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Oh No They Didn't! - LiveJournal.com

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    Olivia Munn
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    Rachel Zoe in St Barts
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    Neil Patrick Harris
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    Christina Aguilera
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    Tori Spelling
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    Alyson and Amanda Michalka
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    Tom Daly
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    Leona Lewis
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    Jodie Marsh
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    Peaches Geldof
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    Ashley Tisdale and Vanessa Hudgens
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    Alexandra Burke
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    Holly Madison
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    Jack Osbourne
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    Mischa Barton
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    Snoop Dogg
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    Brooklyn Decker
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    Rita Ora
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    Lucy Hale
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    Nicole Richie's family
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    Julianne Hough
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    Mariah Carey and Nick Cannon
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    Hayden Panettiere and her goddaughter
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    Tyra Banks and Rob Evans
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    Sarah Hyland
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    Vanessa Williams
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    Little Mix's Perrie
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    Glee creator Ryan Murphy Is a Dad! Welcomes Son Logan on Christmas Eve


    "Logan Phineas Miller Murphy,

    Born December 24, 2012 9:47 a.m.," the announcement read, revealing the
    baby boy's name and birth details.

    According to the announcement,
    the little tyke with the two proud papas weighed in at 6.6 pounds and measured
    up at 21 inches. The baby reveal also adorably showed a picture of Logan laying
    inside, appropriately enough, a Christmas stocking.

    'Tis the season, after all.

    Congrats, Ryan and David!


    Congrats Ryan!


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    Many of the people who go se “Jack Reacher”  won’t be aware tha Tom Cruise is way too short to play the title characte (when the actor was cast in the role last year, fans of Lee Child’s best-selling book series were up in arms over the choice). Reacher, who is the protagonist of 17 novels is well-known in literary form as being six-foot-five with dirty blonde hair, blue eyes and a weight of well over 200 lbs. So, basically the opposite of Cruise.

    However, the actor will likely make the character his own, and that’s fin if you can accept that movies don’t always have to be faithful to the page. ruise is just following in steps of actors who were cast in adaptations in spite of having little to no resemblance to their literary counterparts. Let’s take a look at 10 examples below.

    Tom Cruise as Lestat (‘Interview with a Vampire’)

    “Jack Reacher” isn’t the first adaptation Cruise was cast in where fans (and author) were disappointed. In the novel by Anne Rice, Lestat is described as having blonde hair, like a blaze of light, and bluish gray eyes. And he’s supposed to be young looking and six-feet tall (kinda like Reacher, but undead). Reportedly, Rice originally envisioned Lestat resembling Rutger Hauer, and her first choice for the film casting was Julian Sands.

    Renee Zellweger as Bridget Jones (‘Bridget Jones’s Diary’)

    Following early casting considerations including Toni Collette, Kate Winslet and Emily Watson, an American actress was chosen to play the very popular and very English character. In one of the greatest instances of skeptics being proven wrong and an actor successfully making a literary favorite all her own, Zellweger managed the accent adequately and also gained a good amount of weight to fit Jones’s issues with her body. Moviegoers and fans of Helen Fielding’s novel found her to be an utter delight in the part.

    Keanu Reeves as John Constantine (‘Constantine’)

    Comic book fans weren’t happy to hear that Reeves was cast as a definitively British character, specifically from Liverpool, who was drawn with blonde hair and meant to resemble Sting. Reeves didn’t try for the accent (the movie was set in Los Angeles), nor did he bother to dye his hair. Reviews of the adaptation were mostly negative, including usual criticisms about Reeves’s acting, but the changes to the character weren’t of much focus. Still, fans of the comic are probably thankful it didn’t succeed enough to warrant sequels and can now hope that if Guillermo Del Toro follows through with a supernatural DC Comics ensemble film that Constantine will be recast more appropriately.

    Daniel Craig as James Bond (‘Casino Royale’)

    Now that Craig has starred as Agent 007 in three very successful movies, there doesn't seem to be any issues with the actor's looks. But back when he was first cast as James Bond, skeptical fans, whether of Ian Fleming’s novels or just the movie franchise, really focused on his hair, calling him "James Blonde." Now "Skyfall" is the highest grossing (and arguably the best) Bond movie yet. Also, hardcore fans have moved on to protesting the idea of Idris Elba or any other non-white actor in the part.

    Tom Hanks as Robert Langdon (‘The Da Vinci Code’)

    Another famous Tom has overruled literary descriptions on account of his stardom being more important to the studio than faithfulness. Still, the oft-noted way that Dan Brown presents the appearance of Robert Langdon is “Harrison Ford in Harris tweed.” However, Ford would have reminded us just too much of Indiana Jones in the role of an expert on religious and historical symbols. At least Hanks went the distance and got a mullet for the part.

    List also include

    Humphrey Bogart as Sam Spade (‘The Maltese Falcon’)
    Russell Crowe as Captain Jack Aubrey (‘Master and Commander: The Far Side of the World’)
    Will Smith as Agent J (‘Men in Black’)
    Anthony Hopkins as Coleman Silk (‘The Human Stain’)
    Steve Zahn as Al Giordino (‘Sahara’)


    ONTD, does it bother you the character you imagined in the books and the one you see on the screen doesn't even remotely similar even if the actor/actress is good enough to pull it despite his/her physical appearence?

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  • 12/26/12--12:49: Who is the new Spider-Man?

  • After 50 years of Peter Parker as Spider-Man,his archest of nemeses is taking over as Marvel Comics' most iconic superhero.

    Out today, the landmark Amazing Spider-Man No. 700 features a final battle between the mind-swapped Parker and Dr. Otto Octavius — aka the evil Doctor Octopus — resulting in the hero suffering a possibly permanent defeat and Doc Ock standing victorious in the mind and body of Spider-Man.

    But after defeating his former enemy in his own old, withering and dying body, Doc Ock isn't going to take Spidey on a quest for world domination. Instead, he learns that with great power comes great responsibility — something Parker's Uncle Ben taught him in 1962's Amazing Fantasy issue 15 — and begins a new era for the character in the pages of Superior Spider-Man. It launches Jan. 9 as part of the Marvel NOW! initiative.

    "This is Moriarty in the head of Sherlock. This is Prince John inside of Robin Hood. This is the greatest villain inside the body of the greatest hero and trying to do good," says writer Dan Slott, who moves from Amazing to Superior Spider-Man with rotating artists Ryan Stegman, Humberto Ramos and Giuseppe Camuncoli.

    Slott began planting the seeds for this change in status quo back in Amazing issue 600, where it was revealed that Doctor Octopus had only a year to live after so many battles with the web-spinning do-gooder.

    With his master plan achieved, Doc Ock is left to pose as Parker in the world of Spider-Man, interacting with folks like Peter's Aunt May and love interest Mary Jane Watson and doing battle with his old pals in the new Sinister Six, such as the Vulture.

    Change is coming not only to the hero but also to the book's tone, says Superior editor Stephen Wacker. "We want to do Spider-Man by way of Batman — a little creepier and darker."

    One essential aspect of Amazing Spider-Man 700 that leads into the new book is Doc Ock having a Scrooge-esque moment when he realizes what Peter Parker's life has been like, from the deaths of people close to him to the struggles he's had living the life of a hero, and what kind of man he has to be going forward.

    "It's also what the good part of our first year of Superior is about: Doc behaving in a manner he's not accustomed to. We see a more sympathetic side of Doctor Octopus," Wacker says. "We couldn't have a Spider-Man who was running around murdering people. And I have no interest in seeing that sort of character win."

    Adds Slott: "This is a guy who was a couple steps way from a bucket list, and now he's got a whole new lease on life. That's really going to change him."

    Doc Ock will falter at times in his performance as Peter Parker, and he'll have to get out of the way of his own huge ego and villainous tendencies to reach his goal of being the superior Spider-Man.

    It's definitely a different sort of hero's journey than comic fans are used to seeing.

    "Peter Parker was selfish and horrible for all of part of one story. From then on, we've seen him be a hero," Slott says, referring to Spidey's origin. Doctor Octopus, though, "has a lot to overcome, and on some level, that road of salvation and stepping up and doing the right thing, it's more interesting to see it from a character who has to fight his basic nature to do that."

    Fans don't have to wait long to see what happens next — Wacker hid an augmented-reality execution on a page of Amazing 700 where readers can find out the opening plot of Superior Spider-Man using the Marvel AR app on their smartphones or tablets.

    So far, Slott says he has enjoyed writing Doc Ock to be younger than before. "Doc is kinda like me: He's short and schlubby. This is a guy who now gets to be in the body of Peter Parker. This opens up whole new things."

    Yet it also opens the floodgates of criticism from fans on the Internet and social media about not wanting a Spider-Man book without Peter Parker.

    From Parker's first appearance in the 1960s, the teen science nerd had to live with grief from kids at school. And when he put on the Spidey mask and thwipped through New York City, the public at large considered him a punk and a menace.

    "He had to be a hero in his own eyes, and on some level Otto Octavius is facing that struggle not with Spider-Man's world but with the readership," Slott says.

    "How do you get more Peter Parker than that? Now the readers think he's a menace. That's exciting. On a meta level, that is Spider-Man."


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    They are looking forward to having a Blue Christmas this year.

    Having welcomed daughter Blue Ivy in January, Beyonce and Jay Z will be celebrating their first holiday as a family of three.

    And the proud parents spend Christmas Eve picking out some last minute gifts, with a trip to a toy shop and the upmarket store Bergdorf Goodman in New York.

    Dressed in a festive striped outfit of skirt and top, and with her hair tied up in a bun, Beyonce looked filled with the joys of the season.

    She wore a pair of smart black heels, tights and added a snazzy pair of sunglasses to complete her look.

    Jay Z was more casual in camouflage trousers and a leather jacket.

    An excited fan took to Twitter to say she had met the couple.

    'Just talked to jay-Z & Beyonce in Bergdorfs - nicest people ever... Literally my life's complete,' she wrote.

    This is sure to also be a happy Christmas for Beyonce, who has signed a £30m deal to become the face of Pepsi.

    With a personal fortune of an estimated $200m, plus her husband's vast wealth, the deal cements her reputation as one of the biggest names in the business.

    Not only will she appears in adverts for the soft drink, but in a first for the company, her face will be featured on cans and bottles of the drink.

    While other well known figures, such as David Beckham and Jennifer Lopez, have been used in TV and magazine campaigns it is the first time that a celebrity's face will adorn the drink.

    The limited edition cans will be released in March and sold worldwide.

    The promotion will be kick started by Beyonce's appearance in February during the half time show at the Super Bowl, the world's most watched sports event with worldwide audience of over 500 million viewers.


    Leave it to Beyonce to give her fans the best gift of all - photos of Blue Ivy!

    The singer took to her personal site Christmas morning to post a handful of intimate photos of her life over the past few months.

    From holding little Blue while vacationing aboard a luxury yacht, to photos of Solange, Kelly and her adorable nephew Julez, Beyonce continues to let the Beyhive in on her personal life.

    We're sure Blue Ivy Carter will have a very blessed first Christmas.


    When news dropped that Beyoncè would be performing during halftime for Super Bowl XLVII, complete pandemonium erupted amongst her stans. Now, her Beyhive can take part in the once-in-a-lifetime opportunity of being on the field with their favorite girl.

    The Super Bowl is looking for volunteer groups of 10 or more. No word yet on exactly what the volunteers will be doing, but maybe we can expect a flash mob.

    Check out some of the guidelines on what participants must do to take part below.

    Be at least 16 years of age
    Have an understanding of staging and blocking.
    Be of sound physical health and capable of vigorous physical activity without assistance, including walking long distances and the ability to run onto & off of the field as directed without stopping (really, we mean run).
    Report each day at their scheduled check-in time.
    All rehearsals are mandatory. Absence from rehearsal may result in removal from the show.

    Check out the rest of the guidelines at Superbowlcast.com.


    Blue(Ivy)Christmas Sources

    Creying at the lucky S.O.B.s in the South who are close enough to try out for the volunteer group. Just release that first single release date already!  Loving Jay's shoes too tbh.

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    Image and video hosting by TinyPic

    Gareth Thomas has been palling around with Mickey Rourke to help the Wrestler actor prepare for his role in an upcoming biopic about the gay rugby player.
    Apparently the two have become come close friends while working on the project, with Rourke moving to Wales so Thomas can get him into fighting-trim shape, TheGayUK.com reports.

    Rourke will even appear in Thomas’s upcoming workout video.

    It hasn’t been all pushups and jumping jacks, though: Thomas took Rourke to some Soho gay bars when they were both in London: “We planned to go gay clubbing but we didn’t want to get pictured going out,” Thomas told the Daily Star. “We just wanted to go out and have fun and let him experience a gay club.”

    While Rourke has proven his dedication to demanding physical roles, at 60, he’s decades older than the former Crusaders player, and not exactly the imposing colossus that Thomas, 38, is. Thomas has defended Rourke in the role, though, and says the film should start shooting in mid-2013.

    What do you think: Can Rourke pull this off or would you have cast someone else?

    Image and video hosting by TinyPic

    Obligatory youthful Rourke pic
    Image and video hosting by TinyPic


    Of course Mickey Rourke would be playing gay, 20 years after his use by date.

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    Philanthropic angel of joy, Paris Hilton, celebrated Christmas with her family. "Merry Christmas everyone! Hope you all are having a wonderful day with your family and loved ones. Love always Paris" She tweeted.


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    Judging Lady Mary invites you into the post.

    After three successful series and two Christmas editions of Downton Abbey, Dan Stevens decided not to renew his contract beyond the initial three years he had been contracted.

    We wish him every success for the future. Michelle Dockery will be returning to her role as Lady Mary in series four which begins production in February.

    Over the last three years, audiences across the world have been captivated by the ups and downs of Mary and Matthew’s relationship, culminating in their wedding.

    Fans have enjoyed what has become a solid and loving marriage. It is for this reason that the Producers decided Matthew and Mary could not simply be estranged or parted, resulting in his untimely and tragic death at the end of the Christmas episode.

    In the next series, alongside all the usual drama, comedy and romance involving the much loved cast of characters, viewers will see Mary adjusting to her life and attempting to move on without the man she loved.

    Press enquiries to janice.troup@itv.com


    In summary: Fuck you, Dan Stevens for leaving the show.

    Also, I am mostly just posting this because it feels like the most passive aggressive press release ever. LMAO.

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    Image and video hosting by TinyPic

    Even though they separated more than a year ago, Demi Moore was described as being “shocked” when her estranged hubby Ashton Kutcher filed for divorce last Friday, according to a new report. Despite this, in just-released photos taken only two days after Kutcher filed papers in Los Angeles Superior Court to formally end his marriage, the Ghost star appeared in good spirits as she shopped with a companion in Los Angeles Sunday.

    Moore -- who’s endured a tough year, which included a stint in rehab and estrangement from her three daughters, Rumer, Tallulah and Scout -- had been hoping to quietly settle with her cheating husband and then file divorce papers, according to Wednesday’s edition of The New York Post. “Demi had hoped to negotiate a financial settlement quietly,” a source told PageSix, “and then file paperwork afterwards to show the matter had been settled.”


    But, the source added, the negotiations got too bogged down and Kutcher -- TV’s highest- paid actor -- became frustrated and pulled the trigger earlier. “Demi was asking for so much money, and [the negotiation] was dragging on so long, that Kutcher got fed up and filed papers, which means their divorce negotiations will become more public.”

    As RadarOnline.com previously reported, in his split from 50-year-old Demi, Ashton, 34, cited irreconcilable differences in court docs as the reason for ending the six-year marriage.Some legal experts speculate that Kutcher could have been motivated to file before the end-of-the-year for tax reasons.

    Image and video hosting by TinyPic

    Meanwhile, Kutcher been spending a lot of time romancing his former That ’70s Show co-star Mila Kunis, and the two are spending the holidays in Kutcher’s hometown of Cedar Rapids, Iowa...A source close to the 34-year-old actor exclusively told BANG Showbiz: "Ashton was really excited about bringing Mila home to hang out with his family. He couldn't wait to get back to Iowa because people don't bother him there and said he was looking forward to chilling out." Mila is said to already be close with Ashton's family as they have known each other for 14 years since meeting on the set of the comedy series 'That 70s Show'.

    The couple have already been spotted picking up a few last minute gifts in Bed Bath Beyond in Iowa since arriving in there in recent days. A member of staff told Celebuzz.com: "They were picking out gifts for his family. They bought robes, slippers and candles. It's really cold In Iowa right now, so I'm sure it will come in handy. They were inseparable and having such a good time in the store. Ashton had his arm around her and I even saw him rub her back." They were later spotted grocery shopping and bought a huge amount of food to "bring back to Ashton's family home."

    (No offense but if someone in my family was worth over $140 million dollars I like to think I'd get something other than a robe or candle from Bed, Bath and Beyond)

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  • 12/26/12--14:22: Tabloid Cover Wednesday

  • Sources 1, 2, 3, 4, and 5

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    Miranda, the sitcom you either love or loathe is back for a third series  :D :D

    Our interview was such fun! And with a very, what I call, Miranda Moment. At one point, I almost fell off my chair – something that Miranda, at least in her eponymous show, does a lot. Could this be “method” interviewing?

    We meet in a photographic studio in Fulham, south-west London. Miranda lopes down the stairs to meet and greet, and you’re immediately struck by her sensational height. She’s 6ft 1in, has creamy skin, a jolly good bosom, a rather lovely, dewy-eyed face, but needs to work on her deportment. The fact is that if Miranda strutted her stuff, rather than looking vaguely apologetic about herself, she would be a stunner.

    Down in the bowels of the building, in a somewhat oppressive, windowless room, the pair of us sit across a large table, both suffering from blocked noses and a cold. She will be 40 at the end of the year and when I ask her how she feels about it, she says: “Quite excited.”

    Excited about ageing? “I’m excited about getting older in that each year brings more confidence and I don’t care and I can be me, which is just brilliant. And, also, yes, I do want to go to bed at nine o’clock, thanks.”

    You expect actors and comedians in semi-autobiographical shows such as Miranda’s to present an exaggerated version of themselves; a persona rather than a person. But it’s the other way round, if anything, with Miranda. Or maybe that’s the effect of hearing someone, under 70, who doesn’t live in a stately home in the sticks, use expressions like “What a hoot”.

    At her all-girls boarding school, Downe House, where Clare Balding was head girl (and later, famously, Kate Middleton), Miranda was a lethal lacrosse-player, popular and not particularly academic. She went to Bristol – the polytechnic, as it was, rather than Bristol University – to read political science, rather unfathomably, which she hated.

    “I was a bit miserable because I was doing something I didn’t want to do but I loved Bristol, made lots of friends and had a laugh. I just didn’t go to any lectures.”

    She comes from a pukka, upper-middle-class background and was brought up, with her younger sister, in Petersfield, Hampshire. Her father, Captain David Hart Dyke, was the commanding officer of HMS Coventry when it was sunk by the Argentinians during the Falk-lands War. (Miranda dropped the Dyke, kept the Hart but now seems to have dispensed with a surname altogether.)

    He was badly burnt when escaping the ship, but Miranda has said that the effect on her ten-year-old self was minimal. Her uncle is Lord Luce, courtier to the royal family and a former Conservative MP. Her mother actually does say “such fun” – the catchphrase of Miranda’s mother in the show, played brilliantly by Patricia Hodge, who is obsessed with getting her daughter married off.

    But there the similarity ends, although since off the screen Miranda also remains uncoupled, people inevitably jump to conclusions. After leaving university, Miranda had a sticky Harrison patch, which she has referred to, variously, as depression, agoraphobia, panic attacks and a blip.

    Opting for the understatement, I ask her if she’s had any more “blips” since then. “No, and the ‘blip’ became an over-exaggerated blip. It’s simply, as I have said before, that after leaving university, I didn’t know what to do with my life, so I went back to Mummy and Daddy for six months.”

    You have also said before that you are wired to be on the depressive side, that it runs in the family? “Well, there is a slight default setting of ‘Oh, it’s going to be a disaster’, which I have to fight against but I have retrained myself to say, ‘No, it’s going to be fine.’” In fact, she’s rather more level-headed than some of us, that’s for sure.

    When we are talking about her fantasy cottage in the middle of nowhere, I ask her whether she wouldn’t be a bit alarmed at night in the wilds on her own. “Oh, that never worries me,” she says. “The idea that someone would come to kill me with an axe never crosses my mind.”

    The phobia she does have is quite niche – fear of choking. She avoids lifts and is possibly a bit claustrophobic; other than that, just the usual professional panic: “You know, is series three going to die on its arse or are people going to laugh?”

    It’s fair to say, I think, that Miranda is comedy Marmite. There are those of us who relish the respite from spiteful or blokey, endlessly knocking humour, and find Miranda’s funny, old-fashioned world rather a relief, with her good-hearted galumphing through life – the maddening but recognisable mother, the ghastly old schoolfriends (Tilly and Fanny), the hunky love interest (Gary, the chef ), the joke-shop gags (love the Heather Small, face on a stick, as selfhelp guru shtick).

    And there are others who either loathe it or just don’t get it. Miranda responds to comedians in the same way. “Comedy is so subjective… I mean, there’s some comedy on at the moment which makes me furious – I don’t understand why people like them because I hate them so much. No, I couldn’t possibly tell you who…

    "As a comedian, the audience think you’re saying, ‘Look at me! I’m the funniest person in the whole world!’ You’re setting yourself up for people to say ‘Why on earth does she think that?’ But that’s not what it is – you’re just doing your job.”

    We talk a bit about romance in Miranda and why she decided on the Gary and Miranda, will they/won’t they narrative thread. It’s a bit Darcy and Elizabeth Bennet, isn’t it? “Just much more highbrow!” A Miranda giggle.


    “I never wanted it to be about a single woman looking for love, but I suppose I did want to tap into as many universal themes as possible and love is the sort of key universal theme that runs through life.”

    So will she and Gary finally get together in the next series? “I couldn’t possibly reveal…”– a sideways, owlish look. I say that when I interviewed Julian Fellowes for RT last year, it was all I could do to stop him telling me the whole plot, he was so enthralled by the next season of Downton. “Oh, how sweet,” Miranda says, genuinely.

    “There are a couple of new characters, but it would give things away if I said who they were and what they did.”

    Her childhood dream was to be in a West End play – and she would still like to fulfil that dream. What does she fancy? Eddie Izzard, for instance, had an important role in a David Mamet play. “Hmmm… yes, I’d love a bit of Mamet,” she rolls the word around like a whipped creamy bonbon in her mouth.

    “But I’d really like Noël Coward to come back from the grave and maybe me and, say, Dame Judi and Julie Walters and all my favourite actresses – Emma Thompson, Penelope Wilton, Imelda Staunton.” And Maggie Smith? “Possibly… she’d have to audition!” A big whoop of laughter.

    But who would be your romantic lead?“Matthew Perry.” Matthew Perry? “Imagine him with an English accent and black tie.” Well, why not Matthew Crawley [Dan Stevens] from Downton, then? “I am quite obsessed with Matthew Perry. I have met him [Stevens] but he’s not quite tall enough. He’s sort of my height and I need someone taller. I’m really specific, but it’s important. Pierce Brosnan?”

    How about Richard E Grant? He’s tall, isn’t he? “Yes, but he’s not sexy – at least not to me. Sorry Richard E.”

    Call the Midwife, based on Jennifer Worth’s memoirs of midwifery in the East End just after the Second World War, returns next year and in the meantime there is a special episode on Christmas Day. Miranda plays the part of Chummy (short for Camilla Fortescue- Cholmeley-Browne) as a version of “Miranda”, but she’s also very affecting in it.

    Writing, for her, is a necessary torture but what she really enjoys is the camaraderie and warmth of working with a group of actors.

    “I got into this business to be around people and to be in an ensemble setting where you meet such fascinating, open people – where you become instant friends and you share things – is just brilliant. There’s none of that British reserve and small talk, which is what I wanted to get away from. Because I always knew I wanted to be around ‘theatricals’ – and that’s why I loved being with that amazing group of girls. We all got on so well, and it was such a hoot.”

    For Miranda to have one tattoo (a bird and a heart on her ankle) is surprising enough but to discover she has two is almost shocking. She confesses that she has another one on her arm, a pair of Beckham-ish Chinese letters: “It’s pretty horrible and no, I wasn’t drunk – I was stonecold sober. But I do regret it.”

    So what were you thinking? Were you trying to be edgy? “Yes, I think so. I think I just wanted to say, ‘I’m not the public-school stereotype you think I am.’”

    old school chums

    She is now in the orbit of fame, which means she’s on the list of celebrities who will do a turn for the Queen’s birthday or be photographed on the red carpet for the new Bond premiere. She has had some photographers camped outside her house “and I’m just thinking, ‘Why me?’”

    Her friends worry that she’s now so famous that it’s going to be difficult for her to meet anyone because“men are going to feel nervous approaching me but I’m surprised that anyone’s interested in my love life. I’m always surprised that people are interested in me, full stop.

    “I don’t feel like a famous person. If I’m walking the dog and someone comes up to me, it’s a surprise. I forget that I’m on telly.”

    In the meantime, I consider it an honour and my duty as one of her loyal fans to conclude with a romantic personal ad, in her own words: “No, I’m not neurotic at all. I’m very easy. I’m possibly too easy and open. Tell Matthew Perry that!”

    This show is so stupid. And by stupid I mean brilliant.


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  • 12/26/12--15:13: Girls Season 2: Trailer 2
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    A private investigator is claiming Whitney Houston didn’t die of an overdose or drowning—she was murdered.

    Gumshoe Paul Huebl claims he has Houston’s killers on tape and is turning the footage over to the FBI:“I have evidence that points to Whitney being a victim of a high-powered drug dealers who sent thugs to collect a huge debt she owed for drugs,” he told The National Enquirer, in an interview coming out Thursday.

    Huebl points to two unknown men who kept showing up at the Beverly Hills Hilton, where Houston was staying, and blending in with her group of hangers on.

    The day before her death Whitney received a cocaine delivery but was later heard to say,“I’m tired of this shit.” The PI says she was referring to being tired of harassed to pay her drug debt, which had reached $1.5 million.

    Huebl maintains one or both of the men entered Houston’s room during the 45-minute period she was left alone on the evening of February 11.

    He also refutes the coroner’s verdict that there was no foul play involved in the icon’s demise:“Whitney’s body shows classic defense wounds that would have occurred while she was battling for her life,” Huebl told the Enquirer.


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  • 12/26/12--15:28: I hope he finds her :o(
  • If you find Dennis Lehane's lost dog, he'll name a character after you in his new book
    by Hillary Busis

    The bad news: Novelist/screenwriter Dennis Lehane’s beloved dog has gone missing.
    The good news: If you find her, the author of Mystic River and Shutter Island will name a character after you in his next book. There’s no guarantee that character will be sane and/or safe from a grisly death, though.

    Lehane posted his unusual offer on Facebook Tuesday, explaining that the pooch — a black-and-tan beagle who answers to the name ‘Tessa’ — had jumped the fence at his Brookline, Mass. home 24 hours previously. “She’s smart, fast, and immeasurably sweet,” the Edgar Award winner wrote. “She doesn’t have a mean bone in her body. She’s micro-chipped, but her tags were off when she was let out into the yard.

    “Naming of character in the next book for anyone who gets her back to us!” Lehane continued, adding, “No, really!” He also posted a photo of the (adorable) dog in question for good measure.
    So far, nobody seems to have located Tessa — though over 100 people have commented on Lehane’s post to wish the writer well.

    In a strange coincidence, the author’s next project is a film called Animal Rescue that focuses, in part, on a missing pit bull. Lehane wrote the script, as well as the short story on which it’s based. The movie stars Tom Hardy and Noomi Rapace and will begin pre-production in early 2013.


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    Niall Horan in a mankini. Can you imagine that girls?

    The One Direction singer is all ready for his next holiday, or trip to America or Australia because he has got his hands on the perfect swimwear.

    The Irish hunk has revealed on Twitter that some of his friends bought him a revealing mankini for Christmas, but he’s refusing to share pictures of him wearing it.

    He tweeted:

    “Hahah the lads,you’ll never bate them!”

    “Sean,dylan ,brad and shano bought me a mankini ! Dopes.”

    Directioners then flooded the social networking site with requests for photos and twitpics (You expected any less?) but the singer refused to make their Christmas wishes come true. Bah humbug!

    He replied:

    “No your not gettin pictures of the mankini, filthy minded you lot.”

    1D are currently spread all over England and Ireland bringing in Christmas with their families and their loved ones.

    They just returned from the US last week and they will soon be back on the road as their world tour kicks off in February 2013 and they’ll be in rehearsals for most of the month before.

    Despite spending all that time together, the lads still miss one another when they’re apart and Niall tweeted his bandmates after his Christmas dinner yesterday writing:

    “Happy christmas lads! @Real_Liam_Payne @zaynmalik @Louis_Tomlinson @harry_styles love you all!”

    He thanked his fans saying:

    “HAPPY CHRISTMAS! Thank you for an amazing year! Make sure you have loads of fun today! Love you all !”

    Do you wish Niall would share photos of himself in a mankini? Is that even a question?


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    Spike Lee is breaking a sacred rule by criticizing "Django Unchained" for its pervasive use of the n-word -- so says Sarah Silverman ... who tells TMZ, art is art ... and "you can't tell art what to do."

    Sarah was out in L.A. when we asked about Spike's refusal to watch the new Quentin Tarantino flick, which features the n-word roughly 110 times. Spike criticized the film, claiming it mocks slavery and is "disrespectful to my ancestors."

    But last night, Sarah shot back, "Doesn't it take place like during slavery? Wouldn't it be odd if they didn't have that horrific word in it?"

    Sarah -- a self-professed Spike Lee fan -- said, "[Spike's] got a lot of mishegas with a lot of art. I think you can't really tell art what to do."

    Or can you ..

    Video at the source

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  • 12/27/12--10:51: On the case: Sherlock Holmes

  • For the generations of men who have wondered what it is women want, this year has made it fairly obvious. We want a man of devastating intelligence, cerebrally and physically nimble, whose vast score of arcane knowledge is foundation for a superhuman ability to solve problems and the frustrating wall that protects a tender heart. We want Sherlock Holmes.

    On the big screen, a Victorian if not traditional Holmes is part of Robert Downey Jr.'s franchise juggling act. But the more modern and significant versions are "Sherlock", which had its second season this year on BBC America, and "Elementary", which launched on CBS. If you count Fox's quite Holmesian "House", and I think we must, then a character created more than a century ago by a man who believed in the occult and possibly the existence of fairies has now ruled television for more than a decade - with no end in sight. 

    "Elementary" is doing quite well, and when the BBC announced that Season 3 of "Sherlock" might not air until 2014, a chorus of distress could be heard on both continents.

    For literary geek girls like myself, this Mysterious Appearance of Two Sherlocks is nothing short of TV nirvana. "Sherlock" is the sort of television Americans expect from the Brits, mainly because BBC America and "Masterpiece" air only the best of British TV. Created by "Dr. Who's" Steven Moffat and Mark Gatiss, it stars Benedict Cumberbatch as a modern consulting detective and Martin Freeman as Dr. James Watson (OP: HAHAHA). Cumberbatch has that vaguely tubercular Romantic beauty known to cause women with Ph.D.s in Comparative Literature to scream whenever his name is mentioned; Freeman is one of those solidly humane performers who blinks and stammers and quietly steals any scene he touches.

    Serving up modern takes on Arthur Conan Doyle's stories, Moffat and Gatiss have done the seeming impossible: kept the very Victorian essentials of their characters and made them believable in modern London. Which, it must be added, looks fabulous.

    So when CBS announced it would be having a go with "Elementary" many of us were prepared to wince. All of which made the success of "Elementary" even sweeter. Jonny Lee Miller's Sherlock is a Brit living in New York (which looks just as gritty and glorious as London); his Watson, played by Lucy Liu, is a paid companion hired by his father to aid in Holmes' recovery from addiction. Many liberties are taken with the characters, but creator Robert Doherty has given Miller and Liu characters at once solidly modern and true to canon. 

    Where "Sherlock" might be the show horse of the two, "Elementary" is just as true to the tone of the original stories. Miller's Sherlock is more boyish in his troubled brilliance and clearly a romance with Watson is in the long-term offing (OP: HAHAHA. No.) but each episode is less character-driven than "Sherlock", more focused on the crime, reminding us that Conan Doyle was not as interested in character development as he was in storytelling; he all but invented the procedural. 

    Although Holmes' occupation certainly aided his longevity, it's more than the cyclical nature of crime that keeps the world's first consulting detective alive. Even after 56 short stories and four novellas, Sherlock Holmes remains a cipher. Conan Doyle, good Victorian that he was, never felt obligated to deconstruct his hero's psychology, never delved into Holmes' childhood, did not pass judgement on his bachelor tendencies or use of (then perfectly legal) cocaine.

    Holmes is a man of action, his main characteristic a mind in perpetual motion, a vital intelligence that constantly demands works, which makes him perfect for television. Also for highbrow, beating-heart adoration from women and men, who too often consider themselves above such things.


    The creator did promise to never make Joan and Sherlock a romance, did he not? Praying that Elementary doesn't gain a vocal, pushy Sherlock/Joan contingent and that the writers never, ever go there.

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  • 12/27/12--10:58: Celebrity picture post
  • Dita Von Teese leaving Scotts restaurant

    Nina Dobrev and Ian Somerhalder at LAX

    Orlando Bloom and Miranda Kerr with Flynn

    Elle Fanning leaves a Californian hospital

    Vanessa Hudgens

    Elsa Pataky and Chris Hemsworth

    Affleck-Garner family in Brentwood

    Jessica Alba & Haven shopping at Williams Sonoma

    Tulisa and Danny Simpson at Mahiki

    Julianne Hough and Ryan Seacrest in Beverley Hills

    Kanye and Kim Kardashian

    Susan and Robert Downey Jnr

    Kate Hudson and Matt Bellamy in Aspen

    Kimora Lee Simmons in St Barts

    Nicky Hilton

    Snoop Dogg at the LA Lakers game

    Claire Danes and Hugh Dancy with Cyrus

    Rachel Zoe and family in St Barts

    Kellan Lutz and Sharni Vinson

    Paris Hilton in Aspen

    Cara Delevigne and Rita Ora at Rita's gig in NYC

    Heidi Klum

    Amy Smart

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    Jane Eyre Jane Eyre

    One of the earliest representations of an individualistic, passionate and complex female character, Jane Eyre knocks our socks off. Though she suffers greatly, she always relies on herself to get back on her feet — no wilting damsel in distress here. As China Miévill wrote, “Charlotte Brontë’s heroine towers over those around her, morally, intellectually and aesthetically; she’s completely admirable and compelling. Never camp, despite her Gothic surrounds, she takes a scalpel to the skin of the every day.”

    Hermione Granger, th Harry Potter eries

    In th Harry Potter ooks, Hermione starts as an insufferable know-it-all, blossoms into a whip-smart beauty who doesn’t suffer fools (except Ron), and ends up as the glue that holds the whole operation together. Hermione’s steadfastness and sheer intelligence (plus the fact that she’s the only one who has ever rea Hogwarts: A History) save her two best friends time and time again, and she’s the only one of the three never to wholly break down in a crisis. Intelligence often translates into strength, but only when wielded by a steady hand — and Hermione just happens to have both, and compassion to boot. That’s our kind of girl.

    Katniss Everdeen The Hunger Games rilogy

    Sure, Katniss annoys us to no end with all her boy-related waffling and wailing, but any girl who can shoot lik that eserves a place on this list. Not to mention the fact that she survived not one but two 24-person fights to the death, one of which was designed specifically to kill her. We’re just saying.

    Hester Prynne The Scarlet Letter

    Though Hester Prynne, who is condemned by her Puritan neighbors for having a child out of wedlock, is sometimes seen as a victim, she manages to survive with dignity and faith throughout, which we think makes her pretty darn powerful NPR as described her as being “among the first and most important female protagonists in American literature. She’s the embodiment of deep contradictions: bad and beautiful, holy and sinful, conventional and radical… [she] can be seen as Hawthorne’s literary contemplation of what happens when women break cultural bounds and gain personal power.”

    Éowyn The Lord of the Rings rilogy

    Though Tolkien’s novels aren’t exactly known for their female protagonists, who could be more powerful than the woman who killed the Witch-king of Angmar? A shieldmaiden who is itching to defend her countrymen from the first minute we see her, Éowyn disguises herself as a man to follow her friends into battle. Bad guys should be careful making statements like “No living man can kill me” when they’re fighting ladies.

    Lisbeth Salander The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo eries

    The powerful female protagonist of the hour is also one of the strongest women on this list. A world class computer hacker with a photographic memory, she’s also the survivor of an abusive childhood, which makes her a fiercely anti-social heroine with a violent streak. Characterized b manyas a “feminist avenging angel,” Lisbeth’s brutality is nothing to aspire to — but she sure gets the job done.

    Go to the source for the rest of the list.

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    Congratulations, now-defunct makers of the projection of Tupac Shakur that performed with Dr. Dre and Snoop Dogg at Coachella: You pulled off the most ridiculously "kitschy" stunt of the year and turned the word "hologram" into a hollow punch line.

    This year Yeezy pushed this Kim Kardashian situation to the point of making us physically gag and turn away. There was the public canoodling. The lovey-dovey tweeting. And then, "I wrote the song 'Perfect Bitch' about Kim." It's enough to make you long for the days when the object of West's affections was a sweet credenza.

    Got herself sued because of Twitter, again. Accused Dave Grohl of creeping on Frances Bean. Bugged out about the Muppets singing Nirvana via a local blog. Spearheaded yet another Kurt Cobain documentary. Was "not amused" by Sirvana. And a bonus tidbit from a 2009 deposition, when she was found unfit to own pets.

    The aply named Fiasco clumsily offered his (unsolicited) assistance to womankind with "Bitch Bad," dug himself a deeper hole by mansplaining the situation in its trite video, and topped it all off by trying to lead a Twitter rebellion against this very publication because we actually bothered to analyze his work. #BoycottSpinMagazine? We were amused.

    Unseemly contemporary totem of douchebaggery and occassional pop singer Chris Brown set the shame standard for 2012. He dressed like a terrorist for Halloween, got a tattoo that digustingly recalls the police photograph of Rihanna's battered face, deleted his Twitter after firing a series of obscenely sexist tweets at comedian Jenny Johnson, and essentially flashed a big middle finger at anyone with a conscience. The only thing more shameful was the Team Breezy support squad who got behind this toxic, clueless speciman.


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