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Oh No They Didn't! - LiveJournal.com

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    Mike won the jury vote over Carolyn and Will 6-1-1

    Men: Jeff (2), Andrew (7), Terry (12), Stephen (18), Vytas (27), Spencer (28), Woo (28), Jeremy (29), Keith (29), Joe (30)

    Women: Kelly (1), Kimmi (2), Peih-Gee (15), Monica (19), Abi (25), Ciera (27), Tasha (28), Kass (28), Kelley (29), Shirin (30)

    Source: TV/CBS

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    Award-winning actor Stephen Wight takes on the title role of Lee McQueen and Dianna Agron play Dahlia in the world premiere of James Phillips's play McQUEEN directed by John Caird, which will run at St. James Theatre through 27 June, and opens tonight, May 20.

    The play also stars Tracy-Ann Oberman as Isabella Blow, Laura Rees as Arabella, and David Shaw-Parker as John Hitchcock, along with Sophie Apollonia, Amber Doyle, George Hill, Eloise Hymas, Jordan Kennedy, Rachel Louisa Maybank, James Revell and Carrie Willis.

    McQUEEN is a journey into the visionary imagination and dark dream world of Alexander McQueen, fashion's greatest contemporary artist.

    Let's see what the critics had to say...

    Ben Lawrence, The Telegraph: Unfortunately this pretentious, unshapely piece feels like something of a fashion faux pas...The problem with the script is that it mainly consists of two troubled souls agonising over their states of mind and consequently, the tone remains flat throughout...Another issue is Agron...who never manages to elevate her character beyond a clothes-horse spouting psychobabble. She speaks in a strange, sing-song voice throughout, reciting rather than metabolising her lines. It’s an uncomfortably stilted performance. However, the evening is saved by the prowess of the technical team who, in a series of fashion show-style interludes, manage to create both a sense of McQueen's creative chutzpah and the residual darkness which hung over his designs...There's good work, too, from...Wight in the lead role who gives a dignity to the man that the text really doesn't deserve.

    Michael Billington, The Guardian: However you choose to define it, the show certainly doesn't offer much in the way of drama...my chief complaint is that, although the show is full of allusions to Lee's collections, it doesn't tell us enough about how he worked. In Phillips's reverent vision, he becomes the archetype of the doomed artist suffering under the pressure of out-topping his last creation...it is stylishly directed by John Caird and smartly choreographed by Christopher Marney, as mobile mannequins take us through the labyrinthine world of the hero's imagination. Stephen Wight is also excellent as Lee: outwardly tough and self-assured, inwardly shy and vulnerable. Dianna Agron falls into monotonous vocal rhythms as Dahlia...The real problem is that by treating Lee principally as a tortured genius, Phillips never gives us any great insight into the real McQueen.

    Holly Williams, The Independent: In writing a play about fashion designer Alexander McQueen, James Phillips has sensibly eschewed a straight bio-drama in favour of a one-night fairytale...Stephen Wight plays McQueen. No complaints there - it's brilliant casting, not only because he looks uncannily like the designer, but also because he really digs deep into the role. He bursts into wicked, gleeful laughter and vicious rages alike; he is watchful and wry, then hums with visionary fervour when artistic inspiration strikes. And Wight puts enough soul into the tortured genius stuff to make us believe this man's lofty idealism as well as seeing his vulnerabilities - Phillips does go hard on the Romantic espousing of the power of beauty, and the transformative possibilities of a dress. But Glee star Dianna Agron is not good, I’m afraid. Her delivery is glib yet slow - I never believe the quick-fire rapport with McQueen, and when they get onto more profound or personal matters, her probing feels painfully crass rather than deep-and-meaningful. This performance is more blunt than a pair of old sewing scissors; it simply doesn’t cut it. Phillips’ meditations on love, death and beauty are left crudely over-exposed, and given Agron is at the heart of the play, it’s hard to get the real measure of McQueen.

    Matt Trueman, Variety: This is theater for oligarchs' wives. It looks impressive, but it's insubstantial; all brand, no craft. That actor Stephen Wight should wring a tender portrait of a troubled man out of such crass writing, surrounded by tech and opposite the expressionless void of co-star Dianna Agron ("Glee"), is nothing short of a marvel...It's not helped by Caird's direction, which appears more intent on dazzling with design than taking care of its subject matter...It's Wight's low-key, deft performance that holds the whole thing together and, indeed, prevents the piece from entirely defiling the man it sets out to honor...Agron, however, is little more than a clothes horse. She plays up Dahlia’s numbness and ends up vocally monotone, facially inert and deeply unwatchable. Still, her presence has helped McQueen to a record advance for the St James, proving that today’s London has more money than taste.

    Source: BroadwayWorld

    Her stans are trying it:

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    Photos of Tom Hardy, of mumbling fame, looking might fiooone in a onesie and other free swag have been making the rounds on the internet after his London-based publicist, Leila Shirazi, tweeted the following photos:

    A look through Leila's tweets suggests that Hardy is no stranger to silly photos, or posing with free stuff!

    Paraphrased from @LeilaShirazi, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5.

    ONTD: What's the most ridiculous thing you've ever done for free swag?

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    Brandon's iTunes message to Brazil. As if they needed any encouragment for him to come to perform. UNF.

    Have you streamed/purchased his new album ONTD? Favorite songs?

    Sources: One | Two | Three | Four | Five | Six

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    The now Surgically-Enhanced FKA Dementor Chanteuse wrote on Instagram: "My sisters are actually the fucking BEST. They got me authentic Harry Potter wands!!!!!!!!!! Best present EVERRRRRRR"


    Can you guess his age, ONTD?

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    -Bradley is swamped at the stagedoor
    -odds are favoring Bradley for the Tony


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    12 years ago, I said goodbye to a friend. It was an incredible journey that, I am so incredibly proud of. Thank you all for joining me, and continuing to tell her story #BuffyTheVampireSlayer #BTVS

    Just an excuse for a BTVS/Angel post!
    Source 1/2

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    Has major campaigns with Benefit Cosmetics and Torrid,
    Travelling left and right (New York, Montreal,New York again, Seattle, New Orleans and Vegas) for work.
    Talks rejection and being bullied.

    Source: 1 - 2

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    “I think it’s incredible. The ratings are up double digits, it’s back, it’s so funny, it’s so dramatic. I love this new Housewife,” Andy exclaimed at the Upfronts, gesturing to Dorinda.


    This week on WWHL:

    Andy: "So Dorinda, what do you think of Ramona's comments about your boyfriend?"
    Dorinda: "...where is Mario living again?"

    -Ramona hosted yet another birthday party. It was filled with REAL upper east side society types.
    -Please don't worry about Sonya. She's consulted her psychopharmacologist, smami priestess, and abundance candle retailer (amazon) about the events in Atlantic city and she's in a much better place.
    -Carole hosted a boxing event. The ladies had a pretty nice time until u̶s̶e̶l̶e̶s̶s̶ Kristin brought up Carole's boyfriend. Luann and Carole got into it about her niece. Every time Carole talks about this relationship I want to gouge my eyes out so for that alone i'm team Luann. I could do a whole separate post about all the reasons Carole is just awful.
    -Bethenny headed to Miami for a girls weekend with her actual friends. She met up with Luann, who was there to see Victoria's (actually very beautiful) piece in Art Basel. Luann and Bethenny had an odd conversation where they talked around the fact that they are on a show. The other ladies were pissed that Bethenny has such a lax filming schedule and doesn't have to show up to events. But since they can't say that it's all about Bethenny "not making an effort" with this "new group of c̶a̶s̶t̶m̶e̶m̶b̶e̶r̶s̶ girls."
    -Bethenny met up with the closest thing she had to a father, her stepfather from ages 4-18. It was messssyyyy. She brought up a lot of horrific abuse. On the one hand, my heart went out to her, especially about the abuse and her mother not wanting a child. But at the same time the way she approached it just seemed so manipulative. If she's serious about re-connecting with this man then why is this on television? She didn't seem genuine. She just seemed like she was using this reunion to play up her "i'm so damaged" schtick.

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    ansel elgort spider man fan casting who do you w

    • Ansel has returned to Atlanta to start filming Allegiant: Part 1, he shared this photo he took with fans on his instagram

    • "Back in Atlanta for Allegiant. Promised these fans Id post this pic! Much <3"

    • Ansel is eying to be part of the True Crimes Saga: Dukes of Oxy based on a real life story about some teenager who started a drug empire

    • Ansel took part in the Kylie lip challenge but with a twist, its a french fry!!!ansel elgort lips jpg?fit=crop&h=666&w=500

    • "I put a french fry in my upper lip and now I look like a reality TV star,"

    Looks more like a....

    fleshlight original mouth masturbator 11387 700x

    Source: teendailyaceshowbiztwistmagazine

    so er since i mentioned fleshlights....sex post?

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  • 05/21/15--03:39: Ginger Spice got married.

  • Geri married Christian Edward Johnston Horner, the Team Principal of the Infiniti Red Bull Racing Formula One team. They began daiting in March 2014.

    She wore Phillipa Lepley gown.

    source #1#2

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    The average weekly salary at PSG is about £102,000 making it over five times the average for the French top division.

    The average yearly salary at PSG is 20 times that of the club with the lowest average salary in France’s Ligue 1. Manchester City’s is five times more than the lowest average yearly wage in the EPL.

    The NBA, cricket competition IPL and MLB all have higher average yearly salaries than any football league.

    source #1#2

    How much do you (not) earn ONTD?

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    Not one to shy away from controversy or critique, Madonna has finally "addressed" critics of her age in just a single tweet.


    scalp us drunk queen!

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    -Makeover week.
    -Guest Judge Australian model Elyse Taylor mentors for a swimsuit photoshoot.
    -Minor changes for the models except Tanahya (blonde), Phoebe (short) and Jess (red hair).
    -Tanahya had a meltdown because the bleaching destroyed her hair according to Alex Perry.
    -Phoebe was upset she wasn't getting a drastic change so Didier suggested she go short and then she second guessed it. Jess doubted her new red hair and started crying, however she won the TRESemme challenge.

    Will the Croatian Mafia (Alexandra Sinadinovic, Phoebe Deskovic and Izi Simundic) be broken up? (Picture Adam Taylor)

    Model Makeovers

    Photo credit Foxtel

    The Best
    Photo credit Travis Grace, Foxtel

    “If I really believe that it looks like I could open a great glossy magazine and see it in there, then that to me, was a really successful picture.” Alex Perry about Brittany's picture which he awarded 10 points.

    The Ordinary
    Photo credit Travis Grace, Foxtel

    The Bottom Two

    Photo credit Travis Grace, Foxtel

    Lowest Scoring Models: Tanahya and Phoebe

    Eliminated: Phoebe

    Next Week: Linda Evangelista will ruin the lives of two girls with a Double Elimination.

    Source OneTwoThree

    ONTD do you think the makeovers were dramatic enough?

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    The famous (or infamous) appearance of Tom Cruise on The Oprah Show where he 'jumped' up and down on her couch will turn 10 on May 23rd.

    Here are the ONTD two post about this on May 23, 2005:

    Where were you when this happened?
    Image and video hosting by TinyPic
    Source 1/2

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    Golden State Warriors star Stephen Curry brought his adorable two-year-old daughter Riley to his post-game press conference after Game 1 against the Houston Rockets. The little girl behaved like most two-year-olds do, and most people thought she was adorable. However, her appearance had some sports journalists pressed as fuck over her entire existence, going as far as calling Curry a bad parent.

    A few child-hating journalists whined about how children at press conferences means they can't ask the ~tough~ questions and meet their deadlines, even though it was pointed out that Tuesday's game was the Warriors' earliest home game all season.

    ESPN'S First Take even devoted a 12 minute segment to the issue of children at press conferences, admonishing athletes for daring to show off their children, even though due to travelling and practices and games, most athletes probably don't get to see their children on a daily basis and maybe Stephen just wanted to spend as much time as possible with his little girl before he had to head back into the basketball grind.

    source + video 1&2

    has your child ever upstaged you on national television, ontd?

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    -18-year old British model Rosie Mac, who also is the body double for Emilia Clarke on Game of Thrones, has made a public vow of chastity
    -"I've got very high morals. I really like the whole thing of keeping yourself for your husband."
    -Wants to tell young girls that: "You don't have to use your body in that way to be famous, you can be a star in your own right."

    SOURCE 2

    Sex post? Do you have high morals or did you lost your virginity before marriage?

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