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Michael Jackson enticed "lost boys" into sordid fantasy world hidden from their parents


The “lost boys” lured to Michael Jackson’s Neverland ranch were enticed into a sordid fantasy world hidden from their parents, the Sunday People can reveal. Shocking audio tapes from the singer’s secret FBI file offer a chilling insight into the superstar’s depravity. They reveal how groups of kids would be invited to Jackson’s estate, where he would then isolate his prey. The twisted star would sleep with children in a tepee as well as his bed and was even seen groping two boys.

Jackson’s sick secrets were exposed in a recorded interview with his ex-butler Philip LeMarque and wife Stella, taped on August 28, 1993 – 12 years before the star stood trial accused of molesting children. The charges followed a TV documentary showing the singer holding hands with 13-year-old Gavin Arvizo in 2003. Jacko was acquitted of seven child abuse charges in June 2005.

The couple said Jackson – who used the code name Blue Fox – would watch porn films with young boys in his private bedroom behind a secret wall in a 70-seat Neverland cinema. They claimed the ONLY adult who ever complained about Jackson’s disappearing acts with young boys was screen legend Marlon Brando.

Stella said: “He’d come to the ranch and always see Michael playing, disappear with the children. Michael would never spend time with the adults at the ranch. He said, ‘What the hell is Michael doing with those kids!’’’ She said another famous guest, the late Elizabeth Taylor, “never” complained.

French-born Philip and Stella worked at Neverland in Santa Clara, California, for nine months and were the only live-in staff. The other staff were sent home at 4pm. They were interviewed by a private investigator working for Hollywood sleuth Anthony Pellicano. The tape was among material seized by FBI agents probing Pellicano – who was employed by Jackson to uncover the skeletons in his closet.

The private investigator

The following are excerpts from a copy he made of the recording:

PHILIP: The theatre is like a regular theatre. He’s got 70 seats.

STELLA: And behind the wall, he has two bedrooms. Sometimes he’d be there with the kids. I wanted to take a picture of the bedroom but couldn’t.

PHILIP: He could watch porn.

STELLA: He’d stay with the kids all night long. All night long!

PHILIP: From 7pm until eight the next morning… nine in the morning, they are still up playing around.

PRIVATE INVESTIGATOR: Where are the adults?

PHILIP: The adults are in separate buildings.

STELLA: Boy A came to see Michael… The parents were in the room smoking pot with a five-month-old baby. At the time, he was crazy about Boy A and his little brother.

PHILIP: Michael likes them young. Boy A was getting too old. The first time when Michael saw Boy A in the movie, XXXX XXXX, he told Boy A he wanted to meet him.

PI: Wait a minute. She (a former member of Jackson’s staff) makes deals with the parents?

PHILIP: She makes the deals with the parents to bring everybody… the parents with the kids to the ranch. If there are five kids, then Michael will take the one he wants.

PI: You’re saying (the Jackson staffer) brings a selection of kids for Michael to choose from? Like a pimp?


STELLA: If you really like children, you like all of them, boy or girl. Not only one while the others run around.

PHILIP: We saw a little boy and girl running around the ranch at 3am. We were the ones who found them.

PI: Michael gave no attention to those he had no interest in?

PHILIP: Yes, they didn’t know where to go. The ranch is very large. The arcade... Michael invites a whole bunch of kids, boys and girls so it doesn’t sound to be unnatural. Everyone is playing and doing things. This gives Michael the chance to break one of the children away from the rest.

PI: Sounds like he has a plan that he puts in to motion, in stages.

PHILIP: First the children just go on the amusements.

PI: You mean they just play? It’s innocent?

PHILIP: Yes, but as time progresses, the next time, (the staffer) invites only the kids Michael is interested in. The activity goes on mostly in the night.

PI: Where are the damn parents! Jesus Christ!

PHILIP: The parents do their own thing. Michael and the kids sleep in the tepee.

STELLA: And Michael sleeps in the bedroom with the children he loves. That’s true.

PHILIP: There is a stairway inside Michael’s room. It leads to the guest room…no other access …where he says the children sleep, but they never do. The bedroom upstairs …the bedroom is never undone. When Boy A came, Michael told his parents, “Boy A will stay with me.” Michael has warning alarms that go off when someone is walking close to the bedroom.

PI: I want to know about the other kids. I imagine there were a few.

PHILIP: More than a few.

PI: OK, we’ll get to them but tell me what you know about Michael and Boy A.

PHILIP: (Michael) called me at 2am that night to say, “Philip, would you please bring me some French fries?” OK, I get up and I go make him some French fries. So, then I take the two-way radio and you call security and you ask, ‘Where is Blue Fox?’ They say, ‘Oh, he’s in the arcade.’ … I went around the other entrance and entered through there and that’s when I saw Michael groping the kid.

PI: Michael had his hand touching his private parts over the pants?

PHILIP: No, no, no… In the pants.

STELLA: Boy C in the cinema, Michael did the same thing with him… and the mother was two or three rows in the front.

PI: They weren’t watching porn?

STELLA: No but they were kissing.

PI: Like a peck on the cheek?

STELLA: No, like lovers. I saw them. That’s not normal.

PI: And Boy A’s father… You said he didn’t know what was going on?

STELLA: The father is an ***hole. He is only interested in the money.

PHILIP: The father did ask me one time what was happening with Michael and Boy A. Why they were with each other all the time.

STELLA: Michael took an apartment back near the studio. Michael would pick him up in the limo and they would always be together.

PHILIP: He would keep the parents busy doing things around the house. Michael would give the parents things to do and he would treat them like kings! He (a Jackson staffer) would give them whatever they wanted.

STELLA: Well, the mother of the boy from Switzerland was crying and saying, “Why does Michael always want to be with my son to sleep? Why is it I have four other children and why doesn’t he want to spend time with them, if he loves all children?”

PI: What was the mother from Switzerland doing there?

STELLA: Michael sent them tickets.

PHILIP: Michael liked variety. (laughing)

STELLA: Yes. Boy B was there very often, but then he got too old and stopped coming to the ranch.

PHILIP: He would call all the time, but Michael would say, “Tell him I’m not here.” Then he’d smile about it.

PI: A sinister reaction. That’s dark and cold.

PHILIP: Michael and Boy B watched porn together. The boy didn’t want to touch himself and Michael told him he would do it for him.

PI: Did any adults witness this?

STELLA: Yes, (Jackson staffer) saw everything. She told us… Michael always thought everybody was stealing from him.

PI: Maybe it stems from his own guilt… from stealing young boys’ ­childhoods. Any other weird behaviour or something you want to mention?

PHILIP: Michael would never let the kids look at clocks or know what day it was. He didn’t want anybody to worry about the time because it was never bedtime. Sometimes he’d be up all night with the kids.

The investigator, speaking now said: “I don’t believe the world understood how much power and influence Jackson wielded. He could spend millions to silence anyone – and he did that with Jordie (Chandler). Back then the victims couldn’t speak for themselves. I understand some of their parents were paid money and the kids didn’t know. Now the kids are grown up, they have the chance to speak. I feel that Wade is now taking his chance to speak up.

“I hope it helps his other victims. It might even give them the courage to make a complaint to the police.”


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