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Oh No They Didn't! - LiveJournal.com

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    Caption: lucbesson - After #danedehaan and #caradelevingne I'm proud to announce to you that mister Clive Owen is part of the Valerian adventure!!! I'm soooo happy.😊

    I want this movie to be as campy as possible tbh.

    Source 1, Source 2, Source 3, Source 4

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    @MTV has shared this "exclusive pic" of ONTD fav Dylan O'Brien in his new film Maze Runner: The Scorch Trials. To celebrate the film's September 30 release, @ComingSoon has recapped O'Brien thrilling 4-year career on both the big and small screens.

    Paraphrased from @MTV. @ComingSoon

    Teen Wolf's other Dylan has landed himself on the cover of BELLO Magazine's August issue. In the magazine, Dylan Sprayberry spills on the ins and outs of young Hollywood.

    The magazine retweeted a fan's tweet with some of the pictures in the issue.

    Sprayberry shared some behind-the-scenes photos from his BELLO photoshoot back in July.

    Paraphrased from @BELLOMag, 1, 2, 3. @DylanSprayberry.

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    -She tweeted "Me and the fabulous Michael Costello (I'm wearing one of his beautiful gowns) at the SOAR Los Angeles Gala!"

    -"She was 100 percent in good spirits – she's just a sweetheart," the gala's event planner, Kat Minassi, told PEOPLE of Bynes

    -Her attorney told PEOPLE that the actress was "doing great."


    are u ready for her comeback ?

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    -Josh Duggar from TLC's 19 Kids and Counting had a paid Ashley Madison account.

    -He paid close to $1,000 for his two Ashley Madison accounts.

    -Full details at the source

    Source: https://twitter.com/Gawker/status/634115959331098625

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    - Ohio's Bible-themed wax museum BibleWalk recycles discarded celebrity wax figures
    - starring Tom Cruise as Jesus
    John Travolta as King Solomon
    Prince Charles as Abel
    - also includes Elizabeth Taylor, Marlon Brando, Steve McQueen, and Burt Lancaster
    - “For the most part people are here to hear the Bible stories, so we do have people recognize them sometimes, but people really do just recognize the word of God and are so in tune to the story that’s going on as they’re walking through the museum that it’s really not too much of a distraction.“

    More pictures HERE.


    I would love to take a weird museum road trip, tbh.

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    -Apparently her fave is called "Terrence Loves You"

    -When the photog kept the inquiry going by asking “why?, a humble Lana said: “It’s jazzy”

    Are you ready for Honeymoon the era?

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    what kind of honor to cait perez
    i was cackling at brazilian kp fans saying katy would be her closing act lmao

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  • 08/19/15--15:29: Tabloid Cover Wednesday
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    Wigs are a necessary part of film making. When it's done right, we barely realize there was a wig used at all.

    After watching Fantastic Flop this weekend, I realized that bag wigs can happen to anyone and it really needs to stop. To highlight these flops, I've selected five bad wig moments from my memory.

    Kate Mara - Fantastic Flop (2015)
    For a movie that is getting disastrous reviews, the bag wig situation of film star Kate Mara should be addressed too. In some moments, her hair looks lovely as shown below.

    Kate Mara Good Hair

    But then her hair color and roots change drastically during the same moments in the film. Clearly, this was because of reshoots but they couldn't get someone to do a better wig for her? Maybe they realized that much like the film, the wig could not be saved.

    Kate Mara Bad Hair 1

    Halle Berry - All the X-MEN films
    Halle's wigs for her character Storm have been a running joke for many years. They look like something you would buy at Party City for Halloween.

    However, Halle has been a good sport about them and during promotion of X-MEN Apocalypse, had this to say about the wigs. "I have all the wigs—and I wear them sometimes just for fun!"
    "Nahla wears them. I wear them. Others wear them."

    With Storm being recast for the new film, Halle won't have to worry about them wig problems no more.

    halle berry worst wigs

    Corey Stroll - The Strain

    Corey Stroll Bad Wig

    Bad wigs can happen on the small screen too. Fans of the FX show "The Strain" have long wondered "Why the wig?" for lead actor Corey Stroll. Producers have explained that it would be important to the show and that's why he's covering his beautiful bald head with that rat nest of a wig.

    “Maybe nobody believed us but it really was our plan. We knew Eph was going to be a fugitive and he was going to have to get himself out of New York City and disguise himself to do that.” explains producer Carlton Cuse.

    Ok but it really didn't make sense why the producers needed the wig when he could have easily just worn a hat to go undercover or bought a wig for that one moment. Glad to see him sporting his natural look now though.

    Corey Shaving

    In the iconic words of Ms. Nene Leakes...bye wig.

    Bruce Willis - Surrogates (2009)
    You might not remember the film. Based on its rotten tomatoes score, many people would choose not to remember it at all. The wig was intended to be used when he was playing a younger, robotic version of himself I think? I really can't remember but I think it was something stupid like that.

    Anyway, it was a truly terrible wig. We were also treated to those bleached eyebrows as well.

    Bruce Wig

    But Bruce was no stranger to bad wigs. He sported quite a few of them in the 1997 film Jackal.


    Jamie Lee Curtis - Halloween 2
    The scariest thing about Halloween 2 was not Michael Myers but that damn wig. So Halloween 2 is set on the same night as Halloween 1 and this is how Jamie Lee looked in the first film.


    For the sequel, they wanted to preserve the same look from the first film but they really failed with her wig.

    Halloween 2 bad wig

    You can't help but notice that wig during most of the film.

    Honorable Mention - Samuel L. Jackson
    This man has been put in some truly terrible wigs in his career.

    Samuel L Jackson Bad Wigs

    Go easy on me, just wanted to make a fun post :)

    Quote Source

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    omg. so emotional rn.


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    We all know that Taylor has had a revolving door of guest stars who perform with her out of the goodness of their hearts (aka don’t get paid). But just how much benefit and publicity do these guest stars get out of singing with Taylor?

    Look at the iTunes American chart performances of Taylor’s guest stars below to see how much their songs’ chart positions changed after being seen in the presence of tswift!

    Little Mix - Black Magic
    Performed on August 15 in Santa Clara, CA
    Change in chart position: 96 to 28 (68 spots)

    Out of all of Taylor’s guest stars, Little Mix enjoyed the biggest boost to their sales after performing with Taylor. Black Magic did not do well in the US on initial release. It’s highest chart position after release was 68, and they since struggled to even stay in the top 100, hovering in the 80-90s and exiting and re-entering the charts in the week before their performance with Taylor.

    The day before performing with Taylor, Black Magic was at a sad 96. On the day of the concert, it jumped 17 spots to 79. The next day on August 16th, it was up to 57, and it currently sits at 31.

    Sam Hunt - Take Your Time
    Performed July 19 in Chicago, IL
    Chart position: 29 to 17 (12 spots)

    Take Your Time had been sitting in the 20s between July 11-19. On the day of the concert, it was at 29. The next day, it jumped to 21. Two days after the concert, it was down to 17. The song had not been in the 10s since over a week earlier. After this brief jump, it slowly dropped back into the 20s, and currently is in the 50s.

    Fetty Wap - Trap Queen
    Performed on August 8 in Seattle, WA
    Chart position: 41 to 29 (11 spots)

    Trap Queen had been in the top 10 from March to June, but began slowly dropping into the 20s and 30s throughout July. In August, it sat in the 30-40s until Taylor’s concert.

    The day before Taylor’s concert, Trap Queen was at #41. On the day of the concert, it jumped to 35. Two days later, it reached 29. This was its first time back in the 20s in a week.

    Rachel Platten - Fight Song
    Performed June 13 in Philadelphia, PA
    Chart position: 3 to 1

    This one is trickier because Fight Song was already at #3 the day of the concert, and had been hovering between 2-4 for the previous week. On June 15th, two days after the concert, it hit number 1 and stayed there for 4 days. Hard to say if the song was already headed to number 1 or if this was due to Taylor, but I’m sure performing with queen Taylor didn’t hurt! After it’s brief 4-day run at #1 just after performing with Taylor, it dropped to #2, and has been hovering between 2-7 ever since then. Coincidence or not?

    Walk the Moon - Shut Up and Dance
    Performed on July 24 in Boston, MA
    Chart position: 13 to 7 (6 spots and back into Top 10)

    Shut Up and Dance did very well on the iTunes chart, spending most of April and May at positions 2 and 3, but dropping out of the top 10 after. In the 10 days before Taylor, the song fluctuated between 10-14. On the day of the concert, the song was at 13. The next day it re-entered the top 10 at 9, and the day after did even better at 7 before dropping out of the Top 10 again.

    Jason Derulo - Want to Want Me
    Performed July 14 in Washington DC
    Chart position: 26 to 23 (3 positions)

    This one is more dubious and could be a random fluctuation. Want to Want Me had been sitting at 26-27 for a week before the Taylor concert. On July 14th, the day of the concert, it was at 26. For the next two days, the song enjoyed a 3 position jump to 23 before creeping back up to the 30-40s. More impressively, something Taylor-unrelated occurred on August 9, bringing the song back into the top 10.

    The Weeknd was an anomaly - performing with Taylor worsened Can’t Feel My Face’s chart position from 3 to 5 before he recovered from the performance and the song went back to the top.

    Singing with Taylor also didn’t get anyone’s songs back into the top 100, it only improved your position if you were already charting. Nico and Vinz, Nick Jonas, Imagine Dragons, Echosmith, MKTO, and Little Big Town did not have songs in top 100 and therefore didn’t see any chart-related benefits.


    ONTD, do you think the sales boosts justify Taylor's lack of payment to artists?

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    Today (August 19, 2015) is the fourth anniversary of ONTD's favorite girl band Little Mix, and because of that, here's a list with some of their most iconic moments. Enjoy!

    1. The first time they sang together as a group.

    Perrie Edwards, Jesy Nelson, Leight-Anne Pinnock, and Jade Thirlwall originally auditioned for X-Factor UK as solo artists in 2011. After not making it to bootcamp, they gave them the option of being part of a group and they accepted, but they weren't put together at first. Jade and Leigh-Anne were with another girl in a group that they called Orion, while Perrie and Jesy where paired up with other two girls and formed Faux Pas. Both groups failed to make it to bootcamp, but just as they thought everything was lost, Saint Kelendria Rowland decided to take two girls from each group and created a new one: Rhythmix. Because they were part of other groups when they sang in front of the judges, their first time singing together was at the Judges House in front of Tulisa Contostavlos and Jessie J. Obviously, they made it through to the live shows.

    Fun Fact: If you watch videos of them before they were put together, you can see that they were already talking to each other. When they were in a room after being eliminated as solo artists, the four of them were sitting together talking and they were even interviewed together. It was a sign, to be honest. Also, this was the third time that Jade Thirlwall auditioned for the show. The other two times were in 2008 and 2010, and both times she was eliminated at bootcamp. She even appears on a video with Harry Styles from her time on the show back in 2010, which was the year when One Direction got formed and competed.

    2. First group to win X-Factor.

    On 11 December 2011, Little Mix, originally called Rhythmix, became the first group ever to win X-Factor, making Marcus Collins the show-runner of the eighth series.

    Fun Fact: They had to change the name of the group to Little Mix because Rhythmix was the name of a children's music charity and Simon Cowell failed to trademark the name. Their first single was called “Cannonball”, and was released digitally the same night they won.

    3. Little Mix sing Opera.

    During the backstage of T4 of the Beach, Perrie started singing opera, joined almost immediately by Leigh-Anne, who started signing along with her. Once Leigh-Anne realized that she couldn't reach the same notes as Perrie, she gave up and flipped her the bird. Perrie was then joined by Jesy and Jade.

    Fun Fact: The song that they're singing is “Pie Jesu.”

    4. The Lie Detector.

    On 7 November 2013, the girls went to the radio show In:Demand, and Jade was connected to a lie detector. The other girls gave the host some information without her knowing it, which was going to help him ask her questions. Some of Jade's answers included an explanation as to why the girls call her Poopy (watch the video if you want to know), a confession about not wearing underwear that day because she forgot to pack it, and her love for FaceTime, which was implied that she used for naughty things.

    Fun Fact: Back when the interview took place, Jade was dating Diversity's Sam Craske. It's obvious that the girls wanted her to say out loud that she used FaceTime to have sex with her then boyfriend when they were overseas, but she never admitted it, even though it was pretty much confirmed/implied by the rest of the group. When the host asked her if she used the application with her family Jesy said “I hope not”, because clearly Jade wasn't using it for innocent activities.

    5. Little Mix do the accent challenge.

    Earlier last year, the girls were at some YouTube channel called You Generation, in which they did two challenges: chubby bunny, and an accents one. When they were doing the second one, Jesy was possessed by some demon while trying to do a Jamaican accent, giving us the legendary BALEGDAH. We also got Jade failing while trying to do a Spanish accent, and Leigh-Anne sounding like someone from Sparta instead of Russian.

    Fun Fact: A video of Jesy saying BALEGDAH has over 430,000 notes on Tumblr.

    6. Five questions for Jesy Nelson.

    On 13 May 2014, Little Mix played “5 Questions For” at Capital FM. During Jesy's segment, she was asked about the strangest animal that she had ever ridden. After not knowing what to say for a few seconds, the rest of the group started shouting from the background “Jordan!”, referring to Diversity's Jordan Banjo, Jesy's ex-boyfriend. While everyone laughed, Jesy took the opportunity to curse at them.

    Fun Fact: Jesy was still dating Jordan when this interview happened.

    7. Plank all over me.

    On 19 October 2014, Jade and Jesy planked over Matt Edmondson on BBC Radio 1. Jade stopped at 1 minute and 26 seconds, and she struggled while doing it. While she was being interviewed, because that's part of the game, she said that, if she were a Disney character, she would be Princess Jasmine, and that she wasn't going to be the first member of the group going solo. Jesy stopped at the 3 minutes mark, and while being interviewed she said that if she weren't part of Little Mix she would like to be an actress. She also said that, if she could be in any other girl band for a day, she would be on Destiny's Child.

    Fun Fact: Jesy broke a record during the game for planking over Matt during 3 minutes.

    8. Little Mix resquests a stripper.

    Apparently, weird things happen whenever the girls go to In:Demand. In this interview, which took place on 10 June 2015, Jade wanted a man, even though she said it wasn't true, so they brought a stripper for her, and hilarity ensued. The man, named Conna, took off his shirt, put lotion on his chest, and almost took off his pants while the girls encouraged Jade to touch him and everyone died of laughter. At some point, Conna pushed Jade's head down to make it seem like she's giving him oral and the faces the girls made are priceless.

    Fun Fact: In another video of the same interview, a puppy named Tallulah was brought to the girls because they had request it, and they played with her for a while.

    BONUS: Compilation of some of Little Mix dirtiest moments.

    Highlights of the video:

    — Jesy saying that Leigh-Anne puts chocolate ice cream on her boyfriend's dick.

    — Perrie holding a dildo.

    — Jesy saying that Leigh-Anne likes cracking whips in the bedroom.

    — Jesy saying the Jade likes getting naked in front of her now ex-boyfriend (Sam Craske) on FaceTime.

    — Jesy saying that, if she had to, she would walk-in on Perrie and Zayn having sex to put a condom on his dick because she thought, back then, that Perrie was going to be the first one to get pregnant.

    sources: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10

    There are obviously a lot of good moments because they have been together for 4 years, but it was going to be impossible to fit them all, so I just picked the ones that I like the most. ONTD, which is your favorite Little Mix moment or performance?

    Buy Black Magic and pre-order Get Weird on iTunes!

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    At ONTD, we luv our scandals. Every girl group has its fair share of scandals. Here are the best scandals in my humble opinion. These WILD scandals range from bullying, racism, to using religious text for promo.

    we love our girl groups. we stan for great groups that can dance and sing, and sometimes, even simultaneously. girl groups are always the underdogs and have it harder than the boy bands of today that do the least but get the most ONE DIRECTION.

    however, even our favs can be extremely problematic sometimes. we still love them.

    So let's look at 4 girl groups (two korean, two western) that take the throne as queens of the scandals and all things problematic.

    1) T-ARA

    You may not know who t-ara is because you don't listen to kpop. but t-ara is a legendary problematic girl group that also serves bops at the same time. specifically because of a bullying scandal and A WHOLE SINGLE AND PROMOTION CYCLE DEDICATED TO A SINGLE THAT DEHUMANIZES NATIVE AMERICANS. they released the single called yayaya and the music video is actually horrible.

    t-ara were also hated in korea because they bullied members out of the group. the youngest member, hwayoung, was bullied horribly by t-ara, and they even force fed her a rice cake on tv as some sick form of hazing. she then left the group and korea turned their backs on t-ara for being assholes.

    here's a compilation of all the fuckedup things they did to her in public

    2) 2NE1

    2NE1 is definitely still one of the most popular girl groups of korea despite being inactive. 2NE1 basically made their careers off of cultural appropriating. they use black hiphop culture to make themselves look cooler than their bubblegum counterparts.
    here's a vogue shoot they did described as "ethnic african". some in the international kpop community turned their backs on them as it was the last straw!

    Also Bom "smuggled" prescribed drugs and in Korea that's basically worst than murder so she's blacklisted for life. Like she didn't even smuggle it, it was prescribed by her American doctor

    CL who is trying to make it in the US is basically the asian Iggy with better flow. one of her songs, SAMPLES a child reciting the quran, because she apparently thought that would be ok, offending muslims everywhere.

    3) Fifth Harmony

    records of fifth harmony's problematiqueness is a staple of ontd. the first fifth harmony scandal was the ONTD LEGENDARY POST, where 16 year old camila's old twitter was found and shown to have multiple racist tweets about using the n word and calling 1d member zayn "a mexican who jumped across the border for concerts"

    legendary 5h is racist post
    camila profusely apologized after this incident, but it lives on.

    dinah of 5h has been the most problematic recently, as she has been messy about race and uses the n word as well. there is a whole saga of ontd "dinah dolezal posts" exposing dinah's cultural appropriation and other fuckups.

    dinah wore her hair in corn rows and box braids multiple times and basically defended herself by saying shes transracial, hence dinah dolezal. she also gave us the most iconic flop comeback for her cultural appropriation of all time comparing her being dragged to marriage equality

    4) Little Mix

    current ontd fav girl group and my fav girl group, little mix is no stranger to being messy af. zayn's messiness has led to the popularity of LM to go way up on ontd, and they deserve it, but we unfortunately have to acknowledge their messiness just like 5h.

    the most well known little mix drama is due to their cultural appropriation, specifically Perrie's laguna kween moment.

    Perrie also said that little mix "wasn't feminist" despite their empowering music and the rest of LM agreed "because they love their men."

    Jade is also quite problematique when it comes to the LGBTQ+ community, calling herself a f*ghag and a transphobic tweet causing an uproar within the mixer community.

    source sourcesourcesourcesourcesourcesourcesourcesourcesourcesource

    stay tuned for my scandal:boybands post ontd! give me suggestions!

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     photo fansgif_zpsnio1am62.gif

    Directioners, The Beyhive, Swifties, & The Navy!

    Stan: (noun) Derived from Eminem's hit, "Stan," in which a overzealous, emotionally attached fan writes letters, stalks concerts, and eventually kills himself and his pregnant girlfriend due to his unhealthy obsession with his favorite artist, Eminem.

    Now, "Stan" has turned into a less intense term of endearment for an individual obsessed with a particular pop culture element. Through social media, "stanning" has turned into a full on hobby. There are tumblrs, twitters, instagrams, facebooks, vines and snap chats all devoted to different elements of pop culture fandom.

    We'll attempt to solve, once and for all, which Pop Music Stan Group is the most OTT and obnoxious.

    Disclaimer: There are FAR too many stan groups out there, so I had to narrow it down to the ones who affect ONTD the most and have the bigger obnoxious social media presence. lol.

    In No Particular Order...

    One Direction

     photo onedirection2_zps5h3voqb2.gif

    Directioners are usually female, aged 14-24. Their social media presence usually includes posting conspiracy theories that the members of One Direction are all secretly dating one another. They have created "ship" names within the fandom for the various couplings. The most popular pairing is "Larry" (Louis Tomlinson + Harry Styles), but others, "Niam,""Zarry,""Zouis," and "Ziam" are also popular.

     photo tumbler1d_zpsh4hilfts.png

     photo onedirection5_zpsscanzcs0.png

     photo onedirection6_zpst2ueqbjn.png

    If Directioners are not fantasizing about the boys dating each other, they're fantasizing about the boys dating them.

     photo onedirection3_zpszxho7nmk.jpg

    When it was revealed Louis Tomlinson was expecting his first child with a "friend" later this year, fans did not react well.

     photo onedirection7_zpsxvnkc6we.png

    Directioners are so narrow minded on worshiping One Direction, they barely notice another super star celebrity next to them.

    It is nearly impossible for the boys to go out in public, alone or as a group, without being followed. The boys often have to use decoy cars, vans, and other slight of hand to trick their fans and ensure their safety.

    Directioners were parodied when Paul Rudd hosted "Saturday Night Live," the portrayal is 100% accurate for their fans over 24.

    Paul Rudd | One Direction - SNL 7/12/13by newsevoce

    One Direction's twitter has 24.7 million followers, Harry Styles has 25.4 million, Niall Horan has 23 million, Liam Payne has 20.7 million, and Louis Tomlinson has 20.1 million.


     photo beyonce8_zpsmlwmwwfc.gif

    The Beyhive is a rabid fan base all their own. Beyhive members range in ages as young as 6 to as old as old people. There is no age limit to those who are pulled in by the gravity of the diva. Straight men seem to have an aversion to the Queen, so her stan group consists of every one except for them. Their social media presence is usually on the defensive. They will be quick to attack and eliminate negative press surrounding their idol.

     photo beyonce4_zpsddlkm63o.png

    Most famously, The Beyhive attacked Kid Rock after he said the following, "Beyoncé, to me, doesn’t have a f–king ‘Purple Rain,’ but she’s the biggest thing on Earth. How can you be that big without at least one ‘Sweet Home Alabama’ or ‘Old Time Rock & Roll’? People are like, ‘Beyoncé’s hot. Got a nice f–king ass.’ I’m like, ‘Cool, I like skinny white chicks with big t*ts.’ Doesn’t really f–king do much for me." The Hive quickly went to attack, commenting bee emojis on all of Kid Rock's Instagram pictures.

     photo beyonce1_zpsr5nzeyvh.jpg

     photo beyonce2_zpsl3sshjpw.jpg

    The Beyhive also went into action in the name of their Queen when she took out her weave debuted her pixie cut, when one twitter user called her, "Ugly."

     photo beyonce7_zpslyopbdlr.png

    The Hive located the girls address and had 40 pizzas delivered to her home.

     photo beyonce5_zpsqbwyhsde.png

     photo beyonce6_zpsyvbxemfr.png

    The Beyhive's most famous member, Kanye West, of Kardashian fame, interrupted ONTD's Sweetheart, Taylor Swift, during her acceptance speech for the VMA's Best Female Video in 2009. Taylor's video for "You Belong with Me" beat out Beyonce's "Single Ladies." It might have been a bit premature to go on the defensive, as Beyonce went on to win Video of the Year.

    Kanye again came to the defense of Queen Bey in 2015 when Beck won Album of the Year for "Morning Phase" over Beyonce's "Self-Titled." Although, this time, he played it off as a joke, but let's be real. It wasn't. Beyonce should have won.

    While on the Mrs. Carter World Tour, during her stop in Brazil, Beyonce was yanked off the stage by an overzealous fan.

    SNL also parodied the Beyhive in this 100% accurate sketch.

    Beyonce has 43.5 million followers on instagram.


     photo rihanna2_zpsui4fc356.gif

    The Rihanna Navy are going through a bit of a rough patch right now. Their fave has unofficially retired, and they've been waiting 84 years for R8 to drop. Some fear it may never come. This has lead to some confusion and has made Rihanna Navy seem a bit scattered. Navy members are typically 16 or older, her raw and explicit content (and frequent collabs with Eminem) draw a more mature audience. Their social media presence includes calling the cops on haters and bitching about when they'll get R8. The Navy loves Rihanna because she knows she's not a role model, and in turn, that makes her one.

    Rihanna Navy members love Rihanna's body art, and get their own to honor her.
     photo rihanna4_zpsvkkbtzbc.jpg

     photo rihanna3_zpsbzic2odp.jpg

    Rihanna loves taking to social media to defend herself, so Rihanna Navy members have to take it to the next level in the name of their idol to make waves. Earlier this year, a Philadelphia man posted a video of Rihanna smoking a blunt and accused her of snorting coke. Rihanna took to twitter to defend herself.

     photo rihanna7_zpsi8grulj8.png

    But Rihanna Navy took it one step further.

     photo rihanna8_zps6gngxuyv.png

     photo rihanna5_zpsiwf8nukl.png

    Rihanna Navy released the man's address, his mother's address and reported him to the police.

     photo rihanna6_zpsgwruqmk7.png

    It's no secret that Rihanna is a style icon, she is often treated like Tumblr's personal doll, photoshopping her with different hair colors and make-up than she actually sports.

     photo rihanna9_zpspcvmiilm.jpg

    But fans also use her as inpiration, like this one teen who modeled her Hollywood themed prom dress after one of Rihanna's looks.

     photo rihanna10_zpsp7blyxjk.jpg

    Rihanna Navy does not let their adoration falter, it has been almost 3 years since "Unapologetic" was released in 2012, and they are just as obsessed with Rihanna as they were in 2012. Take a look at them endangering her life while she gets to her hotel in Paris.

    Rihanna has 50.1 million followers on twitter.

    Taylor Swift

     photo taylorswift1_zpszjo60so0.gif

    Swifties, where do I even begin? Swifties are everywhere. They could be the person in the cubicle next to you, the cute boy that lives next door, the sweet old man who bags your groceries, and, most of the time, your parents. Swifties are the living example of the scene in "Mean Girls."

    They know everything about Taylor, worship at her feet, but instead of wanting to BE Taylor, they all want to be best friends with her (or date her, depending on orientation and gender). Their social media presence can only be described as obsessive. Taylor is on 3 platforms, so no matter if you've sworn off twitter and only have an instagram, or hate instagram and only do tumblr, you'll still find Swifties.

    Swifties love to kiss Taylor's ass to get her attention. Granted, getting Taylor's attention could have it's rewards, getting passes back stage, invited to her house for cookies, a present in the mail, but most of the time for 99% of the fans, it's just a simple "like" on tumblr. Here are posts worthy of Taylor's attention.

     photo taylorswift2_zpsit9apao3.png

     photo Taylorswift3_zps6qcpm5ev.png

     photo taylorswift4_zpsxfox4ksf.png

     photo taylorswift5_zpsh8cdvikt.png

    Swifties are so invested in Taylor, they don't have have time for their own love lives. Instead, they take out all their need for affection on Tayvin (Boyfriend Calvin Harris + Taylor).

     photo taylorswift6_zpsezeyxims.png

     photo taylorswift7_zpsoff71diw.png

     photo taylorswift8_zpscw0tmzs9.png

     photo taylorswift9_zpspxiciimf.png

    Swifties are all over the world.

    Swiftie's wear costumes to her concerts instead of street clothes.

    It's so easy to become a Swiftie, that naturally SNL created a 100% accurate sketch about finding yourself a fan out of the blue.

    Taylor has 62.3 million followers on twitter and 42.9 million on instagram.

    Please, pray tell, who are the most ott stans??


     photo hIOZxc2_zpsmrpsetgx.gif

    ONTD, how many of these stan groups do you belong to?

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    From FSR: With Ethan, Benji, and Ilsa, there are a lot of moving pieces in that opera house sequence. Did it take time to find the right rhythm in the editing room or did you and [cinematographer] Robert Elswit find it on the set?

    Certainly not. That was the scene where I lost all faith and really hit a low point. The fight was suppose to go entirely to [the song] “Nessun dorma,” and we had timed out the fight and timed out “Nessun dorma” and knew the fight between Tom and Wolfgang [Stegemann] would go for the length of “Nessun dorma,” with a little bit leftover for our cutaways. By the time we got there, it didn’t work. I realized I would have to include other music. Eddie had cut it together, and you had to listen to “Nessun dorma” three times, and it still didn’t go with the sequence. The scene felt really, really dirty, monotonous, and didn’t have any energy. I thought I had failed. [Editor] Eddie Hamilton said, ‘You didn’t fail. This whole sequence is going to work. It’s going to be awesome.’

    I had never felt that way in editorial. I had always felt very, very convinced any problem could be solved with editing, and I just couldn’t see it [this time]. We just rolled up our sleeves and started playing it with other music from the opera, even though it doesn’t match the action on the stage. We knew we were cheating. The moment where Tom comes walking down that scaffold and sees Rebecca for the first time across the back stage, it synced up with that particular phrase of music so perfectly. I was so moved by it I looked at Eddie and said, “This is going to work.”

    When I found the emotional chord in the sequence I had it. The thing I knew where it would really work is where Rebecca walks into that close-up in the tower, where you first reveal it’s actually her. It’s the most extraordinary close-up of an actress in anything I’ve ever done. She’s so good and at ease with the camera in that moment

    Imo, this was the best sequence in the movie. It was so beautifully edited.
    Mods: this is a short excerpt from a very long interview, so I figured it would be ok to post.

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    Excerpt here, full statement at source:
    "I want to set the record straight: It is completely false and profoundly [irresponsible] of anyone to imply that I condone, in any shape or form, sex with a minor. That is child abuse. A serious criminal act, that is completely abhorrent to me. There are details from [George R.R. Martin’s] books that have not clearly translated to those on screen, and in this instance I consider the wedding night scene with Tommen to be between Margaery and a naive 17-year-old. If my writers on the show feel different that’s their business but I wouldn’t have played the scene if I believed different.”

    “To be clear: I absolutely did not make the naive, reductive statement that ‘hard work’ is enough to overcome ageism and sexism in the industry. That would be an absurd thing to say. I would never be so flippant or ignorant on such matters."

    She seems to think Tommen is 17, but Dean-Charles Chapman was told that Tommen is 12. Hmmmmm.

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    - director Gabby Dellal wanted to cast Elle Fanning in the lead role of About Ray, a story about a teen transitioning from female to male: “I could not have chosen a more blonde, more feminine actress who had a big a mountain to climb. And that's what I'm interested in."

    - Dellal stands by her choice to cast a cis as a trans because the role is for someone who hasn't transitioned yet + also uses female pronouns to refer to Ray:"The part is a girl and she is a girl who is presenting in a very ineffectual way as a boy [...] She’s not pretending to have a deeper voice. She’s just a girl who is being herself and is chasing the opportunity to start hormone treatment. So to actually use a trans boy was not an option because this isn’t what my story is about,

    - financing was also an issue: "I would never discriminate against a trans kid or actor coming up to audition, but in this day and age in cinema, where it’s almost impossible to raise the financing, unfortunately we have to have some people that mean a certain amount of money"

    source: refinery

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    Luke from 5 Seconds of Summer was teased by his bandmates in a new interview about his long term crush on Selena Gomez.
    Image and video hosting by TinyPic
    Luke has admitted before in interviews that he likes her, and that he follows her on Twitter. He almost DM'd her once too apparently, but didn't want to be creepy.
    Well his bandmates chimed in, in a new interview where it was brought up again, teasing him with remarks such as:

    "He writes fan mail! He actually writes poems as well -- 'My Dear Selena.'" - Calum the bassist said.
    "He has a love shrine in the kitchen!" added the drummer. And the other guitarist and singer Michael chimed in  with "Yeah, that love shrine is so weird!" Luke then brushed it off and said "No, I'm not actually that obsessed with Selena. Galena Somez? Oh! You mean Galena Somez! Galena is kinda hot."


    We all know selena likes the younger pop stars...do you think she'll respond to Lucas? Do you ship Lulena, ONTD?

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    - Supposed to perform new music at Infusion Lounge
    - But was greeted with an arrest rather than a mic
    - Booked for a Citizen's arrest at 12:30am
    - He owes his bails bondsman money (BITCH BETTA HAVE MY $$$)
    - Also has warrant is from failing to show up on his October 2014 battery charges court date - he punched a man in May 2014 that knocked the man unconscious and fractured his left eye socket (this was when Shonda Rimes was like NOPE)
    - Short's 2nd wife has a restraining order against him after filing for divorce

    No one was upset about the missed show


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    Godfrey Gao Esquire Singapore March 2015 Cover P
    Godfrey Gao Esquire Singapore March 2015 Cover P
    Citta Bella Magazine

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    ONTD, are you here for the only true unproblematic bae we will ever have?

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