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Oh No They Didn't! - LiveJournal.com

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    source:little mix twitter&keeping up with lm
    black magic is available to pre-order and download on itunes now: http://smarturl.it/LMblackmagic

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    -Banned source reports thatGronk was partying in the VIP section of Club Trio in Charleston on Sunday night -- when he saw woman holding a bottle of booze and went full motorboating dem titties.

    -Gronk spent a full 5 seconds in between the cleavage ... while everyone around cheered and high-fived.


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  • 05/27/15--10:24: Hari Nef signs to IMG

  • Source


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    A magazine reporter (Jesse Eisenberg) recounts his travels and conversations with author David Foster Wallace (Jason Segel) during a promotional book tour.

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    + Twitter account Marvel_Spider tweeted out some since-deleted audition videos (transcripts here)
    + The vids (now deleted) featured actresses Shiva Kalaiselvan and Louisa Mignone, both of which featured scenes of the character “Elise” interacting with a criminal first, and then a college-age Matt.

    Shiva Kalaiselvan

    Louisa Mignone


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  • 05/27/15--10:24: ONTD Roundup
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    ONTD ORIGINAL: 5 Cover Songs Better Than The Original

    Nothing wrong with a good cover song. Sometimes the cover is better than the original, whether its because of new arrangements, lyrics or a better voice, it just be like that, here they are!

    "Go Your Own Way"
    Originally sung by Fleekwood Mac, better cover by Wilson Philips
    the original 'Go Your Own Way' sounded like a campfire song whites sing after getting drunk off wine coolers and fucking eachother but the subject matter is the opposite, the fuck(?)
    leave it to the queens of the 90s wilson philips to bring much needed emotion to the song & driving it straight up the charts

    "Boys of Summer"
    Originally sung by Don Henley, better cover by The Ataris
    the original is ok, if youre reupholstering a car after you retired but the Ataris brought the kick that the boring ass song really needed! Also see; DJ Sammy

    "Dont Turn Around"
    Originally sung by Queena Turner, better by Ace of Base
    tina is the queen of rock & roll, and i do love her version but nobody fuckin with swedish people & pop music, ace of base flipped the bitch & drove dont turn around straight up the charts

    "Edge of Seventeen"
    Originally by Stevie Nicks, better by Lindsay Lohan
    first, stevies version was too long like is this a song or a audiobook bit, lindsay, smartly cut it down to about 3 minutes 3 seconds and went the fuck off, she brought the emotions needed to drive the song straight up the charts and also her multiplatinum album straight up the charts, stevie should be thankin ha

    "I Drove All Night"
    Originally by Cyndi Lauper, better by Celine Dion

    go awf celine, the original is ok but honesty cindy nobodys here for the wailing and shit, very christina aguilera of ha, celine keeps it technically cute emoting but not going overboard, giving us a cute bop instrumental for the kids and just fucking it up all around, yes bitch

    favorite covers?

    Source is Me & Youtube

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    Image and video hosting by TinyPic

    Three months ago, long before Monday’s episode, the person correctly identified Ginger Minj, Pearl, and Violet Chachki as the final three drag queens. Now, the person says that “CERTAIN things are fixed. not all” on the show and, for one example, said Kennedy knew she was exiting the show in fourth place and that Katya was previously eliminated “for a storyline.”

    “production did things to get a rise out of fans. They WANT you to be pissed off. They WANT you to feel something by watching the show and they succeeded. Everyone is talking about the elimination. Buzz is good, even if it’s bad. WoW had to play a nasty hand and they won out while pissing people off and scoring a major spike on social media. I keep saying it: RPDR is a giant story that unfolds one episode at a time and at the end you’re like ‘aha! I get it now!’ Fame was right: it’ll all make sense later.”

    “Acting challenges are easier to manipulate for tv than sewing challenges. Sewing challenges are straightforward. Acting challenges allow for production to shape the story they want more easily.”

    “Katya exited when she did for a storyline.
    Fifth place, historically, is what I refer to as the springboard slot. It creates a storyline or sets one up to get to the top three. We had a storyline for top four. Katya didn’t fit.”

    ONTD do you believe this? More importantly do you even care? Get all the juicy details at the src

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    -Judge ruled that Wade waited too long to file the case
    -He had alleged that MJ molested him from 1990 for about 8 years
    -Wade had previously denied that he had been molested under oath in 2005 when witnesses in another case claimed to have seen him get molested.
    -He filed the case after breakthrough in therapy in 2013 having suffered a breakdown in 2011


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    so what do you all think of HBHBHB???

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    - Louis Walsh confirms that the Radio 1 DJ has "got my job"
    - There has been speculation Nick was going to get the gig for awhile, but he stated he wouldn't do it if he couldn't keep on doing the Radio 1 Breakfast Show though he thought the two would complement each other
    - Set to join Simon Cowell and Cheryl Fernandez-Versini on the panel
    - Louis says "I don't think he realises the hard work he has to put in though. It's going to be hard work for him. You don't just show up."


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    *Bob’s Burgers writer Wendy Molyneux Drake hates two things in this world: Entourage, and children's cancer.

    *Decided to turn hatred into a positive, and started a Go Fund Me campaign to raise money for a children's cancer charity.

    *If she raises $10K, she will go see the Entourage movie. If she raises $9,999 she will NOT go see the movie.

    *She says: "It’s your decision. Cancer and me not seeing Entourage, or forcing me to see Entourage in a THEATER FULL OF PEOPLE WHO ACTUALLY WANT TO SEE ENTOURAGE and money to cure pediatric cancers.”

    Source(source has link to the Go Fund Me if you want to donate)

    What hated movie would you sit through for charity, ONTD?

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    -Original supermodel Linda Evangelista was this weeks guest judge.
    -She was nervous and struggled with the judging that resulted in a double elimination.
    -The first time Evangelista, 50, has appeared on a reality modelling contest and claims she has only seen a few minutes of America's Next Top Model.
    -Evangelista shades Tyra: "I do love reality shows... But the reality shows I watch are the cooking ones so I don't know the format. I did accept this because what I've heard is that this (the Australian version) is the best model show around the world and that this one actually produces models because a lot of them don't."
    -Host Jennifer Hawkins backs truck driver Brittany to succeed (win).
    -Croatian Mafia disbands after Lucy Markovic and Izi Simundic turn on Alex Sinadinovic for her diva behaviour after Phoebe Deskovic was eliminated last week.

    Weekly Photoshoot: Iconic 90's White Shirt Shot

    Lauren, Brittany, Alex

    Jordan, Izi, Jess

    Lucy, Zahra, Tanahya

    Photo credit Pierre Toussaint/Foxtel

    Lowest Scored Models:
    Alex, Tanahya & Zahra

    Tanahya and Zahra

    (Of course they eliminate the last POC/weakest model and also eliminate Tanayhya after destroying her hair)

    Source OneTwoThreeFour

    ONTD how should Tyra/Ken Mok/Naomi Campbell (The Face)/Heidi Klum (Germany's Next Top Model) respond?

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    You get to know a #TrueFriend better when the camera is not rolling

    Rise Narry, rise!


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    Aaron was removed from the Big Brother House for inappropriate behavior. Four Housemates will still be evicted on Friday.
    More details will follow.


    I wonder what he did!!!

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    --Kendra goes off at her mom for selling her out to the tabloids
    --claims the "devil has eaten her soul"
    --premieres Friday 5/29 on WE Tv


    what an obviously scripted M E S S but I'm so here for it

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    Rachel attended a special screening for “Aloha” last night in Los Angeles alongside co-stars Emma Stone & Danielle Rose Russell and writer/director Cameron Crowe.

    sourcesource 2

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    -For the very first time FIFA will feature women in the game

    -Teams included: Germany, USA, France, Sweden, England, Brazil, Canada, Australia, Spain, China, Italy, Mexico.

    -Women teams will only play against each other

    SOURCE 1and 2
    Finally, i dont play FIFA but this is great. Too bad there's sexist "jokes" everywhere about this

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    • Police sent Josh's case to Arkansas Department of Human Services.

    • DHS had authority to apply restrictions to Josh being home with his victims.

    • Josh Duggar sued and a trial was held on August 6, 2007.

    • The Duggars have refused to comment or say if they were monitored by a state agency.


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