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Joshua Morrow Brings Us Up-to-Date on Nick Newman's 'Y&R' Story!

Joshua Morrow is at the center of a huge storyline. Nick recently discovered that his daughter Summer is not his biological daughter, but rather the daughter of Jack and Phyllis.

Phyllis is the only person who knows that it was Sharon, who changed the results of the DNA test before it was mailed out -- but she is in a coma, having fallen down stairs on her way to tell Nick the truth: Summer is his biologic daughter.

What do we have to look forward to for Nick?
I think just the fallout from this incredibly difficult situation for all the characters. Nick may not be the best husband in the world, but he takes being a father seriously and loves this little girl so much. She grew up into this beautiful woman and somebody took her from him, essentially, and little does he know that she's his, and I think how they find out that he was lied to is very interesting television. I can't give you more than that, but it's an awesome story.

Jack thinks Summer is his daughter. So how is that when everybody finds out that it's not so?
It's the genius of the story. I knew that they were going to take Summer away from Nick. I didn't know that they were going to take her away and then eventually give her back to him. It is going to be a lot of fallout for all the characters involved. It's going to be tough. You put this little girl through the ringer emotionally and Jack and Sharon -- everyone's going to be jacked up from this. I'm looking forward to playing it.

How crazy is Sharon?
Right now she's looking coo-coo for Cocoa Puffs. Who knows? She's off her meds, I think, doing a lot of crazy stuff. Her character's ill and she needs to address it. The people who love her need to help her get healthy. I so look forward to watching Sharon finish this story, because it's a great story to tell.

What do you think is the most interesting change in daytime since you started?
I think the most interesting change they made is the pace at which we tell our stories. How fast the stories are now. When I first started if I wanted to do three or four takes, I got to do it. Now, you better come out there prepared and get yourself done in one take no matter how much material you have, no matter how many places you need to get emotional. You've got to move fast and lean. These are not the high-flying days of the '90s. We've got a budget; we've got time restraints. That's the biggest change that I see. We've got to change our model and, I think, we've made the necessary steps.

Jason Thompson and Kirsten Storms preview GENERAL HOSPITAL baby drama!

It’s been the summer of baby-mama (and -daddy!) drama on General Hospital — and an inevitably sudsy climax is on the way, stars Kirsten Storms and Jason Thompson reveal to TVLine.

“Lots of baby drama going on right now,” laughs Storms, whose Port Charles alter ego Maxie is currently carrying her own child but passing it off as the unborn baby of her best friend. “And the next few months are going to be pretty crazy for me.”

Up next for the GH fave: “Maxie gives birth, which is going to be huge,” Storms teases, noting that Maxie’s little bundle of joy will arrive in the not-so-distant future. “There’s drama as soon as her water breaks, [when] things go awry in the midst of labor.”

And once Maxie’s little girl makes her debut, “The downward spiral of the truth [about the baby's identity] coming out” finally begins, shares the daytime TV vet.

Thompson’s leading man Patrick, meanwhile, has some bundle-of-joy woes of his own — he just doesn’t know their extent yet.

“Sabrina still doesn’t believe the baby is Patrick’s, but he’s just trying to get her to back off a little bit,” the actor says. That said, “I’m just as interested as everybody else to find out how this is all going to be happen, because I honestly don’t know,” he jokes.

One thing about which Thompson is sure: His desire to see Kimberly McCullough return to GH as his “late” love Robin — General Hospital Robin Returnsa prospect that looks likely considering recent storyline twists. (Various characters are searching for Jerry Jacks, the man — unbeknownst to them — holding the presumed-dead Robin captive.)

“There’s talk of her coming back for a little bit,” he tells us. “Selfishly, I hope it happens. I love working with Kimberly, We had a great relationship for six, seven years, and it’d be fun to do another story.”

Y&R’s Michael Muhney Doing His Part To Find Cure for Pancreatic Cancer!

On Sunday, October 27, Michael Muhney (Adam Newman, “The Young and the Restless“) will host “The 16th Annual L.A. Cancer Challenge” (LACC), which benefits the Hirshberg Foundation for Pancreatic Cancer Research. This marks the sixth time the actor has hosted the event. LACC is one of Southern California’s largest and most popular charity races with thousands attending each year.

“Since my uncle’s passing, we’ve made progress in research, but we still have more to accomplish before a cure is found,” said Muhney. “I am determined to assist in any way I can to further research and eventually find a cure.” Fans from all over the world are welcome to join Muhney’s team in the fight to find a cure by making a donation at www.lacancerchallenge.com/michaelmuhney.

In 2008 on “Y&R,” Muhney’s character’s mother, Hope Wilson (portrayed by Signy Coleman) died of pancreatic cancer, which Muhney says, “That addition to the storyline makes playing this character more meaningful and powerful.”

“Having Michael Muhney on our team makes it a little easier when we are in the ‘trenches’ creating awareness about this devastating disease,” said Lisa Manheim, event director. “We are honored to have him join us again this year and with him on our team it seems as if we are one step closer to finding a cure.”

The “Challenge” will be held at the Veteran’s Administration Grounds in Los Angeles, CA.

OWN schedule change for AMC & OLTL!

In what many fans have called the most confusing schedule in the history of daytime soap opera programming, OWN: Oprah Winfrey Network has adjusted the scheduling of “new to OWN” episodes of “All My Children” and “One Life to Live.”

Effective Monday, August 5, the network will remove the repeat airings that preceded each “new” episode and the re-airing of the “new” episode that immediately followed. Additionally, “AMC” and “OLTL” will now air back to back with said “new” episodes as “OLTL” is changing timeslots.

According to recently released listings, “AMC” will continue airing at 1:00 PM ET/PT and “OLTL” will immediately follow at 1:30 PM ET/PT.

OWN began airing both soaps on Monday, July 15 as part of their summer soap fling. Ratings weren’t that stellar in the first week, but both shows increased their audiences in week two.

CBS Blocks TWC Subscribers from Viewing CBS.com to Watch Full Episodes!

Things are getting even uglier in the dispute between CBS Corp. and Time Warner Cable (TWC), which has resulted in 13 CBS Owned & Operated TV stations in the eight markets covered by TWC, cable networks Showtime, The Movie Channel (TMC), Flix and Smithsonian, which are wholly or partly owned by CBS, to go dark. A CBS spokesperson has confirmed reports that CBS has blocked TWC subscribers from viewing CBS.com, which would enable those affected by the dispute with a different avenue to view their favorite CBS programs.

“If Time Warner Cable is a customer’s internet service provider, then their access to CBS full episode content via online and mobile platforms has been suspended as a result of Time Warner Cable’s decision to drop CBS and Showtime from their market. As soon as CBS is restored on Time Warner Cable systems in affected markets, that content will be accessible again,” the CBS spokesperson said.

DAYS Alum Welcomes Baby No. 3!

Christie Clark (ex-Carrie, DAYS) and her husband, Thomas Barnes, have welcomed their third daughter, Charlotte Joy. Tweeted the proud mom, "Baby Charlotte." Charlie" Joy was born on Aug 6 th 2013! 8 Pds 4 oz! Everyone is thrilled to bits over here!!!!" Charlie joins older sisters Hannah, 5, and Emma, 2.

Angelica McDaniel makes Glamour's "Meet the Women Who Run Your Favorite Movies and TV Shows"!

The TV Programmer: Angelica McDaniel, 35
As senior VP of daytime programing for CBS Entertainment, she oversees more than 1,000 episodes of TV every season for the network—and checks her BlackBerry for the prior day's ratings before she even gets out of bed. CBS president Nina Tassler calls her a "force of nature."

Words she lives by: "Don't get stuck in the frenzy of the day to day. You have to be aware of the bigger picture."

Young and the Restless Star Christel Khalil Sues Agent for Sending Her on Y&R Audition!

Christel Khalil filed a complaint against her talent agency in California Superior Court Tuesday, accusing it of stealing money and failing to send her on auditions -- except for the one show she already had a contract for.

Khalil says her agents, Mavrick Artists Agency, have repeatedly failed to uphold their end of the contract. She charges that during a very busy pilot season this year, she was only sent out on two auditions for series regular roles. She was not sent on any commercial auditions.

Khalil accuses the defendants of intentionally not paying her for a guest spot on 2 Broke Girls. The complaint also alleges the agency stole money from the actress above its 10 percent.

Perhaps most egregiously, MAA allegedly sent Khalil out to audition for a role on her own show, Young and the Restless, which "collectively embarrassed, if not mortified" the actress. She has four times been nominated for an Emmy in that role, once winning for the role of Lily Winters Ashby.

At the time, Khalil was in a contract role on the soap where she had been for 10 years, according to the documents. This, the plaintiff argues, proves how neglectful the agency has been with her career.

Khalil's attorneys say that the agency is in breach of contract. However, the defendants have denied termination of their contract.

The Bold and the Beautiful soap opera star opens car dealership in Roy!

Before he moved to California, got an agent and landed award-winning roles on a variety of popular soap operas, Jacob Young grew up in the small town of Roy.

After years away, Young returned to his hometown with childhood friend Justin Cruz to start J Star Motorsports car dealership in Roy, which officially opened last week.

Young said his family has deep roots in Washington, including four generations that have lived in Roy.
Growing up in Roy, Young attended McKenna Elementary School with Cruz. The friends participated in choir together, and Young gained an appreciation for acting while participating in school plays and musicals. It led to him pursuing acting opportunities after moving to California as a teenager.

It didn’t take long for Young to gain representation through an agency and start auditioning for roles, he said.

“I was one of those lucky numbers,” he said. “Maybe it was timing, maybe it was the right look. It just happened to all fall in place for me.”

In 1997, after three months of auditioning, he landed the part of Rick Forrester on The Bold and the Beautiful. At just 17 years old, he was nominated for a Daytime Emmy for the role. He left the show in 1999.

In 2002, he took on the role of Lucky Spencer on General Hospital, for which he won a Daytime Emmy.
He left General Hospital in 2003 and appeared in the 2004 film The Girl Next Door, before moving to New York and joining the cast of All My Children as JR Chandler, a role he played for almost nine years before the show was cancelled.

In 2011, Young came full circle, reprising his role on The Bold and the Beautiful.

Despite his success as a soap opera star, Young said a piece of his heart always belonged to Roy.

“The further you go away from home, the more you wish to be (there),” he said. “Every time I came back home I missed it that much more. Sometimes in life you take for granted things that you have, the simplicity of life that’s around you. Something’s to be said about the day-to-day of a small town in a community, and how it thrives and works together. It’s like a puzzle that fits together sort of neatly. And I miss that.”

Young and Cruz first started kicking around the idea of opening a car dealership together about two years ago. Young has always been passionate about cars, and Cruz has been selling cars at a profit since high school, so a car dealership seemed like the perfect opportunity.

Roy seemed like the right place to turn the idea into a reality, and also afforded Young a remedy for his homesickness.

Young is the business owner, and Cruz is his partner and day-to-day operations manager of the business.
Young said they didn’t want to start out too ambitious.

“We started small,” he said. “We’re a small business that is looking to broaden and become a company that hometown people can trust, hometown consumers can trust and rely on us.”

Young said as the company grows, he’d like to have more opportunities to communicate directly with customers, whether they’re directly from the Roy area, or as far away as Tacoma or Parkland.

“With today’s technology — Facebook and Twitter and all that — we have ways of being able to reach out to the customers and I think it’s important,” he said. “I think it’s important to get feedback and communicate.”

The duo plans to double its current inventory of about 13 vehicles within the next two months. They plan to have 20-30 vehicles on hand at any given time, while providing great pricing, friendly service, and fair prices on trade-ins, Cruz said.

Young said they’re interested in organizing a community meet-and-greet barbecue sometime in the future to properly introduce themselves to the community over hamburgers and hot dogs.

Amber Tamblyn Joins TWO AND A HALF MEN as Charlie's Long-Lost Lesbian Daughter!

Two and a Half Men has found its little woman.

After an exhaustive search, TV vet Amber Tamblyn (Joan of Arcadia, House) has been cast as the long-lost, lesbian daughter of Charlie Sheen’s late bachelor, TVLine has learned.

The character, Jenny, shows up in the CBS comedy’s Sept. 26 premiere upon moving from New York City to Los Angeles to pursue a career in showbiz. She ends up crashing with her Uncle Alan (Jon Cryer) and Walden (Ashton Kutcher).

“She’s somewhat of a chip off the old block,” explains exec producer Chuck Lorre of Jenny. “She’s having a good time and doesn’t care about the destruction left behind her. Decadence from the other side felt long overdue.”

Tamblyn’s role is recurring (she’s booked for five episodes so far), with the option to become a series regular — ostensibly filling the void left by Angus T. Jones’ full-time exit.

good time with former GUIDING LIGHT star Kim Zimmer!

On TV, Kim Zimmer battled amnesia, time travel and being cloned.

Now the former soap star is reinventing her real life.

The Emmy winner has taken to the stage as Madame Morrible in the current tour of “Wicked,” which opens tonight at the Boston Opera House, with the hopes of igniting a late-in-life career on Broadway.

“When ‘Guiding Light’ went off the air, people said, ‘Are you going to retire?’ I was 54. Are you out of your mind?” said Zimmer, now 58. “I hope I get to work the rest of my life. Broadway is on my bucket list.”

Her turn as Madame Morrible, the headmistress at Shiz University, where the “Wicked” witches study, has been a thrill for Zimmer, who hasn’t tired of the live audience experience since taking the role a year ago.

“My understudy hates me because I’m never sick,” she said. “Time flies when you’re having fun.”

A zealous Yankees and Jets fan (the assistant prop manager is dragging her to Fenway Park), Zimmer loves getting into Morrible’s “wonderfully threatening character”— heavy makeup and wig included.

“I do it myself and it’s a gas. Most of the stagehands and dressers don’t even know what I look like,” she said. “When I walk out the stage door, unless (fans) are looking for me, I can blow by the autograph line.”

Though “Wicked” fans can rarely place her, loyal soap buffs still recognize Zimmer four years after “Guiding Light” ended its 72-year run. But Zimmer isn’t nostalgic for the past. Instead, she’s hopeful that her role as Morrible will translate into increasingly dynamic roles.

“I always said I wanted to be Olympia Dukakis, who won an Oscar at 62 (for ‘Moonstruck’). I don’t need to win an award, but I want a role like that,” she said.

And if the Broadway thing doesn’t work out, Zimmer, a self-described “football freak,” might consider consulting for the NFL. Espousing on the upcoming football season, she said:

“(The Jets) should have made (Tim) Tebow a fullback when he was with us. If anyone can make this poor kid a football player, it’s (Patriots coach Bill) Belichick.”

Jake Tapper gets soapy with 'All My Children'!

JAKE TAPPER, the host of CNN's "The Lead," may be Queen Village born and bred, but his next project takes him to Pine Valley, the fictitious setting of soap opera "All My Children."

Tapper really stretches his acting muscle in a cameo in an Aug. 12 episode playing - what else? - an annoying journalist named Spencer Phillips, a faux business reporter.

Alas, his plotline involves no evil twins. And he's never coma-ridden. Not even once.

All My Children was canceled in 2011, but the show was resurrected online and is available through the Online Network via Hulu, Hulu Plus and iTunes. Episodes created for the Web also recently started airing on Oprah's OWN, Monday through Thursday at 1 p.m.

"For months, we at 'The Lead' have been covering the different ways content is provided in the modern world - from interviewing ["Doonesbury" cartoonist] Garry Trudeau about his sitcom airing on Amazon.com to covering the rise of Netflix," Tapper told me via email. "We were interested when we heard that two soaps that ABC had canceled were finding new lives online - so I went up to Connecticut to report on that.

My cameo came as a fun way to immerse myself in the soap experience. (I confess I had to be talked into it by my staff.)"

Catch Tapper at his weekly gig Monday through Friday at 4 p.m. on CNN.

What I Wore TODAY: Susan Lucci!

Actress Susan Lucci joined Kathie Lee and Hoda on Tuesday to talk about her new role as the host of Investigation Discovery's true-crime series "Deadly Affairs." The former "All My Children" actress was sporting a simple, chic black dress for the occasion.

Did you like what Lucci was wearing? Here are the details:

Gucci dress
Jimmy Choo shoes
Cartier watch

Lucci, 66, said her wardrobe is often affected by her mood, but the roles she plays on television are also a frequent influence.

"When I get ready to play a character, I'll actually go shopping with the mindset of that character," Lucci told TODAY.com. "But this is simply me ... Like most women, we have a lot of ways we feel when we wake up in the morning, and this is what I was feeling today ... I'm happy in my simple black dress."

Chandler Massey: his win, his role, his future!

With his 23rd birthday approaching soon, Chandler Massey (Will) of Days of our Lives is a three time Emmy Award nominee and a two time winner. He also has tackled a very controversial role that he portrays so eloquently. As a gay character, he has dealt with tough issues including coming out and sorting through his inner feelings. The scenes are so well written and his performance has been nothing but exuberant. He is the first actor to ever win an Emmy for playing a gay character, taking the role to new heights.

"I am honored. I cannot even tell you how much. I was so nervous I didn't even hear my name at the Emmy's. I cannot believe two wins. I don't know if I was more nervous now or then? As for playing Will, it has opened my eyes, especially about being equal. I'm all for equality," Massey said. "I feel lucky and blessed. When I was told of the role, I loved the opportunity, and it was so well presented. Also this was really bringing the character of Will to the forefront. I really wanted to reach out with this role."

One of Massey's greatest moments was this past June. He was an invited guest to Columbus, Ohio., where he participated in his first Pride Parade. He said he was floored and called this, "A celebration of life and freedom." He also participated in many local events, including throwing out the first pitch at a Columbus Clippers game.

Massey is from Atlanta, Georgia., and has loved the entertainment business most of his life. While attending Norcross High School, he participated in many stage productions playing the lead, and is also a singer and dancer, saying "the more I acted, the more I wanted."He also plays the piano and has a keyboard in his dressing room, and said that he is known to tickle the ivories on the piano on set.

He guest starred in several shows like One Tree Hill and Army Wives to name a few. And he starred in the movie 16-Love and recently completed Angels in Stardust with hopes of being released soon.

Massey graduated high school in 2009. He told his father that he wants to be an actor, and to his amazement, he was very supportive. "My dad really was. You know, like most kids that tell their parents they want to be an actor, usually the reaction is go to school and study," Massey said. "I was very grateful. My dad was like go for it and he offered me all his love and support."

Massey's intentions are to go to UCLA, which he enrolled to study Mandarin Chinese and International business, but upon arriving in Los Angeles he made the rounds of getting an agent and hit the audition scene. He tried out on Days of our Lives for Will and of course, the rest is history. His education plans are on hold, but his ultimate goal is to earn a degree.

Soapdom needs to know…In December 2013 your contract at Days is up and the rumor mill is a buzz you are leaving. Can you comment? “(Laughing) I know. It began at the Emmy’s, where I commented that I want to go back to school, which I do, and everyone just assumed I’m leaving," Massey explains. “This is what I meant! My contract is up in December. Right now, I will tell you that no decision has been made. I will weigh all my options and hopefully work it all out. I will tell you, I love the show. I love the story and Will. No matter what decision I make, Will is always going to be a part of my life. But at this moment, nothing is official.”

Massey also added that he would really like the storyline to go in the direction of Sonny (Freddie Smith) and Will getting married. "I think this needs to be shown. I want them to get married. Even if another actor were to play Will, this is what I'd want to see for the characters."

Massey noted that his mom, dad, and family in Georgia are proud of his work and accomplishments, as are Papa and Mimi, his grandparents. "I love them. You know they are from a whole other generation that was not so accepting of differences, or given the opportunity and they really took to this with much understanding. I'm so proud of them."

Besides his talents, it might be his humble personality and his Southern charm that has won the hearts of fans throughout the country. In Hollywood, the versatility of his accomplishments is being recognized. And one can only predict that the road ahead will be paved in gold.

If Massey decides to leave Days, his plans are to remain in the business. He said one of his goals is to get back to his roots which is the stage. "I love the stage and the audience. I have to tell you, I was in New York and saw the Lion King, and I was like this is it for me. I'd love to do Broadway," he said. "I also want to continue with films. I want any role, and I want to play a lot of roles. That is what being an actor is all about."

Soapdom asked, with all your success and all the adoring fans, do you have a message for them? "Yes!" he bellowed. "I Thank You. I never felt such support. Before it was only from my family. I love you guys!"

Crystal Chappell previews Season 4 of VENICE!

"I always say to myself when I start the next season, I kind of want to scale if back because it’s a really big production, and I always end up going bigger. So there you go. You know what, there’ a lot of love in it. Just a lot of change. The entire family dynamic changes this season. It’s pretty pivotal. Ani, Lara, Gina, there is a lot of push and pull that will go on there. Ani’s brother Jake is heavily involved in that. Gina’s not happy that Sara is there, so there is a contentious relationship growing. There are some surprises with Sara as well."

Tamar Braxton Names Son After Bold and Beautiful's Brooke Logan!

In true Braxton family style, Tamar's delivery of her first child -- Logan, with husband Vincent Herbert -- was a circus. "Vincent had a Hugh Hefner robe on and was doling out orders to everyone," The Real host, 36, reveals to Us Weekly.

Enlisting Dr. Jacqueline Walters, who appeared on Bravo's Married to Medicine, to deliver her son, Braxton tells Us she was initially hesitant to bond with her infant due to his fragility. "I remember being shocked. I could not believe that this is my baby and I had to take this baby home with me," admits the TV star. "I remember not wanting to hold him at first because I was scared I was going to drop him, so Vincent did a lot of the holding because he was just so little and fragile. I was like 'Oh, my God, I'm going to break his bones."

Daddy Herbert also had a heavy influence in naming his firstborn. "Vince loves the soap opera The Bold and the Beautiful. We tape it every day," says Braxton. "There is a character named Brooke Logan, and we got Logan from her last name because we wanted the initials LV. Logan kind of stuck with us -- we really like it."

The TV star tells Us her son is a "perfect mixture" of his parents. "Logan is the best newborn ever. I know -- I have 13 nieces and nephews!" Her only issue: "He's quiet, so not like me at all," jokes the outspoken first-time mom. "Very disappointing!"

Laura Bell Bundy Joins ANGER MANAGEMENT As New Female Lead!

Tony nominee and former GUIDING LIGHT actress Laura Bell Bundy has joined the cast of FX's ANGER MANAGEMENT as a new series regular, producers Lionsgate Television announced Monday.

Bundy, who begins filming this week, will play Charlie's new sex-study research partner, Dr. Jordan Denby. The character is described as a brilliant psychologist whose recent divorce, fondness for alcohol and wild mood swings turn Charlie's life into an emotional roller-coaster.

The role initially was conceived as a recurring part with series regular option.

Bell replaces Selma Blair in the comedy series. Blair was dismissed from the series after clashing with Sheen in June.

Bell recently signed a record deal with Big Machine Records in Nashville and will release her first country single on Aug. 19. She's currently on tour with Rascal Flatts.

WATCH: Premiere of Michelle Stafford's New Web Series THE STAFFORD PROJECT!

Michelle Stafford's last episode as Phyllis in THE YOUNG AND THE RESTLESS aired on Friday, August 2nd. Now we get to watch her in a brand new web series, THE STAFFORD PROJECT, a satirical comedy where she plays "Michelle Stafford", an exaggerated version of herself.

THE STAFFORD PROJECT was created by Stafford, Paige Long and Paige Dorian. Check out the premiere episode ("Technicalities") below.

The premiere featured Michelle Stafford as Michelle, Michael Walker as Steve, Mike Randleman as Richard, Natalia Stafford at Natalia, Sevier Crespo as Marcus, and Rob Filios as Jonathan.

GH’s Kirsten Storms & Jason Thompson Video Interview!

On-Air On-Soaps Michael Fairman sat down with two of General Hospital’s most popular stars, Kirsten Storms (Maxie Jones) and Jason Thompson (Patrick Drake) for this video interview at the ABC Summer Press Tour event (premiering the fall season) for the Television Critics Association (TCA) just a few days ago.

During the conversation, Kirsten and Patrick discussed the topic that is one of the most forefront on GH fans minds … what is going to happen when Maxie has her baby and all the deceit surrounding it? And, what is going to happen when Britt (Kelly Thiebaud) has her baby, that is supposedly Patrick’s? Here now are some excerpts from what the stars had to say about all the drama, followed by the video!

KIRSTEN: “I think in my storyline, I don’t think there is one resolution that everybody is going to be happy with. The fans are pretty divided on what they want the outcome to be. I think no matter what … things are not going to go well for Maxie. She has lied to just about everybody in her life, and in the situation. Obviously, things are going to have to start coming out because a few people know the truth, and I don’t think they are going to be able to keep that in for very long. But that is kind of what we do this for … the big explosion of the storyline, and just to see the fallout of everything. I am ready for it to happen though.”

JASON: “I am ready for the next part of this story, for sure. I honestly don’t know how this all plays out. We are back to work not this week, but the week after, and so I think it will start to shift going into the next couple of weeks. So, I am kind of excited to read how this all plays out. There are a lot of questions that Patrick has right now about the situation that he is in. There was a scare on the health of the baby, and so I think he is really trying to zero in on that, and to make sure that this child is born healthy. I am sure once we find out that is the case, or maybe even before, there will be some fallout. Whether everybody’s happy about it, I don’t know, but I am probably sure most people in my situation would probably be happy that the baby is not his. I personally, hope it’s mine… I just want another kid! It would be fun, why not? (Laughs)”

The Week In The Year 2000!

Dimitri told Dixie that he would fight for his life. Edmund told Dixie that he planned to ask Alex to marry him. Dixie tried to stop Edmund, but she ended up passing out on the floor at Wildwind before she could say anything. David took Dixie home and warned her to take care of herself. Becca and Leo agreed to appear on a reality-based segment of Wave. Becca almost gave in to her desire to make love to Leo. Adrian told Joe, Tad, and Gillian that Jake had been located, but that he didn't want to return to Pine Valley. Brooke and Eliot shared a kiss as Eliot struggled with his need to tell Brooke "the truth." Erica and David painfully decided to end their relationship.

Winston suffered a fatal heart attack while struggling with Carly. Simon and Lily overpowered Celia on the island. Hal arrested Bryant for reckless driving. Carly arrived in Oakdale just as Julia was confessing to Jack that Carly had been in touch before. Holden confronted "Lily" with the photos of Beloved and Rose.

C.J. told Amber that he wouldn't let anything happen to her, and they shared a kiss. Thorne told Kimberly she needed to do a makeover to cheer up and invited her to dinner. Kimberly showed up for dinner completely made over and told Thorne she wanted him to see her as a woman; she kissed him. Stephanie told Ridge that Morgan was nine weeks pregnant. Ridge confronted Morgan, who told him he was the father of her baby, and no one was making her have an abortion. Morgan told Clarke that Ridge knew the truth about the baby. Morgan was worried about what was going to happen when the truth was revealed. Ridge told Stephanie about Morgan's treachery to get pregnant and that he was the father of her baby. Stephanie told Ridge not to say anything to Taylor, and she would take care of Morgan.

John had some explaining to do when he "borrowed" baby John from Hope to get a DNA sample. Belle, Philip, and Shawn were perplexed over Chloe's behavior, as it seemed she was turning into the cruel person she disliked in everyone else. Nancy's problems with Chloe and Craig escalated, as Chloe and Craig seemed to draw closer. Fay couldn't seem to get to Abe, but connected with Roman to discuss Nicole's bad influence on Eric. Fay tried to defend Nicole to Roman. Roman walked in on Nicole and Rex as she continued to pressure Rex for her money. Lily returned to Salem to comfort Greta, as Greta prepared to tell Lucas the truth about Nicole and Eric's relationship. Dr. Rolf took matters into his own hands to get Isaac's DNA for Stefano. Stefano talked his way out of Isaac's "kidnapping scare," but Abe was furious and suspicious of Stefano. Dr. Rolf awaited the results of the paternity test.

Chloe and Jax made plans to leave town, but Helena arrived at their island hideout first. Meanwhile, Helena's hit man had tracked down Stefan. Emily wondered if she had done the right thing in telling Juan her secret, as her other friends worried about Juan's trustworthiness. Nikolas paid Gia to help them find the guy who had murdered Ted; later, she recognized Zander talking to Elizabeth. Bobbie was angered when she saw Carly and Roy flirting; later, she wondered about his further involvement in organized crime. Mike asked Carly for help with his gambling debts, and she agreed to ask Sonny for the money. Edward attempted to have A.J. arrested for insider trading. After telling Emily of their plans, Monica and Alan began fertility treatments.

Josh and Reva's lawyers turned their divorce proceedings into a fiasco at Millennium that took the entire group straight to the police station. Olivia tried to make it up to Josh. Harley started her job back at the force. Phillip managed to alienate just about everyone he cared about over the custody suit for baby James. Beth, Jim, and the kids moved out of the mansion. Harley and Phillip argued over Zach and ended up making wild, passionate love -- and seemed as if they might be headed toward reconciliation. Susan and Harley reached an understanding. With advice from family and friends, Harley considered getting back together with Phillip, ever after Alan's harsh assessment of her inadequacies as a Spaulding wife. Maria and Carlos set up Danny into believing he had "taken care of" Carmen's killer, and then were delighted to learn his marriage to Michelle was over as a result. Selena might have a past connection to Miguel Santos. David and Ruth connected. Phillip tried to reach an agreement with Beth and Jim, but Jim's attitude toward Phillip might ruin things for everyone. Edmund rescued Beth.

Jessica and Cris made wedding plans. Melanie told Sam about Lindsay's "breakdown." Lindsay gave Nora the memory-altering drug. Todd convinced Will to leave the country in a cargo container. In a dream, Nora went on "trial" to save her memories. Colin gave Nora another drug he hoped would help her. Viki had her last chemotherapy treatment. Joey asked Kelly for a divorce. Renee told Asa to clear Will's name, or she'd divorce him. Judge Fitzwater refused to drop the case against Will without the tape. Will called Sam and told him Nora was alive. Sam rushed to Colin's house, but Nora was gone. Daniel caught Rae searching his hotel room. Antonio called in a tip that R.J. was involved with a drug shipment. Todd was the one that had taken Nora. Sam returned home and found Asa talking to Matthew.

Sheridan shot Les and saved Luis' life. Theresa went into Ethan's bedroom, and he drew her into a kiss. Julian went to Pilar's house, determined to get Ivy's attaché case. Theresa saw Sheridan sleepwalk in the Crane living room. T.C. went to his secret shed. Julian was suspicious when he discovered that Ivy was hiding at Pilar's house. Julian found Theresa's keys and was determined to break into Pilar's house. Kay taunted Whitney by saying that Chad loved Simone. Gwen went into Ethan's bedroom as Ethan dreamt about Theresa. Julian found Ivy's attaché case. Sheridan asked Luis to help her uncover her past. Simone was crushed when Chad couldn't remember telling her he loved her. Gwen gave Theresa an expensive gift for filling in for her maid of honor. She later told a delighted Theresa that Ethan had apparently been dreaming about a mysterious woman.

Lily felt confused as to why her parents could not live under the same roof. Neil was upset that Malcolm and Dru were involved. Neil admitted he still had feelings for Dru and had high hopes that they would get back together for their daughter's sake. J.T. comforted Brittany about Billy's wandering eye. She ended up getting drunk, and she and J.T. had sex. Jill found out that Mac had signed for the missing Express Mail letter. Katherine wondered if Jill was out to destroy Mac by finding Mac's mother. Jill booked a flight to St. Louis. Michael and Phyllis rekindled the wild romance they had once shared. Christine began to reassess her position in the firm, since Michael had taken on Brad as his new client against Victor. Victoria received another letter from Gary, who wanted to make amends with Victoria. Victor created a signed document to prove to Ashley that he would not go after Jabot if the Abbotts let Brad go.


Sami's life is threatened; JJ adds something extra to the treats for the girls' book-club meeting.

Eric's (EJ's?) plan goes awry; Sami receives a touching video from Rafe.

Kristen begins work with Eric on the scholarship program, and worries that he may remember what she did to him.

Sami receives both good and bad news at her hearing; Brady and Nicole talk openly and honestly about Madison's death.

Sami and Kate stumble upon Stefano's actions; Jennifer, JJ and Abigail come together to honor Jack.

Michael delivers difficult news regarding he and Kiki's familial ties; Dante and Lulu attend birthing classes with Maxie, as well as Patrick and Britt.

A surprise wedding is in store for Felicia and Mac, but the couple's nuptials may not be the only surprise awaiting the group

Duke becomes critically ill, and the group eagerly awaits his test results; Patrick tries to cheer up a miserable Emma.

Maxie refuses to let Mac and Felica cancel their special day; Britt demands to know what mischief her mother has been up to.

Mac and Felica's wedding is interrupted once again; Luke discovers a hidden door, and attempts to enter it.

Rick misses Maya's debut in 'Room 8 The Series.'

Maya finds comfort in the arms of Carter.

Bill pursues Brooke through the streets of Monte Carlo.

Maya is torn between Rick and Carter.

Wyatt makes a surprise visit at Spencer Publications; Bill reveals his future plans to Brooke.

8/12, Victor changes the game on Billy; Dylan and Chelsea deliver the baby.

8/13, Hilary's agenda is questioned; Avery's absence helps Sharon get closer to Nick.

8/14, Tyler and Abby become closer; Adam turns to Sharon for help.

8/15, Chelsea and Anita face off; Nikki decides to confront Victor.

8/16, Billy is willing to do anything to win Victoria back; friends and family come together for an important homecoming.

All hell breaks loose when a drunken Jesse crashes the Gala

Celia and Colby square off

During a dire situation, will David come face to face with his son?

Jesse finds support in the last person he'd call a friend

The Buchanan family tries to keep things together as the drama at the hospital escalates

Viki and Jeffrey ponder whether Clint's actions should be made public

Blair turns to Tea after her very emotional day with Todd

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