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    You already know Chris Hemsworth from movies like The Avengers and Snow White and the Huntsman. You know Liam Hemsworth from The Hunger Games and upcoming The Expendables 2. But there’s a third Hemsworth, too. His name is Luke, he got into acting long before either of his brothers, and in case you didn’t know, he’s planning on joining them in Hollywood later this year. He has signed on with ROAR Management, the same team that handles his brothers.

    The 31-year-old started acting ten years ago on the Australian soap opera Neighbours, but after years of chasing roles, he tells EW that he became “disillusioned” with the field and decided to open up his own timber-flooring business. While the flooring company (where both Liam and Chris have worked) has supported his family — which includes his wife Samantha and three daughters, ages 4, 2, and a new arrival who’s only a few weeks old — he decided about a year ago to get back into acting. His comeback role arrived quickly in the gritty motorcycle miniseries Bikie Wars: Brothers in Arms, which debuted on Australian TV in May.

    We chatted with the eldest Hemsworth brother about growing up with Thor and Gale. Here’s what the affable Aussie had to say:

    ENTERTAINMENT WEEKLY: What were you all like as kids?
    LUKE HEMSWORTH: We were crazy. We would spend time in the bush. Mom would say get out of the house, and we would just go. We had all sorts of large swings, and flying foxes, and various death traps throughout the forest that we’d try and do our best to hurt ourselves on. It was a great childhood in terms of being creative, I think. Getting outside, getting out of the house. Mom would put the TV in the cupboard. She’d say, “That’s it. I’ve had enough. The TV is going in the wardrobe,” and she’d lock it up for three months.

    Before we move on, you need to tell me what a flying fox is.
    A zip line, I think, is what you guys call it? Basically a rope between two trees with a knot at the end that stops you. Our knot was tied really close to the tree, so if you didn’t hang on with all your might, you’d actually wrap around the tree. Sort out the men from the boys that way!

    Were you into surfing?
    My dad’s parents lived on the beach, so we grew up around the beach, and then Mom and Dad moved there and bought a house, which is where they still live. We’re still down there every weekend almost, you know — my family and I. The girls are starting to really enjoy the ocean. But we all love surfing, the boys. We try to go on a surfing trip every year, [or do] some exotic thing in nature or something like that.

    You mention your kids. Your brother, Chris, and his wife Elsa Pataky, recently welcomed a daughter, India. Have you gotten to give him any parenting adivce?
    I actually made him a little video on how to wrap her up so that she can’t get her arms out [of the blanket.] He had a bit of trouble with her — she’s a bit of a Houdini. So I made a little video of how we wrap up our baby, but he said she still escaped! (laughs) As a parent you go through a whole lot of really tough things, and you kind of want other parents to experience those tough things as payback — especially when it’s your brother. You need them to be awake half the night and realize all the complaining that I’ve done over the years about getting no sleep and having to deal with all the trials and tribulations. I actually try to give him as little advice as possible. Or lead him in the wrong direction –that’s a lot of fun too.

    Did you keep in touch with Chris when he first moved out to Los Angeles?
    We were definitely in contact for a lot of that time. Chris had some funny stories living in the back of [his manager’s] house, the guest house there, and becoming a bit of an unofficial nanny with his kids. He sort of had a bit of a trial-by-fire there as well. He called me up a few times and said, “What do I do?” And once again, I’d just lead him in the wrong direction.

    Wasn’t your character on Neighbours an ex-surfer who became a paraplegic?
    No, that was Liam! (laughs) Liam was in a wheelchair.

    Well this is embarrassing. I mixed up my Hemsworths! Tell me about your character.
    I was a footballer, and I was actually a drug dealer on the show, like a dealer of growth hormones. It’s funny, because I played football as a kid — Australian rules football — for ten years, and one of my nicknames was Roids.

    Be honest. Did you ever do them?
    No! (laughs) I never had to. I was all ridiculously oversized calves and thighs and biceps and head. My head is massive. My head is like off the charts.

    Have you met Liam’s fiancé, Miley Cyrus?
    Yeah, she’s great. She loves our kids, and our kids absolutely love her. She won our hearts. I find her really interesting. I find her very articulate, and years in maturity above her age. But at the same time, she’s very much like Liam. I think a lot of people don’t realize that they are really, really in love. They actually are a perfect match in a lot of ways.

    okay, i officially like him. idc if hes not as cute (although i think he looks like russell crowe here), he seems so sweet/nice/funny!


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    Season four of Glee may not begin until September 13, but fans don’t have to wait until then to find out what happened to their favorite McKinley High graduates. Glee stars Lea Michele and Chris Colfer are sharing inside information with about life after McKinley.

    Michele has been taking tap and hip-hop classes to prepare for Rachel Berry’s grueling freshman year at NYADA. "Dance is not Rachel's strong point, but as a freshman it's a requirement class she has to take," Michele said. "It will put Rachel in a very vulnerable place, stuck with a teacher who doesn't make it easy for her." As previously announced, that "hard ass" teacher will be played by Oscar nominee Kate Hudson. Hudson showed off her own dance skill as sexy reporter Stephanie in the film adaptation of the Tony-winning musical Nine.

    As for Rachel’s best pal Kurt, actor Chris Colfer is keeping a little more secretive, revealing only that his character will move to New York, not as a NYADA student but as an up-and-comer in the world of fashion. "He will find himself in an establishment where Sarah Jessica Parker is his manager of sorts, but not in a performance sense," Colfer dished, adding that Parker’s character will give Michele’s character a makeover. “Lea's a hot girl, [but] Rachel could lose the baby-doll dresses."


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    One Direction's Zayn Malik and Niall Horan Share Relationship, Break-Up Advice

    Image and video hosting by TinyPic

    One Direction mates Zayn Malik and Niall Horan have some helpful hints on relationships and on breaking up with a girlfriend—and who better to take such advice from than members of the most popular boy band around? But do you think at their tender ages, their advice is all that relevant?

    According to a report from Independent Woman, the advice is definitely aimed toward young men in the One Direction demographic—young, naïve and incredibly cute. The cute part saves them from being pummeled by the girls they break up with.

    Zayn suggests guys tread lightly when breaking up with a girl, so as not to come across as arrogant.

    "Say 'you don't want to ruin the friendship' or whatever. There's no point in leading someone on," he says.

    Niall found himself in the midst of a potential break-up situation and accused of wrongdoing—but he hadn't done anything wrong.

    "I got accused of it once at a house party. Someone told her that I had got with another girl when I hadn't. It didn't go down too well," he says.

    And while he didn't offer any advice about getting out of that situation, he likely is beyond careful now when attending such gatherings.

    Harry Styles chimes in with his advice on break-ups, too. His, however, is a bit more unconventional than Zayn's.

    "I told someone I was gay once," he says.

    And, yes, that likely was all it took to end that relationship, provided the partner wasn't another gay male.

    It's pretty likely that the One Direction guys won't hit the best sellers list if they decide to write their own book on relationship and break-up advice—however someone might try out either Zayn Malik or Harry Styles' method of calling a relationship quits. Whether that's advisable or not remains to be seen. Fans are urged to proceed at their own risk, however!

    What do you think of Zayn, Niall and Harry's relationship and break-up advice?

    One Direction Zayn Malik's flat fire terror

    Some bad news for One Direction hottie Zayn Malik… a fire broke out at his swanky North London flat yesterday.

    Three fire engines tackled the ferocious blaze throughout the afternoon as it swept through the plush Princess Park Manor private complex.

    Luckily nobody who lives in the building with Zayn was hurt but residents in the ground floor flat where the fire started (thanks to an “electrical fault” - eek!) have been moved to temporary accommodation.

    An upset neighbour told heat: “It was a fierce blaze. It happened in the middle of the day, no alarms went off at first but luckily a lady in the flat managed to get out and raise the alarm.

    “If she hadn’t been there it could have been a lot worse. The fire brigade said we were very lucky.

    “Everybody in the block had to evacuate the building. One of the flats is completely gutted and a few have been badly damaged by smoke.

    “Zayn is away at the moment but we think he has a friend or family member staying in his flat while he is away to look after his dog.”

    When heat contacted One Direction’s management they told us Zayn was asleep on the other side of the Atlantic and was not sure if he knew about the blaze yet.

    Fellow bandmates Liam and Niall also live on the 30 acre complex and rent a £5,000 per month flat.

    Harry and Louis shared a flat nearby but recently moved out.

    Members of JLS and The Wanted also live on the estate.

    Source 1
    Source 2

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    Mark Pellegrino known affectionately by the OP as "that creepy bastard" to Guest Star

    After Lost’s Man in Black appeared on Grimm, it was only a matter of time before brother Jacob showed up.

    Mark Pellegrino, who played the mythological ABC series’ ageless island protector, as well as Lucifer on Supernatural and vampire boss Bishop on season 1 of the North American version of Being Human, will guest-star in the upcoming second season of NBC’s darker-side-of-fairy-tales drama.

    Grimm’s Season 2 will debut on Monday, August 13 at 10 pm/9c on NBC.

    Pellegrino will play Jarold Kempfer, one of Hank’s (Russell Hornsby) high school buddies whose daughter goes missing. Hank doesn’t know, though, that his old pal is also a coyotl, or coyote-like creature.

    Episode #201, "Bad Teeth"
    Involves a Mauvais Dentes, a saber-toothed killing machine.

    Episode #203, "Into The Woods" Pellegrino's Episode
    Involves several Coyotls (coyote creatures).

    Episode #204, "Quill"
    Involves a Stangebar, a porcupine-like creature.

    Sources: 1 & 2

    What sorts of creatures are you hoping to see, ONTD? Anyone past guests you hoping to return? Personally, I'm dying for Danielle Panabaker's crazy-ass character to show her face again

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    Nine months after Lisa sold her $19 million mansion, a fire tore through the property Friday.

    "I'm shocked, really," VanderPump -- currently filming the Bravo spinoff, Sur -- told KCAL-TV.

    "It's been an incredible journey coming to America and living there. My daughter got married in that house, so I'm pretty emotional about it even though I sold it a few months ago."

    E! News reports that more than 100 firefighters were dispatched to the property to extinguish the flames after the fire was reported around 6:30 p.m. local time. Portions of the home's roof and floors collapsed during the blaze, and one firefighter was treated at a local hospital for unknown injuries.

    Adrienne Maloof's adjacent property, where she and her cast mates were filming had to be evacuated, though fire officials told E! that the blaze was contained to VanderPump's former residence.

    VanderPump and her husband, Ken Todd, sold the seven bedroom, 10 bathroom manse in September in order to downsize to a smaller property.

    Lisa Reacts To Fire That Devastated Her Former Home!

    The Bravo TV star watched, in disbelief, as the flames tore through her former home. She and her husband sold the house five months ago for nearly $19 million. Juan Fernandez reports.

    Alexis Bellino Parties at Encore Beach Club!

    Alexis Bellino from “The Real Housewives of Orange County” showed her pre-Independence Day patriotism and a whole lot more on Friday while rocking a red, white and blue bikini at Encore Beach Club at Encore Las Vegas.

    Bellino partied with husband, Jim Bellino, who also appears on the hit TV show, and friends in a luxury cabana.

    Andy Cohen: Research Is Our Cocaine!

    Which network boasts the most affluent, educated and engaged audience in cable? Did you guess Bravo?

    Yep, it turns out that more of your friends and acquaintances are watching "Real Housewives" than care to admit it.

    According to Bravo, ratings for all of the NBC Universal property's franchises are on the rise, and "Watch What Happens Live" is the No. 1 late-night show among females. A surprising amount of men are also tuning into the network's reality fare.

    "We snort up research like fine Colombian cocaine."

    That was just one of the many memorable one-liners to come out of the mouth of Andy Cohen during a Q&A session hosted today by Deutsch, New York.

    In an age where fewer and fewer people are tuning into TV live, Mr. Cohen has hordes of viewers doing just that on a nightly basis, with his interactive program.

    "I love Twitter because it's a live focus group," said Mr. Cohen. In fact, three cast members from "The Real Housewives of New York" were fired from the show because of negative feedback about them on social media. That kind of engagement is shrewdly pushed along by Mr. Cohen, who says of his post, "I'm the biggest shit-stirrer on the planet and I get paid to do it."

    As for all the brands that inevitably end up getting free publicity from shows such as the various "Housewives," (Skinny Girl margaritas, anyone?), Mr. Cohen said, "We don't love the product shilling, but if it's good for the story, it needs to be covered."

    Asked what advice he would give to a creative organization, Mr. Cohen replied: "I'm a big believer in going with your gut. Do what you want, but if it's not what the other person wants, let go. ...Learn from your failures and at least try to study what didn't work." And most importantly, "know your audience."

    Where Are They Now? RHONYC's Alex McCord!

    This season of The Real Housewives of New York has been filled with the faint stench of Pinot and fabulousness, but not gonna lie: We miss Alex McCord.

    The housewives just aren't the same without her calling them "thugs in cocktail dresses" — a phrase which Alex once profited from thanks to this classy novelty line.

    So, are you dying to know what else this feisty gal is up to? Alex currently lives in Cobble Hill, Brooklyn, with her hubby Simon van Kempen and their two kids, and she's president of a bedding and bath linen company called Aluxe Home.

    She also gets her blog on for The Huffington Post, and you can check out her latest article, "Drunk Parenting...Yes or No"!

    Alex was fired from Bravo's Real Housewives love nest, but she recaps the current season (and gives "inside scoop") in weekly videos for Rumor Fix. Girlfriend has all the answers! Clearly, Alex can't get enough of the camera, and she currently co-hosts Coffee Shop Confessions on Café Mom’s YouTube channel, where she girl-talks about lady problems.

    According to her bio on The Huffington Post, Alex is in the "celebrity division" of New York Model Management (we've seen this lady walk the beach runway –– she ain't kidding), and she and Simon are Ambassadors for Style Week Providence in Rhode Island. You know, because of how well-dressed they are.

    You can follow Alex on Facebook and Twitter, and if you feel the sudden urge to hear her dulcet tones over the phone, you'll be thrilled to know that she and Simon are on Dial-A-Star.

    Kenya Moore Denies Being a New Addition to Real Housewives of Atlanta!

    Kenya Moore is the former Miss USA who is rumored to be staring on season 5 of Real Housewives of Atlanta. Although many others have also been rumored to be joining the show, several photos of her filming with the cast have convinced fans that she is surely part of the new season.

    However, photos or not, Kenya is claiming to not have anything to do with it. She recently tweeted, "Some people are so thirsty they send fake stories to bloggers #nothingsurprisesme." The tweet was in response to a photo she posted of her and some of the already confirmed cast members from last season.

    As per her contract, Kenya would not be able to disclose being cast on the show until the show airs, or until Bravo confirms it.

    Teresa on The Morning Show!

    Cast member of Bravo's hit series The Real Housewives of New Jersey, Teresa Giudice, unveils her third cookbook, Fabulicious!: Fast & Fit.

    Carole Wants to Be Tom Cruise's Next Wife!

    Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes may have just called it quits, but Real Housewives of New York beauty Carole Radziwill has already set her sights on the leading man as a potential new romance.

    “I want to be the next wife of Tom Cruise,” Carole tweeted, apparently without a hint of irony.

    “He's really really nice.”

    We don’t doubt that Tom is very nice, but considering that he is about to go through a divorce, we don’t really think of him as good potential husband material right now.

    But then again, Carole is a sexy single woman.

    Maybe she just wanted to weigh in on the TomKat divorce before things got ugly.

    US, HauteLiving, WetPaint, Gather, Twitter, AdAge

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    Queen and Adam Lambert performed at an Elton John organized concert to help highlight the growing danger of AIDs in the Ukraine in addition to celebrate the Euro 2012 Football Tournament. More on Elton’s charity here - - there is a ‘Donate’ link on the front page.

    Part 1
    1. Flash-Seven Seas of Rhye
    2. Keep Yourself Alive (3:30)
    3. We Will Rock (fast) (6:20)
    4. Fat Bottomed Girls (10:32)

    Part 2
    5. Don’t Stop Me Now
    6. Under Pressure * highligh * (5:15) w/ Roger Taylor
    7. I Want It All (9:32)

    Part 3
    8. Who Wants to Live Forever
    9. A Kind of Magic (4:40) - Roger Taylor
    10. These Are the Days of Our Lives (10:20) - Roger Taylor

    Part 4
    11. Love of My Life * highlight * - Brian May
    12. ’39 (6:38) - Brian May
    13. Dragon Attack (10:15)

    Part 5
    14. I Want to Break Free (5:14)
    15. Another One Bites the Dust (9:30)

    Part 6
    16. Radio Ga Ga
    17. Somebody to Love (6:00)
    18. Crazy Little Thing Called Love (12:18)
    19. The Show Must Go On (16:48)
    20. Bohemian Rhapsody (21:31)

    Part 7
    21. Tie Your Mother Down - Roger Taylor & Brian May, Adam at the end
    22. We Will Rock You (5:34)
    23. We Are The Champions (8:15)

    *There are unfortunately drops in sound due to buffering or popup ads.

    source 1 source 2

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    Huge crowds cheered the Olympic Torch through Walsall today. The relay reached the region on Day 42 of its journey around the UK. Pop band The Wanted - who are headlining this evening's celebration concert in Birmingham - carried the flame in Newtown before the torch moved on to Bloxwich and Walsall.


    1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6

    When will other British boy bands?

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    Image and video hosting by TinyPic

    Ellen Pompeo and hubby Chris Ivery keep it cool and casual as they step out to grab a bite to eat on Friday (June 29) in Los Angeles.

    The 42-year-old star of Grey’s Anatomy and Chris, 45, both kept a low profile behind their sunglasses as they left a sushi restaurant. They ate at Sushi Park!

    Image and video hosting by TinyPic

    Image and video hosting by TinyPic

    Image and video hosting by TinyPic

    Image and video hosting by TinyPic

    Image and video hosting by TinyPic


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    Shakespeare's ravishing history play all tressed up in transfer to TV
    and the trailer for episode two

    Image and video hosting by TinyPic

    There was some pretty serious hair on view in the BBC's new film of Richard II, a play better-known for its luxuriant verse, and well there might be, given that the adaptation came to us courtesy that most fulsomely-maned of theatre directors, Rupert Goold. (Among his colleagues, only the RSC's Greg Doran can compete in the follicular sweepstakes.) That's all well and good, I can hear you asking, but did Shakespeare's extravagantly lyrical rhetoric survive the stage-to-screen transfer?

    The answer is yes in some places and not so well in others,
    but I can't imagine not being mesmerised by the overabundance of tresses on view. Leading man Ben Whishaw was one thing but who knew that David Suchet and Patrick Stewart took so splendidly to long, flowing locks?

    Goold's film, adapted with his longtime colleague Ben Power from the Bard's ceaselessly rhapsodic text, inaugurates a celluloid cycle of history plays under a larger banner title, Shakespeare Unlocked, that forms part of the Cultural Olympiad. Still to come in a subset of offerings known as The Hollow Crown are Richard Eyre directing Simon Russell Beale as Falstaff in the two Henry IV plays and Thea Sharrock putting Tom Hiddleston through his paces in Henry V, the Shakespeare play of the moment.

    And yet, Richard II poses arguably the greatest cinematic challenge of the lot, dependent as it is on soaring verbal arias that can transfix audiences in the playhouse but are trickier to navigate on screen, not least by contrast with the carousing and military derring-do that course through the sequence of Henry plays.

    Goold's approach to some extent can be seen as ironic, not least when one considers the mixed-media bravado that he has brought to such stage productions as Macbeth (with Stewart in the title role) and, preeminently, Six Characters in Search of an Author, still this prolific talent's finest achievement to date. Marked out by a belligerent naturalism entirely lacking in the interpretive leaps to which Goold has been prone on stage - an RSC Merchant of Venice, for instance, set in Las Vegas - this Richard had the perverse effect of containing very little of visual interest. In which case, thank heavens for the follicular splendour - and the words. (Some will have warmed more than I did to the intermittent presence of a pet monkey.)

    Image and video hosting by TinyPic

    Whishaw has long seemed a Richard II-in-waiting, the actor's fey, doe-eyed androgyny wedded to a command of classical text that can make its untrammelled way through one or another spoken set piece. And first seen eyes fluttering, flashing a thin, coquettish smile that could dismiss onlookers as readily as it drew them near, Whishaw immediately communicated the divinely anointed manchild who, after all, was only 10 when he acceded to the throne. His cavalier "so much for that" upon the passing of Stewart's baleful John of Gaunt made clear early on that death doesn't seem particularly to register to a ruler who comes to discover humanity at the price of his crown; it takes Richard's surrender of authority for him to acquire a soul.

    So perhaps it was inevitable that for all the visual attention paid to thrones, castles, and water (that last element a leitmotif of the text itself), Goold favoured the close-up in a somewhat monotonous attempt to burrow into this baleful king's anguished if newly awakened psyche. I've never seen a Richard on stage whose faux-narcissistic admission, "no deeper wrinkles yet", was so fully borne out, the result here of a camera busily zooming in for the facial kill well before Tom Hughes's full-lipped, smooth-cheeked Aumerle - no beard for him! - came along to administer the fatal blow. The intimacy also made possible a whispery intensity that wouldn't wash in the playhouse, where you'd never be heard beyond the second row.

    The result, oddly, was to sideline the Bolingbroke of Rory Kinnear, who seemed to spend much of the time not speaking, head cocked to one side. (On the other hand, theatre buffs will doubtless have thrilled to the mano a mano presence of two such vaunted stage Hamlets.) Far more impressive in smaller parts were Suchet as a steely Duke of York  who appeared to have wandered in from a nearby casbah (the actor has a field day with the adjective "plume-plucked") and Lindsay Duncan as Suchet's determinedly maternal wife, who on this evidence must surely some day play Volumnia.

    Playing a woman of stature transformed by parental solicitude into a "beggar" on behalf of Aumerle, her errant son, Duncan brought a touch of thespian majesty to a story of kingship laid low. And she served to remind us that Shakespeare's interest in regime change notwithstanding, he's pretty peerless when it comes to matters pertaining to family. And that in a history play cycle defined more or less entirely by men, the ladies get their moment, too.


    Thoughts ONTD? I loved it but the close-ups did become distracting. Ben was enchanting.
    Really excited for next week, delighted by all the Joe Armstrong in the trailer.

    Image and video hosting by TinyPic

    ETA: Episode two trailer here

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    This loving evangeli-judgment comes from some radio show called "Generations." The "blonde" voice is a man named Dave Buehner, the other is host Kevin Swanson:

    ONTD needs to prepare for the lordT's day, imo.


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    For Michelle Williams, there's still thatcertain subject hovering over any media appearance. It's at least part of the reason why paparazzi relentlessly hound the three-time Oscar nominee, like they had done earlier on the morning that I met her.

    I had no intention of bringing up that subject -- Williams has already spoken about Heath Ledger at length in the past -- but she had no idea what to expect from our interview. Or any interview, really. In other words: the notoriously media-shy Michelle Williams has every right in the world to be guarded -- something that doesn't exactly make my job any easier. As it turns out, however, I shouldn't have been worried.

    Williams stars in "Take This Waltz," a romantic drama about a young woman (Williams), who begins to stray from her seemingly happy marriage to Lou (Seth Rogen) after meeting her handsome neighbor (Luke Kirby). Directed by Sarah Polley, "Take This Waltz" is full of relatable relationship themes, as well as the greatest use ever of the amusement park ride The Scrambler and The Buggles song "Video Killed the Radio Star."

    Ahead, an open, jovial and -- at times -- feisty Williams discusses "Take This Waltz," why "Dawson's Creek" did not define her career, and hints that you may just see her guest star on "Cougar Town" in the near future.

    I just met you, yet now I'm going to start asking you questions.
    It's odd, isn't it? It's totally bizarre.

    It is bizarre.
    And then we all sign up for it. It's so bizarre.

    I admit, I get nervous.
    Me, too. Me, too. And then I always walk this weird line of wanting to say things that are honest, but then realizing that there's actually nothing that you can say that's completely honest. So, it's kind of misrepresentation. I was watching this conversation that Joseph Campbell was having with -- I'm going to forget his name, but an old time journalist -- and he said something to the effect of that there's three types of things to talk about: The types of things that you can talk about; the kinds of things that you can't aptly describe, but you try to talk about; then there's the things that you actually talk about. So, I feel like an interview is a fourth step down from that [laughs].

    Well, with that: I enjoyed your movie.
    [Laughs] Thanks.

    Though, I'm going to love any movie that features the song "Video Killed the Radio Star" so prominently.
    The greatest use of that song.

    Though, I've never been so depressed while listening to The Buggles before.
    I know, I didn't know that it was a sad song until I made that movie. It feels so melancholy! I actually walked into a kids' first grade classroom recently and they're all sitting around in a circle playing "Video Killed the Radio Star." I'm like, but that's a sad song! But it's not. It's such a great song.

    It's interesting that it would be taught in a class.

    Was it playing when you filmed the scene?
    Yeah, that was the song that we were listening to on a loop while we were on that ride. And that ride, [director] Sarah Polley and I share a feeling about that ride. And we've talked a lot about why we are both so obsessed with The Scrambler. I went back to The Scrambler -- I rode that thing all day long for an entire day. I went back a few weeks later on a weekend to ride The Scrambler again, because I wanted to feel that high. And Sarah and I kind of figured, maybe it's putting too much on it with the plot, but we've both been working since we were so young and we've had this shortened childhood. And whenever you can catch that feeling again, you feel like a kid, but with all of the gratitude and the knowingness of an adult. The combination of that is so exhilarating. And something like The Scrambler puts you right inside of that feeling -- we're both so inordinately nuts about that ride.

    There is something depressing about watching an adult ride The Scrambler by herself. 
    Well, because when you don't have somebody to share it with -- like a lot of things in life -- when you don't have something to confirm, "Yes, this is fun," or, "Yes, this is scary," you don't really know what to feel. You have to make up your own darn mind.

    That's an interesting point. I saw a movie last night by myself. "Ted," of all things...
    Oh! What did you think?

    I laughed. But I wanted to discuss it with someone.
    I think that's why there's therapy, you know? And therapists. Because how do you know what to make of it until you have a conversation about it? Talking is how you figure out your brain. And how you make your thoughts clear to yourself. You have to form your opinions in relations to other people. It helps you define your position when you hear what other people think of it. And you take on what they think, or you defend your opinion about it. I think ... yeah -- it's all conversation.

    I found "Take this Waltz" more depressing than "Blue Valentine."
    Really? Interesting!

    Seth Rogen's character, Lou, seems like a really nice guy. The relationship between Margot and Lou felt very relatable. 
    Yeah, it doesn't have the kind of fireworks of "Blue Valentine." It's more subtle than that. I kind of thought of Margot as sleepwalking; she's a little sleepy. She could stay with her husband and have a perfectly decent life -- but with this nagging feeling of, "Did I miss something?" Where I think for Cindy and Dean in "Blue Valentine," the distance between them was so obvious you couldn't ignore it. But, I think this is the kind of thing you can ignore -- for the sake of safety or security. You're not hurting anyone. So, in a way, I don't know if it's sadder or not, but I found it more unnerving.

    The dinner scene is sad. When a married couple realizes that they have nothing to talk about.
    Yeah, you realize that you have nothing to say to the person. You can love somebody so much and want what's best for them and care about them so deeply, but, somehow, it doesn't work. It's not enough. Then, I think, the bigger question of the movie -- and what Sarah was interested in and what I was interested in -- is that feeling of restlessness. Is that what it feels like to be alive? Or is that what it feels like to be in the wrong relationship? And what do you do with this restlessness? Do you look outside of yourself? Or is it something that's your own journey? I read this quote when I was making the movie, it's a Buddhist quote, "Emptiness is the track that a centered person walks on." And that's a great kind of idea to hang on to, but a hard one to practice. The other thing I thought was how romantic love kind of replaces spiritual love these days. Because a relationship to God or church or something is lost. And in its place is romance.

    Is that a good thing or is that a bad thing?
    I don't know. it depends. It depends on how you feel about God, I guess. Or romance. So we look for our partners to kind of replace this ecstatic feeling that, maybe, human beings want to feel. Or used to feel. Or remember feeling.

    That there used to be more of a feeling of, "There's something else"?
    Right, "There's something else."

    Working toward an afterlife...
    For better or for worse. That was on my mind. And at the beginning of a relationship, it feels like ecstasy. It feels spiritual. It feels fated. And then that fades. Sometimes, I guess. I suppose all the time, maybe? I don't know.

    Maybe it is all of the time.

    There's a montage in this movie that, at first, I didn't know if it was real or Margot's imagination of a new life. I mean, once she was in bed with two guys, I was like, "Hm, wait a second..."
    [Laughs] "Wait a second..." I think there is an element of hyper-real in the movie. I hope I'm not misinterpreting, but Sarah didn't want to make something that felt like "Blue Valentine." Not something as gritty or raw, but that had an other worldliness about it. Which may speak to that kind of disbelief. Is this real or is this heightened? And that is what falling in love feels like, a little bit. Everything is a little bit heightened.

    I forget that you were on "Dawson's Creek." Which is weird because I used to watch "Dawson's Creek." I feel it's difficult for an actor to make people forget that they were ever part of a popular show like "Dawson's Creek." Yet, you did.
    [Smiles] Thanks.

    Was that ever a concern? Did you go out of your way to do projects that were completely different? 
    I think that's a compliment. I mean, I think that's what you're hoping for, too, in-between performances. "Oh, wow. How is what you're doing now related to what you did seven years ago?" I see different people in there and I think that's always what you're hoping for. I take that as a great compliment. Not that I want to distance myself from having been on that show -- it had huge value for me, professionally. Enormous value for me, personally. So, I don't mean it like that at all. But I take it as a compliment that I've grown.

    Oscar nominations tend to help, too.
    [Laughing] Oscar nominations do help. If there's a reason for it, if I had to try and figure out why, maybe, I was able to shed a skin -- if I was, in fact able to shed a skin -- I think I never attached very heavily to "Dawson's Creek." The outward value of it didn't cloak me -- it didn't mean a lot to me to be on a TV show or to be well known. Any of that. I always had this idea of other work that I might like to do or things that I was interested in. And it was a really cool opportunity to have this stable, safe, kind of Monday through Friday job. And to grow up with this kind of film family around you. And then, meanwhile, kind of be developing your tastes -- going to New York and see plays and going to art house cinemas. So, I kind of feel like I got to do both things at the same time. And that I always had this idea that there was this kind of work that was also called "acting" that I might like to do and, maybe, somebody, someday would let me.

    Last year I spoke to James Van Der Beek. I mean, he gets it and I think he owns it now.
    Yeah. And now he's doing a show in which he's playing himself.

    He's come full circle with his public identity.
    I actually remember something James said to me. Because the show was primarily a love triangle between Dawson, Pacey and Joey. For the most part. At times I felt, "What's not good enough about me? Am I doing something wrong?" Flipping through the script you're only in three pages, "Oh, boy. OK." And maybe I had questions about why that was. And I remember him saying, "You're going to be the luckiest of all of us. Because you're going to be able to get out unencumbered. You're going to be less identified with this show." And maybe he was right.

    Very sage words!
    Indeed! In-deed!

    I was only thinking about what you do in your free time because I knew I'd be talking to you. But, I couldn't think of anything other than, "something elegant."

    Like, in your spare time do you see "Prometheus"? I just can't imagine you doing that, "One for 'Prometheus,' please."
    [Laughing] You may be right. Maybe that would not [laughing] ... I probably won't go ... Um ...

    I only associate you with prestige type films. So I can't even imagine you watching a summer blockbuster.
    That's such a nice compliment, but then when you hear something about yourself, you never want to be pinned to something. So, some part of the rebellious part of me wants to say, "No! That isn't true! I have very lowbrow tastes! Just the other night I was watching 'The Real Housewives of Everything'!" But, being a parent means that you have limited time. Somebody said something to me really great, one of my best friends, but he reminds me every time we have a conversation, "People think that you should spend your time making money, but you actually spend your money making time." And it just made me think of it because there's so little time when you're a parent. So I feel like it's important to me what I do with the time. Because what I do with the free time, it forms everything else. Look, I'm not completely pure. And I fall into all of the traps of the Internet, or whatever. I like to think the thought -- I may not be able to follow it through -- but I like to think that in my spare time that I might try to see things or be influenced by things that are going to move me and make me a better person and make my life more beautiful. And that, to me, feels refreshing. That, to me, feels like a break. That, to me, feels like vegging out. Because it feeds you -- it gives you so much back. You get to be passive.

    OK, I'm going to help you with your lowbrow rebellion with this: I find it fascinating that you were on an episode of "Step by Step."
    Yes I was!

    I believe that episode had something to do with a giant jack-o-lantern.
    I was just going to say, I think it was a Halloween episode and I was dressed up like some kind of ... hussy.

    Is that a good experience? Guest starring for one episode of a sitcom?
    At the time I was so young and it was so exciting. It was so great to get a job because, mostly, you're just in the habit of not getting jobs -- which is a very peculiar feeling. When you're in your adolescence and forming your ideas about yourself and who you are and what your worth is, to hear, "No, no, no, no," all the time definitely sticks and gets to you. So, just to get the job, no matter what it was -- I mean, no matter what it was -- just to hear, "Yes," instead of, "No," is such a relief. But it is a strange... I remember everybody being very nice. But I remember not having any idea what I was doing. I didn't know that you were mic'd -- I mean, I had a mic on me -- but I didn't know that they were listening all of the time. You know, just singing songs and talking to myself, then having someone say, "Honey, everybody has heard enough. Cool it."

    What were you singing?
    I don't even remember. Just absent minded blah, blah, blah -- not realizing. Just being a novice in a pro playing field is always sort of embarrassing. You're that girl who just can't figure out the mark. "Where's the mark? Where's the mark?" You know? So, it's a little bit embarrassing. But now, my friend Busy Philipps is on a TV show and I'd really like to guest star on her show. I'd like to do a little guest spot.

    Oh, "Cougar Town"?
    On "Cougar Town," yeah!

    Breaking news.
    Well, we've been talking about it enough that I'm sure it's going to happen.

    I loved the crossover they did with "Community."
    Yeah, I know! See, I really want to. I'm sure that we will at some point, I think they've got a couple more years on the show, so, I think we can find a way. (Omg, I hope this means she watches Community.)


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    Awww they were cute together. 0:50 omg I fucking DIED laughing. Can we get a gif of this shit?!?! I hope this opens up to some potential comedy video featuring the both of them.


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    Vin Diesel Shares New Image from Riddick; Says First Cut Left Him "Affected/Excited"

    Franchise star and producer Vin Diesel was far more prolific in his Facebook posts about the sequel to The Chronicles of Riddick (that's really a sequel to Pitch Black) before the movie went into production — back when he was still haggling with Universal about the budget and rating and had only artwork to share — but he's still offering updates to his die-hard fans and followers now that Riddick is in post-production.

    Diesel recently updated his personal Facebook page with a new still image from the movie, offering yet another look at his badass self in costume as the badass Furyan. He also revealed that he was shown an "early first cut" of the movie by writer-director David Twohy and that it left him "so affected/excited" he "couldn't sleep."

    Here's the full message Diesel posted with the new image:

    Last night I was invited, by the director, to the editing room... to see an early first cut of the new Riddick...


    P.s. I was so affected/excited... I couldn't sleep.


    Here is the official synopsis of Riddick:

    The infamous Riddick has been left for dead on a sun-scorched planet that appears to be lifeless. Soon, however, he finds himself fighting for survival against alien predators more lethal than any human he’s encountered. The only way off is for Riddick to activate an emergency beacon and alert mercenaries who rapidly descend to the planet in search of their bounty.

    The first ship to arrive carries a new breed of merc, more lethal and violent, while the second is captained by a man whose pursuit of Riddick is more personal. With time running out and a storm on the horizon that no one could survive, his hunters won’t leave the planet without Riddick’s head as their trophy.

    Riddick also stars Karl Urban (Star Trek, upcoming Dredd) as Vaako, Katee Sackhoff(Battlestar Galactica) as Dahl, Jordi Mollà (Colombiana, Knight and Day) as Santana,Matt Nable (Killer Elite) as Boss Johns, and Bokeem Woodbine (upcoming Total Recallremake) as Moss. Conrad Pla (Immortals), Raoul Trujillo (Apocalypto), Nolan Funk(Bereavement), Dave Batista (The Scorpion King 3: Battle for Redemption), and two-time Grammy Award-nominated singer Keri Hilson also star in as-yet-unspecified roles..


    I love Pitch Black and I liked The Chronicles of Riddick, idec about the hate. Been waiting for this movie for a while and can't wait to see one of my queens Katee Sackhoff on the big screen (hopefully).

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  • 06/30/12--18:16: Olivia Munn gets topless!

  • Did you know that Olivia Munn gets topless in Magic Mike? I didn't either. Looks like she's officially at that point in her career where she has to go topless to generate some buzz.

    Guys, has this convinced you to go see Magic Mike?

    +NSFW pics at the source

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  • 06/30/12--18:20: Chris disses drake in song.

  • Chris Brown has taken his beef with Drake out of the nightclub and put it where it belongs ... on record ... by dropping a new verse that rips his hip-hop adversary. 

    The new song -- a remix track called "Game Don't Like" -- was released today on CB has a verse on the song, which mentions "throwin' bottles" but then takes a shot at Drake. Brown raps:

    One on one, what you scared bruh?
    Huh, matter of fact, "Take Care" bruh.
    You're a pu**y ni**a.

    "Take Care," for the uninitiated, is the name of Drake's most recent album.

    Drake. .  your move.


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    Image and video hosting by TinyPic

    Reese Witherspoon shows off her growing baby bump in a polka-dotted dress on the set of her new film Devil’s Knot on Saturday (June 30) in Atlanta, Ga.

    The 36-year-old pregnant actress plays the role of Pam Hobbs, the mother of one of the boys killed in the infamous West Memphis 3 killings.

    True Blood‘s Stephen Moyer just joined the cast as prosecutor John Fogelman in the film about the wrongfully convicted and imprisoned West Memphis 3, according to Deadline.

    Colin Firth and The Killing‘s Mireille Enos also star in the flick set for release in 2013.

    Image and video hosting by TinyPic

    Image and video hosting by TinyPic

    Image and video hosting by TinyPic

    Image and video hosting by TinyPic

    Image and video hosting by TinyPic

    Source 1
    Source 2

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    They became spellbound with each other on the set of the final Harry Potter film – and were engaged within six months.

    But two years on, the magic has worn off for young actors Bonnie Wright and Jamie Campbell Bower.

    Jamie, 23, who played dark wizard Gellert Grindelwald, confirmed last night the couple had split up, saying he was ‘heartbroken’.

    His former fiancee, who starred as Ginny Weasley, has left the London townhouse they were sharing.

    ‘They have split but it is amicable,’ a source revealed last night.


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    Katie Holmes Can’t Use Scientology As Argument To Get Sole Custody Of Suri, Say Attorneys

    Katie Holmes can not play the Scientology card in her bid to win sole legal custody of daughter Suri, two top divorce lawyers have told exclusively.

    As attorneys for the actress and Tom Cruise gear up for one of the biggest divorces in showbiz history, there's been much speculation in the media about how big a part Scientology played in their marriage and subsequent demise and how it will be used in proceedings.

    Top Los Angeles divorce lawyer Grace Jamra tells that it would simply be “unconstitutional" for a judge to involve him or herself in issues pertaining to Suri's religious upbringing.

    “If there are tenets in the religion that spell out certain ways to raise a child and Katie doesn’t feel that’s working for Suri, maybe because she’s acting out a lot, or not doing well in school, or has developmental issues, then that would be what she uses – the litmus test would be what is in the best interest of the child.

    “Katie doesn’t really need to use Scientology as the basis or reasoning to get sole custody.”

    New York-based family law attorney Bernard Clair concurred, telling us a judge would not consider Tom’s religion and its practices as reason enough to grant Katie full decision-making power over their daughter.

    “I am hopeful that a judge would not give too much credence to the fact that someone is a member of a particular religion or particular thought-based organization,” Clair said. “It’s only relevant if it impacts the decision making of the parents.

    “If any parent’s religion impacts on that parent’s ability to act in the child’s best interest, then that’s going to be a factor for consideration. But in and of itself, how someone practices religion, should not matter. It is only down to whether a parent interacts with the child positively or negatively. If the religion of the parents causes it to be negative then that needs to be looked at.

    "Just the fact that Tom is a Scientologist should not matter," he adds.

    “If I were Katie’s lawyer, I wouldn’t use religion as a factor but if she has particular examples of practices that she may believe to be detrimental to Suri’s wellbeing that Tom uses then I would highlight those before the judge rather than specifically using Scientology.

    “The religion itself is of no importance until you can draw a nexus between a person’s conduct that they say derives from the religion and then the secondary nexus, the more important one that such practice is in some way detrimental to the child or not in her best interest.”

    The Daily Beast reports that although Katie converted to Scientology in 2005 before she tied the knot with Tom, she hasn’t been seen inside a Scientology Church for quite a while and even enrolled Suri in a Catholic pre-school a few years ago.

    Tom Cruise & Katie Holmes Divorce: She Will Have Primary Custody Of Suri
    Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes have announced that they are divorcing after five years of marriage and has exclusively learned that Katie will be the parent with primary custody of their six-year-old daughter together, Suri Cruise.

    “Katie will be getting primary physical custody of Suri,” the source said.

    “Tom and Katie will have joint legal custody together but she will have primary physical custody of Suri, although Tom will have very liberal visitation rights.”

    The source said the split is not going to turn nasty and that Tom and Katie, who married in November 2006, are committed to doing what is best for their daughter.

    “There is no animosity,” the source said. “But Katie is going to be the parent who Suri is with the most. They are very close and it makes sense that it would be Katie who has primary custody.”

    Tom had primary custody of his two children with Nicole Kidman when they divorced after almost 10 years of marriage, Isabella and Connor Cruise.

    As previously reported, Isabella said her once-strained relationship with Nicole is on the mend.

    “I love mom,” she gushed. “She’s my mom. She’s great. I see her sometimes [in Nashville] and I speak to her.”

    Sources: uno, dos

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    EARLIER this week Sharon Stone showed the world what she's like without make-up.
    You can see the results here.

    To re-balance the scales the 54-year-old star decided to show the world she still has a phenomenally great body.

    At a gala event in Paris, where she's on holiday with her 27-year-old model boyfriend, Stone wore half sheer black sweater that revealed she wasn't wearing a bra.

    It's unlikely that Stone, who 20 years later is still known that underwear-free scene in Basic Instinct, would have forgotten such an important item of clothing. The nip slip was on purpose as was her chilly stroll round Paris the next day (see pics here).
    Is there some sort of bet going on between her and Madonna on who can flash the most flesh?

    Okay so that's an unfortunate sweater but she is looking fantastic so work it gurl


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    Now that Hollywood has felt the success and crossover appeal of the hit Kevin Hart, Gabrielle Union comedy Think Like A Man, a second helping of the advice-driven movie has been ordered.

    Deadline reports that Keith Merryman and David A. Newman have been hired to write the sequel to their box office hit Think Like A Man ($91Million). Steve Harvey, author of the oroginal book, will return as executive producer along with Rushion McDonald and Rob Hardy. The film will appear under the banner of Will Packer's Rainforest Films.


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