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Want to go to Disneyland with Jesse Pinkman? Well now you can for just $3050!!!!

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Kind Campaign is an internationally recognized movement, documentary and
school program based upon the powerful belief in KINDness that brings awareness
and healing to the negative and lasting affects of girl-against-girl

Kind Campaign is an official 501 (c)(3). In February 2009, while attending
Pepperdine University, the founders, Lauren Parsekian and Molly Thompson joined
forces. Having both been affected by female bullying throughout their youth,
they decided to create change by giving females a platform to speak out about
this universal experience.

Immediately upon graduating with degrees in Film and Television Production,
Lauren & Molly drove across the country for two months to shoot their
documentary and began to implement their assembly program into schools across
the nation. Their documentary, Finding Kind, was released in theaters in New
York and Los Angeles, was accepted and awarded in over 20 film festivals, and
has screened in thousands of schools across America and Canada. They have
personally spoken in over 450 schools across North America and have completed
four international anti-bullying school tours, reaching hundreds of thousands of
students with their documentary, assembly program and Kind Club curriculum.

We are excited to continue our work of the last four years by creating the KiND
KiT. Set to release in Fall 2013, the KiND KiT is an anti-bullying curriculum,
which will include the Finding Kind documentary, an assembly DVD, Kind Campaign
materials, and the Kind Club Curriculum. The KiND KiT will allow a vast number
of schools and communities to host their own Kind Campaign assemblies and

It is our hope that by continuing to expand and develop our in-school programs,
we will educate girls about ways to create healthy female friendships and to use
the kindness within their own hearts to change the world.

Pledge $3050 or more and spend a day at Disneyland with Aaron Paul and go home
with a signed script from the final season of Breaking Bad!
Breaking Bad star Aaron Paul wants to take you and a friend to Disneyland for
the day! Then he wants to send you home with a Breaking Bad script that he'll
personally sign for you.
You'll be joined at Disneyland by Kind Campaign
founders Lauren and Molly! We've got limited spots available so donate today to
reserve your spot at the Happiest Place on Earth! Find the donation tier on the
right side of the page to donate. TRAVEL AND ACCOMMODATIONS NOT INCLUDED. If
you have any questions about this reward please email community@wediditfundraising.com

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