! What is your favourite Kylie song and why is it Speakerphone?

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    Source 1, 2

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    Source and Golshifteh's Official FB page.

    Stunning as always.

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    On September 11, 1995, Sailor Moon made its official debut on US airwaves when the first episode, "A Moon Star is Born," entered syndication on UPN and affiliate stations. (The episode had already aired two weeks earlier on YTV in Canada.) The show became an instant phenomenon and "meatball head" entered the pop culture lexicon forever.
    Twenty years have passed since North American audiences were first introduced to the "Sailor Scouts" and our love for them has not abated. Yet the original dub, produced by Optimum Productions and DiC Entertainment, which served as this introduction, has proven controversial. While some Sailor Moon fans have criticized the DiC dub for its censorship, slang, and localization, others appreciate it in its context, cherish its nostalgic value, and praise it for its music, voice work, and terminology, as well as for omitting much of the original's problematic content. But regardless of whether or not you enjoy DiC's take on the series, and despite the fact that the original dub is now out-of-print, replaced by a new, uncut dub from Viz Media, the legacy of the series' first North American foray and its impact on Sailor Moon, anime, and pop culture cannot be denied.

    So Moonies: heat up some Sailor Moon Spaghetti-O's, put My Only Love on repeat, and let's celebrate twenty years of fighting evil and winning love in the name of the moon.


    ONTD Moonies - Did you grow up with the DiC dub? What were your favorite episodes?

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    Fashion designer, Marc Jacobs, threw a launch party last night (Sep 10)  for the late photographer Chris Von Wangenheim's book, 'Gloss: The Work Of Chris Von Wangenheim.'

    In attendance was Gabrielle Union, Laverne Cox, Coco Rocha, and others

    Von Wangenheim was a sought out fashion photographer who captured Supermodels and celebrities of the disco era. He was killed in an auto accident at the age of 39.

    His work has been rarely seen since his death. 'Gloss' is the first book on the photographer's work.

    SOURCE: Getty Images | For more information on the book: thechrisvonwangenheimbook.com

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    Meghan Trainor, Ellen Degeneres, Eva Longoria, Alicia Keys, and Naomi Campbell are just a few of the celebrities tweeting 9/11 remembrances today.

    Sources: 1234567891011121314

    Do you remember what you were doing on 9/11?

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    BD on twitter
    I can't help but like the first one but I will NOT be giving money to this piece of shit.

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    The film covers the subject of "infinite war" and its use to support the American military–industrial complex.


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  • 09/11/15--10:17: ONTD Roundup
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    - New housewife is Susie Mclean, women's association president and ex-wife of football club president
    - “Susie exudes elegance and embodies the traditional values and good manners of her rural upbringing"
    - Brings total housewives on show to 8
    - Shooting for Season 3 already underway


    Slaytifleur is still there thank god. The world's most liveable city continues to deliver.

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    sources: 1 + 2 + 3 + 4

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    It's unclear if the interview was for the Today Show or for his own Wake Up with Al show though if it is for the latter then who knows when we'll see it since The Weather Channel has just cancelled his show for cost reasons.

    And in regards to the film, Feig had a twitter Q&A where he said the trailer should be coming at the end of the year.

    who would you let "slime" you?

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    - follow up to this post
    - yi-fen chou is a real woman, who went to the same school as the white dude poet. her name was used by him, and her family is angry
    - her family has come out on her behalf to demand that the author immediately stop using it as it was a name specially given to her
    - she is currently living under an unidentified married name


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    -Hermione magically knowing what a Mudblood is in COS
    -Hermione cutting Ron off mid-sentence at Grimmauld Place in OOTP
    -That complete mess of a final scene in HBP

    ONTD, why do think poor Roonil Wazlib was so mistreated by the filmmakers?


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    Kendrick wasn’t always known for his performances, but sometime in the past two years, he decided to unleash his artpop. From, arguably, one of the best Grammy performances of all time with Imagine Dragons at the 2013 Grammy Awards to now. Here are his best performances.

    2013 Grammy Awards – M.A.A.D City / Radioactive

    This performance is everything that is good about a mashup put in one. It is arguably one of the best Grammy performances of all time.

    Performing i on SNL

    His appearance baffled some, but he revealed that he was paying homage to the 20th anniversary release of Method Man’s debut album Tical.

    Performing an untitled song on Colbert

    Kendrick was the last musical guest on the Colbert Report, so he decided to make a song specifically for the event. The song was made either the day before or a couple of days before the appearance and there is no master recording of it.

    Performing These Walls on Ellen

    Performing Alright at the BET Awards (sorry for the autoplay, I can't figure out how to turn it off)

    His performance of ‘Alright’ on vandalized cop cars and in front of the William Pope.L Flag (An art piece that William Pope.L says signifies that “The American flag is not a toy. It’s not tame. It’s bright, loud, bristling and alive.”) drew a lot of controversy by Faux News, leading Geraldo Rivera to say that Kendrick “has done more damage to young African-Americans than racism” to which Kendrick eloquently responded to in this short interview with TMZ saying that hip-hop is not the problem and that he is about hope.

    Kendrick’s live performances have stepped a level that no one expected. He is definitely one of the best performers of our times, using his voice and his platform to bring discussions of depression, black power, and racism to the forefront.

    source 1 + 2 + 3 + 4 + 5 + 6 +7

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    The Late Show with Stephen Colbert has a diversity problem.

    Posted by The Atlantic on Friday, 11 September 2015

    - Stephen Colbert's new writing staff has 17 men and 2 women. All of them are white.
    - Stephen recently wrote an article stating that he wonders if the world would be a better place if women were in charge(but not of his show tho) and he would do the best he could to make his Late Show "celebrate" female voices
    - In the past, when asked about the make up of his staff he has responded jokingly, "Lot of Leos. A couple Tauruses. But we make it work. Obviously those people shouldn’t be left alone.”
    - Basically it's fine to talk about how much you ~love women but that don't mean shit if you don't do anything


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    -Spanish publisher for A Song of Ice and Fire series was on the radio and implied that the next book, The Winds of Winter, will be out next year

    -“It’s planned for next year,” said Alejo Cuervo about the American edition though he also assured the audience that the Spanish edition would shortly follow since they "have promised us that they will give us the manuscript before the release date in English."

    -He answered a question about the release with a belief that the book will come out in 2016 unless a meteorite hits GRRM the earth.

    do you think GRRM's cryogenicly preserved head will ever finish the series?

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    Selenita was at NYFW for the Ralph Lauren show (black outfit), as well as at a Chinese restaurant (white outfit). She looked flawless. Take a look.



    which is your fave outift ontd? & i wish i could lose weight as quickly as she seems to gaahhhh

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