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Oh No They Didn't! -
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    Megan Mullally says fashion brands never offer to dress her for awards shows.
    The actress is set to host the 2019 SAG Awards.
    She took to Instagram to reveal that she is shopping for her own dress.
    She tried to order a dress from Saks and her order got canceled.


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  • 12/14/18--09:08: THR's Director Roundtable

  • source

    (l-r): Yorgos Lanthimos (The Favourite), Ryan Coogler (Black Panther), Marielle Heller (Can You Ever Forgive Me?), Bradley Cooper (A Star Is Born), Alfonso Cuaron (Roma), and Spike Lee (BlacKkKlansman)

    Roma dropped on Netflix today!

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    This weekend finally has some big releases, starting off with the critically-acclaimed 'Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse', which has already brought in $3.5 million, and is expected to make around $30 million this weekend (on a $90M budget).

    Also out is the critically meh 'Mortal Engines', which made a pretty embarrassing $675,000 on Thursday, and is expected to bring in around $10 million to $15 million this weekend (on a - oof - $100 million budget). This one can join 'Robin Hood' as massively unnecessarily box office bombs.

    Clint Eastwood's latest, 'The Mule', is released today (so no Thurs previews), and is also expected to make around $10 million to $15 million, and I reckon it cost WAY less than $100M to make.

    Additionally in limited release this weekend is the stunningly beautiful 'If Beale Street Could Talk', and the re-edited 'Once Upon a Deadpool', which was released Wednesday (and took in $1 million then, with most proceeds going to F-Cancer).


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    -In the Season 1 finale of Titans it seems like they are ignoring the whole Trigon storyline they've spent the season building up to to instead focus on Dick Grayson confronting his mentor Batman. Well...this will most likely be a trick by the big T.

    -This will be Batmans first "television" appearance since Birds of Prey back in 2002.

    -As such DC is giving a discount to new subscribers (screw you DCU!) by offering $3.99/month for 3 months, or a full year for $59.99 through December 20th. (I want my $20 refund!)

    Image and video hosting by TinyPic

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    Atonia Thomas (The Good Doctor, Misfits) sat down with Noctis Magazine to chat about her work.

    • Talks about her mother moving to England from Jamaica in the 1960s and dealing with racism. "As a woman of colour, with doors constantly being closed in her face, she persevered anyway and has had a glittering career as well as being a wonderful mother. I am in awe of her and her strength to succeed."

    • When preparing for a role, she starts off with a list of character questions to better understand the character.

    • Originally thought she would focus on musical theater, but later realized acting was a bigger strength. Had the opportunity to sing in Sunshine on Leith.

    • Is in the process of developing some of her own work in writing and producing. Is ready to be involved in making the creative decisions.

    More pics at the source


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    Kodak Black's sophomore album Dying to Live delivered 16 tracks
    The ninth cut titled "Malcolm X.X.X.," addressed the intersection of gun violence and racism.
    It compared human rights activist Malcolm X to the late rapper XXXTentacion.

    "X was tryna buy a bike and he got gunned down
    X was tryna change his life, but he got burned down
    X wasn't ridin' with no pipe so he got gunned down
    Listen, do as I say, don't do as I do
    Nine out of ten, it ain't gon' end up lookin' good for you"


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  • 12/14/18--10:00: ONTD Roundup
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    - "Warrior" centers on the Tongs in 1870s Chinatown, San Francisco.
    - The show is based on a treatment Bruce Lee created and pitched to Warner Brothers nearly 50 years ago but was rejected because they didn't believe audiences wouldn't go for a Chinese man as a lead of an American TV Show. Following that, Warner Brothers made the series "Kung Fu" starring white man David Carradine.
    - Produced by Justin Lin (Fast and Furious franchise) and Shannon Lee (Bruce Lee's daughter)
    - It stars Andrew Koji, Olivia Cheng, Jason Tobin, Kieran Bew, Dianne Doan, Dean S. Jagger, Landley Kirkwoord, Joanna Vanderham, Hoong Lee, Joe Taslim and more.


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    Tan France is tired of having to clear extra security hurdles because of the colour of his skin.

    France gave more details on his Instagram Story, explaining,
    “What happens is, when you’re checking in, they tell you that you can’t use your pre-check because there’s a security issue. At that point, they take you out of line, and then they search you, and they give you a pat down—which is humiliating—where they check everything. Hopefully they’ll see this at some point and figure out why the fuck they’re treating me like this, because I know the answer. I know why I’m being profiled.”

    source, 2

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    Tired, long, confused, dehydrated but somewhat enjoyable. Just some of the words to describe my long journey. I literally was in the comfort of my own home while listening and reviewing Zayn’s latest album yet it felt like I walked through one long mumbling desert. I contemplated giving up about 11-12 tracks in, but I slapped myself out of it and pressed forward. Certain I’d find the bops. Something.

    1. Let Me - Let me skip this one, I’ve heard it and while it’s not terrible I’m sure there were better songs to open the album with. The song does make me want to go and get vanilla ice cream tho.🍦

    2. Natural - Decent mid-tempo track, lots of falsetto in the chorus.

    3. Back to Life - Starts off slow but builds and picks up. Dare I say, I found my first bop™.

    4. Common - Slow but instantly catchy, an ear worm. Not everything has to be a bop™. I know. Easily a highlight for this OP.

    5. Imprint - Chill, cute, but forgettable.

    6. Stand Still - An eerie but catchy track that’ll put you right to sleep. In a good way. A highlight.

    7. Tonight - It’s alright, nothing worth while noting here.

    8. Flight of the Stars - Chill mid-tempo track to keep you deep into your Zzz’s and nap.

    9. If I Got You - Feels like I’ve already heard this. A common theme listening to this album. At least the album is cohesive?

    10. Talk to Me - Am I dreaming? I can understand what Zayn is singing? This Caribbean inspired production is nothing new, but a welcome change. I’ve found my second bop™. I’m feeling hopeful I won’t be stuck in this coma.

    11. There You Are - One Direction feat. Zayn and I don’t hate it, but I don’t love it.

    12. I Don’t Mind - I don’t mind this track. Polished Pop&B production, catchy, clear and crisp Zen vocals. Please tell me the mumbling is over!

    At this point I’m tired, fatigued even. Zayn’s mumbling and vocal effects on nearly all the tracks thus far have me whelmed. I’m not even sure what track number I’m on, or if I’m even half way there. I’m a bit thirsty, so I reach over to my nightstand for a bottle of water. As I sip, earphones still on, music paused, I ask myself: What exactly am I trying to prove here? Onward I tell myself, I’m in too deep to stop now.

    13. Icarus Interlude - 2 minutes too long.

    14. Good Guy - Western meets a lullaby. Meh, next.

    15. You Wish You Knew - Starts off promising and then hits familiar over production territory. Shame.

    16. Sour Diesel - Faux RocknB Zen. It’s alright, one of the more experimental tracks that we’ve already heard.

    17. Satisfaction - No, Zen didn’t pull a Britney covering the Rolling Stones iconic “(I Can’t Get No) Satisfaction.” A beautiful ballad type of song with crisp and clear vocals from Zen. Boring but still enjoyable.

    18. Scripted - One of the stronger slow tracks.

    19. Entertainer - I initially didn’t care for this song but it’s grown on me. It’s a mumbling mess but the production is dream like and the song is catchy after a few listens.

    20. All That - Dark upbeat track. Kind of forgettable.

    21. Good Years - What kind of bland American Idol winners single? No thanks. I’d rather be anywhere but listening to this Phillip Phillips-esque song. Harsh and slightly dramatic? Maybe so.

    22. Fresh Air - Sounds like an interlude.

    And that’s exactly what I do after this song, go outside to get some fresh air. I need a short break.

    As I step outside and feel the cold air touch my cheeks I think about my Christmas shopping or lack there of. Should I start this weekend? Or should I wait until the following weekend right before Christmas? I never learn and seem to thrive on last minute shopping pressure and parking wars with others.

    Last year’s Target shopping flashback hits me: I honk and tell another vehicle coming from the opposite side of traffic, “That’s my parking spot! Didn’t you see my blinker? I was waiting for them to pull out. Don’t act like you didn’t see me.” You think I’d learn by now.

    I head back inside, with no clear answer. But I know one thing, I’m almost there, this is almost over. And nobody steals my parking spot.

    23. Rainberry - Good, solid track. Still hating the vocal effects and his lack of enunciation in most songs. But Zen and his producers insist.

    24. Insomnia - Tell me about it Zen. It starts off promising, especially when it picks up but then it really doesn’t go anywhere. That’s a shame.

    25. No Candle No Light (feat. Nicki Garbaj) - This would have been fine 2 years ago? At this point the track is so dated, and it shows. Easily could have been replaced with “Dusk Till Dawn.” Several of these tracks could have been, let’s be real.

    26. Fingers - I don’t hate it, but Zzz.

    27. Too Much - My thoughts exactly.

    It’s clear as day this album needed some serious editing. But hey, more music from anybody’s fave isn’t necessarily a bad thing. It can just be a bit daunting. As with any review on anything, take everything you read with a grain of salt. Listen for yourself and come to your own conclusion, most of these are simply first impressions and could completely change over more listens and time.

    Overall album rating:

    4 out of 5 Z’s

    *breathes a sign of relief*

    I’m done. I’m free.

    ONTD, favorite songs off the album?

    Sources: Me and 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6 | 7

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    According to Us Weekly nobody wants to guest with Maroon 5 at the Super Bowl, their only hope for having an even remotely enjoyable performance. They're begging Cardi to do it, but she told TMZ last year that she wouldn't perform at the Super Bowl unless Colin Kaepernick is hired by a team. Two shitty halftimes shows in a row (after Mayo of the Woods tanked last year) would set a bad precedent for what was once considered a prestigious gig that produced legendary performances by the likes of Prince, Beyonce, and Bruce Springsteen, but really it's the NFL and Pepsi's fault for overlooking all of the artists from Atlanta.


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    • It was announced recently that actress and director Sonda Locke passed away at 74. She died on November 3. Locke suffered from cardiac arrested stemming from bone and breast cancer.
    • She was nominated for an Oscar for The Heart Is a Lonely Hunter.
    • She starred in six films with ex Clint Eastwood (together for 14 years). The two had a very tumultuous falling out, which culminated in her suing him for palimony and fraud. As part of the settlement, she was given a 3-year contract to develop and direct movies at Warner Bros. Turns out that Eastwood had secretly been paying for her Warner Bros deal in exchange for them not giving her any work (a "dead end" to her career). During their palimony suit, Locke said Eastwood forced her to have two abortions and also sterilization surgery.
    • The Hollywood Reporter referred to Locke as Eastwood's "embittered ex."
    • ETA: THR changed the headline/article, but the Internet doesn't forget.

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    Nickelodeon has pulled it's (second) prized franchise out of mech purgatory.
    Azula is avaliable through some kind of Funko Insider Club at GameStop, meaning leaks that she would be their exclusive are true, in a way.


    Time for that chase Aang to be worth an arm and a leg.

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    Since the Podcast was released Monday, Sophia has faced an onslaught of comments questioning why she is speaking now/inaccurate headlines. Today she clarified with tweets:

    This tweet is references reports that she left because of coworker Jason Beghe’s “Anger Issues”

    This is her #WhyIDidntReport from September:

    She just added this on Instagram:


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    THR and Morning Consult Pokemon Go went to the polls to ask Americans their thoughts on the Oscars and other award shows.


    • Americans are still homophobic: Kevin Hart has a 51% favorable rating despite his tweets.

    • Only 20% watch the entire Oscar ceremony, with 24% watching "most" of it and another 21% waiting for highlights the next day.

    • 7% said they were less likely to watch a show with more diverse nominees. 45% said it would make no difference.

    • 17% want more well-known people and films getting nominated as it will make them much more likely to watch.

    • 18% said they were much more likely to watch if they were a fan of the nominees, with another 30% stating somewhat more likely.

    • 30% don't want politics discussed during the ceremony.

    • 48% believe the Oscar ceremony is too long while the Grammys and Golden Globes are close to evenly split among too long and just right.

    • 2,201 adults were surveyed with a 2.2% margin of error


    give your own answers to these questions, ontd!

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    In the midst of Kanye's one-sided twitter fight last night, Ariana Grande decided to chime in that everyone should stop focusing on "grown men" arguing and instead pay attention to her new single release 'Imagine'. She also decided to drag Miley Cyrus into her tweet.

    The singer faced heavy backlash from hip-hop fans, who accused her of "attention-seeking" and "clout chasing".

    She responded to one of the criticisms, again randomly tagging Miley.

    Miley's response, and Ariana's agreement:

    Source, Source, Source

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    Photos are featured on Christmas cards.

    source: 1 2

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    Spike Spiegel
    An Asian (or partially Asian) man in his mid 20’s to mid 30’s and must have athletic ability. Spike is the young and handsome male lead with a body like Bruce Lee. His care free demeanor hides a seriously dangerous individual. Spike is prone to shoot first and improvise, unlike his more serious partner Jet, but he gets the job done. Spike tries to hide his sensitive side but is a sucker for a damsel in distress and is haunted by his past

    Faye Valentine
    An Asian (or mixed heritage) woman in her early 20’s to mid 30’s and must have athletic ability. Faye is the female lead of the show. She is an attractive bounty hunter with a sharp tongue. She’s a survivor who will con anyone to get what she wants. Faye has no memory of her early life, including family or friends. So, even though she’ll never admit it, she likes working with the other members of the Bebop crew.

    Jet Black
    An African American (or partial African American) man in his mid 30's to early 50's. An ex-cop, Jet looks intimidating but is a softy at heart. He became fed up with the corrupt system, but he still catches criminals as a bounty hunter. While Jet believes in the law, he will always back up a friend. Occasionally, he will even relax and have fun.

    Radical Ed
    14-year-old girl, must have athletic ability and short stature. Ed is a 14-year-old computer genius and expert hacker whose talents are indispensable. She is extremely energetic with a child-like wonder and is eccentric, bordering on the bizarre.

    A man in his mid 20's to mid 30's of any ethnicity, with pale skin and white hair. Vicious is the merciless leader of the criminal organization known as the Syndicate. He will kill anyone who gets in the way of his business without a second thought.

    A woman in her mid 20's to mid 30's of any ethnicity. Julia is a sophisticated blonde damsel in distress that has a mysterious connection to Spike. She appears to him in visions and whispers to him about his past. The real Julia is the girlfriend of the merciless Syndicate leader Vicious.

    The series is set to begin production April 2019. Will be a 10-episode series on Netflix.


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    My man who's not my man Vic Mensa dropped his new EP HOOLIGANS today on Roc Nation. The followup to last year's The Autobiography, its release was preceded by the singles "Reverse" featuring G-Eazy, "Rowdy" featuring G Herbo and "Dark Things." Mensa also premiered a music video for track three on the EP, "In Some Trouble" featuring Ty Dolla $ign, in which the 25 year old shows off his newly buff physique.

    Source 1, 2

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    Comic book Border Town has been immediately canceled by DC after its writer, Eric Esquivel, was exposed for being a sexual abuser. DC has stated that issues already sold of the book are returnable.

    Several days ago, toy designer Cynthia Naugle wrote a post in her blog about the sexual, mental and emotional abuse she suffered from someone she considered a friend. She did not name him but retweeted people who outright stated it was Esquivel and that he been known as a creep. Naugle has also been tweeting comments of support, where women have stated their own incidents with him.

    BT's colorist, Tamra Bonvillain, quit the book on Wednesday. She says during a thread on Twitter that her and artist Ramon Villalobos were advised to stay on the sidelines, but she could no longer keep quiet when it was obvious Esquivel had no interest in saying anything. Villabos also released a statement where he mentions that there were always rumors about Esquivel but they were vague and no real specifics had ever been given. He says no one on the team knew about Cynthia's story. Both he and Tamra apologized for not seeing clearly. Outside of retweets, editor Andy Khouri has not tweeted anything in several days.

    Esquivel deleted all his social media, except Twitter, where his tweets have been deleted and his account locked.

    BT has been highly-acclaimed and made several end-of-year lists as a series and for Esquivel's writing. Popular site Multiversity Comics removed Esquivel from its 'breakout writers' list after the news broke. 


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    Kate Winslet and Saoirse Ronan are attached to star in romance-drama Ammonite.

    Set in a UK coastal town in the 1820s, the drama will follow the unlikely romance between palaeontologist Mary Anning and a London woman of means to whom she must unexpectedly play nursemaid.


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    It all started when Chinyere Ezie posted a photo of the monkey-like figures featured in the window display of Prada's SoHo, Manhattan, store online. Her post quickly inspired backlash against the luxury brand.

    The $550 “creatures” are a part of Prada’s new “Pradamalia” line of small cartoon toys and keychains that come in different colors. The black and brown monkeys have oversized red lips, traditionally associated with blackface.

    “Prada Group abhors racist imagery. The Pradamalia are fantasy charms composed of elements of the Prada oeuvre. They are imaginary creatures not intended to have any reference to the real world and certainly not blackface. Prada Group never had the intention of offending anyone and we abhor all forms of racism and racist imagery. In this interest, we will withdraw all of the characters in question from display and circulation,” said the company in an official statement.

    Sources:1 | 2 | 3 | 4

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    Follow up to the mess happening here.

    Kim K jumped into Drake an Kanye feud saying that her hubby paved the way for Drake and that he's the most brilliant and generous person she knows who changed the world.

    source, 2

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    As we continue with the critics faves of the year, 'Roma' was chosen as this year's best by the Las Vegas Film Critics Society (LVFCS). Full list of winners below.

    Best Picture - "Roma"
    Best Actor - Ethan Hawke, "First Reformed"
    Best Actress - Lady Gaga, "A Star is Born"
    Best Supporting Actor - Sam Elliott, "A Star is Born"
    Best Supporting Actress - Regina King – "If Beale Street Could Talk"
    Best Director - Alfonso Cuaron, "Roma"
    Original Screenplay - Bryan Woods, Scott Beck & John Kransinski, "A Quiet Place"
    Adapted Screenplay - Debra Granik & Anne Rosellini, "Leave No Trace"

    Best Cinematography - Alfonso Cuaron, "Roma"
    Best Film Editing - Alfonso Cuaron & Adam Gough, "Roma"
    Best Score - Thom Yorke, "Suspiria"
    Best Song - "Shallow," by Lady Gaga & Bradley Cooper, "A Star is Born"
    Best Documentary - "Won’t You Be My Neighbor"
    Best Animated Film - "Isle of Dogs"
    Best Foreign Film - "Roma"
    Best Costume Design - "The Favourite"
    Best Art Direction - "Isle of Dogs"
    Best Visual Effects - "Ready Player One"
    Best Action Film - "Mission Impossible: Fallout"
    Best Comedy - "Sorry to Bother You"
    Best Horror/ Sci-Fi - "A Quiet Place"
    Best Family Film - "Mary Poppins Returns"
    Best Ensemble - "Widows"
    Breakout Filmmaker (Director) - Bradley Cooper, "A Star is Born"
    Best Youth Male Performance - Ed Oxenbould, "Wildlife"
    Best You Female Performance - Elsie Fisher, "Eighth Grade"
    William Holden Lifetime Achievement Award - Sam Elliott